Lu Chen looked at the heroic spirit around the sick old man and cut into the topic. In those days, he naturally saw the little girl and played with Ye Fan.

Xia Jiuyou nodded not Liu Chen more beautiful eyes with some strange colors.
When the master said that Lu Chen was not dead, he was sent to a foreign country. I didn’t expect him to really come back, but he also forced three ancient emperors to be shocked by World War I.
Xia Jiuyou’s heart is high, but he also has to admit that now he is not an emperor’s opponent, but he can defeat one enemy and three enemies. In the end, it is not necessary to estimate that several ancient emperors will die that day if he is not merciful.
It’s no wonder that the unborn master was invited to move out of the mountain and was willing to take care of this Terran Tianjiao.
"Your qi and blood are dry, even if you take that half step, you can be as good as the ancient emperor’s soldiers."
The Great Sage of Kunzhou is getting stronger and stronger, but the emperor soldiers hide him and no one knows which one lent it to him.
He can’t see through the depth of the sick old man, but he intuitively feels that the other side may go further. If the emperor soldiers are extremely old and exhausted, he will not dare to move, but the other side will die of old age at any time. What is there to be afraid of if he has an ancient imperial soldier?
"Ahem …"
The sick old man coughed a few times and looked at Wei Yi’s eyes. "This Taoist friend said yes, you always represent the ten thousand families. We dare not say that we represent the terran, but we can still do it by protecting the individual kindling."
Huntuo Dasheng was anxious to persuade "Kunzhou and Guiya Taigu have been feuding for so long, but they should be so persistent, and now they are young people, so don’t bully the small."
Kun Zhou didn’t reply, which is that the way of Emperor Wei is getting stronger and stronger.
When Huntuo Great Sage saw that there were still many ancient tribes in the Holy City, and even his descendants said, "Is it really impossible to talk about it outside the world?"
Kun Zhou doesn’t sell Huntuo Dasheng to know this guy, that is to say, if he looks at the sick old man coldly, "kindling?" What if I put him out today? "
He’s so domineering that the whole wilderness is under that kind of pressure. I don’t know how many people tremble and prostrate themselves. "Sign up to come to Kunzhou and don’t cut your name!"
The sick old man sighed with a long look. "Don’t you understand if you rob thousands of people and don’t have terrans?"
He said slowly, "Old man … Jiuyou Gai."
Plain three words like the holy city dropped a blockbuster.
Some Terran elders were stunned and shocked to hear this name.
"Jiuyou Gai! It’s the tianjiao who fought against the sky in Zhongzhou nine thousand years ago! "
"How can anyone live for nine thousand years! ? He can’t preach! ?”
"Smell him, isn’t it? How can he still be alive! ?”
"Jiuyou Gai is also the Great Sage who is absolutely strong. Otherwise, how can you live so long! ?”
Many Terrans exclaimed that the Taikoo race around them was also a gasp after hearing this person’s past.
I never thought that Terran could be so strong after the great change of heaven and earth.
In those days, there was a saying that if Qing Di had not just died for a thousand years, Jiuyou Gai would have had a chance to prove the truth, but unfortunately, he was born in the wrong era and could eventually grow old in time.
An old hierarch sighed and looked at the sick old man at the end of the strip in awe.
The heavenly stone workshop, the holy emperor and the big black dog are also jaw-dropping. I didn’t expect to finally come out with such a statue of God.
Lu Chen also pretended to be shocked "senior!"
Jiuyou Gai lightly waved his hand and coughed a few times. "It’s all over, it’s all over. I’m not as old as you saw in those days. Now I’m an ordinary sick old man."
Kunzhou Great Sage’s eyes are indecisive, which is different from his plan today.

He transported the power of the stars to capture the flesh for a second, but the two forces of the stars caused a huge load on the flesh!

Even if there is a star power blessing to offset the gravitational orbit to a certain extent, I still feel that my internal organs seem to be shattered by a huge force, and the qi and blood are turbulent and chaotic, and it has reached the brink of collapse.
Well, his spiritual strength, qi strength and physical strength are not proportional to each other, which suppresses the chaos of the body. Qi and blood control the whole body, every meridian, every organ and every qi can be slowly recuperated, otherwise, once the body qi and qi riot, the result is no different from being possessed and dying suddenly.
"The flesh … the flesh and the insides are too fragile! Just one second, two star forces staggered my body, which almost made my body collapse. If it lasted a little more, even one second, this body would be torn to pieces! "
GuQing heart a awe-inspiring he now physical strength even after heaven and earth force quenching practice is ten times stronger than airway nine practitioners to display this high load attack means is too reluctant.
A mixture of true roars suddenly exploded from a distance!
Then I saw that the green light flashed into the middle of the forest and Xueqin roared and flew over again. Ling Xuli stared at him!
"Very good, Guqing. I admit I underestimated you!"
Gu Qing Yu moved to Geng Jin gas quenching and was promoted to Zhong Lingqi "crack" and stood opposite Ye Xueqin’s mind. The calculation result of the distance between them gradually appeared again.
"What you just said is a magic weapon of artifact level!" Gu Qing said with a slight cold tone, "Artifact is a powerful magic weapon that can be refined and mastered by people in Shinto. It is also necessary to play the seven realms of Dan Dao with less power. Just now, it should belong to the automatic protector of Artifact. I don’t know how many times this artifact can automatically protect you!"
"Your qi and blood are already in a mess, and you can’t suppress it. Once you use that magical power again, you will definitely collapse and die on the spot!"
Gu Qing’s eyes are completely condensed. "Ye Xueqin, I can guarantee that if I perform the’ instant killing of stars’ again, will you die? I don’t know, but I will not be in danger except when I am hit hard and weak for a while!"
"scare me! ? You and I will believe it! ?”
"You kill me is not as easy as crushing ants? Might as well try! ?”
Unblinkingly Ye Xueqin looked at Guqing and seemed to want to hear the truth from his words!
Gu Qing’s spirit is still churning, but his eyes are not shrinking!
Another "instant killing of the stars" will only cause the body to collapse at most. Even if he loses his body, it will be extremely difficult to disperse his roots, and there will be no danger to his life. The only trouble is that he needs to find another body to practice from scratch, so it will take him three or five years to get promoted to Dandao!
But from this point of view, what he just said is really true!
The third volume Stars gather for the third time to reverse black and white
When the two men were in a faint confrontation, no one dared to take the lead. A powerful fluctuation of vitality suddenly rippled from the depths of distant peaks, accompanied by the thunderous roar of the elders of Dandao!
"who dares to fight against the rules of the door!"
In the roar, three streamers have instantly cut through the virtual space, with a burst of violent sonic booms from far and near!
"Break through the sound barrier … this is less than a five-fold master of Dan Dao! Dan Dao is five times concise, and the exoskeleton organs of the outer body are powerful, vigorous and heavily guarded, so that the idle spirits can not be injured, so that they dare to break through the sound barrier and fly! "
When Gu Qing’s eyes looked at the three streamers, the three streamers had also broken into some broken green Xuanfeng!
Two of the three elders are all dressed by the dean of punishment! It’s not hard to see from the breath leaked from their bodies that each one is a five-fold vigorous spirit concise than the figure, and another blue-haired old man’s clothes are embroidered with gold inflammation, which means that Xuanyang Tianzong’s six-fold Dan Dao has cultivated a master of Dan Fire!
The six key points of Dan Dao burning Dan fire represent a watershed of Dan Dao realm!
To reach this state, we can make great contributions by burning all kinds of solid minerals and refining natural materials and treasures, refining pure aura from rare herbs into magic weapons and magic schools.
These six masters of Dan Dao hold important positions in each clan, and their status is much higher than that of the master of Dan Dao. Even if my brother sees these six elders of Dan Dao, he must be polite and dare not have the slightest disrespect!
The six-fold old man of Dan Dao glanced at his whole body, and his qi and blood were floating and galloping, and Ye Xueqin’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and he rebuked him. "I dazzled the five immortals in Middle-earth that Yangtian Sect could make Tianxiu Immortals admire and yearn to shock the evil spirits from all walks of life. It is because of the unity outside Zongmen that unity is strength! True brother, you two represent my dazzling YangTianZong future represents my dazzling YangTianZong image is an example for all doors, outer doors and registered brothers, but now look at what kind of roommates you are like … "
"The elder brother Ye Xueqin has something to say!"
"Ye Xueqin?" The look of the elders of the six-fold burning inflammation in Dan Dao swept Ye Xueqin with a slight surprise, and it was remembered that such a person’s face was slightly softened. "Are you Ye Xueqin? Yes, you have been promoted to Dan Dao Si Chong. You have excellent talent and have great prospects for promotion to Shinto in the future. But now I still hope you two can give me a reasonable explanation! "
"Elder Burning Inflammation flatter me, and I will tell you the truth!" Said ye Xueqin landau "burn inflammation elders should know that I’ve been in the past few years two worlds closed impact Dan four realms almost never returned to Piaoxue peak for Piaoxue peak management strength is far less than his brothers and sisters! At present, this new true brother seems to understand this point. While I was sitting in the middle of the mountain, I didn’t know how to make it. The secret practice actually passed through the snow-covered mountain array and entered my snow-covered Jiangshan temple and stole my magic weapon! If it weren’t for my sister Ye Xueqing who just saw things, he would have succeeded. "
"Steal your magic weapon! ? What is this? "
When it comes to the latter sentence, the eyes of the burning elders have fallen back to Guqing.
"Elder Burning Inflammation might as well ask me if what I stole is a magic weapon!"
"Hum, we dazzle the elders of Tianzong Bailie, and open the mountain gate to recruit young Junjie, and give them the opportunity to cultivate immortality and become a Taoist. I don’t want to be now, but you, a malicious person, have the opportunity to mix into the mountain gate and make a fuss. It’s an ulterior motive to provoke my clan department to divide!"
Ye Xueqin’s words were finished, followed by the elder of Burning Inflammation, and an old chief of punishment immediately said, "Elder of Burning Inflammation, we are in charge of the court of punishment. For Gu Qing, this person has also heard a little about it. When he was a younger brother, he used to rely on his own force. He humiliated a younger brother in every way, and then he even killed the younger brother Ye Zheng, who is likely to be promoted to a true elite brother in Sendai, atrix, the next day, and the old chief of punishment, Taibai, which is a deep-rooted murderer in The Machine! Because his real brother is not under the jurisdiction of our criminal court, although he is extremely crazy, he can’t stop him! "
"There was the matter! ?”
"It’s my Jinghua reputation guarantee that what I said just now was absolutely false!"
Elder Burn Yan frowned. "Xuanguang, you are also in charge of the court of justice. Have you heard about this person?"
Xuanguang nodded, "Wang Zhengdao and Ye Zheng, two elite brothers, died in a fight with Sendai. Sendai always talks about grievances and never asks about life and death, so I didn’t pursue them carefully, but the Taibai elder really died in the hands of this person …"
Don’t give the reason to the elder Xuanguang. Elder Jinghua has taken the lead in saying, "What is the purpose of the theory of his true brother’s private struggle in the Guqing Sect of the Elder Burning Inflammation? Since he has violated the rules of Xuanyang Tianzong Sect, he has to act according to the rules! You, the law enforcement elder of Zongmen, must not encourage Gu Qing’s arrogance! "
Elder Burn Yan nodded. "I have my own judgment on the merits!" Say that finish, he has set his sights on GuQingShen again "net China elders makes sense! Guqing, since you have violated the rules, I should act in accordance with the rules to punish you … "
"slow!" Guqing stretched out his hand "burn inflammation elders as you said theory is reasonable to start work should be dealt with by the door rules, so if you want to avoid being punished by the door rules, you have to let people kill in vain! ?”
"Well killing! ?” Elder Burn Yan’s face became dignified as soon as he changed. "You mean Ye Xueqin killed you!"
Private fighting and life-and-death fighting in the door are two completely different natures!
It’s like a quarrel and a gunfight between two people on earth! What happened to the former will be given a warning at most, but the latter will be severely punished and even life imprisonment even if no casualties are caused!
"The burning elders can see clearly what is happening in front of them. I’m just an Dan Dao heavy practitioner who will talk to a Dan Dao quadruple true brother for provocation? Isn’t this suicidal? Moreover, the other disciples on the next mountain peak witnessed the specific process of the matter and I can testify! "
Burning inflammation elders a listen to eyes can’t help to watch those true brother looked at the past nearby "can have this matter! ?”
A few true brothers have come to watch the excitement. I don’t want Gu Qing to drag them into the topic.
Ye Xueqin’s true brother has the most amazing talent. After one day, it’s even beneficial to compete for the position of the palm of your hand. One or two is the future of the real Tianjiao girl in the door. Once she is offended, she will win the position of palm of your hand in the future …
It’s hard for these true brothers to laugh at Ye Xueqin!
"Enye Xueqin, what are you laughing at?"
"Burn inflammation elders forgive me for taking the liberty of! I want to ask you a question. Ye Xueqin is currently rebuilding Dandao No.4. If you want to kill a real brother who has been promoted to Dandao for less than half a year, do you need to fight with him until now? "
"Dan way quadruple kill a Dan way a heavy …"
As soon as this sentence is said, some people in the place will know it, even a few true brothers are no exception.
To have a little common sense, everyone can do four things in Dan Dao and one thing in Dan Dao. That’s a whole three realms gap. It’s not much harder to kill an ant with one thing in Dan Dao. It’s easier to kill an expert in Dan Dao with one thing in Dan Dao by simply relying on the quality that is far better than the true spirit.
See everyone reaction Ye Xueqin face smile gradually cold!
Gu Qing’s last sword clearly made her feel the threat of death, and that kind of trembling from the depths of her heart almost suffocated her. Although Gu Qing’s talent and Dan Dao has been rebuilt, she has always tried every means to eradicate these threats one by one.

Lin Yuan doesn’t care about the deep blue Se Yuan, but he knows that this is an opportunity for himself. Maybe his body will rise to an incredible state because of this, and Lin Yuan doesn’t know anything about it.

The edge of the forest is running slowly, ignoring the violent innate truth around it, and the innate truth in the congenital hole is blowing violently at the edge of the forest, and the skin is constantly cracking and repairing.
Muscle slowly tears deep blue se true yuan operation repair again!
The air flow revealed by the deep blue Se Zhenyuan also makes the body of the forest edge slowly change, while the people of the forest edge constantly practice the body of the refined body Zhenyuan.
Linyuan feels that he has been to a place that can be said to be very much. For others, it is a hellish place, but for Linyuan, it is his own paradise.
The congenital cave is silent, and no one will disturb it, except Mrs Tianyun, who is the only one on the edge of the forest.
Cross your legs at the edge of the forest. At this time, your body changes. There is a forest edge. A person can feel powerful and powerful.
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Chapter one hundred and thirty-four-limit charge
A day later … 60 meters in the congenital cave.
"Whoosh …" At this time, Lin Yuan was panting and wearing nothing, and the scars were obviously hurt by the congenital true yuan.
At the entrance of the congenital hole, that is, at the edge of the congenital hole, a gray Se figure is also keeping a close eye on the action of the forest edge.
On this day, the change of Lin Yuan was seen in the eyes of the white-haired old man Tianyun.
One day, he broke through a hole at a time and reached the seventh hole. Although Tianyun couldn’t figure out what it was like to suddenly have a strong vitality from the forest edge, he didn’t disturb the forest edge.
In vitreous perception, at the moment when Lin Yuan broke through, he also found that Lin Yuan would stay at 50 meters, but he didn’t expect that Lin Yuan was actually advancing at a time.
This is also the reason why Tianyun is so interested in the forest edge. You should know that the area where the forest edge is located at this time may not be able to withstand the attack of the innate true yuan, not to mention not borrowing the help of the true yuan at all.
Behind Tian Yuntai’s eyes, it seems to decide what the sudden figure is, that is, by disappearing in situ, where people know, but everything goes on in the congenital cave.
Congenital Zhenyuan raged violently, and almost all the forest edges honed their own Zhenyuan and * * in the congenital cave except when eating.
After the breakthrough, Lin Yuan also knew that Tianyuntai appeared again, but Lin Yuan didn’t talk to him more, so he instantly sank into practice.
Such a good cultivation environment, the forest edge will not let go, it is your own strength!
At this time, sweat was oozing from the bust and thighs of Lin Yuan, and blood was gradually oozing from the sweat. Every muscle of Lin Yuan’s body was shaking, and his hand was also shaking, which was obviously caused by the impact of congenital truth.
Lin yuan struggled to persist.
From yesterday to today, although the forest edge has only traveled ten meters, although the distance is very short, every step forward in the congenital cave will make the innate truth fierce. This is not a matter of distance.
At that time, the body of the forest edge could still hold on, but when it advanced to 567 meters, the body of the forest edge felt the pain again
Since yesterday’s breakthrough, the forest edge itself has broken through the seventh hole, and its physique has also increased significantly. At 50 meters, the root will not need the help of the real shield to be stable there as it did yesterday.
Fifty meters away, the natural true Yuan Lin Yuan is now there, and they will not change it. At this time, Lin Yuan’s physique is fully stronger than before, and I don’t know how many times, but Lin Yuan still doesn’t know how to benefit his own physique.
The deep blue Se Zhen Yuan Lin Yuan flowing from Lina Jasper Beads has fully raised her body to a great level.
The edge of the forest itself, the true element of Dantian, seems to have been influenced by that deep blue Se true element, and its own realm also has a feeling of breaking through in the next time, and the true element is also more concise.
In addition, Lin Yuan has also realized more about his physical vitality, and his self-repair speed seems to be faster than before, which really makes Lin Yuan happy.
What does this mean? If you fight with others, you will recover faster than others, which means that the chances of winning are far greater than those of your opponents, especially in life-and-death battles.
Every cloud has a silver lining, this is Lin Yuan’s thought that no one would think that Lin Yuan’s punishment would be his chance.
"It’s the limit again, damn it." Lin Yuan’s heart andao
Sixty meters away
At this time, the forest edge clearly felt the muscle ache again, which was stronger than yesterday, and the pain instantly hit the forest edge.
Lin Yuan won’t be so reckless this time. If he hadn’t insisted on going to 50 meters yesterday, he wouldn’t have suffered such danger. Lin Yuan wouldn’t admit that he always relied on deep blue Se Yuan to protect himself.
After all, it is true and reliable to have your own mastery. All external factors are only auxiliary, and everything depends on yourself.
Be careful to take another small step at the edge of the forest.
"Touch" and "Knock" The two forest edges were violently hit by the innate truth and fell to the ground. One leg fell to the ground directly.
Although Lin Yuan had long expected that he could not bear the congenital truth 60 meters away, and 60 meters was his limit, he still took a step in his heart.
This 60-meter-away congenital true element is several times more violent than the 60-meter-away congenital true element, and the skin is instantly torn by true element, but only for a while, the body surface of the forest edge is repaired again.
In this way, the forest edge is constantly torn by Gangfeng in situ, and the skin is constantly being repaired. This torture can be seen as painful.
Lin yuan also knows that every ten meters is a hurdle, and the innate truth is much stronger than the previous truth.
Slowly, the forest edge gradually got up, although at this time, the forest edge body has already been covered with a thick layer of blood scab, which looks a little scary.
Slowly, the hands support the body, and the body is more vibrant because of the deep blue Se. The body quickly repairs his body and makes the forest edge not too difficult.
Step out of the forest edge slowly. This time, it’s not as rash as it is. Step forward slowly.
"Dong" a forest edge finally stepped out of the step 60 meters away.
"PSST" a painful dull sounded in the mouth of the forest edge.
This step was too difficult, and almost all the strength of the forest edge entered the congenital hole, which did not make Zhenyuan protect his body at this time.
Although the forest edge has been ready for a long time, this congenital hole is still terrible than the forest edge expected, and the body of the forest edge instantly breaks again.
Congenital true yuan violent impact makes the forest edge body rickety, and the body blood overflows again. The thick blood scab has also been stained with blood again.
Lin yuan’s eyes are firm, and his legs and muscles are no longer afraid of the congenital impact, so he insists on it.
At this time, this place is already the limit that I can reach. The forest edge knows that I can’t go any further, otherwise this time my body may be shattered by the violent innate truth.
Lin Yuan is not to be underestimated. This congenital hole can be seen from this distance of only 60 meters, not to mention that Lin Yuan did not even advance to this congenital hole at this time.
Lin yuan is going to use this congenital hole to exercise his physique on the one hand, and to concise the truth and break through the innate realm on the other.
The root is not going to borrow the real yuan, and even if the forest edge borrows its own real yuan, it will not help to make up the congenital hole. If you want to hone yourself, if you want to benefit yourself, I will have no honing effect.
Before Lin Yuan came to the congenital cave, I didn’t know that Lin Yuan’s physique had reached the early stage of half step congenital.
When I came to the congenital cave, it happened to be a coincidence that Lin Yuan broke through the physical realm and reached another stage, which was roughly equivalent to Lin Yuan’s self-cultivation.
"Hold on, I must hold on." Then Lin Yuan thought a lot.
"I want to find my parents!"
"Stand back and you will always be a waste! !”
The feeling of being oppressed by momentum in the conference hall
Lin Yuan is deeply aware that since God has given himself such an opportunity, he must grasp it.
"ah! I don’t want to be a strong man. This is the king. "In an instant, Lin Yuan’s eyes exude a kind of enlightenment, a firm body instantly stretches and looks straight ahead at the violent congenital truth."
After such a long time and inhuman torture, the forest edge has become accustomed to it and will only grow if it is constantly honed.

But the spirit-offering adults are also very gentle, and even children who are naughty climb on it are not annoyed.

When Feng was a child, he used to come here to make trouble with Lord Ji Ling. When he grew up, he loved to come here, leaning against this strange big stone and looking up at the stars, determined to get out of the wild heart.
He once heard some stories from the old people in the clan that Shi Cun once came out of the wild, and some people may have established a country outside, but I don’t know if it is true or not.
There is also a story that once their Shi Cun was very powerful, but now it has declined, and the origin of the sacrifice spirit adult is also very extraordinary
Teenagers are the best age, and there are many dreams for the future.
He looked up at the stars and thought about the future, but suddenly he found that the whole sky was dark and the stars disappeared and he could no longer see them.
"How cloudy it is … I didn’t feel it’s going to rain today during the day …"
The young man wondered, while the big stone behind him trembled slightly. Blessed Shi Cun, his breath converged and he seemed afraid of something.
It was not the stars and the moon that showed up at dawn, but the harsh flash.
Make the breath of heaven and earth tremble and spread. How powerful the beast theory is in the wild? Everyone shivers and kneels at this time.
After that, thunder and lightning, heavy rain, majestic storms and violent storms reached the extreme, and the mountains were all collapsed by lightning. Many mountain torrents were like the sea, and fierce beasts ran like the tide. The scene was horrible.
Everyone in Shichun village was awakened with a start. The most surprising thing was the young Afeng, who witnessed the change of the sky with his own eyes. "Is this a god arrival?" ?”
Shicun people are nervous, and so are his tribes in the mountains. All creatures in the wilderness feel the smell at this time, and they can’t imagine what it is in the thunder sea.
Too far away, many people can feel depressed and shivering, but they can’t see what happened in the distant thunder sea.
A Feng bathed in the rainstorm, and his eyes were bright and bright, and there was light against the thunder.
What did he see! ?
A towering willow tree appeared in the clouds, bathed in thunder sea, surrounded by mountains, and thousands of willows flashed into a blazing chain, which pierced the whole sky like something fighting.
This is waiting for powerful creatures to be so strong that they can’t imagine!
Is this Du Jie? Is there such a strong man in this day?
In the nine days of darkness, Lu Chen stood in the sea of clouds to protect Liu Shen.
Liu Shen wants to go against the law, shed his old body and give birth to a new species. In a sense, this is also a new life, which is Liu Shen’s unique method
This method was won by heaven and earth not because she was going to die, but because she was going to die.
The rules of the avenue in different periods of the universe are different, and there will be no more apocalypse in the new life. Because the avenue has restricted the great-level combat power, it will no longer drop the apocalypse to do that work
There are times when the heaven is wider than the complete road and will not interfere with the monk’s way and the law, just as Shi Hao’s rebellious new life in the era of emperor’s fall will not lead to doom.
But in this era, even Shi Hao lived out the ninth achievement of the world of mortals and immortals after the return of the emperor’s era, and became a real immortal. The strong man also suffered a natural disaster, and it was only after a fierce battle that he became successful.
Liu Shen is very strong and has an amazing fighting power, but it is still not hurt. It is really dangerous to go and her new embryo will be erased.
Lu Chen took a step forward and got Liu Shenyin’s voice, "Taoist friends need to make moves, which is also my way."
Liu Chen nodded his head and drew the half-inch regicide back.
I think it’s also how Liu Shen died. If she falls, there will be no perfect world story.
This is a process of experience. How can we go to the high road without going through the storm?
He felt that if Liu Shen was seriously injured, most of them would take him to find a chance, and he would be silent for quite a long time.
Although the boundary area is small, there are many secrets and opportunities hidden, even for Lu Chen today, there are still places to ponder.
Liu Shen obviously knows more about all kinds of situations and many things here than he does. Just reading novels can’t tell what the description is vague because of the place.
Of course, even without Liu Shen Lu Chen, it is not difficult to find something here now. It is too high-profile to change the history, and he is afraid that it will be lost by the milk baby
Liu Shen counterattacked the willows in the sky like a chain of order gods, fighting in the thunder sea according to the law.
At the end of the day, the strongest blow, thunder and lightning, was as strong as Liu Chen’s, and he felt a sense of death. Liu Shen was completely broken and blackened and fell from the sky.
A weak god said, "I will miss my appointment when I sleep for a while."
Lu Chen and Liu Shen descended together and saw the small village in the valley after falling for nine days.
Liu Shenxin felt something and found that the strange stone side had a strong body, but her metamorphosis nutrients fell away.
The strange stone in Shi Cun was frightened not by the willow tree that came down, but by the man in black who landed with the willow tree.
It’s just that it can’t stop shivering after peeking at the stone. Where the hell did it come out, ghost fairy? It’s so scary!
Before Shichun people could react, they saw that the big stone was incredibly humanized and ran out of Shi Cun with two legs.
Liu Shen’s body gradually shrinks, and the charred stump shrinks until half a person falls high and takes root in the original position of the strange stone, and at the same time it disappears and the downpour recedes.
"The spirit of adult ran away! ?”
The villagers exclaimed in fear.
You know, the mountain life depends on offering sacrifices to the spirit. If the spirit’s adults are in town, I wonder how many wild animals will attack here. They can’t live at all.
What scares the villagers even more is that when the last glimmer of light illuminates, they see the man beside the willow tree, who is dressed in black and has a black knife, and no one has found it in the original shadow.
When his face was revealed, the villagers immediately fainted, and a group of young A Feng were also frightened and trembling.

Chapter seven hundred and twenty Re-entry into the snow area Beidou Fengyun

"Does this mean that Chinese medicine? Become a fine shouwu? "
Ye Fu looked at the pearl king. "Xiao Lu, this is very precious. Keep it for yourself."
Liu Chen shook his head and smiled. "I still have a lot of young people in this thing, and I don’t need Ye Bobo to pay for it later."
The second half of the sentence is naturally a joke. Ye Fu Ye Mu can also hear it, but seeing Lu Chen say so, he will no longer refuse young people’s kindness.
Although they say it’s nothing to die of old age, they know that their son is still alive, and of course they want to live for a few more years and wait for him to come back and see you again
Lu Chen Zhou’s robe encouraged the soft sun to pour out his holy power. He pointed out that the big drug king wrapped the package in a circular field around the big drug king.
He looked like he was dyed with a layer of red gold light, and it was like the fairy king in the dust, which amazed the two old people.
Lu Chen waved and pulled the curtains, and at the same time blocked the whole room so that the breath would not leak out.
He is not afraid of what practitioners will find himself in Blue Star, but he doesn’t want to get into trouble for the two old people, so it is better to keep a low profile.
The arc of Shengyang is wrapped around the great drug king, and the high temperature will melt into a dark crystal clear liquid medicine.
"Ye Bobo, you lie flat on the sofa first."
Lu Chen pulled out a smaller part of the liquid medicine and said
Ye Fu also cooperated with the sofa and laughed. "It feels quite novel."
Because there is Lu Chen in the house, even if the old house is not adjusted in winter, there is no heating, and it is as warm as spring. He is manipulated by the holy power of the sun to pump the syrup of Yaowang into the sea of Yefu Wheel.
Ye Fu is not a yogi. Ye Fan’s biological father gave birth to the ancient Eucharist, but he is an ordinary person. There is no movement in the sea. Through the knowledge of God, Lu Chen can count more than 70 layers of life, representing the age of the elderly.
He woke up from the round of the sea. "Ye Bobo may be a little hot. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable. I’ll slow down."
Ye Fu’s forehead was sweating, but he laughed. "It’s like a small land to do hot compress with a sauna."
Lu Chen nodded softly, and the sun’s holy power walked around Ye Fu’s body, pulling the medicine to walk, restoring the diseased organs and rejuvenating the decaying organs.
Modern medicine can easily solve some diseases, and not only that, but Yuzryha’s father has lost 50 years of life.
Because Ye Fu is mortal, Liu Chencao was careful, and it took more than half an hour to finish this conditioning.
Ye Fu’s body discharged a lot of dirt, and his intuition was refreshing after sitting up. It was like returning to the prime of life and marveling at the magic means of the immortals.
"Old man! You … Your face "
Leaf mother surprised to see her husband pointing at each other’s face.
Ye Fu touched his face and there was some dirt. "Isn’t it just a little dirty?"
"No, see for yourself."
Ye Mu stepped aside and found a mirror to take a picture of Ye Fu. "He is much younger than Fan Fan before he left."
Ye Fu saw his face in the mirror is zheng, indeed as expected just that kind of comfortable feeling is not an illusion that he really became younger.
In the mirror, I look like I’m in my early forties, a middle-aged man, and my face is rosy and my eyes are no longer turbid.
If you feel it carefully, you will find that his eyesight is much better and he is no longer presbyopia.
"It’s a magical medicine. It turns out that what our ancestors said is true."
Ye Fu sighed with emotion, "It’s really thanks to Xiao Lu for being such a wonderful medicine for us two mortals."
"Ye Bobo which words I remember this drug or dig it together with Ye Brothers, so I have his share."


"Because I am more afraid of … your army and government agencies than the rebel parliament."
"What are they afraid of?" This is ridiculous! The consul opened his mouth. "Am I dictatorial?"
"No, if you choose dictatorship, you may win the support of quite a few people … but I don’t think you have enough political resources to do it," the interviewer said. "They are more afraid that you will take the whole Federation to the end."
The consul felt speechless. "You mean the parliament wants to surrender?"
"No," the interviewer said, "the ideologists want to surrender."
"They make up the majority of the parliament?"
"the vast majority"
"So when the war case was launched … they didn’t say anything?"
"It’s great that you suddenly led the government to deal with the emergency. I still remember that you made a declaration of war speech at that time. Our dignity was great. Before listening to this speech, I opposed the war, but after that, I agreed. There is one more thing that you … may be a little accepting. For most ideologists, this war is … normal."
"They have been in the virtual world for too long," the interviewer said. "In the second world alone, the Sun War has been carried out eight times … but in the first world, this time, everyone is really watching."
"But it’s not lively now!" The consul gnashed his teeth and said, "The Long Star fell today. Do you know what this means?"
"I know that I have been a general several times in the Second World, which means that the rebels will soon have the ability to deliver the entire solar force and the war will escalate."
"But at this stall, you told me they didn’t want to play?" The consul shook his head and said, "But it’s not up to them now. The whole Federation has entered a state of war. I’m the supreme commander! You have been admitted. Now tell me how to get more people to support me. We can’t afford to lose this war. "
267 pleasant language
Before the first three executions, the search and rescue team made Wu Xiaoqing quite fully prepared.
Self-defense weapons must be used to trade currency or aid materials.
The most preparation is naturally the last time I went to Ascension, and his mobile phone-controlled "spaceship" alone exceeded the sum of the previous two preparations 2.
At the beginning of the first month, the team has already prepared for this time.
Yevgeny and Shen Changwen’s language team are now ready. Qinglan consulted the San Francisco village and rented a doomsday club-an abandoned silo to transform a holiday apartment. It is said that it can resist nuclear bombs. Of course, renting this club is not because of any terrible attack on the earth, but only because this place is suitable for confidentiality.
Unlike before, a large number of project materials were kept secret by the search and rescue team, and he could be responsible for it by himself. But this time, due to the particularity-the search and rescue team can follow up one of the three lines temporarily, which is yevgeny’s binary language, and they are separated from each other in the whole process-it is impossible to go back to Earth if you want, as in previous times.
If you don’t listen to them, it may be doubtful whether you can save your life after they appear-although the search and rescue team has speculated that the probability of them being killed as hostile points is less than 2%
2% doesn’t sound big, but it’s not 0 after all.
Yevgeny and Shen Changwen practice these two strange languages in the company dormitory every day and put some common languages on their mobile phones as needed-if they can’t say them because they are too nervous, they can play them on their mobile phones to release their goodwill.
These prepared statements are of course imaginable-"We come with peace sincerity", "We mean no harm", "Please take us to see your consul" and "We can help you in this war" …
Compared with the ordinary language of the earth, this kind of language is very difficult. The least difficulty is that this language has obvious tone changes-Chinese also has four tones, but this strange alien language has nine tone changes, which makes this language feel like singing once it is spoken.
In Shen Changwen’s words, learning a word from them feels like learning a song.
Sentences with different meanings feel like a hodgepodge of different songs-and at the same time, this language seems to require that the tone of the sentence should have a certain auditory effect as a whole and change slightly.
After practicing for just two days, yevgeny asserted that the opera and music born out of this article must far exceed the earth-their requirements for sound sensitivity and coordination are too high, and almost every long dialogue can be regarded as being arranged by professional composers.
Shen Changwen and yevgeny have to teach Xu Yan and Wang Youyu after they have learned it themselves. At the same time, the two professors also give "political counseling" to two people.
These two people have always wanted to be independent, and now their opportunity has come-if Shen Changwen and yevgeny have an accident and can’t perform their duties normally, they need to be the two top 2.
It’s impossible to expect these two people to understand. Wang You followed yevgeny and the search and rescue team. They don’t need to worry-the search and rescue team will mainly be responsible for their guidance. Wu Xiaoqing’s glasses will also be lent to them for the time being. It’s a bit serious for Xu Yan and Shen Changwen to stay in this group. Now Xu Yan receives special counseling from the search and rescue team every day to determine with him the coping methods of various accidents and dangers encountered in the whole process.
"You are likely to be regarded as prisoners or spies from C, and all the equipment in your body is likely to be recognized as the creation of C due to different principles. You must know in detail the operating principle of all the production bases. What is the mobile phone medium? If it is proved that the mobile phone will not be made in C? ….. Remember that this semiconductor element B has not been widely used. This is the unique technology of the earth-this is also the most favorable evidence for you to prove your identity … His manufacturing principle is not complicated … "
"Most of the weapons in B are magnetic-driven quality weapons. These weapons look like guns on the earth, but the energy density is not the same thing-don’t expect bunkers or speed up to avoid hiding. It’s also uncomfortable to raise your hand when you are aimed-many of their weapons are automatic. Remember to stop all movements immediately when you hear such a sound or these words warn you … don’t make any moves when you see them … Raising your hand and surrendering is not suitable for the earth to surrender …"
"If you need food, remember to show them those pictures in your mobile phone-they can’t eat a lot of food, they can digest protein normally, which is a deadly poison for you … You can’t give them draft or drink pure distilled water-they like to add some’ additives’ to the water to adjust the flavor, which is a great risk to human beings …"
"Don’t rush to their cars and boats, especially spaceships-you’ve also taken a flying sword before to tell you that the acceleration of B spacecraft is more horrible than flying sword, and the acceleration of gravity exceeds more than 30 g! B All soldiers’ physique is specially modified and optimized … If you go to the spaceship to start for 1 millisecond, you will become a meat pie! "
"They also make the brain directly connected devices play games-but it is also not suitable for you unless you want to perform watermelon bursting-if you must be able to specialize in it, you will send the corresponding devices."
Everyone has become busy, and Wu Xiaoqing, the busiest in the whole team, is now free.
Wu Xiaoqing, one of the five people in the team, doesn’t need to do preparatory work-because Wu Xiaoqing needs to face A, which is quite a higher-level text with the search and rescue team.
The search and rescue team has been destroyed, but the search and rescue team is only the last ember of this article, but Wu Xiaoqing needs to face A this time, but he is still safe and sound.
Every time before, the timetable was decided by the search and rescue team-to ensure that they would not leave the exhibition until the preparatory work was completed, but this time it was largely controlled by this article A.
The search and rescue team can directly reach the star where B Wen is located by sending technology, but only relying on earth technology, they can’t ensure that they will not be killed by one of the two sides of the war as an enemy for a moment. The best way to intervene in this war is to give A Wen an opportunity-this opportunity is best to let Wu Xiaoqing come out when he is in contact with A Wen.
It can be said that the whole success or failure depends on the contact results between Wu Xiaoqing and A Wen first.
"The way for A to connect with you is the same as that for us and those saved literary and art circles … For higher literature, cross-dimensional delivery technology is just a basic means of transportation."
"Since they can find me through my signal, they must know that you know all our decisions … so you don’t need to do anything now, and you need to prepare deliberately. The other party will definitely get in touch with you in some way … Remember not to panic about your mission. This is the most important thing."-The only explanation given by the search and rescue team to Wu Xiaoqing is this. Apart from this, they have almost no connection recently.
Wu Xiaoqing, as usual, still came to the company office early to have a look at it. Because of the need, the entertainment was almost pushed in the last month, or the search and rescue team did it for him.
In the afternoon, Wu Xiaoqing usually has free activities. Sometimes he goes out to look for libraries and museums, which is to increase his knowledge and relax his mood. Sometimes he goes to the square or the gym to run by himself. Before he was in a daze, Wu Xiaoqing looked very busy all day, but his head was wandering around, but now he has finished his work, but his head is finally uncontrolled to think about all kinds of problems.
This kind of thinking is unconscious. Sometimes when he thinks of a specific question, he will suddenly want to know the answer to a certain question just like he is suddenly fascinated. He will go and try to get more answers by himself. He will try to introduce Shen Changwen to many university professors and get answers directly from them.
On the ninth and tenth day of the ninth lunar month …
Wu Xiaoqing’s life is as calm as water. He has been expecting the other party to connect with himself, but the mysterious A text never appeared.
Valentine’s Day Lantern Festival …
Shen Changwen has practiced their language a little bit. Now Wu Xiaoqing can hear four people singing chorus every day when she goes back to the dormitory.
Wu Xiaoqing didn’t study this language specially, but she didn’t know much about it, but she could tell from the musical degree of their songs that they were more proficient than before.

In this way, Xiao Wen didn’t actually make any sacrifice. Duan Yan needs to rest and sleep for four hours a day to raise J and jīng God, but Xiao Wen doesn’t need him to finish mining and practice at this time.

Two months passed quickly, perhaps because Xiao Wen and Duan Yan cherish this happy time too much, but they are both mature men and women after all, and their eyes will be uncontrollable after getting along for a long time.
It is inevitable to get married under such circumstances.
But because Xiao Wen and Duan Yan Dou’s parents are dead and Duan Yan’s eldest brother has to call Xiao Wen’s eldest brother, this marriage is really not easy to preside over.
In addition, Xiao asked that Duan Yan, a yogi, was more concerned with people than form, so he chose a simple ecliptic, and Ri did not find any elders to marry him, nor did he arrange banquets and ceremonies. The two directly worshipped the memorial tablets of the two parents.
The ceremony is super simple but significant.
Xiao Wen and Duan Yan became real husband and wife from the moment they finished.
The yellow light in the wedding room makes Xiao Wen Duan Yan hug each other in the room, and Duan Yan sticks her head on Xiao Wen’s shoulder. She is so happy that she is beyond words.
After all, it’s a big rejoicing. Ri has always been plain and Yan Duan, but wearing makeup makes her look more delicate and charming.
After feeling, the two embraced, kissed lightly, then kissed deeply, and then kissed wildly, and finally rolled into bed …
After months of brewing, the last step was finally reached, and the words had become tense and excited.
Soon the room was full of incense and red spots …
Then the charming temperature rises and there is a low moan …
Chapter four hundred and twenty-six Husband and wife
A couple who have tasted love for the first time will be as good as honey and oil, and Duan Yan and Xiao ask whether their relationship has gone through a long journey of six or seven years. For them, it is even harder to combine at this time, so the meaning of combination will be sublimated to a higher level.
In the first few days, they were inseparable, but both Xiao Wen and Duan Yan Dou were a little rusty on the couple’s life. Duan Yan was thin-skinned and shy most of the time, even though both of them wanted to stay indoors during the day, they were embarrassed.
It wasn’t until a month later that they were released and adapted to their present identity and life. They no longer had to hug and kiss carefully, and they no longer worried that someone would suddenly knock on the door. It turned out that it was because they were so happy that they felt a little unreal. Subconsciously, they always thought that there should be some small trouble to disturb them … The first round of Mine Fairy 426.
After a month’s running-in, both of them have grown up, and then they groped for it in their husband and wife’s life. You know, the first two people can still stay in bed until it’s late, and Xiao Wen is in Duan Yan’s stage …
In this kind of thing, Xiao Wen is more active after all, and Duan Yan loves Xiao Wen too much, and she is a little tired of it, so she lets Xiao Wen fiddle with it.
Sure enough, the two soon discovered new fun, and a new and wonderful world appeared before them …
At this time, Xiao asked the super physique to play a great role. Duan Yan was tossed by him for mercy every time.
After more than a month, both of them felt that it was inconvenient to live with Duan Changchang and Duan Changxing again, so the family got together to discuss Xiao Wen and Duan Yan and moved out.
The two of them bought a small courtyard on a hill in Fengjing, where no one bothered them anymore. After a long separation, they would go back to the old courtyard and often reunite with them once.
This afternoon, Xiao asked out, bought food, and then cooked at home with Duan Yan.
Duan Yan is a good cook. Xiao Wen can also cook. It’s also fun for the young couple to be busy together.
Duan Yanzheng accidentally dropped a tree while picking vegetables. After all, it was in his own kitchen and Xiao Wen asked Duan Yandong not to squat down first and then pick it up like a lady, but to bend over directly.
Duan Yangen didn’t intend to go out today. It was a loose, soft home dress. It was light blue. Se had some patterns embroidered at the skirt. It was comfortable and good. As soon as she bent down, it didn’t matter. The soft cloth immediately stuck to her body, and the lines at her waist and buttocks were well outlined. It was just asked by Xiao that the big Se wolf had arrived …
Why don’t they just move to a new place and be more free?
Xiao asked a Se Xin Da immediately threw his things on the chopping board and washed his hands in a hurry in the next basin.
At this time, Duan Yan had straightened up and came to Xiao Wen to wash her hands and wondered, "What’s the matter?"
Xiao Wen didn’t have Duan Yan’s face, but Duan Yanting’s ass swallowed water. To tell the truth, even if it is straight, the loose green Se dress will still outline a quite radian in Xiao Wen’s temple.
Once again, Xiao asked her face. Se Duan Yan didn’t know what was going on. Immediately, when her face warmed up, she felt a sense of force. According to the experience of moving here for more than a month, whenever Xiao asked her to show such eyes, the two of them were bound to do something, and she was bound to be tortured by yu Xian …
"Turn around" Xiao asked to Duan Yandao like a hypnotist.
Duan Yan frowned and asked, "What for?"
"There’s a blade of grass behind your clothes. I’ll take it off for you." Xiao asked a serious question.
"This has nothing to cheat you? Hurry up, "they have been married for more than two months, and the effect has long been very natural and casual.
Duan Yan turned around half-heartedly, and as a result, Xiao Wen, who was first-class and second-class, made no movement. When she turned her head, Xiao Wen was staring at her hips fiercely.
"Is there? !” Duan Yan airway actually guessed her fate by this time.
Xiao Wen smiled shamelessly. It was a big step. He hugged Duan Yan tightly from behind. The two bodies almost fit together. Xiao Wen didn’t wipe his hands after washing his hands. It was water stains, but he didn’t care so much about Duan Yan’s body and buckled it in front of her …
"Well …"
Duan Yan groaned, feeling the hot body behind her and the double stimulation of her cool wet hands on her chest, almost all of them were unstable.
At this time, Xiao Wen has been dishonest. He leaned his head from Duan Yan’s left shoulder and kissed Duan Yan’s cheek …
When both sides feel more and more, Xiao asked directly to Duan Yan and strode to the bedroom.
Before the meeting, Duan Yan’s voice came in the room.

The five quasi-immortal emperors struck a blow to destroy the small world, and they were born and destroyed. It is truly a creation god’s general means.

At this time, those who are not in Xiandao can feel that there is a matchup between the powerful and the powerful outside the territory, and occasionally it is scary to leak a little coercion.
"What is people play again? Even the fairy king giants are so powerful? "
There is a powerful person who regrets that he can’t see the battle in the distance and who is not fighting, but he has seen the creation and destruction of the world, and the power is simply unheard of.
"Murphy, true king condition also the emperor condition this is the fairy emperor! ?”
Some young people exclaimed that he was both excited and trembling about the strong statement.
There are strong people who have killed a large number of creatures against Xianyu. They are lucky to be alive.
After this battle, Fairyland did not say that all fairy kings had fallen, but it was almost the same, and a large number of creatures were wiped out at the same time.
A few people of Emperor Cang killed almost 70% of the creatures, which weakened Xianyu. I’m afraid it will take an era or two to recover.
"Grandpa, we will all die? Is the fairy land gone? "
A little girl holding grandpa’s thigh was afraid and asked.
Grandpa, the little girl, is a revered and religious leader. He is lucky to be alive, but he is also frightened at this time, because he feels that the strong man who protects Xianyu seems to be exhausted.
So will welcoming the fairy land be the ultimate destruction?
He sighed and touched his granddaughter’s head. "This is destined to be the most chaotic in history. It is an era in which the three realms collapse and the history of the kings will be broken. What the later generations see and hear is not necessarily true …"
He picked up his granddaughter and looked up at the star, where unimaginable forces collided with the small world, and the Xinghai was broken and revealed the means of the incomparable figures.
Pagoda Lu Chen grieved because the body of the old man in cloth was pierced by Yu Di war spear, and he was healed by blood hole method.
The old man in cloth kept coughing up blood, but his figure was still tall and straight. His black hair turned white and his face wrinkled, and he returned to the way he looked when they first met.
This means that the life of the old man in cloth is really coming to an end and he can’t maintain his peak state.
His qi and blood fell, his strength declined, and the dark milky way, like the swaying Mars, came to an end.
"It’s bitter again, and you wouldn’t be like this if you didn’t divide the pagoda of Power Town."
Destroy the old population
Liu Chen leng he didn’t know that he had always been the only thing is that the pagoda quasi-emperor soldiers are very strong, but that the old man in cloth has the power to protect himself, otherwise even the pagoda itself will be shattered in such a violent collision.
"It’s normal for elders to protect the younger generation, the strong and the weak. I’m just human."
The old man in cloth wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and continued to kill.
They quickly fought in the poor sea and the fairy land, and finally the old man in cloth rushed to a position in the celestial galaxy.
His four dark quasi-immortals wondered, but they didn’t recognize what help the old man in cloth could find by this time.
If someone could fight side by side, they would have appeared so early instead of letting the old man in cloth fight alone until this time.
"Daoyou, it’s not too late to turn back at this time. I can help you put out the burning fire."
The extinct old population still persuaded him to know that the old man in cloth burned the source of Emperor Daoyuan, and even if they did not surround him, he would not live long.
"If I look back, it will be that the torch has gone out in the dark. I would rather make my brightest future generations a street lamp!"
The old man in cloth gradually grew louder and roared and forced the feather emperor and Cang emperor to rush to an ancient star.
The characters such as the extinct old man are slightly deducing a change of complexion "Stop him!"
He suddenly knew what place it was, but it was a natural place. This place should be gone. How could there be a place in Fairyland! ?
If the old man in cloth can pass through this place, there will really be variables. If the other person swims across the ages and enters from here, it will really change history to a certain extent, and maybe it will erase some of their achievements!
"The elder is here, my blood is going in!"
Lu Chen shouted and gave a lot of Jingxue at the same time, which was when he went to the place when chatting and communicating with the old man in cloth, mainly to answer his doubts.

Now his mental strength has reached the five-fold state of Dan Dao. If he meets Yan Daoshan again at this time, the practitioners need to sacrifice the spiritual sword in their minds directly, and then they can kill the expert who has practiced Gang Qi, even if he has a magic weapon to protect himself!

The first floor of Wan Jiange has inspired his spiritual sword, and the ninth floor …
Thinking of this, his eyes have looked into the ninth floor entrance …
The third volume The stars gather together bucket 53 summoned back
At this moment, the return of a sword Sect is as lively as a festival. All the younger brothers don’t get together to discuss this Wan Jiange which has never been recorded in thousands of years!
While that girl in red who came with Guqing immediately became the object of pursuit of all the younger brother, scattered practitioners and tourists who belong to the sword. Hundreds of people around her kept saying nice things, such as pills, lingshi and magic weapons, and bribed her to find out all the news about Guqing!
These news are of great origin, and the Ministry of Clothing is unwilling to let go of what to wear today. They will never let it go until they have dug up all the origins of Guqing!
The girl in red is also a girl’s mind. She has been sought after by so many people and received countless benefits, which greatly satisfied her vanity. It seems that she has forgotten her identity and kept making up everything about Guqing!
However, she has known Gu Qing for only a few days. She is an enemy more than a friend. She knows Gu Qing very little. It may be far less than a well-informed brother of Xuanyang Tianzong. The credibility is pitifully low!
If we face such a chaotic scene, the elders of Dandao will definitely come out to maintain order, but now even these elders are eager to know everything about Guqing and all kinds of information, and it is natural to talk about his deeds to maintain order
This can be seen from the reaction of those high-level officials who belong to the sword Sect.
At the moment, several Shinto deities and Dandao elders in front of Tianjingtai have returned to absolute being, but their eyes are still on Tianjingtai, offering that artifact, Tianjing, and paying close attention to all the movements of Guqing inside.
When they saw Gu Qing looking at the ninth floor door, all the hearts rose at the same time.
"What does he want to do? Does he want to break into the ninth floor! ?”
"It looks like …"
"The ninth floor … since the establishment of Wan Jiange, there have been three people who have ever made it. One of them is that we belong to the ancestor of Jianzong Mountain, and the other one is the elder of Jianzong from the vast outside … The last person is the Mo Wen who killed the devil’s patriarch that day … this ancient green …"
Tiefeng saw that Guqing really seemed to have a tendency to enter the ninth floor and hurriedly said, "Brother Zhang, I think we’d better call him here! Although he broke through the first floor and cultivated a spiritual sword, you and I both know that the difficulty of the first floor is extremely huge for mental consumption … If this ancient green potential is well cultivated, it will definitely be a peerless tianjiao figure who is not inferior to our mountain ancestors in the future … But now … don’t let him light into the ninth floor and be hit and broken! "
The ninth floor of Wanjiange is definitely out of his control!
One thousand Guqing Wan Jiange encountered any danger, and even he was not sure that he could enter it and save Guqing.
Thinking of this, Wan Jiantao nodded. "The ninth floor is very important, but it is the last step of the sword stage. Even after I entered the ninth floor for the first time, I barely persisted for less than half an hour and was forced to retreat … This ancient youth is really not suitable for entering the ninth floor for adventure now!"
As soon as the words are finished, he has directly condensed the sound and directly went to the first floor of Wanjiange, which is thousands of miles away from here!
Gu Qing has just digested all kinds of memories from the soul brand at the moment and intends to follow this strange feeling and enter the ninth floor again to see if there can be another breakthrough in kendo, but suddenly there comes a calm and huge sound!
"Gu Qing, I belong to a sword Sect. I just showed you in the first floor of Wan Jiange. We have witnessed that your accomplishments in kendo have reached the peak. I wonder if you can come here and wait for us to meet! ?”
"To a sword of palm to teach honour! ?”
Guqing Zheng slightly immediately leitian his trip to return to the sword clan to rush to Wan Jiange, so it’s just to see the sword clan patriarch and complete the explanation of Xuanjianfeng before his death.
The memory in this distracted original soul brand may wake up at any time, and the signs fade away at once. In a short time, it has disappeared as if it had never appeared. He will look for it carefully and finally find that feeling again!
After this, entering the ninth floor may not be able to wake up any new memories, and may even put himself in danger, so he simply replied "pleasure!" "
"You go out of Wanjiange!"
Guqing nodded directly to Wan Jiange outside.
Out of Wan Jiange, he hasn’t come yet. Looking down in all directions, he sees a sword Sect, only to find that an energy wave suddenly spreads from the end of the sky and shines with great brilliance, like a rainbow extending from the sky, and the rainbow has built two colorful bridges hanging from the mountains. The ancient green outside Wan Jiange paved a spacious road!
"You go!"
Although Gu Qing was only able to rebuild Dan Dao three times, he also knew that this must be the Shinto-level palm-teaching statue who personally operated Zhenyuan to attract himself!
The status of Gui Yi Jian Zong Zhang Jiao Zun is distinguished. Looking at Middle-earth, it is even the whole world of cultivating immortals. Except for the older generation Shinto masters such as Meteor Thousand Boundaries, there is no other status and potential energy to cover him. Such a person personally runs Zhenyuan to take him to Gui Yi Jian Zong’s department. This kind of treatment has never been seen before!
When Gu Qing did not hesitate to step on this Hongqiao!
Seeing that Guqing stepped out of Hongqiao on the first floor and left to watch a sword near Wanjiange, the tourists cheered loudly. Today, Guqing Wanjiange created such a shining miracle and cheered.
Although he is only an ancient scholar now, he can be regarded as an ordinary master in the whole world of cultivating immortals after Dan Daosan’s reconstruction. However, since the Battle of Wan Jiange today, his name will spread all over Middle-earth very quickly, and all practitioners, especially kendo practitioners, will deeply realize that a new Ran Ran star in the world of cultivating immortals has risen rapidly!

Lu Chen saluted with fuels.

"You need to be polite. I’ll sit down and wait for someone after all. Leave this picture for my little friend."
The old monk cough two slow way
"The elder knew I was coming here?"
Lu Chen has some accidents.
The old man shook his head. "I know someone is coming. I don’t know if you know a little about divination. Before you die, you saw some secrets that the newcomers will change the status quo of the last law era."
Lu Chen saw that the sternum of the old Taoist priest became transparent and there was a light flashing. Was it a hot fire or a light?
The other party is going to sit down, today and now.
"Elder, I also want to ask about immortal things."
Lu Chen hurriedly asked that this is the oldest figure in the East. The other party must know something.
In the middle of the road, the old man looked blankly at Lu Chen. "What are you looking for in that place?"
"The younger generation is curious about ancient deeds."
Liu Chen sincere way
"The place is unknown, little friend. Don’t go to the ancient road of stepping on the stars. It’s a chance limit."
The old man thinks that Lu Chen has heard too many myths.
"Please, it’s really important for the younger generation to become immortal."
Lu Chen pleaded that now that he has a map, he can naturally spend a few years returning to Beidou.
However, since he came into this world, many variables have been created, and he still wants to wait for Blue Star and Ye Fan to return. Otherwise, he has a hunch that Ye Fan’s parents will surely die in an unexpected way.
And it is more difficult to find the most central area of immortality than to practice blessed land, dragon marrow and other resources
The great drug king doesn’t talk about it everywhere, but it’s also random.
The old man took a deep look at Liu Chen. "It’s just that maybe this is a variable."
As he spoke, another scroll flew out from the place where he was about to burn the wheel sea. "I can find clues to this picture along the Yellow River."
Road flyover said eye closure calm way
At this time, the famous Taoist Zhang rushed in and saw that the bodhi old zu was frightened and was about to pounce on the collar after being grabbed by Liu Chen.
"bodhi old zu!"
The little Taoist priest cried sadly
"Alas, it’s normal for stupid children to be born and die. I’m content to live for more than two thousand years."
The old man looked at Liu Chen. "Please take care of me before you step into the star."
Lu Chen saluted and sent this doyen "the younger generation will do their best"
The old man seems to be afraid that Lu Chen will misunderstand the little Taoist priest. "It’s good that you don’t take his blue star with you."
After Liu Chen saluted, he pulled the little Taoist priest away from fear that he would impulsively pounce on the sophisticated humanization, but he would "dye" it, even if he met it himself, it would not be good.
The little Taoist is crying in pain. He was picked up by an old man when he was a child. The closest relative in this generation is an old man. He regards each other as his own grandfather.
Mountain spring Lu Chen heard the sound coming from the cave.
"The big dream was paid to the intersection of Shanshui Avenue for two thousand years to return to nature … dare to ask heaven if there was a fairy?"
There is a long sigh at the end.
The oldest generation of masters in the East is so lonely.
Lu Chen gave the little Taoist to his brother Longhushan, remembered the kindness of the old man, and went to the Yellow River valley to explore.
The process of finding immortality is quite complicated. He often goes out for half a month and occasionally returns to his residence to chat with Ye Fu and Ye Mu, and also prevents some bad things. They left their own incarnation.
This is the new ability that he gradually realized after the apocalypse. It is the advanced inspiration of the fox demon world, which was inspired by the five gods of Daogong.
He didn’t sacrifice his gods, but he condensed the meaning of the knife through a similar method to incarnate the daily imprint form. Ye Fan’s parents kept it, and it would be difficult to hurt the two old people if it weren’t for the king.
After three months of exploration, he finally crossed that barrier and came to another world of Blue Star.
In front of me, the Kunlun Mountains are magnificent and vast, and they cross the border of me.
This is a vast wilderness with no end in sight. The Kunlun Mountains in the mortal world are a corner, this main vein is a tip, and people will feel small if they really walk in.
Facing it is like facing a vast star. Every mountain is high and scary. Clouds and fog locks are like chaotic gas, which fills the beginning of heaven and earth.
If you soar to the sky, it will be generally white. This is a sleeping dragon. There are countless huge mountains, and the spine of the dragon is lying on its back.
Only when you come to this world can you feel the vastness and vastness of Blue Star.
Months of searching finally paid off, and he found the immortal land!
The aura here is several times more abundant than the Beidou cave. As soon as I came in, Lu Chen saw a big drug king in the distance.
Lu Chen is in a good mood at this time. It feels good to see everything. The great drug king waved to himself as if to say, Come and pick me.
Lu Chen, after picking the Great Medicine King, carefully explores what this place is by no means, but casually Lang ‘an is connected with Lian’s, and those quasi-emperors who mistakenly entered kill array Jedi are trapped in Shou Yuan and dried up.