While Cai Yan was waiting anxiously, the handmaid came back as soon as the moon. Cai Yan said urgently, "What did Uncle Ding Tao say?"

Ruyue shook her head. "Without saying anything, just let the handmaiden inform the young lady to wait."
"Uncle Ding Tao this is no way out? No, I want to escape! " Cai Yan hurriedly packed up her luggage.
"Miss, what are you doing? How can you live if a weak woman escapes!" Ruyue, stop it quickly
Cai Yan hit Ruyue and grabbed her hand to pack her bags. "It’s okay. I can play music for others to listen to and then go to Jingxiang to find a bad uncle. The bad uncle will definitely place me."
"Miss who is this bad uncle? Why do you often hear you talk about him? Is it because his young lady doesn’t want to marry Wei Gong? " Ruyue asked Wen-chi at random, but she reacted very much and cried, "How is that possible? Of course not! "
Ruyue pointed to Cai Yan’s little face and smiled, "Miss, your face is so red!"
"ah? Really? " CAI wenji panic touched his cheek.
"Hee hee hee! Still don’t admit it! " Laughing like a moon
"How dare you make fun of your master!" Wen-chi immediately looked at Ruyue angrily with a straight face and suddenly grabbed Ruyue’s chest and laughed. "I told you to laugh at me! Ha ha ha! "
Ruyue did not admit defeat and scratched the itch. Two girls in the room laughed.
In the end, Cai Yan still didn’t run away successfully because there were slaves not far away to prevent Cai Yan from going out. Cai Yong really knew his daughter’s mind and knew that her daughter would come. This recruit sent slaves to guard it first
Cai Yan can’t wait for a long face. I hope Ding Tao can find a way to get him out.
The next day, Liu Bian, a little emperor who humiliated the officials, gave the throne to the nine-year-old Chen Liuwang and Liu Xie in front of the ministers and personally put the crown on Chen Liuwang’s head.
Liu Xie cried, "Brother, I really don’t want to be the emperor!"
Liu Bian mercilessly hugged his little brother and patted Liu Xie on the shoulder and said, "After the emperor’s brother is tired, this big fellow Jiangshan still needs you to hold up. I hope you can revive the big fellow and make heaven a Lang Lang Gan Kun."
It may be that Liu Bian, who had been weak and outspoken before being humbled in his heart, unexpectedly uttered some grandiloquence today.
Liu Xie wiped away tears and nodded firmly.
"I will meet the new emperor. Long live my emperor!" Dong Zhuo took the lead and said, but he didn’t kneel.
"Long live my emperor! Long live my emperor!" Ministers knelt down in succession.
Dong Zhuo looked coldly and said, "Hongnong Wang, don’t you kneel down to bully the new emperor?"
Liu Bian was so angry that his chest fluctuated rapidly, but he didn’t dare to be humiliated. He knelt down and bit his blood and tears and said, "See you, Minister Liu Bian!"
This little emperor has been abolished as Hongnong Wang Chen Liuwang ascended the throne and proclaimed himself, saying that Dong Zhuo, the emperor of Han Dynasty, was approved to enter the DPRK without worshipping the Hall of Armor, and was even more bossy when he was given the title of "Three Officials and One Qiu".
After the early morning, it was just noon. Cai Yong was very depressed. Before he left the hall a few steps, he heard someone shouting behind him, "Bo Bo, wait for me!"
Cai Yong turned his head and didn’t expect it to be Dong Zhuo’s meat mountain. His body was trembling and hurried to himself.
Without saying a word, Cai Yong continued to think about it. Dong Zhuo said urgently, "Hey, Bo Bo, wait for me!"
Sweating Dong Zhuo finally drove Cai Yong away and laughed. "Bo Bo, you won’t be so stingy. Are you still angry in the hall that day? I’m thinking of myself. You don’t want to watch my old friend being assassinated?"
"I also admit that I took off my clothes in the hall. I hope Zhongying will stop being stubborn and hurry back to your west cool or you will die miserably." Cai Yong said.
"This road can’t go back, can’t I go back to the west cool? I’m afraid I’ll die faster, but it’s hard to say whether I will die or not in Luoyang. Maybe even the emperor is me, "Dong Zhuo said."
Cai Yong know exhortation but still don’t give up "old friend, I really don’t want to look at you and be spurned for ten thousand years …"
Dong Zhuo immediately interrupted Cai Yong’s words, "Don’t say this kind of words, which is too good to affect our brothers’ feelings. Today we don’t talk about state affairs and private affairs."
"Private affairs?" Cai Yong one leng.
"Ha ha! If my niece doesn’t tell me about such a big event as getting married, do you not regard me as a friend? If Meng De didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know? " Dong Zhuo laughed
Cai Yong didn’t say anything about his daughter, but asked, "Has Meng De gone with you?"
"Of course, this Manchu civil and military officials also have this Cao Cao who knows best. If all of them are like Cao Cao, then I will be much more at ease," Dong Zhuo said and smiled. "Let me go to your house to eat my niece’s wedding banquet!"
Lu Cai Yong’s heart is full of doubts. Isn’t this Cao Mengde always boasting of loyalty? How did you become Dong Zhuo’s minion so quickly?
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Sorrow
Cai Fu was beaming with red lanterns hanging high in front of the door, which was already full of guests.
When Cai Yong came in, they just planned to congratulate him before, but their eyes swept away to the meat mountain behind them and immediately sat back in the original hall. The lively scene in the Central Plains was instantly quiet.
Dong Zhuo immediately great anger "stop! Give me a buzz! "
They dare not delay the excitement in the hall again. Just now, the excitement is not the same. At this time, everyone’s face is no longer beaming and covered with deep fear.
The banquet soon ended, and Wei Zhongdao has also carried the sedan chair to prepare to carry Cai Yan to Hedong.
Wei Zhongdao greeted everyone with a beaming face until he saw Cai Yong. He was happy to run over and "visit his uncle."
"How to call uncle!" Cai Yong laughed.
"Oh, hehe, dad!" Weizhongdao also react.
"Why is there no wine? Get the wine quickly!" It was Dong Zhuo who suddenly had a big drink in the hall.
Dong Zhuo was very depressed. He came to his friend Cai Yong to marry his daughter and wanted to be lively. I didn’t know that Dong Zhuo had made such an embarrassing scene. One person dared to get close to Dong Zhuo and didn’t even have a drink. At the end of the banquet, one dared to clean up before, because he had previously cleaned up his slaves and got beaten by Dong Zhuo.
Cai Yong immediately replied, "Zhongying is coming soon."
"Hey? Is this wearing a big red dress the groom’s official? " In the distance, Dong Zhuo saw Cai Yong’s avant-garde Zhong Dao.
"Dad? He is? " Wei Zhongdao has never seen Dong Zhuo, so he doesn’t know him.
Cai Yong Naidao "Dong Zhuo"
Wei Zhongdao was surprised "Dong Zhuo! Dad, why did you invite Dong Zhuo? He’s not here to make trouble, is he? "
"Anyway, my former good friend should come," Cai Yong said.
"hey! Let me ask you something? " Dong Zhuo can’t see the response and smash the cup with great anger.
Cai Yong took Wei Zhongdao and said, "Zhongying, don’t be angry. This is the little husband Wei Zhongdao."
Dong Zhuo asked, "Wei Zhongdao? Is it Hedong Weijia? "
"It is the general who is absolutely right." Wei Zhongdao’s face showed a flattering smile.
Dong Zhuo thoughtfully for a moment and said, "The Hedong Wei family is also worthy of my niece. If I hear my niece complain, don’t blame me for cutting your head."
Wei Zhongdao didn’t dare to put down his head and be passive. Nuo Nuo said, "Yes, I must take good care of Moon Hee."
At this time, Cai Yan is sitting in front of the bronze mirror, and Cai Yan has her own maid. In the bronze mirror, Cai Yan looks particularly sad and beautiful. The maid looks at you like a month and says, "Miss, I really want to take care of you in my arms!"
"Alas," Cai Yan sighed and didn’t speak.
"Miss sedan chair has been waiting outside to marry in the past!" Give Wen-chi dressing handmaid said
Cai Yan looked at the bronze mirror and reflected two handmaids who dressed themselves and sneered, "It’s hard for you two to watch me all night last night."
"It’s a handmaiden’s duty for a young lady to do things." The handmaid’s hand has not stopped, and Cai Yan is still dressed up.
Until the last hairpin was inserted into the hair, the maid laughed, "Well, miss, it’s beautiful, even if it’s a fairy."
Another handmaid, Cai Yan, covered with a red headscarf, directly dragged Cai Yan, who didn’t want to leave, and walked outside the house. Cai Yan walked out of the house and said, "Ruyue, I have told Dad that I will set you free, so you should find a man you like and marry quickly."
Supposedly, Ruyue should marry the servant girl with Cai Yan and marry Wei Zhongdao. Which servant girl won’t want to marry the Wei family? But Ruyue just doesn’t want to follow Cai Yan all day. He has long liked those elegant men like Wei Zhongdao, but he really can’t like it.
Fortunately, Cai Yan pleaded with Wei Zhongdao like a month, but she still wants to marry Wei Zhongdao.
Cai Yan, who was covered in a red headscarf, said to the two of them, "You are not in such a hurry. It’s still early. I want to go to the pavilion to play the piano."
The two handmaids looked at each other without saying anything. Cai Yan added, "Can I still run like this?"

Two people at the same time.

Wu Daozun blows it out with one punch!
Butterflies and moons clap!
The powerful vortex of Tao and Dharma kept the Lord of hell from escaping into the underworld.
Plus the storm in the palm of the butterfly moon, the Lord of hell is trapped in the star and can’t move. Blood and fog are pouring out!
Even though the owner of the underworld once created the interfaces of wizard, blood, and tomb, he claimed that Wan Jiezu created the Three-Body Dafa in the Book of Burial, but he failed to prove the Great Emperor after all.
Don’t say it’s him, even if it’s the Heaven Emperor or the Evil Emperor, such a strong man can’t resist the martial arts and the butterfly moon war alone.
The old woman took a step out of the darkness, wearing a black robe and looking gloomy, as if trying to save the Lord of hell.
"What are you doing!"
The little girl instantly came to her front with a cold tone.
At the same time, the old man with white eyebrows disappeared and the other side of the old woman blocked her way!
The old woman’s eyes are cold and low.
The bridled old man looked calm and said lightly, "You will be angry and feng du won’t die."
At this time, there was a loud noise on the battlefield!
Su Mo punched the corpse of the Lord of Hell.
A quiver of heaven and earth then seemed to freeze when it suddenly stopped!
For a moment, the body of the Lord of hell suddenly exploded and fell apart.
Every corpse contains powerful life fluctuations!
Even so, the Lord of hell didn’t die. Yuan God scattered these corpses and wanted to escape.
While the butterfly on the palm of your hand.
A bloody storm emerges!
All the corpses were involved in this bloody storm, tearing and peeling off a lot of flesh and blood and finally turning into clouds of blood fog!
The Lord of hell roared in the storm.
Wu Daozun’s eyes are full and he directly sacrifices to the Hell Gate. He wants to imprison the Lord Yuan Shen of the underworld, grasping Abi earth in prison.
The Lord of hell once said that no one could kill him.
If the Lord of hell is also the Lord of hell, then maybe it is the best way to be trapped in Abi’s hell.
"Dare to be wild!"
The Lord of hell seems to notice something and suddenly drink it.
Wudao Zun is unmoved, open the gates of hell and cover the Lord of hell!
"Wild blood butterfly!"
With a scream, the Lord of Hell is full of unwillingness and anger.
But there is no fear!
Bang! Before the Hell Gate came, the Lord Yuan God of the underworld suddenly burst into tears as Wu Daozun and Butterfly Moon watched.
Explosive Yuan Shen?
Wu Daozun frowned slightly.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and seventy-six budo kindling
After the war, the dust cleared away
This self-proclaimed ancestor of all worlds who wants to bury all the heavenly sacrifices and refine all the people’s lives has gone out of his wits!
It is not surprising that two emperors besieged this ending.
Heaven and earth have no signs of life belonging to the owner of hell.
Wu Daozun is still not at ease.
The Lord of hell once said that no one could kill him.
This sentence doesn’t sound like nonsense.
What’s more, the Lord of hell still didn’t show any fear and panic before he died, so he took the initiative to choose to blow himself up!
Wu Daozun’s eyes turned and the purple flame burned in generate, and two flames were instantly incinerated and fell into the underworld!

Almost when Guqing landed in the two worlds, three elders dressed as the Patriarch rushed from three directions at the same time, and the pressure of Dan Dao’s nine peaks was released at the same time, firmly locking Guqing around the central government!

"GuQing worlds you a true brother, if the palm of your hand to teach called root no benefit to get here! Still not retreating quickly! "
"I miss you for a reason. If I don’t punish you more, leave quickly or you’ll blame us!"
These elders are responsible for the safety of the two worlds, and they don’t take charge of law enforcement. They didn’t rebuke or kill Gu Qing for coming.
"I want to see Zhang Jiao!"
"GuQing although you are a true brother, but palm teach statue and other identity is not what you want to see, you will see quickly recede! Zhang Jiao will summon you if he really wants to see you! "
"I see Zhang Jiao is trying to explain what happened to Elder Jiuyang. Are you trying to stop me?"
The three elders of Jiuyang have naturally heard about it, but the duty of the three of them is to guard the two worlds and never make an exception for special reasons. "This matter is of great importance and will be summoned to you in person at that time, but is it true that you are so careless and forced to break in so that you can put me in the ground! ?”
Guqing eyebrows a wrinkly directly to look into the two worlds.
He believes that he dazzled Yang Tianzong to make such a big noise and dazzled Yang Tianzong’s palm teaching, even though he has already heard about it, but he has not expressed his summons so far … Then there are two possibilities.
First, he’s been in the limelight over the years, and his true brother has been a real brother for several times, which has seriously damaged the face of Xuanyang Tianzong and affected the stability of Zongmen Department. He wants to kill him with the help of these nine masters of Dan Dao first!
Secondly, he dazzled Yang Tianzong, who was already planning to give up his old age.
When he was so delayed, the elders who were disturbed by Dandao were already incarnations, and they quickly rushed in, including the elders who dazzled Yang Tianzong’s position and did not enforce the law at all, the elders of Bailie Gong, the true elders, the elders of Tiangong, the elders of Wendao, the elders of Zhenyang and so on!
These elders are not as good-natured as these three guardians!
"Gu Qing, you still dare to come to our Xuanyang Tianzong to run wild. I really don’t know how to live or die!"
"Kill people and fight Sendai as quickly as possible. Today, I will kill your elders Chen Li and Jiuyang to get justice!"
"GuQing you are so bold! How dare you kill the law enforcement elders of the law enforcement department in public in Tiandi City! You want to rebel! ?”
In front of so many people, Gu Qing not only defeated the law enforcement elder Bailie, but also killed David Li, the law enforcement department. This move is suspected to have greatly reduced the face of Xuanyang Tianzong. Now people talk about Xuanyang Tianzong and laugh at them. The chief law enforcement elder of the law enforcement department can’t even cure a true brother who has committed a crime!
These rumors are a serious blow to Xuanyang Tianzong’s prestige. Even though some of these elders regarded Gu Qing with special respect before, now they have regarded him as a traitor to the clan, and they want to kill him one by one.
"You elders should not make noise in the world!"
Seeing that these elders are emotional, the three Patriarchs can’t help but stop slightly!
"Three, give this ancient green to us and we will take him to the law enforcement department to plead guilty!"
"Yes, it must be handed over to the law enforcement department to convict him!"
"Which also need to convict this GuQing killed David li Chen elders is conclusive evidence conviction can make an exception to directly give him the death penalty! Otherwise, it will be difficult to eliminate my hatred! "
Is the town of Yang elders, although he was very dissatisfied with Gu Qing’s killing Chen Li, which damaged the dazzling Yang Tianzong’s face, he still came forward and said, "The eyes are already in two worlds. The three elders still bother to tell Zhang Jiao!" After all, this ancient Qing is still our true brother Xuanyang Tianzong. What to do with him is still up to Zhang Jiaozun to decide for himself! "
In the face of such anger, the nine elders of Dan Dao and the three elders who protect the Sect also feel that things are difficult. When they nod, they will send a person to inform them!
However, they have just sent people to report this matter to the Outer Space, and an atmospheric majesty has broken the barrier and exploded from the Outer Space. This piece of emptiness "Gu Qing, since you voluntarily returned to me, Xuanyang Tianzong wants to explain your crimes and prove your innocence, then I will give you an explanation opportunity to keep watch and take them to the trial hall with a bunch of elders!"
This sound of Guqing has been heard impressively, which is the real palm of Xuanyang Tianzong who teaches Yunyan.
"the judgment hall!"
"There are ten true brothers in the judgment hall. Elder Dandao Jiuchong committed a felony. It takes three elders less to enlighten this ancient virtue. I can actually let Zhang teach him to enlighten the judgment hall!"
"He killed the elders David li Chen is a governor directly condemned got such a traitor disturb so many elders is worth it! ?”
"It’s just that we are waiting for the precious when we live in the clan, so we can’t wave a traitor like him!"
A guardian elder, who is known as the guardian of the sun, was also slightly stunned by the sentence of palm teaching, and immediately respectfully replied to the virtual one, "It’s palm teaching!" With that, he turned to the angry elders and said, "You’ve heard what you said. Please move the judgment hall with me."
Yunyan Xuanyang Tianzong enjoys a high prestige. Now that he has spoken, these nine elders of the Dandan Road think that the ancient Qing Dynasty’s trial hall is too exciting, but they still follow the orders of Zhang Jiao and follow the elders who keep the sun to the direction of the trial hall one by one!
The judgment hall!
Xuanyang Tianzong really enforces the law!
Xuanyang Tianzong Zhangjiao has the great benefit of abolishing the true brother’s cultivation and giving the true brother and all the elders a death!
However, such great potential as Yu Shi, Gan Bu Hua, Zhen Di Bai Lie, Wen Dao, Zhen Yang, etc., these nine masters of Dan Dao will be promoted to Shinto in the future. I hope that this level of master can truly represent a sect. It will be a great loss for a clan if he is taught to die too rashly in the future.
Therefore, if a person of this level like Cha Qiuhao wants to be given the death penalty, even if he is in charge of teaching, he must get the consent of half of the Zongmen God and Taoism, and it is this level of master that the Trial Hall is trying!
Eyes are old and young, but Dan Dao’s six hands teach Yunyan, but he has opened the trial hall, and he can also prove his status as a dazzling Yang Tianzong at the moment
When the sun-guarding elders entered the judgment hall with Gu Qing, there were already many elders’ halls waiting there.
These people are long and slender, and there are 30 or 40 people who have been repaired more. Although the height is different, there is an example of external strength of Dan Dao’s seven-fold terror. Some of them have the strength of the earth that is not inferior to the law enforcement elders, the true elders and the excelsior elders!
Although these people are tough in strength, they seldom interfere with the patriarchal clan affairs, dive into the realm of Shinto, become Shinto, enhance the strength of the patriarchal clan, and promote the lofty position of Xuanyang Tianzong in the practice world. What they represent is the real core strength of Xuanyang Tianzong.
Even the appearance of the judgment hall is estimated to be due to the fact that Guqing’s title is too high to see what this arrogant person really looks like.
In addition to these seven elders from heaven and earth, the most striking thing in the whole hall is to dazzle Yang Tianzong and teach him to sit on the square throne of the hall, two men and one woman and two Shinto statues!
Although these two men and a woman are sitting so quietly, their power is also converging as far as possible, but the spiritual coercion of Shinto masters is terrible. Even if they sit here and do nothing and say nothing, they can make those people feel unstable and not inferior to the oppression of a master who is at the top of the world.
Shinto! This is Shinto power!
The spirit of bombarding the sea has changed into the spirit of god, and the qualitative difference between the two is tens of thousands of miles.
Have dazzled Yang Tianzong Shinto honour this personally, even if it was emotional just now, Elders Tying, Gong and others were quiet one by one. After entering the main hall, they respectfully bowed to the four Shinto honours who were sitting in the main hall and overlooking the hall, and then returned to their own places according to their positions!
When these people are in their positions, there are some spacious trial halls in the middle, and Guqing is left alone immediately!
With the arrival of all the people, the doors of the trial hall were closed in an instant, and dozens of pairs of eyes, including the four super-strong Shinto realm, all the people’s eyes came to his body. Rao Guqing’s spiritual practice has reached the weight of Dan Dao, and he has developed a concise spirit. There is still a feeling that he is oppressed by this pressure and wants to kneel down and worship!
The third volume The stars gather together to explain the one hundred and third time
The judgment hall!
The light dim slightly by that gate makes the whole hall atmosphere full of an indescribable dignity and depression!
This kind of dignity and depression may come from the light, from the three elders of Xuanyang Tianzong sitting on the side, or from the center of the trial hall, looking straight at the high Xuanyang Tianzong palm and teaching Yunyan Guqing.
This kind of atmosphere suppressed even a few giant experts who practiced to Dan Dao and nine feet ran rampant felt very unconscious and fell silent, waiting for the trial seriously.
"Gu Qing saw Zhang Jiao without saluting. See if you really don’t put our dazzle Yang Tianzong’s eyes on treason! ?”
First of all, he said that he was not sitting in the middle of the square of the trial hall to dazzle Yang Tianzong and teach Yunyan, but sitting next to Yunyan, an old man-Tai Lao yan wang
Guqing swept this yan wang one eye but did not answer but directly to sit in the middle of the palm to teach "palm to teach! ?”

He is very clever, and Mr. Comas also likes it. Glory does not interfere in politics.

Nick Xiao Huang Xuan whispered, "The great yellow master has come to your most loyal position in vain. Nick has also allied all mercenary officers with mercenaries, and the battle damage is about 37%."
The casualty rate of 37% is not too much, but it is not too little. Normally, an army with casualties above 5% can be considered as losing its combat effectiveness. If the casualties exceed 1% and the troops have not collapsed, they can already be called the ace. If the Tiejun army reaches 3% and still fights, it can usually be considered that they are the way to escape.
The casualty rate in plane warfare is high. Not only are the mercenaries not badly paid, but usually the infantry can apply to leave the battlefield when they get an energy cannon at the end of a battle. This American army is very similar. They always have battles and troops with high battle damage, but the average battle damage is always low. More often, they will not advocate the spirit of hard work and effective death. Naturally, mercenaries will not effectively die.
Leitian is not qualified to enter the banquet hall, although he is qualified to command several mercenaries, which is like the difference between a destroyer captain and a marine corps.
"Azo, find me a lounge." Huang Xuan has seen Mr. Comas, and many heads of families are not too attentive.
Azuo hurriedly has been waiting for Huang Xuan’s side to immediately say, "Just 2 floors? It’s quiet there. The whole floor is ready. "
"Tell Leitian" Huang Xuan said, and walked to the elevator. Azo hurriedly followed.
In the room, Azuo got things ready and consciously went to the outer hall.
Huang Xuan took out the former strategic plan and pointed out the energy screen to Bai Qi. "There is an attack order. The first one is R1 and the last one is R15. You can assign them freely because of the extra people."
"What about the goal?" Leitian asked
Huang Xuan also asked Lorraine in a low voice, "What is our goal?"
Lorraine is very insipid. "Just proceed normally."
Huang Xuan curled his lips and said to the dialogue, "Do you have a seal?"
"Hand" laughed in vain, and Huang Xuan asked that since he was injected with delayed medicine, he seemed to have returned to his youthful glory from the twilight years.
"Anyone who has destroyed the area with resistance and is particularly valuable will be brought back, and he will post a seal to inform the base. I will ask the No.3 base on R plane to give you a 24-level limited value judgment department to transfer it to Nick for him to calculate."
Huang Xuan said that it was easy to take a day off, but he was excited to listen to it. Being a traveler is of great significance for taking a day off after traveling abroad.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-one Lorraine requirements (3)
R1 has nearly a thousand planets, and the R137 plane has the best development after R1, and there are only four habitable stars.
Because it is impossible to transport metal objects in plane, and R-plane technology is not enough to develop biotechnology in all directions, compared with R1, which is a higher level of development, almost all the planets in the back plane are habitable stars and there are few resource stars.
This greatly reduces the number of targets to attack.
Leitian was very concerned about modifying Huang Xuan’s strategic plan and handed it over to Huang Xuan for review.
Whether Daqin fought for decades or lived as a mercenary in the plane, he was an excellent general, just as Newton would still be at the peak of mathematics in the 21st century.
Huang Xuan finally waited in the room and watched Leitian busy waiting to get the plan, but nodded without looking at it and told him to "remember to bring the seal."
Leitian smile in my heart but I feel very trusted.
At 12 noon, the ready-to-go biological fleet slowly entered the plane channel.
Many members of the government and family, including Mr. Comas, all bid farewell to the R plane. In the media reports, they called this unit "humanitarian assistance."
A plane can enter the plane age at one time. Once it enters the plane age at a certain time, it will consciously absorb the levels and levels, thus flattening the whole plane-which is beneficial to the inertia of the plane-and the flattening of the three planes is serious to almost one time, but it is very beneficial to defend it.
Usually, when it is first developed, it is a high-rise building. Of course, there are exceptions. At most, there are other plane parameters.
R ranks are their main time when they are at the top, but they are obviously not flat enough, which gives the Wendling family a chance to fight guerrilla warfare
Although they can’t occupy a certain plane for a long time, they must have energy to move the plane easily. Of course, the Comas family can close the plane passage, but they can’t close the plane passage forever, which means traffic jams.
Huang Xuan waved his hand to the distant biological warship, and his heart also shed blood. 70,000 tons of corn and more than 50,000 animals are valuable wherever they are put. Because the corn didn’t come for nutrient treatment, they need to buy another 50,000 tons of high-standard grain to supplement it. Together, these mercenaries will eat hundreds of millions of thermosphere materials in the future.
This has not calculated the cost of hiring and buying them.
If leitian can’t find enough war benefits, it will lose back to prehistoric times this time-although Mr. Comas won’t take all the resources away, it is impossible to say that he is not worried.
Huang Xuan felt that he made a bet with a high probability, such as betting that he couldn’t get 6 points on the test paper-but there will always be times when he loses.
After all the ceremonies, Mr. Comas walked over to Huang Xuan, raised his nose and smiled. "Mr. Huang, then let’s wait here for the good news of the warriors. Do you have time?"
"Oh, a lot of time" Huang Xuan made a stand manually.
In front of Mr. Comas, there was a screen where two people could see the energy. "Is this the total commission and loss of the biological battleship of 2.5 billion?"
As Huang Xuan showed, Mr. Comas paid part of the money before, and naturally he had the desire to deepen the cooperation and so on. Huang Xuan couldn’t help laughing. "That would trouble Mr. Comas."
"You’re welcome," Roger Comas shook hands with Huang Xuan and threw his head back. "I want to talk to those politicians about Mr. Huang’s casualness again."
"Good" Huang Xuan tightened his hand and loosened it at the right time
At that time, Huang Xuan’s spikes kicked and stomped again. Looking at Mr. Comas, he shook his head. Two spikes were used twice. Travelers may have to spend one million heat circles. If Mr. Glory has any hidden things, such as gunpowder pistols, the loss may reach three to five million heat circles.
It’s not only Mr. Comas who are sophisticated, but most of the family leaders have noticed that Huang Xuan’s bad tastes are all there to educate his brother that "waves are shameful …"
The children looked at Huang Xuan with envy-people like to be shameful?
As soon as Huang Xuangang got back to the shuttle bus, he listened to Nick Avenue. "Great master, there is news that we will land in 15 standard hours."
"Know" Huang Xuan slightly closed his eyes recently busy let him show some fatigue.
Obviously, work is much more difficult than exams.
Nick still said, "The great yellow master Jiao Sun and Mr. Bao Bao sent a joint message."
"For what?"
"It looks like sending them information in the way of Huang’s fund transportation."
"Give me some water" Huang Xuan rubbed his nose and wiped his face to feel more awake. Read it to me. "
Nick immediately learned to fill the bag with a belly sound. "Hello, Mr. Ji Xuan, I’m glad you sent us the information as promised …"
"Key Nick Key" Huang Xuanyou has the strength to travel on the plane, which is really a physical activity.
"Good point" Nick was about to say that Xiaohe took over and said, "The center is to thank you and invite you to meet again."
"Very good Xiaohe" Huang Xuan said without thinking directly and asked "Lorraine Ning ‘ao, what do you think? I think going to see these two gentlemen is a very good alibi. "

Although the leaf wounds are calm, the flame temperature is getting stronger and stronger, as if they were going to be cooked.

And this flame barrier shows no signs of weakening.
Impatient Ye Dongchen Luo Yu blood situation, they also tried all kinds of attacks, but in the end they didn’t have any effect. Instead, they made their breathing more and more urgent, as if they were suffocating. The flame burned and they only had oxygen! !
The situation is getting more and more dangerous
At this time, outside the flame, there came a phoenix roar and human voice, which seemed to be the beginning of a new competition! !
At this time, there was a little more light in the eyes of forgetting dust, and he slowly walked towards the flame wall.
Chapter 137-Success
Forgetting dust suddenly got up and made everyone feel a quiver. Even the inverse Chen Nan and the birds stared at Forgetting dust’s every move. To be honest, this person’s strength is not strong, but his potential is amazing and terrible! !
You know, when I was in the street town, I could kill this guy thousands of times if I wanted a thought, but now I know that even if I can kill this little guy, it’s not as simple as it was at the beginning
The act of forgetting dust stirs everyone’s nerves, because his face is not anxious because of the heat. It can be seen that forgetting dust can persist in such an environment, and this concentration is as good as one of them.
Thought of here, the bird’s eyes are fixed on him.
"What happened to the boss?" Ye Dongchen and Luo Yu came close to him. You know, this is the first time that I have forgotten the dust since I entered here.
Forgetting the dust didn’t say anything. After entering this flame, he was also thinking about what to do to leave here while ensuring his own safety and interests. Now is an opportunity. If he has a way to leave here, the avatar’s blood will be in his pocket.
But it doesn’t seem that simple.
The fight outside lasted less than five minutes and then disappeared. Maybe it was a fight or an invading enemy escaped, but I have to say that both the inside and the outside situation made their nerves no longer tense.
Even seemingly calm and rebellious, Chennan is trying to get out of here. He can also spend so much time waiting for the moment when Phoenix’s power dries up before he thinks of a way. Of course, it depends on who can make it to the end.
Now, the reason why Forgetting Dust will take action is not because of his arrogance, but because he came to this flame wall after some deliberation. After entering here from the beginning, Forgetting Dust was also hot and dry. He simply sat down and quietly flowed the energy of life. This silence made him have a surprise discovery! !
In this life flow force, he actually felt that his fire resistance gradually increased, and finally he received the energy from his fire resistance attribute, which was upgraded! ! !
This can make him forget the dust more than surprise. After repeated practice and determination, he knows that all this is due to the potential of life. The potential of life can make him listen to everything. The wind and snow flow, the river flow, the iron flow, the wind flow, and the flame smell in front of him. This force is too strong to forget the dust and there is no way to resist it, but he actively caters to it! !
It sounds easy, but to put it another way, it’s like someone gave you a knife, but you didn’t resist, but you were attacked. Not everyone can stand this kind of catering.
When he finished this feat, even he felt incredible. The environment of the flame department had little effect on him, so let’s see if he could break through this flame power.
Stretching out your right hand is like touching your own child and putting it in the flame. This feeling is the same as when logging. Trying to tell the flame that you are not the enemy through your own communication and breathing will not hurt it.
Yes, just like cutting down trees in Shilin in those days! !
When the dust-forgetting arm infiltrated into the flame, even the leaves were hurt, as if seeing an incredible thing, which was even more shocking. The flame didn’t hurt the dust-forgetting meaning, and the dust-forgetting face not only had no painful expression, but also had a full face of secretly pleased! ! !
"It’s really true! !” The beauty of the potential of life can only be felt by yourself slowly, forgetting the dust and turning around to reveal a strange smile. "Look, everyone, the blood of the avatar will be mine."
When I finished this sentence, I forgot the dust, and the whole person seeped into the flame and then disappeared in front of their eyes. At this moment, they couldn’t believe that I forgot the dust and left here. The birds flew away eagerly, but the flame attacked them, which made him not only return the work but also be seriously injured.
"What’s going on! !” Inverse Chennan was surprised. After all, even he managed to escape from the fire prison. A newcomer succeeded. To be honest, it surprised him a little, but after the surprise, he was more shocked and a little nervous! ! !
Forgetting the dust really succeeded in crossing the flame, which was a surprise to him.
When he came to the outside world, there was a fierce battle in front of him. He saw the picture of Phoenix fighting with a hundred people, and the leading man turned out to be a countercurrent cloud and a magic wolf! ! !
The magic wolf order seems to be the blood of the avatar and the countercurrent cloud seems to want to leave here, but at that point, they all have to face this terrible phoenix. In the battle, they also found the flame that looks like a tornado. They didn’t expect anyone to suddenly appear behind this phoenix! ! !
"Forget the dust?" Both the magic wolf and the counter-current cloud face were surprised to varying degrees, but just for a moment, the heart of the magic wolf suddenly jumped too close, and the dust was too close to the blood of the avatar, almost at hand! !
Oh, come on! ! !
The magic wolf prayed in his heart and forgot the dust, but it was obvious that this wish was to forget the dust. It was the blood of the avatar because he dared not hesitate to say whether it was the phoenix or the southern metropolis, which was a strong threat.
"Not good!" The magic wolf shouted that it was not good. At this time, they were fighting with the phoenix, which was a forgotten dust! ! !
Forget the dust is not hesitate, even if the phoenix found his figure, this guy walked in front of the avatar’s blood, and in the eyes of several people, the butcher knife cut his blood, and the blood was dyed red. The purple crystal forgot the dust and did not hesitate to absorb it! ! !
It’s the purple crystal that seems to be attracted by the forgotten blood and all the parts are submerged in the body! ! ! !
At this time, I still don’t want to see the physical changes. Suddenly, a huge explosive red flame disappeared, and several figures flew out, while Chen Nan and the birds fell from the sky, but after seeing the disappearing crystal, the great anger broke out. "You actually absorbed the avatar! !”
All efforts went up in smoke, and Chen Nan’s face was ferocious, and his eyes were red with blood, and he burst into great anger. He looked at the dust and left a strong murder in his eyes! ! !
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 7
Chapter 130-Regenerative Power
One mouthful blood was sprayed from the mouth of Inverse Chennan, and the anger turned to vomit blood at one time. When the dust was forgotten to absorb the blood of the avatar, the mind of Inverse Chennan flashed through scenes after scenes of hard work over the years.
Those who have had memories are shocking in his mind.
He couldn’t accept the fact that he actually vomited blood, and his body suddenly trembled and stepped back. His eyes were full of red blood and he was filled with monstrous anger. He couldn’t help but step back. The bird looked at him and hurriedly helped him. Although he was equally angry, he was not as strong as Inverse Chennan. When he came to the waning moon kingdom, he didn’t know how to feel about Inverse Chennan, but he could understand that all the efforts made by Inverse Chennan when he was lurking here for almost five years were to regenerate the avatar. This force was a gift for the young master.

It is not clear whether the man killed by the witchcraft curse in Lujia is really a wizard or not. It is also understandable that resentment turns into a curse at the moment before he dies. Even a kind person will become evil once he is deceived.

Chapter four hundred and ninety-nine Miao village
Lu Jun sat alone in the courtyard. Since that incident happened once, most of the Lu family members have avoided it for fear of causing disaster.
For several days, Li Hu has been here for almost every step.
"Brother Li Hu, take a break."
"Nothing." Li Hu smiled indifferently and took a deep breath, which would make his mind clearer.
"It’s not dark yet, and it will be fine."
"Adults must not make mistakes when they give it to me, otherwise Li Hu’s generation will feel at ease."
There is nothing wrong with Lu Jun’s face smiling and losing the warmth of his family. There are also these brothers. If the heart is always filled with darkness, the sunshine outside will inevitably enter.
Lujia’s location is relatively remote. I want to find those who say that wizards must go to the Miao people’s living edge. The poisonous insect house has developed a controllable poisonous insect.
It’s getting darker and darker, and a dark cloud covers the moon all night. A figure appears and keeps shaking from side to side, as if carrying something in his hand.
A face that is blushing horribly reveals alcohol in the mouth. It’s just a drunken man, and his body is shaking, not only because of drunkenness, but also because his left leg is slightly lame.
There is a village in front of it. Although it is on the periphery of the mountain, it also belongs to the scenic path. This man used to be the best warrior when he was young. He is good at riding and shooting a hundred kilograms of archers.
It is a hero’s courtesy to wait after each victory. Those heroes who worship eyes can spend the night with the most beautiful women in the village.
With that injury, everything changed. In this hero-worshipping village, a new hero appeared soon, and he was forgotten in the past. Even women who had spent the night together gave contemptuous glances.
Unwilling, lonely, dragging my leg, I can wake up again and again and remember the good times.
A sneer at the figure stopped to hold the trunk in front of him and pulled his pants. With a rush of sound, his ass shook.
Just pants up and the man shines at the moment, and his eyes are glued to the front.
The white shadow shook his head and rubbed his eyes. The shadow became clearer and clearer. It was not an illusion. There was a smile on his mouth. It was a woman.
Women dressed in white are rare in scenic areas, even if they are usually local decorators.
The whole person stared at the dim moonlight, and the shadow was so beautiful, plump ass and slim waist, and then I got it directly from behind, and I kept listening to the woman screaming. It felt like I was still a hero once I got back.
At this time, the injured left leg suddenly became more flexible than walking speed, even faster than ordinary people.
The woman seems to hear the sound behind her back and look back quickly. It’s a glance that has made people unbearable. In the dim night, those eyes can’t say how charming and charming her little face is, and she quickly turned around and got into the forest in front with some shyness.
I don’t know if I’m impatient or afraid of falling down on something.
What is it?
The figure is close to bending over. It’s a white cloth towel. It’s soft in my hand and I can’t help but put my nose. Then I took a sip of the faint aroma from my face and extended along my nostrils. At that moment, my whole body shuddered involuntarily.
Suddenly, my throat was dry and I twisted the hip flask in my hand. After drinking a few mouthfuls, I still couldn’t get enough. I lifted it and poured it in.
The wine is very spicy, and it burns from the throat to the stomach. Even so, Uncle De still loves wine and likes that feeling.
The jar fell to the ground and ran quickly into the Woods. A pair of eyes looked around and there was no female figure in white. "Look where you can run!"
"Strange where to go in the middle of the night?"
Find the right from the left and climb to the tree. From a distance, it’s dark and there’s no female shadow. At this time, the whole body is hot and keeps heating from the body. I can’t help but take off my coat or pants, or I can’t take it off until I have a trouser jacket.
Still not satisfied. If you really want to take everything off, it will be fun.
"How can it be so hot!"
When I saw the fire in my mouth, it was as close as it was, and the fire came out of my mouth with a temperature, and quickly ignited the whole body. After being surrounded by the fire, I kept rolling and rolling, and my mouth gave out bursts of whining until I twitched completely. It was only half a column of incense from the Miao village in front of me, and people living in Miao village could hear the screaming.
Torches are lit one after another. Living in the mountains, facing the attack of wild animals all the time, the men in the stockade go out to get bows and arrows, light torches and get together and go straight to the Woods to find the direction.
People are already dead, curled up in a hideous face, clutching a bush with both hands, and drinking up the jars can be seen that they suffered at the last moment.
"I can’t."
"It’s strange to drink like this and not die."
"How to take off your clothes?"
It’s also acceptable to drink all the wine in an altar, which leads to physical illness and death. It’s acceptable to throw away clothes and look terrible, which makes people puzzled. Zhang Lickitung sticks out his jaw
"It’s a pity that there is no one around to take care of them. Just carry them back and bury them."
"What is this?"
A sharp-eyed person sees a trace on the ground, and the grass leaves are curled up together, not being trampled, or his cause is more like fire. How can there be a fire here?
People who die in the stockade always pay homage to each other. A few venerable old people were invited out to light a fire and set a sacrifice. According to the rules of ancestors’ stay, some people took a broken straw mat and carried them to the back of the hill to dig a hole to bury them. No descendants left. Just fill the grave directly.
Things pass quickly, especially such people are more likely to be forgotten. One day, people in Laolai Miao Village rested early and suddenly two people ran out of the face.
Hand in hand, I ran to the front of the forest until I stopped. It should be a village lover. Both of them are about seventeen years old. The burly male and female are petite and have a good face.
"Brother Afa is so scary. Why did you bring me here?" The woman frowned.
"So that no one will bother us."
"Someone died the other day. It’s scary here."
"Afraid of what I will protect you," the man slapped a chest, and the woman suddenly felt a little distressed. The man conveniently put his arm around the woman.
"You are good or bad"
The moonlight, the beauty, the breeze, the Woods and the grass seem to indicate what will happen here.
The man suddenly shivered, and a woman not far from them was dressed in white and looked at herself with a pair of heady eyes as deep and elusive as that.
"What’s the matter?"
Women cling to men’s arms and feel each other’s heartbeats. A small heart keeps jumping and docking, and something happens. Some people are afraid, and there is still some expectation.
The man bowed his head and couldn’t say anything strange. His face was tight and the expression seemed to be trying to say something.
The sound of "Lingzou" was barely squeezed out of my throat, but the girl in my arms didn’t hear it clearly.

"Words if I remember correctly, the anchor has always been a female identity appeared in front of her? !”

"Solve the case she is a lesbian! Sure enough, beautiful girls should like girls! "
"This is too exciting, isn’t it, Lily!"
"Fart lily anchor is a pure man."
"Mom, the anchor is really shrouded in the aura of the protagonist. Dressing as a woman can be confessed by such a beautiful woman. It’s unfair!"
"Others are blushing and shy. How can she turn pale?"
"From the perspective of psychology and business science, she is obviously a person with strong self-confidence. Her peerless appearance and well-off family have given her full confidence, which has made her confident to the point of arrogance. She is like the proudest white swan in the world, but now she has lowered her proudest head in front of others, which makes her feel humiliated. Her abnormal face is exactly this psychological reaction. At the same time, it can be seen from here that she is really deeply in love and makes people who will never bow their heads willingly bow."
"This live broadcast is really a crouching tiger. Buddies can try to sign up for the Knights Templar. I heard that the treatment is quite good."
Early in the morning is the time when the number of people in a live broadcast day is the least, but now the number of people has not increased much by this unusual stimulus, but the number of barrage has soared to be comparable to that in late prime time.
It was also through the barrage observation of these water friends that Norman realized one thing.
"I am a woman."
Norman muttered to himself.
The actor’s self-cultivation has penetrated into his bone marrow. Even in this unprecedented and inexplicable situation, Norman has not forgotten his current identity.
"I am a woman …"
Norman said it again, like to Shannon and like to himself.
I’ve never eaten pork, but I’ve always seen pigs run.
Norman has never had any experience in this field, but he has heard such things as "like" and "love" every year through the village bard.
As people commonly know, in this story, one of the protagonists must be a man and the other a woman, so it’s how to say I like you to another "woman"!
But Norman also guessed that this is probably the blood monster of Dieu Tenas.
Isn’t this thing too powerful? Directly let the other party ignore the gender!
Chapter three hundred and ten Note solitary life
Norman Shanny ended up like this because of the blood of Dieu Tenas, but she didn’t know that the man in front of him knew he was a male.
And Sunny didn’t intend to say it.
Norman even stressed that he was a "woman" at this moment, which proved that Norman really didn’t want others to know his identity, so Shanni didn’t intend to expose him because he wanted to help him keep this secret, so she could express her love in another way.
"I know"
Sunny closed her eyes and said, "But I like you and your identity because I like you!" "
The export of this sentence made Shanni’s body tremble again.
In Augustus, most people in the United Kingdom regard homosexuality as a sin, and even the father’s religion has made provisions to judge homosexual heresy. Once it is discovered, it will be tried by the church. Therefore, Shanni now defines herself as homosexuality, so you can imagine how much psychological pressure she has suffered.
But the most unacceptable thing for Shannie is her attitude at the moment-now she is prostrating herself in front of her eyes.
This is something she has neve done.
Although she is famous for being gentle and virtuous, her heart has always been proud and straight. Even when she was facing some of the most noble people in the world from Santa Vita, she always treated each other with self-esteem and self-love and equality. This is the first time she has put her attitude so low.
This makes her feel as if she is kneeling in front of the other party, begging the other party to accept herself, and then waiting for the other party’s ruling in fear.
This made her feel that she had never been humiliated.
Shanny was extremely resistant to this move, but she couldn’t do it. Because of her previous experience, she didn’t want to bear it any more. She didn’t want to wait until Norman disappeared again, and she still didn’t express her feelings to each other. Norman did come back this time, but once? Maybe a separation will become eternity. If she still doesn’t say it and let the other person know what she thinks at that time, it will make her live forever in the future. She has already felt the deep regret and endless regret in her pain once.
Suo Xianni will make this sudden and extreme behavior.
Because of asymmetric information, Norman doesn’t know what Sunny really thinks, and he can continue to be dumb and ups and downs in his heart.
Is this because Dieu Tenas’s blood is too powerful, or is she a homosexual? !
But no matter what the reason is, how should I respond now?
Norman’s experience can be said to be extremely rich. He skipped the great miraculous degree in full view, endured physical and mental torture and saved all beings. Tanikaro and big noble laughed and laughed, and the wilderness battlefield launched a forbidden spell with ten thousand enemies …
But he has no experience in love, which makes him completely confused.
In the face of this situation, what should he do to be the optimal solution?
Live water friends are simply expressing their feelings, envy or jealousy or resentment and suspicion, and so on. A few suggestions are also extremely unreliable.
"What are you waiting for? Hurry and push her down! "
"After waiting for a few months, there is finally a meat show! Ah! "
"God, earth, who arranged such a beautiful woman! I have been worried that this live meat show will be spicy. I didn’t expect it to be the top big star! "
"Take off take off! Take off your clothes! "

However, her attack hasn’t finished yet, and the seven golden lights have been thrown out from the hands of Guqing again. In no particular order, the lotus flower immediately broke away around her, and the last golden light directly threw her into the body without defense, and a lot of blood containing energy spilled out …

When the girl in red just made moves, she smiled and looked like a human and animal. This is because she is confident that she can control Guqing with her own 100% confidence, but now she has been defeated, and the protective spirit has penetrated into the flesh, and finally a little panic has emerged in her eyes!
When she was injured, she quickly reached out her right hand and pointed at the spilled blood, "Blood explosion solution!"
A small burst of blood is dozens of times more powerful than the burst operator, and directly bursts in the virtual to form a rich blood cloud, which almost blocks the Fiona Fang 100 meters and covers the ancient green!
"Carving insects!"
Guqing relies on the true qi to protect himself from the blood explosion and rushed out of the blood cloud, but this time it was already gone. The girl in red figure!
If you neglect Dan Dao, you will definitely not be able to capture the girl in red who escaped, but Gu Qing is different from him. His mental strength is equivalent to Dan Dao’s quadruple master!
Blazing with anger this piece of virtual swept away immediately found a faint bloody breath in a virtual body that he has been along this weak bloody breath that may be blown away by the wind to the ground at any time and soon fell into a forest!
This forest is not big, but it covers an area of several hundred meters at most, and the trees are not dense. Besides being able to fight some sneak attacks, it is difficult to hide people!
It was Gu Qing who completely ignored the enemy’s darkness, and I might bring danger, so I walked in the Woods and looked for it everywhere.
Seeing this scene, the girl in red in the hidden Woods immediately couldn’t stay. The tone was a little angry. "I said that the little handsome boy has to forgive people and forgive people, okay?" I admit that you are amazing, don’t you really want to force me out and fight to the death! ? Haven’t you heard that dogs are nasty and … Pei Pei rabbits are nasty and bite? "
The sound resounds through every corner of this small forest through special qi and blood vibration method, which makes people know her real position from the root.
"Hand over the heavenly blood solution and I will let you live!"
"Yeah, I didn’t complain that Tianxue Dafa is our The Hunger Sect’s famous twelve magical powers. After a practice, we can have poor powers. We can also use this base to evolve and bleed rivers. The blood river is not withered, the body is immortal, and the power is not yours. It’s a good deal for you to exchange this magical power for my life. I’ll write this magical power to you! "
"write? You should take the jade book of Tianxue Dafa with you and give it to me directly! "
"This is not what you are forced to do. There are a lot of people in The Hunger who secretly rush out. If the elders in the door know about it, I will be finished."
"Yeah …"
"Of course, I dare …"
Her words haven’t finished. Gu Qing has already crossed a distance of tens of meters in a flash, and behind a big tree, her eyes just collide with those of the girl in red.
However, as soon as her eyes touched the girl in red, the cunning in her eyes was immediately replaced by horror. "You are despicable!" Before Gu Qing appeared and threw the golden arrow in her hand, she immediately shouted, "Wait, wait, wait, stop. Little brother has something to say. I’ll give you the bloody solution!"
"What?" There are still some girls in red who haven’t recovered.
Looking at each other’s sharp golden arrow aimed at her again, she will never play dumb again. Bi Lisuo’s right hand, white jade bracelet, with a touch of a jade book, immediately took it out and respectfully handed it out to stare at him with beautiful big eyes, quite gnashing her teeth. "Little brother, big brother, uncle, uncle, handmaiden, I’ll show it to you for you to have a look!"
Gu Qing directly reached out to pick up the jade book!
But his hand just met the jade book, and a lotus flower suddenly came out from the girl in red’s hand and took the key between the eyes of Gu Qing, while she herself took advantage of this lotus flower plot against the instantaneous whole person to retreat at the fastest speed. Just now, when talking with Gu Qing, she quietly portrayed the hand blood spell and immediately lit up …
"Want to go!"
Gu Qing’s eyes flashed off with a flash of Geng Jin gas, which was directly bombarded by his four-fold spiritual force, and his right hand was already moving Geng Jin gas, and at the same time, he struggled to grab a handful of the girl in red’s right hand!
Hands touching Gu Qing’s five fingers was about to crush the girl in red, and the whole arm suddenly became weak. It turned out that the five fingers slipped out of his five fingers and the white jade arm left five clear blood stains!
"Blood Shadow Dafa!"
With the power of the blood curse described in advance, the body of the girl in red is instantly collapsed like a lotus flower, and the incredible speed directly shoots out of the forest belt to take off the leaves!
"Leave it for me!" Gu Qing took a step and was about to catch up again when he suddenly saw a white jade bracelet falling to the ground. He immediately took over the white jade bracelet!
Just now, the girl in red’s arm softened and avoided his grip, but she was caught wearing a bracelet.
"This bracelet should be the female bracelet and I dazzle YangTianZong every true brother will have a similar ring! Day blood solution jade book estimates will also put it inside "GuQing took the bracelet spirit swept away immediately into the bracelet!
However, when he saw clearly that the bracelet was so wide that it was a little ridiculous, he was slightly surprised. "There is a thousand times less of my Gankun ring in this bracelet, which almost drives those self-contained world artifacts, even if it is not an artifact, it is also a very clever treasure! A dandao double girl in the district is actually pregnant with a very clever weapon! "
Gu Qing recalled what was faintly white in the heart of a battle just now.
"Just now, I shot the first golden arrow root and failed to break the protective blood ring on the girl’s body surface in red. Later, I also threw the seven-star nail to add up seven strength to break her protective magic weapon. It must be a magic weapon! Lingqi, but even the four or five masters of Dan Dao may not be able to have treasures. Worse still, the value is equivalent to the defensive magic weapon of the extremely spiritual sword. It is not easy to see the identity of this girl in red! "
Shook his head, GuQing also don’t think about this problem, anyway, people have sinned, there is no place to regret again! He even dared to challenge the elder Bai Lie of Dan Dao’s Nine Heavenly Realms, and should he be afraid of such a girl who reached the peak of Dan Dao’s double life?
"There are a lot of good things in this bracelet, such as coagulation Dan, true magic, deification Dan, Shengyuan Dan, psychic grass … there is also a bottle of prefecture-level Xuanyuan Gudan! ? It seems that she is going to use it to attack the triple condensate realm of Dan Dao! With these miraculous herbs, it will be much easier for me to impact the triple realm of Dan Dao after I have cultivated to the double realm of Dan Dao! "
I swept the ancient green bracelet for a moment and soon found the jade book that remembers the blood of heaven and blood!
Tianxue Dafa is the twelve magical powers of The Hunger Sect. The mysterious degree is not inferior to that of Xuanyang Tianzong Zhang Zun past lives’s past and future magical powers. For example, just now, the girl in red cast the bloody explosion Dafa and the bloody shadow Dafa, which all evolved from Tianxue Dafa.
"First, have a good understanding of this heavenly blood solution. If this magical power really has all kinds of incredible powers as it is remembered, I will be able to practice my own blood department into Jingxue for a year at most and formally promoted to the double realm of Dan Dao! After Dan Dao’s double life, qi and blood are abundant, and it will be easier to warm the soul and refine the stars’ Xuangeng’. "
The third volume The stars gather together to practice blood for the tenth time
According to the different performance and power, the method of cultivating immortals can be roughly divided into two categories: operation and supernatural power!
Spells such as "middle wind", "fire", "sharp gold", "essence induction" and "convergence" can all be regarded as the "technique" practice method in the airway, which is practiced and respected by practitioners in all stages of the seven-fold airway!
The attack methods, such as blood violence, blood shadow, foul atmosphere, annihilation storm and storm disease, have stepped into the realm of "law" from the category of "art"! The attack methods practiced by the seven masters of Dan Dao are all limited to this range.
The magical powers are divided into small magical powers and magical powers!
The Hunger’s Twelve Avatars’ One-Day Blood Dharma is a veritable Avatar Dharma, which was born out of the collection of immortals in The Hunger’s Zongzhen Sect. All of them have a well-known magical dharma formula-Blood Sea Sutra! All kinds of powers he has are far beyond his attack tactics!
It’s not an exaggeration for the girl in red to say that practicing is extremely evolvable, and the river of blood will not dry up and the body will not die. If you can practice enough JingXie or learn a lot from his biological body, it is indeed possible to achieve the state of the river of blood will not dry up and the body will not die!
An ordinary hill in Guqing realized this magical power for three months and finally got a preliminary understanding of it!
This magical power is worthy of practicing the blood realm. It’s incredible to record all kinds of simplified methods of absorbing essence and blood.
"Its own JingXie leads to the birth of the majestic heat energy in the body blood, which ignites the essence, fires, refines qi and blood, and purifies impurities in the blood … This kind of blood practice method is almost to simulate the alchemist, alchemist and alchemist of the six realms of Dan Dao to practice JingXie! Just from the aspect of practicing blood, we can see that the magical power of Tianxue Dafa is extraordinary! "
If a master of the six realms of Dan Dao re-refines his whole body blood at a time, he naturally doesn’t know how many times faster than a practitioner of Dan Dao Yi.
"I can’t believe that I joined Xuanyang Tianzong for nearly half a year and didn’t even practice a decent operation. Instead, I practiced the twelve magical powers of The Hunger Sect first." I smiled lightly in my heart, but I didn’t hesitate to fuel my own blood, blood materials and qi to light the fire!
His spiritual strength has reached the point that four realms’s control over the body’s true qi and essence is far from being comparable to that of the practitioners of the first and second alchemy. If the true qi and essence are not standardized, they will be immediately suppressed by his four powerful spirits, putting an end to the danger of being burned to death by heart fire in the process of igniting essence fire!
This first step of igniting the essence fire lasted for a whole month. After a month of trying, the biological energy contained in blood, flesh and essence was finally completely ignited in a strange way!
In an instant, a burning sensation spread from the burning place of essence and fire, and huge biological energy and heat energy erupted from several holes and pores of his body, rendering his whole skin red!
"This is the essence of fire power, although not as good as Dan Dao six key burning Dan fire can burn all substances, impurities, spirit, false demons, but it contains heat energy and biological energy, but it is also very scary! If this magical power is taken to the earth, it will make people practice what energy crisis they need in the future and worry about themselves. It is a huge biological energy! "
As soon as the essence fire is ignited, it will be burned along the whole body blood, which has a tendency to incinerate all the essence, blood gas and flesh of other bodies. However, this essence fire has not yet come to form a climate, and it has been suppressed by Gu Qing with the strong suppression of the four spirits of Dan Dao, leaving a very weak and repeated essence fire hovering body burning.
"Now the force hits the double realm of Dan Dao!"
After igniting the essence fire, Gu Qing stopped surfing, and immediately shot the flying sword with his empty hand and a finger into the sky. His body also jumped up and stepped on the sword and flew straight to the mountain peak and mortal country, looking for a large-scale war along the border!
The huge area of the "Giant Que" of the stars has spawned a number of countries, and all kinds of battles have been fought and killed almost all the time. It is not difficult to find such mortal wars in a corner of the stars!

This record is still in Chang Sheng’s heart. He didn’t tell anyone.

Chapter two hundred and seventeen No one has ever done anything
Changsheng really doesn’t care about any unbeaten record in a row. He has set a record of 65 consecutive unbeaten rounds, and he is not interested in refreshing this record again.
And there’s no point in repeatedly refreshing your own record.
Besides, it is not necessarily a good thing to pursue unbeaten in a row, which will bring great pressure to the team
This kind of pressure will affect the normal play of the team.
Let some winnable games lose because they think too much.
Chang Sheng is not interested in unbeaten record in a row.
Of course, it is natural that he will let the team go for victory in every game.
Because this is his principle.
But football is a round game, and those accidents always happen. Maybe the probability of one game is very low, but what about ten games and twenty games?
There will always be some accidents that will produce unexpected results beyond their own expectations.
We are psychologically prepared for this victory.
If he really loses the game, he can accept it calmly if it is not a key game.
Sometimes losing a game may be a good way to relieve stress.
More important in the heart of winning is another record.
No one in European football can complete this record today, but he wants to try one.
That’s defending the triple crown!
After winning the Italian Cup, Serie A and Champions League this season, I will continue to win this season, and I plan to attack the first League, the National Cup and the Champions League.
Such an achievement has neve been achieved before.
It is difficult to lead the team to win the real triple crown in the whole European football.
Not to mention winning the triple crown for two consecutive seasons!
Throughout the ages, none of the top three champions in European football has successfully defended his title.
Celtic, who was later called "the lion of Reese", made the most brilliant achievement in the history of the club in 1967 when he was coached by a generation of famous coach jock stein. In that year, Celtic’s three-point lead beat the arch-rival Glasgow Rangers to the podium. In the Scottish Cup final, they defeated Aberdeen and tasted the taste of winning the championship again.
Playing the Champions League final in Portugal is doomed to go down in history-beating Inter Milan in the final 21 made Celtic the first club in the British Isles to win the Champions League trophy and the first club in continental Europe to win the title of "Triple Crown". By the way, in the Scottish League Cup this season, Celtic was also the champion team, and they were actually the "quadruple crown".
However, in the second season, Celtic won the League title and the League Cup, and most importantly, the FA Cup and the Champions League were due to them.
In the fifth year after the Celtics won the Triple Crown, another super team was born in the Netherlands. It was the representative of "offensive and defensive" football-Ajax controversially dismissed michels, the founder of "offensive and defensive" football concept after winning the Champions League trophy in 1971, but his tactical legacy still shone in the second year.
In 1972, Ajax defeated Inter Milan 2-0 in the Champions League final in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and tasted the Champions League again. At that time, the defending champion of the Dutch League was Jenod, but the powerful Ajax returned to the title of the League with 140 goals and 30 victories-there were 34 rounds in the Dutch League at that time-and Ajax defeated The Hague 32 in the final battle of the National Cup to achieve the feat of "triple crown"
In the second season, they successfully defended the Champions League and won the Champions League three times in a row. They also defended the League title, but the Dutch Cup title did not belong to them that year.
Few coaches like Hiddink can be favored by the "lucky goddess" at the beginning of his career. Hiddink took over Eindhoven in early March 1997, and two months later he helped the team overtake Ajax and became the champion of the Dutch League.
In the second season, Eindhoven had the ability to recruit Europe-in the 19-year Champions League final penalty shootout, Eindhoven defeated Portuguese powerhouse Fica; Eindhoven scored 117 goals in the national league, leading Ajax by nine points in the two-point league and arguably becoming the champion; Eindhoven beat Rhoda JC in the Dutch Cup final.
However, in the second season, although they continued to dominate the Dutch league and won the league title and cup title, they lost the Champions League.
Looking back on Sir Alex Ferguson’s brilliant coaching career in Manchester United in the summer of 1999, it is worth repeating that Manchester United won the championship in a dramatic way in both the Premier League and the Champions League.
In the last round of the Premier League, they still need to ensure victory to suppress Arsenal, and the final opponent is just Arsenal’s old enemy-Tottenham scored the first goal in Tottenham, and Manchester United finally won the 21 ST reversal; In the FA Cup, Manchester United beat their last opponent Newcastle 2-0.
The Champions League final was held in Camp Nou. Although the opponent was not Barcelona, it seemed to be stronger. In the regular 90-minute game of Bayern Munich, the Bavarians had a significant advantage. basler’s goal also made Bayern about to touch the big ear trophy. However, goals from Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in stoppage time forced UEFA President Johansson to move from Bayern Munich camp to Manchester United.
It was the most dramatic final in the history of the Champions League-before Istanbul Night, of course, without the magical Istanbul Night, the final was the greatest reversal.
Manchester United won the treble with this reversal, but the next season they won the league title and the Champions League and the FA Cup.
In the 24-year history of the Champions League, the youngest champion coach was born and always won, leading Valencia to win the Champions League trophy for the first time in the final of the Champions League.
That season, his team also won the championship in the league and defeated Real Madrid again in the final of the King’s Cup and won the King’s Cup.
So Valencia won the triple crown.
However, it is a pity that Valencia was able to win the triple crown. Changsheng, the biggest hero, announced his resignation on the night of winning the Champions League. He went to Valencia, Italy, and quickly recovered after he left. Now he has not been able to achieve brilliant achievements. The complete fall of Valencia once made people feel heartache.
When Guardiola took over as the coach of Barcelona in 2 years, La Liga was being ruled by Real Madrid at that time. Galaxy Battleship had won the La Liga championship for two years in a row. No one could have predicted that Guardiola would create the greatest Barcelona team in history.
In La Liga in 229 season, Barcelona beat Real Madrid by nine points to win the league title, and scored an astonishing 150 goals in the league. In the King’s Cup, it was 41 points. In the Champions League, Barcelona defeated the defending champion Lazio, Bayern Munich and scored 2 points to win the triple crown.
Of course, the next season, although Barcelona could not win the league title and the cup title, it suffered a constant victory in the Champions League. After two wonderful rounds of confrontation, Lazio beat Barcelona completely and stepped on their bodies to enter the final, and in the final, it won Bayern Munich 4 times and became the first triple crown in Italian football history.
Now history has come to the same fork in the road.
Before that, none of the six treble teams could successfully defend the treble.
This shows how difficult it is to win the triple crown.
It’s not easy to take it once, let alone twice in a row …
This difficulty is simply several levels higher.
But it is because it is difficult to win that I want to give it a try.
Even if he loses, he has nothing to lose-people can’t laugh at him on this matter, so the previous six teams should be laughed at first.
But if it succeeds, the rewards will be amazing.
No one has ever done anything in history. Lazio will do it, and he always wins. If he does … His and Lazio’s names will be engraved in the history of European football forever, and it is the most prominent position!
This is an opportunity to go down in history, and few people can resist the temptation.

Xuanguang Jueyuan Array made these punishments self-bound.

But this law is aimed at Gu Tong You and Qiu Si. Who would have thought that Su Mo would come out as a monster?
Bear commander retreated, Su Mo followed him, and chased him faster. Turn your hand and slap it toward bear commander’s crown to suppress it!
Bear commander nai can put up his arms to resist.
He is injured, and his qi and blood are hard to operate.
It’s a simple physical force that can’t stop violet!
Su Mo’s slap will directly interrupt the bear with his arms!
The bear commander screamed, and he tried to sacrifice the symbol in the bag to send a distress signal.
But the Soviet-Mexican offensive, like a storm, won’t give him a breather!
After a palm crackdown, the bear commander felt that Su Mo’s figure had disappeared at the moment.
The authorities are fascinated by the beholder.
In the eyes of Gu Tong, you and others, Su Mo suppressed the whole person with a palm and suddenly swam forward with a low body like a clever python around the bear and behind him.
For a moment, this python wrapped around the bear commander, looked up and inhaled as if to swallow the sun and the moon!
Python body constantly expanding force!
The bear leads the burly body, and several people are horrified, and the rapid deformation body comes to a seepage crack!
Bear commander’s bones were smashed to pieces by this python, and blood fog broke out in his body!
A Yuan God flew out of the top of the skull, but before he could escape, he was smashed to pieces by the python’s wagging tail and died on the spot!
On the other side, Lin Ming looked horrified and suddenly waved his head and rubbed his eyes with his hands.
He just seems to have an illusion.
The drunk seems to disappear and be replaced by a python!
By the time he looked intently again, the bear commander had collapsed into a pool of scarlet rotten meat.
The ugly drunk just looked on his face.
The scene just now seemed to be his illusion.
It’s not just him, Zuo Zhuxuan and Guan Qian, who also have the same illusion.
Gu Tong You and Qiu Si can see the vibration in each other’s eyes when they look at each other.
Two people see more clearly and thoroughly.
From ancient times to modern times, there are many martial arts that imitate fierce beasts and monsters.
It’s too hard to copy easily and think of God.
It’s unheard of for Su Mo to have both form and spirit, which makes people visually confused and difficult to distinguish between true and false!
The war was slow to speak, but the actual process was extremely short.
It took less than twenty breaths from Su Mo’s hand to slay Liu and three people to strangle the bear and end.
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming are always on the side of punishment.
Two people haven’t recovered from Su Mo’s shock of how dare to punish Zawei. The Zawei has been wiped out.
The two men had little chance to fight and the war was over!
How is that possible?
Who the hell is this ink spirit?
I didn’t show mercy to the executioner, and it was a big killing!
He is a five-step fairy. How could such a terrible power erupt?
Is it the method of bearing the stars gate?
It doesn’t make sense. I’ve never seen him make a star gate.
What’s more, he can’t release it in this mysterious array.
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming are in a mess.
Just then Sue ink turned towards two people look up.
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming Su Mo’s eyes changed when they touched each other. They felt a chill coming from their backs, and their hearts seemed to jump to the top of their throats instantly!
Both of them are not stupid and realize one thing.
Not to mention that they have repeatedly been difficult to target Su Mo before, that is, it is difficult for two people to leave alive when they see today’s scene!
Chapter two thousand and ninety Kill them
"Not good!"
"This ink spirit wants to kill me!"
Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming flashed the idea at the same time.