Chapter seven hundred and twenty Re-entry into the snow area Beidou Fengyun

"Does this mean that Chinese medicine? Become a fine shouwu? "
Ye Fu looked at the pearl king. "Xiao Lu, this is very precious. Keep it for yourself."
Liu Chen shook his head and smiled. "I still have a lot of young people in this thing, and I don’t need Ye Bobo to pay for it later."
The second half of the sentence is naturally a joke. Ye Fu Ye Mu can also hear it, but seeing Lu Chen say so, he will no longer refuse young people’s kindness.
Although they say it’s nothing to die of old age, they know that their son is still alive, and of course they want to live for a few more years and wait for him to come back and see you again
Lu Chen Zhou’s robe encouraged the soft sun to pour out his holy power. He pointed out that the big drug king wrapped the package in a circular field around the big drug king.
He looked like he was dyed with a layer of red gold light, and it was like the fairy king in the dust, which amazed the two old people.
Lu Chen waved and pulled the curtains, and at the same time blocked the whole room so that the breath would not leak out.
He is not afraid of what practitioners will find himself in Blue Star, but he doesn’t want to get into trouble for the two old people, so it is better to keep a low profile.
The arc of Shengyang is wrapped around the great drug king, and the high temperature will melt into a dark crystal clear liquid medicine.
"Ye Bobo, you lie flat on the sofa first."
Lu Chen pulled out a smaller part of the liquid medicine and said
Ye Fu also cooperated with the sofa and laughed. "It feels quite novel."
Because there is Lu Chen in the house, even if the old house is not adjusted in winter, there is no heating, and it is as warm as spring. He is manipulated by the holy power of the sun to pump the syrup of Yaowang into the sea of Yefu Wheel.
Ye Fu is not a yogi. Ye Fan’s biological father gave birth to the ancient Eucharist, but he is an ordinary person. There is no movement in the sea. Through the knowledge of God, Lu Chen can count more than 70 layers of life, representing the age of the elderly.
He woke up from the round of the sea. "Ye Bobo may be a little hot. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable. I’ll slow down."
Ye Fu’s forehead was sweating, but he laughed. "It’s like a small land to do hot compress with a sauna."
Lu Chen nodded softly, and the sun’s holy power walked around Ye Fu’s body, pulling the medicine to walk, restoring the diseased organs and rejuvenating the decaying organs.
Modern medicine can easily solve some diseases, and not only that, but Yuzryha’s father has lost 50 years of life.
Because Ye Fu is mortal, Liu Chencao was careful, and it took more than half an hour to finish this conditioning.
Ye Fu’s body discharged a lot of dirt, and his intuition was refreshing after sitting up. It was like returning to the prime of life and marveling at the magic means of the immortals.
"Old man! You … Your face "
Leaf mother surprised to see her husband pointing at each other’s face.
Ye Fu touched his face and there was some dirt. "Isn’t it just a little dirty?"
"No, see for yourself."
Ye Mu stepped aside and found a mirror to take a picture of Ye Fu. "He is much younger than Fan Fan before he left."
Ye Fu saw his face in the mirror is zheng, indeed as expected just that kind of comfortable feeling is not an illusion that he really became younger.
In the mirror, I look like I’m in my early forties, a middle-aged man, and my face is rosy and my eyes are no longer turbid.
If you feel it carefully, you will find that his eyesight is much better and he is no longer presbyopia.
"It’s a magical medicine. It turns out that what our ancestors said is true."
Ye Fu sighed with emotion, "It’s really thanks to Xiao Lu for being such a wonderful medicine for us two mortals."
"Ye Bobo which words I remember this drug or dig it together with Ye Brothers, so I have his share."

Now his mental strength has reached the five-fold state of Dan Dao. If he meets Yan Daoshan again at this time, the practitioners need to sacrifice the spiritual sword in their minds directly, and then they can kill the expert who has practiced Gang Qi, even if he has a magic weapon to protect himself!

The first floor of Wan Jiange has inspired his spiritual sword, and the ninth floor …
Thinking of this, his eyes have looked into the ninth floor entrance …
The third volume The stars gather together bucket 53 summoned back
At this moment, the return of a sword Sect is as lively as a festival. All the younger brothers don’t get together to discuss this Wan Jiange which has never been recorded in thousands of years!
While that girl in red who came with Guqing immediately became the object of pursuit of all the younger brother, scattered practitioners and tourists who belong to the sword. Hundreds of people around her kept saying nice things, such as pills, lingshi and magic weapons, and bribed her to find out all the news about Guqing!
These news are of great origin, and the Ministry of Clothing is unwilling to let go of what to wear today. They will never let it go until they have dug up all the origins of Guqing!
The girl in red is also a girl’s mind. She has been sought after by so many people and received countless benefits, which greatly satisfied her vanity. It seems that she has forgotten her identity and kept making up everything about Guqing!
However, she has known Gu Qing for only a few days. She is an enemy more than a friend. She knows Gu Qing very little. It may be far less than a well-informed brother of Xuanyang Tianzong. The credibility is pitifully low!
If we face such a chaotic scene, the elders of Dandao will definitely come out to maintain order, but now even these elders are eager to know everything about Guqing and all kinds of information, and it is natural to talk about his deeds to maintain order
This can be seen from the reaction of those high-level officials who belong to the sword Sect.
At the moment, several Shinto deities and Dandao elders in front of Tianjingtai have returned to absolute being, but their eyes are still on Tianjingtai, offering that artifact, Tianjing, and paying close attention to all the movements of Guqing inside.
When they saw Gu Qing looking at the ninth floor door, all the hearts rose at the same time.
"What does he want to do? Does he want to break into the ninth floor! ?”
"It looks like …"
"The ninth floor … since the establishment of Wan Jiange, there have been three people who have ever made it. One of them is that we belong to the ancestor of Jianzong Mountain, and the other one is the elder of Jianzong from the vast outside … The last person is the Mo Wen who killed the devil’s patriarch that day … this ancient green …"
Tiefeng saw that Guqing really seemed to have a tendency to enter the ninth floor and hurriedly said, "Brother Zhang, I think we’d better call him here! Although he broke through the first floor and cultivated a spiritual sword, you and I both know that the difficulty of the first floor is extremely huge for mental consumption … If this ancient green potential is well cultivated, it will definitely be a peerless tianjiao figure who is not inferior to our mountain ancestors in the future … But now … don’t let him light into the ninth floor and be hit and broken! "
The ninth floor of Wanjiange is definitely out of his control!
One thousand Guqing Wan Jiange encountered any danger, and even he was not sure that he could enter it and save Guqing.
Thinking of this, Wan Jiantao nodded. "The ninth floor is very important, but it is the last step of the sword stage. Even after I entered the ninth floor for the first time, I barely persisted for less than half an hour and was forced to retreat … This ancient youth is really not suitable for entering the ninth floor for adventure now!"
As soon as the words are finished, he has directly condensed the sound and directly went to the first floor of Wanjiange, which is thousands of miles away from here!
Gu Qing has just digested all kinds of memories from the soul brand at the moment and intends to follow this strange feeling and enter the ninth floor again to see if there can be another breakthrough in kendo, but suddenly there comes a calm and huge sound!
"Gu Qing, I belong to a sword Sect. I just showed you in the first floor of Wan Jiange. We have witnessed that your accomplishments in kendo have reached the peak. I wonder if you can come here and wait for us to meet! ?”
"To a sword of palm to teach honour! ?”
Guqing Zheng slightly immediately leitian his trip to return to the sword clan to rush to Wan Jiange, so it’s just to see the sword clan patriarch and complete the explanation of Xuanjianfeng before his death.
The memory in this distracted original soul brand may wake up at any time, and the signs fade away at once. In a short time, it has disappeared as if it had never appeared. He will look for it carefully and finally find that feeling again!
After this, entering the ninth floor may not be able to wake up any new memories, and may even put himself in danger, so he simply replied "pleasure!" "
"You go out of Wanjiange!"
Guqing nodded directly to Wan Jiange outside.
Out of Wan Jiange, he hasn’t come yet. Looking down in all directions, he sees a sword Sect, only to find that an energy wave suddenly spreads from the end of the sky and shines with great brilliance, like a rainbow extending from the sky, and the rainbow has built two colorful bridges hanging from the mountains. The ancient green outside Wan Jiange paved a spacious road!
"You go!"
Although Gu Qing was only able to rebuild Dan Dao three times, he also knew that this must be the Shinto-level palm-teaching statue who personally operated Zhenyuan to attract himself!
The status of Gui Yi Jian Zong Zhang Jiao Zun is distinguished. Looking at Middle-earth, it is even the whole world of cultivating immortals. Except for the older generation Shinto masters such as Meteor Thousand Boundaries, there is no other status and potential energy to cover him. Such a person personally runs Zhenyuan to take him to Gui Yi Jian Zong’s department. This kind of treatment has never been seen before!
When Gu Qing did not hesitate to step on this Hongqiao!
Seeing that Guqing stepped out of Hongqiao on the first floor and left to watch a sword near Wanjiange, the tourists cheered loudly. Today, Guqing Wanjiange created such a shining miracle and cheered.
Although he is only an ancient scholar now, he can be regarded as an ordinary master in the whole world of cultivating immortals after Dan Daosan’s reconstruction. However, since the Battle of Wan Jiange today, his name will spread all over Middle-earth very quickly, and all practitioners, especially kendo practitioners, will deeply realize that a new Ran Ran star in the world of cultivating immortals has risen rapidly!

Although the leaf wounds are calm, the flame temperature is getting stronger and stronger, as if they were going to be cooked.

And this flame barrier shows no signs of weakening.
Impatient Ye Dongchen Luo Yu blood situation, they also tried all kinds of attacks, but in the end they didn’t have any effect. Instead, they made their breathing more and more urgent, as if they were suffocating. The flame burned and they only had oxygen! !
The situation is getting more and more dangerous
At this time, outside the flame, there came a phoenix roar and human voice, which seemed to be the beginning of a new competition! !
At this time, there was a little more light in the eyes of forgetting dust, and he slowly walked towards the flame wall.
Chapter 137-Success
Forgetting dust suddenly got up and made everyone feel a quiver. Even the inverse Chen Nan and the birds stared at Forgetting dust’s every move. To be honest, this person’s strength is not strong, but his potential is amazing and terrible! !
You know, when I was in the street town, I could kill this guy thousands of times if I wanted a thought, but now I know that even if I can kill this little guy, it’s not as simple as it was at the beginning
The act of forgetting dust stirs everyone’s nerves, because his face is not anxious because of the heat. It can be seen that forgetting dust can persist in such an environment, and this concentration is as good as one of them.
Thought of here, the bird’s eyes are fixed on him.
"What happened to the boss?" Ye Dongchen and Luo Yu came close to him. You know, this is the first time that I have forgotten the dust since I entered here.
Forgetting the dust didn’t say anything. After entering this flame, he was also thinking about what to do to leave here while ensuring his own safety and interests. Now is an opportunity. If he has a way to leave here, the avatar’s blood will be in his pocket.
But it doesn’t seem that simple.
The fight outside lasted less than five minutes and then disappeared. Maybe it was a fight or an invading enemy escaped, but I have to say that both the inside and the outside situation made their nerves no longer tense.
Even seemingly calm and rebellious, Chennan is trying to get out of here. He can also spend so much time waiting for the moment when Phoenix’s power dries up before he thinks of a way. Of course, it depends on who can make it to the end.
Now, the reason why Forgetting Dust will take action is not because of his arrogance, but because he came to this flame wall after some deliberation. After entering here from the beginning, Forgetting Dust was also hot and dry. He simply sat down and quietly flowed the energy of life. This silence made him have a surprise discovery! !
In this life flow force, he actually felt that his fire resistance gradually increased, and finally he received the energy from his fire resistance attribute, which was upgraded! ! !
This can make him forget the dust more than surprise. After repeated practice and determination, he knows that all this is due to the potential of life. The potential of life can make him listen to everything. The wind and snow flow, the river flow, the iron flow, the wind flow, and the flame smell in front of him. This force is too strong to forget the dust and there is no way to resist it, but he actively caters to it! !
It sounds easy, but to put it another way, it’s like someone gave you a knife, but you didn’t resist, but you were attacked. Not everyone can stand this kind of catering.
When he finished this feat, even he felt incredible. The environment of the flame department had little effect on him, so let’s see if he could break through this flame power.
Stretching out your right hand is like touching your own child and putting it in the flame. This feeling is the same as when logging. Trying to tell the flame that you are not the enemy through your own communication and breathing will not hurt it.
Yes, just like cutting down trees in Shilin in those days! !
When the dust-forgetting arm infiltrated into the flame, even the leaves were hurt, as if seeing an incredible thing, which was even more shocking. The flame didn’t hurt the dust-forgetting meaning, and the dust-forgetting face not only had no painful expression, but also had a full face of secretly pleased! ! !
"It’s really true! !” The beauty of the potential of life can only be felt by yourself slowly, forgetting the dust and turning around to reveal a strange smile. "Look, everyone, the blood of the avatar will be mine."
When I finished this sentence, I forgot the dust, and the whole person seeped into the flame and then disappeared in front of their eyes. At this moment, they couldn’t believe that I forgot the dust and left here. The birds flew away eagerly, but the flame attacked them, which made him not only return the work but also be seriously injured.
"What’s going on! !” Inverse Chennan was surprised. After all, even he managed to escape from the fire prison. A newcomer succeeded. To be honest, it surprised him a little, but after the surprise, he was more shocked and a little nervous! ! !
Forgetting the dust really succeeded in crossing the flame, which was a surprise to him.
When he came to the outside world, there was a fierce battle in front of him. He saw the picture of Phoenix fighting with a hundred people, and the leading man turned out to be a countercurrent cloud and a magic wolf! ! !
The magic wolf order seems to be the blood of the avatar and the countercurrent cloud seems to want to leave here, but at that point, they all have to face this terrible phoenix. In the battle, they also found the flame that looks like a tornado. They didn’t expect anyone to suddenly appear behind this phoenix! ! !
"Forget the dust?" Both the magic wolf and the counter-current cloud face were surprised to varying degrees, but just for a moment, the heart of the magic wolf suddenly jumped too close, and the dust was too close to the blood of the avatar, almost at hand! !
Oh, come on! ! !
The magic wolf prayed in his heart and forgot the dust, but it was obvious that this wish was to forget the dust. It was the blood of the avatar because he dared not hesitate to say whether it was the phoenix or the southern metropolis, which was a strong threat.
"Not good!" The magic wolf shouted that it was not good. At this time, they were fighting with the phoenix, which was a forgotten dust! ! !
Forget the dust is not hesitate, even if the phoenix found his figure, this guy walked in front of the avatar’s blood, and in the eyes of several people, the butcher knife cut his blood, and the blood was dyed red. The purple crystal forgot the dust and did not hesitate to absorb it! ! !
It’s the purple crystal that seems to be attracted by the forgotten blood and all the parts are submerged in the body! ! ! !
At this time, I still don’t want to see the physical changes. Suddenly, a huge explosive red flame disappeared, and several figures flew out, while Chen Nan and the birds fell from the sky, but after seeing the disappearing crystal, the great anger broke out. "You actually absorbed the avatar! !”
All efforts went up in smoke, and Chen Nan’s face was ferocious, and his eyes were red with blood, and he burst into great anger. He looked at the dust and left a strong murder in his eyes! ! !
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 7
Chapter 130-Regenerative Power
One mouthful blood was sprayed from the mouth of Inverse Chennan, and the anger turned to vomit blood at one time. When the dust was forgotten to absorb the blood of the avatar, the mind of Inverse Chennan flashed through scenes after scenes of hard work over the years.
Those who have had memories are shocking in his mind.
He couldn’t accept the fact that he actually vomited blood, and his body suddenly trembled and stepped back. His eyes were full of red blood and he was filled with monstrous anger. He couldn’t help but step back. The bird looked at him and hurriedly helped him. Although he was equally angry, he was not as strong as Inverse Chennan. When he came to the waning moon kingdom, he didn’t know how to feel about Inverse Chennan, but he could understand that all the efforts made by Inverse Chennan when he was lurking here for almost five years were to regenerate the avatar. This force was a gift for the young master.

Xuanguang Jueyuan Array made these punishments self-bound.

But this law is aimed at Gu Tong You and Qiu Si. Who would have thought that Su Mo would come out as a monster?
Bear commander retreated, Su Mo followed him, and chased him faster. Turn your hand and slap it toward bear commander’s crown to suppress it!
Bear commander nai can put up his arms to resist.
He is injured, and his qi and blood are hard to operate.
It’s a simple physical force that can’t stop violet!
Su Mo’s slap will directly interrupt the bear with his arms!
The bear commander screamed, and he tried to sacrifice the symbol in the bag to send a distress signal.
But the Soviet-Mexican offensive, like a storm, won’t give him a breather!
After a palm crackdown, the bear commander felt that Su Mo’s figure had disappeared at the moment.
The authorities are fascinated by the beholder.
In the eyes of Gu Tong, you and others, Su Mo suppressed the whole person with a palm and suddenly swam forward with a low body like a clever python around the bear and behind him.
For a moment, this python wrapped around the bear commander, looked up and inhaled as if to swallow the sun and the moon!
Python body constantly expanding force!
The bear leads the burly body, and several people are horrified, and the rapid deformation body comes to a seepage crack!
Bear commander’s bones were smashed to pieces by this python, and blood fog broke out in his body!
A Yuan God flew out of the top of the skull, but before he could escape, he was smashed to pieces by the python’s wagging tail and died on the spot!
On the other side, Lin Ming looked horrified and suddenly waved his head and rubbed his eyes with his hands.
He just seems to have an illusion.
The drunk seems to disappear and be replaced by a python!
By the time he looked intently again, the bear commander had collapsed into a pool of scarlet rotten meat.
The ugly drunk just looked on his face.
The scene just now seemed to be his illusion.
It’s not just him, Zuo Zhuxuan and Guan Qian, who also have the same illusion.
Gu Tong You and Qiu Si can see the vibration in each other’s eyes when they look at each other.
Two people see more clearly and thoroughly.
From ancient times to modern times, there are many martial arts that imitate fierce beasts and monsters.
It’s too hard to copy easily and think of God.
It’s unheard of for Su Mo to have both form and spirit, which makes people visually confused and difficult to distinguish between true and false!
The war was slow to speak, but the actual process was extremely short.
It took less than twenty breaths from Su Mo’s hand to slay Liu and three people to strangle the bear and end.
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming are always on the side of punishment.
Two people haven’t recovered from Su Mo’s shock of how dare to punish Zawei. The Zawei has been wiped out.
The two men had little chance to fight and the war was over!
How is that possible?
Who the hell is this ink spirit?
I didn’t show mercy to the executioner, and it was a big killing!
He is a five-step fairy. How could such a terrible power erupt?
Is it the method of bearing the stars gate?
It doesn’t make sense. I’ve never seen him make a star gate.
What’s more, he can’t release it in this mysterious array.
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming are in a mess.
Just then Sue ink turned towards two people look up.
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming Su Mo’s eyes changed when they touched each other. They felt a chill coming from their backs, and their hearts seemed to jump to the top of their throats instantly!
Both of them are not stupid and realize one thing.
Not to mention that they have repeatedly been difficult to target Su Mo before, that is, it is difficult for two people to leave alive when they see today’s scene!
Chapter two thousand and ninety Kill them
"Not good!"
"This ink spirit wants to kill me!"
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming flashed the idea at the same time.

The old ape frowned slightly and dared not care.

His hands are carrying ten thousand catties of stone locks, but he is quite clever and his figure flashes continuously.
Blink of an eye has disappeared in situ jumped to the other side.
"Look out!"
Jinyan Mountain Overlord Shouts One
The old ape’s heart sank
His figure has just fallen into the square soil, and suddenly a pair of Sam’s bones and claws are sticking out and holding his ankles directly!
This is the black magic of Hanging Sheep Peak overlord!
This pair of old apes with bone claws have ten fingerprints on their ankles, and their ankles are all purple and blue, which is strange and inexplicable!
The old ape’s feet rolled with blood, and his body soared. At the ankle, blood gushed and flesh swelled, and the huge force instantly shattered the bone claws!
The purple at the ankle slowly recedes.
Although this magic method has been dissolved, the half-bone prison has also fallen to trap the old ape!
"Give me a break!"
The old ape growled and picked up the stone lock, and the magical power soared and smashed a few bones in front of him!
The bone prison is shaking, the bones are shaking and it seems to be about to break!
The overlord of Hangyangfeng changed his face and shouted, "Three old monkeys are too powerful to help me!"
The three overlords of Silvermoon Valley should be injected into the bone prison by generate.
The old ape stone lock smashed down again.
But this time, the ray of light in the bone prison will directly hit the cage bone behind the old ape and fall off.
The old ape got up and rushed away again.
But it was shocked by the bone prison!
This bone prison is a card of the overlord of Hanging Sheep Peak, which is not lethal, but it is difficult for people to get rid of it when they are trapped.
What’s more, it’s now equal to the confrontation between the four hegemons, such as the old ape hanging sheep peak and the silvermoon valley!
On the other hand, the overlord of Jinyanshan is also entangled in many high-order demons.
There are seven high-ranking demons who pull out and their figures jump into the huge whirlpool of blood and disappear.
Seven high-ranking demons jumped into the sea of blood, and their powerful magic surrounded the terrible whirlpool and were forced to stop!
The sea of blood is calm again!
Seeing this scene, the demons said in their hearts, "Mo Yao is finished!"
The difference between the two sides is two realms, saying that there are seven high-order demons, even a high-order demon is enough to kill Mo Yao!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Fall into the magic way
Blood war broke out overseas.
Being in a sea of blood, Sumo still knows nothing about it.
Although it is not long, refining The Hunger has been extremely overbearing. This magic power has accumulated thousands of years of energy in the blood sea and has been absorbed by him.
After the breakthrough of the red-haired Yin God, the black-haired Yuan God has already broken through to the late Yuan Baby!
A steady stream of energy poured into Su Mo’s body to refine the body and refine the Yuan God.
The baptism of this energy in the flesh has become stronger!
The realm of repair has also risen rapidly!
This is the spiritual energy of ten top middle-class demons, but now it is absorbed by Su Mo.
This effect is shocking!
Su Mo growled and his flesh and blood kept swelling!
His figure is also uncontrolled and growing rapidly.
Soon it has reached five zhangs!
And this growth trend has not stopped!
If someone is in a sea of blood, they will be horrified to find that Su Mo’s skin has cracked, and the blood stains are numerous and shocking!
It seems that this body may burst at any time!
Fortunately, the fact is that Su Mo would have been burst if others dared to absorb the energy department in the blood sea in such a short time!

The phantom star makes a roar loud!

But …
Too late!
God-killing mass extinction, the will to kill the road evolved, and the peerless demon broke out and strangled all the terrible shock waves, directly burning the star and tearing this Shinto realm master into blood fog!
It’s impossible for evil roots to be threatened when it rains. Even when she is faced with a sword Sect, she still hasn’t retreated. What’s worse, there are just a few Shinto practitioners.
See the rain evil incredibly kill themselves under their noses and they closed for nearly one thousand years. A partner has left a part of the distance. Mercury immediately flew into a rage. "Damn it, you dare to kill us in the deep and remote moon dynasty. I’m going to …"
"What about the magic star brother? What about the burning star brother? The three of us are rampant around Xinghai. We have suffered such a big loss for so many years and were …"
"We’ve been tricked!"
"What?" Mercury has made some still not return to absolute being.
"In front of us, Rengen doesn’t really want to fight with us. What she looked at earlier, our attack almost hit back, but she took a fancy to the special killing method of our deep and remote moon dynasty. Through our accumulation over the years, she inspired the will to kill in her spiritual world, which made the will to kill more round and complete. Otherwise, it may be impossible to sacrifice that artifact to defeat the three of us just now, but it is absolutely impossible to fight our way out from the encirclement of the three of us!"
Mercury makes the artifact from Daimon Masaru, the star world, naturally know that Excalibur’s "broken heart" was not recognized just now, and it was all because of burning stars and death that anger ignored this detail. After careful memory, Brother Bai immediately broke out in a cold sweat!
"It’s hateful to have an artifact owned by a sword Sect, Dan Dao Jiuzhong, and don’t even tell me such important news!"
"Who can blame this for leaving the’ Giant Que’ and never stepping into the’ Giant Que’ again in this life!"
As soon as the words are finished, the Phantom Star Messenger is already low-drinking, full of vigor and vitality, exerting the strongest escape method, rushing straight to the virtual end and soon disappearing at the end of the sky!
Magic Star and Mercury are both killers of the Moon Dynasty, and they believe in the purpose of escaping thousands of miles with one blow. His magical power may not match the evil of rain, but the magical power of hiding and escaping is far from sectarian. I’m afraid that even the "Jueque" fairy-cultivating world is best at this aspect. Even if it is intentional to pursue the evil of rain, it is impossible to catch up with the two old Shinto strong people with her speed of being fascinated.
Worse …
Now she has no intention of pursuing at all!
In her eyes, the three Shinto practitioners, Magic Star, Mercury and Burning Star, are just small fish and shrimp, but it is just a coincidence that she will use their murder to inspire the killing and extinction to practice this magical power successfully!
Even without them, they witnessed Niansheng Du Jie with their own eyes and realized something from Gu Qing’s words. Her Du Jie was also at that time. The problem is … At that time, the thunder robbery she led may not reach the level of silence.
At the moment, her heart is really taken seriously by her as an opponent.
Three months later, the protagonist of the duel between the broken mountains and the top of the mountain-Gu Qing!
The third volume The stars gather together. Two hundred and twelve Back to the two palms to teach
If it rains and evil things happen at ordinary times, it will certainly cause the mirror of heaven and god in science to be induced and disturb the whole top of the sword Sect. At that moment, even those who realize the four-fold Shinto realm will no longer care about each other’s identity gap and brazenly kill this already to a certain extent!
But now …
The whole sword Sect belongs to a sword Sect, except for those four super-masters of Shinto. The attention of the elders of Shinto, a heavy realm, has been attracted by the big Mangshan affairs department, so it just makes the rain evil avoid this robbery!
Guiyi Jianzong, Liuli Xiandao, Leiting Dazong and Qingyun Sect all followed the attention of the gods of heaven and science, and they were in the deep underground of Dammang Mountain when they made every move. Guqing finally came to the last period to refine this will of heaven!
A road contains a record of poor and mysterious stars, and his hands are constantly condensed. Every road carries a vast and majestic knowledge and pressure, and the will of heaven is constantly printed to infiltrate this will of heaven!
If the firmness of Heaven’s will is equivalent to an immovable and stubborn rock, then Gu Qing’s record of stars is equivalent to a drop of water!
If a drop of water, the root can’t cause damage to a solid rock, but after a long period of time, the drop of water wears through the stone!
A large number of records of stars containing the ancient green gods’ knowledge and will have continuously penetrated into this heavenly will, disintegrating the resistance of the heavenly will and making the resistance contained in that will weaker and weaker. Now I’m afraid even that will body has some ways to distinguish which part it belongs to!
Zhouzhuang Dream Butterfly Dream Zhouzhuang!

"There is one more thing that you may be even more reluctant to face!" Huang Yaoshi added, "Have you ever thought about what would have happened if the old man hadn’t noticed the situation in the barracks at that time?"

"I’m afraid Rong Er can kill me …" Ling Feiyang said.
"It is so! If no one comes to save you, Rong Er can kill you without revealing her identity! " Huang Yaoshi Road
"Rong Er has always been a big picture …" Ling Feiyang heard Huang Yaoshi’s words, but he didn’t have a trace of anger against Huang Rong, but he also had more pity.
"Lord Huangdao, I am really sorry that I almost ruined your plan this time …" Ling Feiyang thought for a moment and suddenly said categorically, "Although Rong Er no longer likes me, I will definitely not let her suffer again. Your father-daughter plan is also counted as Ling Feiyang!"
"You have heard about the deeds of old people in Fusang country …" Huang Yaoshi studied Ling Feiyang carefully for a long time and finally said, "You are a bloody man, although you are misbehaving and romantic. Now that the country is in crisis, you will temporarily put personal grievances and work together with you to eradicate Genghis Khan, the culprit!"
"Thank you for your letter from Huangdao!" Ling Feiyang heard this lofty sentiments in his heart!
"According to the information that Rong Er gave me last night, Genghis Khan will continue to March westward early in the morning to prepare for a crusade against a goal-Russia and the two of us are waiting for news from Rong Er after the army!" Huang Yaoshi Road
Huang Yaoshi suddenly sighed and then said, "Ling Feiyang, you must not know that this impregnable Samarkand city will be breached by Mongols?"
The wall of Samarkand is thick and well-guarded. Huang Yaoshi is proficient in the art of war and has the help of Yue Fei and Wu Mu. However, after a year and a half, it was still broken by the allied forces of Mongolia and Persia. Ling Feiyang has always been puzzled about this matter.
"Come with me!" Huang Yaoshi said with Ling Feiyang came to the west side of Samarkand City, and Ling Feiyang looked up and saw that this Xuefeng was very strange. The ground suddenly pulled up and stood alone in the wilderness, just like a tree with bare branches and leaves towering into the clouds.
"Isn’t this the bald peak in the original?" Ling Feiyang thought of here and suddenly saw hundreds of slender sticks sticking to the side wall of Xuefeng, such as the same ladder leading to the snow peak!
"leg of lamb ladder!" Ling Feiyang immediately turned white!
"Mongolian soldiers tents were made into leather umbrellas, and then the leg ladder was climbed to the summit by ten thousand soldiers, and then landed in Samarkand city and hit the south gate to make the Mongolian army flock in …" Huang Yaoshi said.
"I didn’t expect this history to repeat itself …" Ling Feiyang thought and immediately said, "But why did the Mongolian army think of this way now after more than a year of siege?"
"According to the information we got at the beginning, a strategist with outstanding strategy came to the Mongolian army …" Huang Yaoshi said that his expression looked very dignified
"Is it a Persian?" Ling Feiyang guessed
"This person is the one who teaches the Buddha named Khalifa Luna!" Huang Yaoshi Road
"Buddha? This must be a more powerful person than the four patrol envoys? " Ling Feiyang asked
"In addition to the principal and deputy leaders, the most terrible person in teaching is the two venerable figures of heaven and earth. These two leaders are still teaching the four-way patrol!" Huang Yaoshi Road
"I teach all the patrol envoys to be extremely skilled in martial arts, but I don’t know what the martial arts of this Buddha are?" Ling Feiyang asked
"This Buddha holds a high position in teaching not because of martial arts but because of his ingenuity. It is said that others can’t do martial arts at all!" Huang Yaoshi Road
"Don’t know any martial arts? So if he encounters an enemy, should he protect himself? " Ling Feiyang couldn’t help wondering when he heard this.
"This Khalifa Luna also has a nickname’ Persian Chess King’," Huang Yaoshi continued.
"Persian chess king? Does his’ chess king’ mean chess? " Ling Feiyang asked curiously.
"chess?" Although Huang Yaoshi is well informed, he has never heard of this word, and then he said
"This kind of chess is called’ Chastelain’ in Persian, which is very similar to China’s chess, and there are 16 pieces on both sides. However, compared with the ranks, China chess lacks two cannons and two scholars, but has one more queen."
"Isn’t this chess? Chastelain Zi must be its ancient name, "Ling Feiyang thought and immediately asked," Can he also play chess in the battlefield? "
"Exactly!" Huang Yaoshi continued with a look of concern, "There are fifteen disciples in this Khalifa Luna, each of whom bears a chess piece, and Khalifa Luna himself plays the role of’ king’ and exercises a set of’ killing chess array’ together. It is said that although there are sixteen people in this chess array, it can trap 3,000 soldiers. Even if there is a martial arts expert who can’t get through the game, once he falls into this array, he will be doomed and there will be life and death!"
"Master Huangdao is proficient in chess and can definitely come up with a way to break the array!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"It’s hard to say that this’ Chastelain’s’ China chess is similar, but the chess theory is completely different …" Huang Yaoshi shook his head gently and didn’t look sure.
"Ling Feiyang, see where you are going this time!" Just then, a figure suddenly rushed out of the night. It was Guo Jing! Thousands of Mongolian soldiers followed Guo Jing to kill Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi!
Chapter 377 Vertical limit
Huang Yaoshi rescued Ling Feiyang from the Mongolian military camp, but Guo Jing came to the foot of Tumufeng with thousands of Mongolian soldiers!
Ling Feiyang was stabbed in the left chest by Huang Rong Fenshui Emei. Although the injury is not serious, his body is still difficult to operate at the moment. I am so angry that Huang Yaoshi whispered, "You should hurry to heal and I will hold it!" Then figure a flash in front of the Guo Jing!
The dragon elephant is prajnaparamita! Guo Jing’s iron fist hit Huang Yaoshi mercilessly!
Huang Yaoshi flashed to the side and used a trick in the palm of Excalibur to "spend a moment" to shoot Guo Jing to Guo Jing’s shoulder quickly, but it was a little wrong step and heavy shoulder, so he avoided this palm!
Guo Jing see Huang Yaoshi this palm seems to be a stare blankly but Huang Yaoshi suddenly a change of heart!
"Guo Jing must already know Rong Er’s martial arts like the back of his hand. Although I wear a mask, if I make the palm of the sword of Luoying God, Guo Jing will definitely see through my identity, so our plan will not fall short!" Huang Yaoshi didn’t dare to make Peach Blossom Island martial arts when he thought of this place. Fortunately, he dabbled in martial arts in heaven, combining martial arts of Shaolin, Kongtong and Kunlun with Guo Jingdou in one place.
At this time, other Mongolian soldiers also gathered around Ling Feiyang to make 50% of the true qi work to heal, and the other 50% of the true qi to deal with these soldiers. However, after Guo Jing got the 40-year skill of the Golden Wheel French King, his martial arts were not much worse than that of Huang Yaoshi. Huang Yaoshi not only had to be distracted to deal with the soldiers around him, but also could not make the Peach Blossom Island martial arts. After dozens of moves, Huang Yaoshi was still rooted in the wind.
"If I Huang Yaoshi can’t even fight a little, wouldn’t it be a waste to say four unique things!" Huang Yaoshi’s competitive right palm has devoted ten successes to Guo Jing!
"Bang!" Guo Jing also shipped ten percent of his strength to Huang Yaoshi. Huang Yaoshi shook his body slightly for two times, but Guo Jing retreated several steps, then sat down on the ground and coughed violently. It seems that he has been injured!
Ling Feiyang’s heart was delighted, but then he saw a trace of blood flowing out of Huang Yaoshi’s mask before Bai Huang Yaoshi was also injured. This time, Huang Yaoshi didn’t take advantage of it!
"Let’s kill them all!" Ling Feiyang shouted that Huang Yaoshi was also white, so he went to the south with Ling Feiyang! Guo Jing wanted to get up and catch up, but he couldn’t get his breath and fell to the ground again.
However, Huang Yaoshi and Ling Feiyang rushed out of a dozen paces and dozens of Mongolian soldiers lined up. Everyone was kneeling on the ground with one leg and holding a shield in his right hand. They blocked the way!
"Break through!" Huang Yaoshi said and rushed to the shield array with flying skill. However, behind these shields, a row of archers and dozens of arrows suddenly shot up at Huang Yaoshi at the same time!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly used tight encirclement’s potential to block these arrows for Huang Yaoshi, but the second row of archers immediately appeared and another arrow rained down!
These Mongolian soldiers shot at the two men round after round with exquisite shooting skills. Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi were all injured, but it was difficult to break through this battle array composed of shields and arrows. They retreated and tried to break through to the east.
However, the two men just ran for more than ten feet in the east direction, but there was also the same war. A burst of disorderly arrows shot them back again!
"No wonder the Mongolian army can be invincible. It turns out that not only the cavalry is brave but also the infantry!" Ling Feiyang’s heart was anxious and Huang Yaoshi fought and retreated, and was gradually forced back to the bare wooden peak foot
At this time, Guo Jing’s physical strength has also recovered from the ground up and approached to two people, while Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi have been fighting in the drama and have no leisure to recover their physical strength!
"Now there is a way …" Ling Feiyang suddenly shouted in his heart, "Let’s evacuate the bald wooden peak first!"
Huang Yaoshi immediately came white with Ling Feiyang and ran to the bottom of the cliff. The footholds of these leg-of-lamb ladders used flying skills. More than a dozen soldiers immediately rushed down the leg-of-lamb ladder to climb Ling Feiyang, using a trick of "or jumping in the deep". These soldiers screamed and fell back to the bottom of the cliff.
"Shoot the arrow!" Guo Jing ordered dozens of Mongolian archers to shoot arrows in unison and fly in the sky. The left hand grabbed a leg of lamb and hung it in the middle of the right hand. These arrows flew out in succession!
Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi are both outstanding in flying skills. For a moment, they have jumped to 50 or 60 feet high. Guo Jing suddenly jumped up and climbed along the leg ladder!
Seeing that Guo Jing has caught up with the two-person Fang Huang Yaoshi, there is a small stone that bounces out with a flick of the finger and the avatar technique "before" and hits the leg of lamb in Guo Jing’s foot!
Guo Jing’s body immediately reached for Fang’s other leg of lamb, but Huang Yaoshi has buckled another small stone and aimed it at Guo Jing’s chest!
Guo Jing is hanging in a half-way to avoid being shot through the chest by a stone if he doesn’t block the stone; But if you reach out to block it, you will fall to the bottom of the cliff and fall to pieces!
Seeing that Guo Jing has been flying in born to die, he suddenly cried, "Show mercy!"
Huang Yaoshi stare blankly a stone back, two people continue to display flying skills with the north wind, through the clouds finally jumped the snow peak.
Looking around at the summit of the bald wood, the two men saw the magnificent scenery around them. Although it is still midsummer at this time, the ice and snow have formed a glass world here, or if Qionghua Yaocao is like an exotic bird or a rocky mountain or a quasi-branch, the world of ice and snow is even more exquisite as a crystal palace.
"Why didn’t you let me kill Guo Jing just now!" Huang Yaoshi suddenly asked Ling Feiyang.
"Guo Jing is not a bad person after DaSong Zhongliang, but he will fight hard with me when I kill his two masters …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly explained.
"Now that the two countries are at war with each other, how can you care whether he is good or bad? You are flying in the sky, and the commander-in-chief of the Song Wulin didn’t expect to be so indecisive! !” Huang Yaoshi said with a reproachful tone
"Even if Guo Jing tries to kill me many times, I still firmly believe that he will definitely argue his position in the end!" Ling Feiyang is still sticking to his guns.
"Since you say so, the old man never refutes it, but if anything happens to you, you should bear the consequences yourself!" Huang Yaoshi heart angry immediately left ignore ling float in the sky.


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Chapter sixty-two Into a tornado!
Luofeng town
Wei Yongshen’s generous black Se record is a record of fencing, which records his feelings at every breakthrough and makes experiments in order to seek a breakthrough. Although Chen Shaobai browsed it roughly, he also found a lot of things.
For example, something called "Ning Soul Dan" aroused his great interest. Wei Yongren was lucky enough to get a Ning Soul Dan to digest and absorb it before he successfully broke through to the realm of swordsmen.
After feeling the good luck of the other party, Chen Shaobai randomly found an inn and fell asleep.
This sleep is extremely sweet, from the dawn of the sun until the moon and stars are thin.
He didn’t wake up naturally.
A heartfelt throb came to Chen Shaobai, who suddenly clenched two swords around his side. A carp jumped up and the double swords sealed the weak points around him.
Moments later, nothing happened.
"It shouldn’t be … there is a terrible feeling that it should be that the strength exceeds me by one level."
Chen Shaobai blinked and pushed the guest room door to the floor to find out whether it was the bartender or the traveler. The swordsmen were stupefied at the entrance of the inn at the moment, and Se was as pale as gold paper and stared at the distance.
Looking along the line of sight of everyone, we can see a thousand-foot-long funnel to communicate with the world. It keeps spinning and spiraling around to suck Fiona Fang Baizhang creatures into it. Soon, these creatures are blown into blood fog by high-speed moving mud, iron pieces and broken swords, and they can’t die again.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
At this moment, the villagers’ minds in Luofeng Town are unprecedented, and they silently pray that it will not run over Luofeng Town and reap their lives.
Everyone prayed that this horrible natural creation gradually deviated from the distance when it was several hundred feet near the town of Phoenix.
The outermost wind pressure blows the dust and broken sand on the ground. Looking at the drifting tornado, Se’s pale eyes are full of joy.
"Is this a tornado or a hurricane? No matter what, it is not human beings who can compete. "
Chen Shaobai’s eyes with a hint of terror, such a destroyer may be able to barely resist the strong cement building in the past, but there is no luck in the blue brick thatched inn behind him. Once he is involved in this tornado, don’t say that he is a swordsman, even a swordsman’s peak figure, afraid of life and death.
"The realm of refining oneself can’t resist the" quenching gas "in that statement. If Wu Pei is here, I don’t think she will be waiting for death like me? "
Think of the scene when Ri Wupei’s finger is a little full of moonlight. Chen Shaobai is more and more eager for quenching gas. He won’t always be controlled by people when he controls that mysterious force.
Just as he took a little breath, a white light rushed out from his side.
"meow! Hey! "
The whole little white fox, who had a deep sleep and some fat, ran away in the direction of a tornado with her eyes shining like hūn medicine at the moment.
"Purple pupil!" Chen Shaobai’s pupil contracted slightly and hesitated whether to save Fox.
Who accompanied him and his fiancee to spend the most worrying two months? Who sent him Lei Yin jujube in times of crisis but was seriously injured?
Two questions passed in my mind. Chen Shaobai barely struggled, but he stepped like a meteor, and the wind shuttled like a sword, breaking the wind pressure in front. "Stop the dead meatballs!"
No sooner had his voice been exported than it was blown to pieces by the strong wind, but the little white fox in front seemed to hear his voice. Suddenly Zheng turned his head, and his mouth evoked a big arc to reveal a cute and tell-tale smirk.
Idolize, Chen Shaobai, caught the moon against the wind and broke out at a speed that he couldn’t imagine. He grabbed the purple pupil and roared angrily, "Meow your sister! You are a fox, not a cat! Pig head! "
Maybe God didn’t like the logical problem in this sentence, so he dropped the punishment.
Chen Shaobai suddenly raised his head and felt a comparable strength, and the whole person followed Teng. Before he completely lost consciousness, his only move was to hold the purple pupil in his arms and curl up the whole body.
When he woke up from a coma, it was already half a ri.
Yin Shi Tian Se is still dark. Although it is not opaque, it still looks a little y and n in this mountain. There is not a single figure in the dozens of miles of Fiona Fang.
There are plenty of trees, wolves, insects, tigers and leopards in the grass, and there is quite a ghostly smell in the forest.
However, Chen Shaobai is not afraid of his bold sword in hand.
Sword in hand?
Consciously stretched out his hand on the waist and found that Wanhe ink wound was still in Chen Shaobai’s heart, and there was a heartbreaking pain from his body. He looked down and his chest was with half a broken sword.
Today, his willpower is also tough, and there is not much hesitation and pain in the process of repairing and pulling out the broken blade by Qi therapy.
"hmm? Purple? " Looking around, I found no trace of the little white fox. Chen Shaobai’s surface Se was a little bleak.
If fox dies, what’s the point of taking risks?
"I can’t even protect myself if I can break through the secret of quenching gas!"
Chen Shaobai’s eyes were invaded by Yu Wang and longing, and the whole atmosphere gradually changed.
I’m afraid I’ll wake my fiancee immediately if she’s still around-beware of demons!
However, at this time, no one is obsessed with it, and the demons are getting deeper and deeper, and they are gradually ingrained. At ordinary times, there will be nothing that will immediately become a bottleneck once you try to break through these demons.
"Wei ri recorded in mind! Ning Soul Dan can help people break through into a sword hero! It is said that he saved a cousin of Qin Tianzong who was seriously injured, and the other party thanked him for Qin Tianzong … I have never heard of it before, so I must make a good inquiry when I go back! "
The small white fox sound woke Chen Shaobai from the enchantment. He turned his head, first with joy and then with a frown. "Purple pupil, why did you drag a body?"
His pet can kill like a horse, but his minions take all the blood, but … Eating people is somewhat against his heart.
"Meow meow!"
It’s all a chicken talking to a duck
Chen Shaobai couldn’t understand what the little white fox was saying, but he could read the undisguised excitement Se in its eyes.
"Zhu Mohan said that Purple Pupil is a’ fox-hunting’ with treasure hunting. Is there anything good about this person?"
Chen Shaobai carefully observed the body in front of him.
This is a woman in hot silver Se tights, clutching an orange Se sword in her hand.
Send another in the middle of the night … Show a new skill about ten chapters to ninety chapters. The difference of gas therapy is that it is an war with great skills.
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Duan Zhengchun is a big boy now, and when he wants to be a big boy, he doesn’t want to be a big boy. When he doesn’t want to be, he jumps out with two daughters. He can’t tell what it feels like in his heart.

In the end, my daughter can’t help but recognize that she just brought people back. What about her daughter’s mother? What should I do? Don’t take it back together?
When I think of my own queen, Dao Baifeng Duan Zhengchun, who is still in Dali Palace, I don’t know how to calculate this bad debt when I get back.
But in the end, Duan Yu couldn’t marry the girl he liked because it was a mistake from the beginning. Duan Zhengchun left with A Zi, and of course Mu Fu wrote it.
Speaking of which, how can a romantic lover like Duan Zhengchun not change his infatuation with a woman? He is more of a force game to his wife. Now Duan Zhengchun has mastered the Dali handle and really became the emperor of Dali. It is not impossible for him to think about it.
After Duan’s father left, Mufu got married to Mrs. Wang in Wang Yuyan. To be honest, there were a lot of famous brothers and martial arts heroes before Mufu, but Mrs. Wang was rarely satisfied. Even if Mrs. Wang was satisfied with Wang Yuyan, she couldn’t help it.
But when Mu Fu named Wu, Mrs. Wang was very surprised and refused as expected.
It’s not right for them to be married, not suitable for their age or status. In Mrs. Wang’s view, it’s simply not suitable anywhere. In the past, Mrs. Wang quite appreciated Wu’s talent, but now people are not pleasing to the eye.
But sometimes no matter how stubborn a mother is, she can’t beat her stubborn daughter.
In Mrs. Wang’s eyes, Wang Yuyan has always been a clever, sensible and obedient child, but this time, no matter what she said, she didn’t listen, as if she were looking for it.
This kind of love persistence vaguely has her shadow, that is, at this moment, Mrs. Wang feels that Wang Yuyan is like her daughter in Li Qingluo
Finally, Mrs. Wang agreed.
This participating village ushered in two happy events: Wu and Wang Yuyan, and Yan Qing and A Bi.
Although all marriages are held in Shenhe Village, people can’t always stay in Shenhe Village, can they? Is MuFu willing to somebody else oneself also don’t want to!
So Mufu sent two houses with a house for them to live in after marriage.
However, because Wu and Yan Qing are both working for Mufu, Wang Yuyan and A Bi are always in the house of Shenhe Zhuang, and they are all chosen in the suburb of Gusu, not far from Shenhe Zhuang, which is convenient for everyone, right?
Soon after this, news came from Xixia that marrying Princess Yinchuan was not a noble brother, nor a Jianghu warrior, but a small official in Xixia. However, with a princess in Xixia King, he still valued this Xu and was very interested in pulling it out again.
The fact that the new Xixia Xu is one of them is also known by Mufu and Wu’s confidants. This key game will be left for later.
Speaking of Xixia, I can’t help but think of Liao, his great patron, but I don’t know what generation of emperors in Song and Liao were all masters of managing the country with ingenuity, but how can it be so ugly in a generation?
To say that the emperor of the Great Song Dynasty was addicted to pleasure and pursued extravagance and luxury, wasting people’s money and wasting people’s money, which made the political affairs of the country dim and the people in such a big Liao Dynasty, it’s not too much to let go!
I suppose these two are brothers?
However, Da Liao is not only comparable to the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, but also has nothing to say about the so-called Qidan warrior style.
Da Liao Da Song is different. This is a national soldier from horseback. All soldiers are brave and good at fighting. Da Liao is extremely good to his own people, but it is extremely oppressive to other ethnic groups, such as his rule over the Jurchen tribe, and he doesn’t treat each other as human beings at all.
Where there is oppression, there is resistance.
It’s hard to complain that the people in the Song Dynasty are different from the Jurchen tribes, and some of them are warriors. One of them is Akuta, who is looking for the right time for the Jurchen tribes to turn over and be masters.
Xiao Yuanshan is an important official of Liao country. When he returned to Liao country and Emperor Liao, it was natural to pay attention to a warrior like him. But did Xiao Yuanshan really intend to take it back? What he has to do is to send troops to the south to win DaSong in one fell swoop after obtaining the letter from Emperor Liao.
There is a storm brewing in Liao country, and the Great Song Dynasty is already coming.
Cai Jing and others didn’t want to converge after they got the benefits, but they intensified, and the emperor also took a laissez-faire attitude towards it, which led to the chaos in the Song Dynasty.
At first, the so-called chaos was just that a small group of refugees rose up and resisted because of oppression, and finally captured a small county town, and the unscrupulous county magistrate could not escape the hanging corpse gate.
It’s a small group of refugees who are organized and disciplined, but they rely on their own brute strength, and more because the other side can resist by law and win by luck.
When the imperial court sent troops to suppress the refugees, they were almost executed on the spot without blowing off dust. On that day, the river outside the small town was red.
However, just like the failed uprisings in history, if one falls, another will follow.
If the emperor will exploit and oppress, then the people can’t help but destroy him. On that day, you can’t see that the heroes such as the first emperor in the past ended up dying because of one more generation of Daqin.
Small-scale uprisings began to emerge in all parts of the Song Dynasty. These insurgents were ordinary people. Because they couldn’t live, they wanted to cross the rubicon and fight hard, so that the insurgents could not fight back against the regular army of the Song Dynasty.
It was at the beginning that the local people’s forces were losing ground, and the emperor wanted to make an example of them, so he cut off the roots of those defeated forces, but he didn’t want to arouse their rebellious mind more and more.
Gradually, local people’s forces began to unite, and brave warriors and learned people joined in. The official army of the Song Dynasty could no longer be invincible as before, and they began to lose, which just gave the people more encouragement.
If the rebels at first just expressed their resentment to the court, they still hoped that the court would kill the traitor and corrupt officials and return to their former lives, but later they were fighting for their own freedom, and it was best to be the king of Zhanshan.
But in the end, perhaps ignorance or hazy thoughts began to change. Since the emperor can’t do it, they can change the world by themselves.
And the first thing to change all this is to overthrow this decadent rule.
I have something to say.
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Chapter 19 Chapter 19
When the Song Dynasty was in chaos, Mu Fu still didn’t take action. It seemed that everything was the same in his eyes, which was incredible to Chai Jin.
At the beginning, when Mu Fu came to Chai Jin and wanted to form an alliance, Chai Jin had already seen Mu Fu’s ambition, because they were all the same kind of people and all had designs on that position.
But now, troubled times will rise and MuFu didn’t move at all. Chai Jin really can’t think of any other explanation except his heart.
Even outsiders like Chai Jin know that if Mufu is allowed to give up his plan, he will not be him.
Yes, when Chai Jin asked Mufu to fulfill the previous agreement, he asked Mufu about his plan, and Mufu had nothing but arms and supplies to Chai Jin as originally agreed.
Just when others don’t like Bai Mufu’s practice, Mu Fu doesn’t care about fooling around at home at all!
"Mu, what are you going to do? Isn’t now the time you need? " Li Mochou looked at teasing MuFu also some think impassability now don’t start work when are you waiting for?
"Don’t worry, you DaSong national strength such as? As the saying goes, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, but it is still a long time before some Uzbeks want to overthrow the emperor’s rule! "
Even now, there have been several waves of people’s forces, and they often win in the process of confronting the imperial court, but they are not optimistic about their ability
If you want to take advantage of the chaos to seek benefits, it is not easy for ordinary people to do it, because they often accidentally put themselves in. Timing is the most important thing, and the time needed by Mu Fu has not yet arrived.
Li Mochou stared at the shadow of Mu Fu. He was as subtle as the sun and the moon, but as dazzling. Her mind turned. "You mean it’s not chaotic enough now?"
"Yes," Mufu nodded and looked at Li Mochou with a smile. "We have nothing to rely on. If we don’t make a move, we will achieve our goal."
Mufu dare not lose, he can’t afford to lose, and he can seize this only opportunity, even though his heart is very anxious.
Although there is a lot of confusion in the Song Dynasty, the people are still sitting on the throne. Don’t ask Mu Fu how he knows, just say that those Wulin people don’t support that one wholeheartedly, otherwise there will be a good day for them today.
Compared with ordinary people, it will be even more sad, which is why there are more insurgents or ordinary people.
At present, the martial arts sects have not been blended into one court, but they have sent troops to suppress the uprising forces. Mu Fu can almost guess that those people either failed and died or fantasized about the emperor’s heart, and in the end they will not be the same field.
But if you really want to do it, you should do it absolutely and there is no room for turning back.
What Mu Fu has to do now is to wait for them to exhaust the last fantasy of Emperor Dasong and the court, and then they will consume some government troops’ fighting capacity. When the situation becomes more chaotic, it is time for him to make moves.
However, the time for Mufu to wait will come soon.
Dasong chaos has not been settled for a long time, and now Dasong is in a state of disarray, and Daliao has always coveted Dasong, and it has begun to stir.
Perhaps the emperor of Da Liao is more enterprising than the emperor of Da Song, because he has never let go of the idea of attacking the Song Dynasty in the south, but he has never had a chance.
But now the opportunity has come.

In a short time, the hotel service staff knocked on the door of the room and brought a table of rich food.

Tan Jingjing commanded the waiter to set the dishes and pour good wine, then waved them out.
"Come on, handsome boy, have a meal with others." Tan Jingjing came to the front of windson smiles appealed and said.
"No, I just ate." Windson coldly replied.
"Don’t be so unkind." Tan Jingjing see windson unmoved a round of the eyes and said: "don’t worry, people really just want to invite you to dinner. People will leave immediately after dinner! "
"I hope you keep your word." It’s not a good idea. It’s better to see what tricks Tan Jingjing wants to play. Although she promised Fei Xian that she wouldn’t embarrass Tan Jingjing too much, windson wouldn’t mind taking two more shots on her little ass if she went too far.
However, the soldiers came to block the water and cover the wind, and they didn’t pay attention to the little girl in front of them, so they pretended to be careless and said, "Well, what good wine is it? I want to taste it."
"Wait a minute." Tan Jingjing smiled and took out a delicate handbag from the table, and took out a white jade hip flask and two small handleless cups.

Chapter 51 countered
Jingjing carefully mentioned the quaint, exquisite and elegant white jade wine, and the oblique green liquid suddenly spewed out from the spout and flowed into the white jade cup, and a refreshing and fragrant aroma slowly dispersed.
Lin Feng took a deep breath and was intoxicated. "What kind of wine is this?"
"This is called the fairy drunk very not easy. It was very difficult for people to steal a small pot from Master. " Tan Jingjing said with a smile as she handed a glass of wine to the front of windson.
"This is the fairy drunk?" Windson took the cup and looked at the white jade carefully. There were green sparkling and attractive aroma bursts in the cup, and there was already three points of drunkenness before it was imported. It was really good wine. There is also an introduction about "Immortal Drunkenness" in the Book of Fixing the Truth. It is said that this wine has to collect hundreds of kinds of fruits for more than ten years before it can get a small altar. Not only is it excellent in taste, but it is also beneficial to cultivation. It is very famous in the field of repairing truth. Lin Feng wanted to taste it for a long time, but he was not in the mood to brew it.
Tan Jingjing raised a small white jade wine cup and winked at Lin Feng. "Try it. It tastes very good."
Windson some confused looked at her really don’t understand what the hell she’s doing. Windson absolutely don’t believe that Tan Jingjing used such good dining tables to entertain him just to make him eat happily. There must be some conspiracy.
"Why? Still afraid that people will poison the wine? " In the face of Lin Feng’s hesitation, Tan Jingjing said with a little dissatisfaction: "It’s still the old rule that people should do it first." Say that finish Tan Jingjing lifted a small handleless wine cup and windson gently touched immediately gulp up.
Windson smiled and shook his head, lifted a small handleless wine cup, and took a sip of it, only to feel comfortable and fragrant between his teeth and cheeks. This fragrance is very unique, like flowers and fruits. Layer upon layer. Fascinating and long aftertaste.
"Good wine!" Windson could not help but praise.
"Of course!" Tan Jingjing satisfiedly replied with a different color in his eyes.
"Drink quickly. People have already done it. " Tan Jingjing urged.
Just a small sipped his windson has been attracted by the wine in front of him, and there is no difference in Tan Jingjing now. So windson don’t doubt him. Also raised his glass and drank it off.
1 of "bang" Lin Feng only felt that the bitter wine juice seemed to burst in his mouth, and an indescribable feeling of comfort and carefree spread all over the body instantly and filled every cell, which seemed to shock even the soul. This kind of ecstasy makes Lin Feng instantly absent and just want to close your eyes and feel this wonderful moment.
However, at this moment, the mutation is protruding!
Tan Jingjing suddenly pointed at the handbag originally used to hold wine on the table and shouted, "Sick!"