Lu Chen looked at the heroic spirit around the sick old man and cut into the topic. In those days, he naturally saw the little girl and played with Ye Fan.

Xia Jiuyou nodded not Liu Chen more beautiful eyes with some strange colors.
When the master said that Lu Chen was not dead, he was sent to a foreign country. I didn’t expect him to really come back, but he also forced three ancient emperors to be shocked by World War I.
Xia Jiuyou’s heart is high, but he also has to admit that now he is not an emperor’s opponent, but he can defeat one enemy and three enemies. In the end, it is not necessary to estimate that several ancient emperors will die that day if he is not merciful.
It’s no wonder that the unborn master was invited to move out of the mountain and was willing to take care of this Terran Tianjiao.
"Your qi and blood are dry, even if you take that half step, you can be as good as the ancient emperor’s soldiers."
The Great Sage of Kunzhou is getting stronger and stronger, but the emperor soldiers hide him and no one knows which one lent it to him.
He can’t see through the depth of the sick old man, but he intuitively feels that the other side may go further. If the emperor soldiers are extremely old and exhausted, he will not dare to move, but the other side will die of old age at any time. What is there to be afraid of if he has an ancient imperial soldier?
"Ahem …"
The sick old man coughed a few times and looked at Wei Yi’s eyes. "This Taoist friend said yes, you always represent the ten thousand families. We dare not say that we represent the terran, but we can still do it by protecting the individual kindling."
Huntuo Dasheng was anxious to persuade "Kunzhou and Guiya Taigu have been feuding for so long, but they should be so persistent, and now they are young people, so don’t bully the small."
Kun Zhou didn’t reply, which is that the way of Emperor Wei is getting stronger and stronger.
When Huntuo Great Sage saw that there were still many ancient tribes in the Holy City, and even his descendants said, "Is it really impossible to talk about it outside the world?"
Kun Zhou doesn’t sell Huntuo Dasheng to know this guy, that is to say, if he looks at the sick old man coldly, "kindling?" What if I put him out today? "
He’s so domineering that the whole wilderness is under that kind of pressure. I don’t know how many people tremble and prostrate themselves. "Sign up to come to Kunzhou and don’t cut your name!"
The sick old man sighed with a long look. "Don’t you understand if you rob thousands of people and don’t have terrans?"
He said slowly, "Old man … Jiuyou Gai."
Plain three words like the holy city dropped a blockbuster.
Some Terran elders were stunned and shocked to hear this name.
"Jiuyou Gai! It’s the tianjiao who fought against the sky in Zhongzhou nine thousand years ago! "
"How can anyone live for nine thousand years! ? He can’t preach! ?”
"Smell him, isn’t it? How can he still be alive! ?”
"Jiuyou Gai is also the Great Sage who is absolutely strong. Otherwise, how can you live so long! ?”
Many Terrans exclaimed that the Taikoo race around them was also a gasp after hearing this person’s past.
I never thought that Terran could be so strong after the great change of heaven and earth.
In those days, there was a saying that if Qing Di had not just died for a thousand years, Jiuyou Gai would have had a chance to prove the truth, but unfortunately, he was born in the wrong era and could eventually grow old in time.
An old hierarch sighed and looked at the sick old man at the end of the strip in awe.
The heavenly stone workshop, the holy emperor and the big black dog are also jaw-dropping. I didn’t expect to finally come out with such a statue of God.
Lu Chen also pretended to be shocked "senior!"
Jiuyou Gai lightly waved his hand and coughed a few times. "It’s all over, it’s all over. I’m not as old as you saw in those days. Now I’m an ordinary sick old man."
Kunzhou Great Sage’s eyes are indecisive, which is different from his plan today.

In this way, Xiao Wen didn’t actually make any sacrifice. Duan Yan needs to rest and sleep for four hours a day to raise J and jīng God, but Xiao Wen doesn’t need him to finish mining and practice at this time.

Two months passed quickly, perhaps because Xiao Wen and Duan Yan cherish this happy time too much, but they are both mature men and women after all, and their eyes will be uncontrollable after getting along for a long time.
It is inevitable to get married under such circumstances.
But because Xiao Wen and Duan Yan Dou’s parents are dead and Duan Yan’s eldest brother has to call Xiao Wen’s eldest brother, this marriage is really not easy to preside over.
In addition, Xiao asked that Duan Yan, a yogi, was more concerned with people than form, so he chose a simple ecliptic, and Ri did not find any elders to marry him, nor did he arrange banquets and ceremonies. The two directly worshipped the memorial tablets of the two parents.
The ceremony is super simple but significant.
Xiao Wen and Duan Yan became real husband and wife from the moment they finished.
The yellow light in the wedding room makes Xiao Wen Duan Yan hug each other in the room, and Duan Yan sticks her head on Xiao Wen’s shoulder. She is so happy that she is beyond words.
After all, it’s a big rejoicing. Ri has always been plain and Yan Duan, but wearing makeup makes her look more delicate and charming.
After feeling, the two embraced, kissed lightly, then kissed deeply, and then kissed wildly, and finally rolled into bed …
After months of brewing, the last step was finally reached, and the words had become tense and excited.
Soon the room was full of incense and red spots …
Then the charming temperature rises and there is a low moan …
Chapter four hundred and twenty-six Husband and wife
A couple who have tasted love for the first time will be as good as honey and oil, and Duan Yan and Xiao ask whether their relationship has gone through a long journey of six or seven years. For them, it is even harder to combine at this time, so the meaning of combination will be sublimated to a higher level.
In the first few days, they were inseparable, but both Xiao Wen and Duan Yan Dou were a little rusty on the couple’s life. Duan Yan was thin-skinned and shy most of the time, even though both of them wanted to stay indoors during the day, they were embarrassed.
It wasn’t until a month later that they were released and adapted to their present identity and life. They no longer had to hug and kiss carefully, and they no longer worried that someone would suddenly knock on the door. It turned out that it was because they were so happy that they felt a little unreal. Subconsciously, they always thought that there should be some small trouble to disturb them … The first round of Mine Fairy 426.
After a month’s running-in, both of them have grown up, and then they groped for it in their husband and wife’s life. You know, the first two people can still stay in bed until it’s late, and Xiao Wen is in Duan Yan’s stage …
In this kind of thing, Xiao Wen is more active after all, and Duan Yan loves Xiao Wen too much, and she is a little tired of it, so she lets Xiao Wen fiddle with it.
Sure enough, the two soon discovered new fun, and a new and wonderful world appeared before them …
At this time, Xiao asked the super physique to play a great role. Duan Yan was tossed by him for mercy every time.
After more than a month, both of them felt that it was inconvenient to live with Duan Changchang and Duan Changxing again, so the family got together to discuss Xiao Wen and Duan Yan and moved out.
The two of them bought a small courtyard on a hill in Fengjing, where no one bothered them anymore. After a long separation, they would go back to the old courtyard and often reunite with them once.
This afternoon, Xiao asked out, bought food, and then cooked at home with Duan Yan.
Duan Yan is a good cook. Xiao Wen can also cook. It’s also fun for the young couple to be busy together.
Duan Yanzheng accidentally dropped a tree while picking vegetables. After all, it was in his own kitchen and Xiao Wen asked Duan Yandong not to squat down first and then pick it up like a lady, but to bend over directly.
Duan Yangen didn’t intend to go out today. It was a loose, soft home dress. It was light blue. Se had some patterns embroidered at the skirt. It was comfortable and good. As soon as she bent down, it didn’t matter. The soft cloth immediately stuck to her body, and the lines at her waist and buttocks were well outlined. It was just asked by Xiao that the big Se wolf had arrived …
Why don’t they just move to a new place and be more free?
Xiao asked a Se Xin Da immediately threw his things on the chopping board and washed his hands in a hurry in the next basin.
At this time, Duan Yan had straightened up and came to Xiao Wen to wash her hands and wondered, "What’s the matter?"
Xiao Wen didn’t have Duan Yan’s face, but Duan Yanting’s ass swallowed water. To tell the truth, even if it is straight, the loose green Se dress will still outline a quite radian in Xiao Wen’s temple.
Once again, Xiao asked her face. Se Duan Yan didn’t know what was going on. Immediately, when her face warmed up, she felt a sense of force. According to the experience of moving here for more than a month, whenever Xiao asked her to show such eyes, the two of them were bound to do something, and she was bound to be tortured by yu Xian …
"Turn around" Xiao asked to Duan Yandao like a hypnotist.
Duan Yan frowned and asked, "What for?"
"There’s a blade of grass behind your clothes. I’ll take it off for you." Xiao asked a serious question.
"This has nothing to cheat you? Hurry up, "they have been married for more than two months, and the effect has long been very natural and casual.
Duan Yan turned around half-heartedly, and as a result, Xiao Wen, who was first-class and second-class, made no movement. When she turned her head, Xiao Wen was staring at her hips fiercely.
"Is there? !” Duan Yan airway actually guessed her fate by this time.
Xiao Wen smiled shamelessly. It was a big step. He hugged Duan Yan tightly from behind. The two bodies almost fit together. Xiao Wen didn’t wipe his hands after washing his hands. It was water stains, but he didn’t care so much about Duan Yan’s body and buckled it in front of her …
"Well …"
Duan Yan groaned, feeling the hot body behind her and the double stimulation of her cool wet hands on her chest, almost all of them were unstable.
At this time, Xiao Wen has been dishonest. He leaned his head from Duan Yan’s left shoulder and kissed Duan Yan’s cheek …
When both sides feel more and more, Xiao asked directly to Duan Yan and strode to the bedroom.
Before the meeting, Duan Yan’s voice came in the room.

Almost when Guqing landed in the two worlds, three elders dressed as the Patriarch rushed from three directions at the same time, and the pressure of Dan Dao’s nine peaks was released at the same time, firmly locking Guqing around the central government!

"GuQing worlds you a true brother, if the palm of your hand to teach called root no benefit to get here! Still not retreating quickly! "
"I miss you for a reason. If I don’t punish you more, leave quickly or you’ll blame us!"
These elders are responsible for the safety of the two worlds, and they don’t take charge of law enforcement. They didn’t rebuke or kill Gu Qing for coming.
"I want to see Zhang Jiao!"
"GuQing although you are a true brother, but palm teach statue and other identity is not what you want to see, you will see quickly recede! Zhang Jiao will summon you if he really wants to see you! "
"I see Zhang Jiao is trying to explain what happened to Elder Jiuyang. Are you trying to stop me?"
The three elders of Jiuyang have naturally heard about it, but the duty of the three of them is to guard the two worlds and never make an exception for special reasons. "This matter is of great importance and will be summoned to you in person at that time, but is it true that you are so careless and forced to break in so that you can put me in the ground! ?”
Guqing eyebrows a wrinkly directly to look into the two worlds.
He believes that he dazzled Yang Tianzong to make such a big noise and dazzled Yang Tianzong’s palm teaching, even though he has already heard about it, but he has not expressed his summons so far … Then there are two possibilities.
First, he’s been in the limelight over the years, and his true brother has been a real brother for several times, which has seriously damaged the face of Xuanyang Tianzong and affected the stability of Zongmen Department. He wants to kill him with the help of these nine masters of Dan Dao first!
Secondly, he dazzled Yang Tianzong, who was already planning to give up his old age.
When he was so delayed, the elders who were disturbed by Dandao were already incarnations, and they quickly rushed in, including the elders who dazzled Yang Tianzong’s position and did not enforce the law at all, the elders of Bailie Gong, the true elders, the elders of Tiangong, the elders of Wendao, the elders of Zhenyang and so on!
These elders are not as good-natured as these three guardians!
"Gu Qing, you still dare to come to our Xuanyang Tianzong to run wild. I really don’t know how to live or die!"
"Kill people and fight Sendai as quickly as possible. Today, I will kill your elders Chen Li and Jiuyang to get justice!"
"GuQing you are so bold! How dare you kill the law enforcement elders of the law enforcement department in public in Tiandi City! You want to rebel! ?”
In front of so many people, Gu Qing not only defeated the law enforcement elder Bailie, but also killed David Li, the law enforcement department. This move is suspected to have greatly reduced the face of Xuanyang Tianzong. Now people talk about Xuanyang Tianzong and laugh at them. The chief law enforcement elder of the law enforcement department can’t even cure a true brother who has committed a crime!
These rumors are a serious blow to Xuanyang Tianzong’s prestige. Even though some of these elders regarded Gu Qing with special respect before, now they have regarded him as a traitor to the clan, and they want to kill him one by one.
"You elders should not make noise in the world!"
Seeing that these elders are emotional, the three Patriarchs can’t help but stop slightly!
"Three, give this ancient green to us and we will take him to the law enforcement department to plead guilty!"
"Yes, it must be handed over to the law enforcement department to convict him!"
"Which also need to convict this GuQing killed David li Chen elders is conclusive evidence conviction can make an exception to directly give him the death penalty! Otherwise, it will be difficult to eliminate my hatred! "
Is the town of Yang elders, although he was very dissatisfied with Gu Qing’s killing Chen Li, which damaged the dazzling Yang Tianzong’s face, he still came forward and said, "The eyes are already in two worlds. The three elders still bother to tell Zhang Jiao!" After all, this ancient Qing is still our true brother Xuanyang Tianzong. What to do with him is still up to Zhang Jiaozun to decide for himself! "
In the face of such anger, the nine elders of Dan Dao and the three elders who protect the Sect also feel that things are difficult. When they nod, they will send a person to inform them!
However, they have just sent people to report this matter to the Outer Space, and an atmospheric majesty has broken the barrier and exploded from the Outer Space. This piece of emptiness "Gu Qing, since you voluntarily returned to me, Xuanyang Tianzong wants to explain your crimes and prove your innocence, then I will give you an explanation opportunity to keep watch and take them to the trial hall with a bunch of elders!"
This sound of Guqing has been heard impressively, which is the real palm of Xuanyang Tianzong who teaches Yunyan.
"the judgment hall!"
"There are ten true brothers in the judgment hall. Elder Dandao Jiuchong committed a felony. It takes three elders less to enlighten this ancient virtue. I can actually let Zhang teach him to enlighten the judgment hall!"
"He killed the elders David li Chen is a governor directly condemned got such a traitor disturb so many elders is worth it! ?”
"It’s just that we are waiting for the precious when we live in the clan, so we can’t wave a traitor like him!"
A guardian elder, who is known as the guardian of the sun, was also slightly stunned by the sentence of palm teaching, and immediately respectfully replied to the virtual one, "It’s palm teaching!" With that, he turned to the angry elders and said, "You’ve heard what you said. Please move the judgment hall with me."
Yunyan Xuanyang Tianzong enjoys a high prestige. Now that he has spoken, these nine elders of the Dandan Road think that the ancient Qing Dynasty’s trial hall is too exciting, but they still follow the orders of Zhang Jiao and follow the elders who keep the sun to the direction of the trial hall one by one!
The judgment hall!
Xuanyang Tianzong really enforces the law!
Xuanyang Tianzong Zhangjiao has the great benefit of abolishing the true brother’s cultivation and giving the true brother and all the elders a death!
However, such great potential as Yu Shi, Gan Bu Hua, Zhen Di Bai Lie, Wen Dao, Zhen Yang, etc., these nine masters of Dan Dao will be promoted to Shinto in the future. I hope that this level of master can truly represent a sect. It will be a great loss for a clan if he is taught to die too rashly in the future.
Therefore, if a person of this level like Cha Qiuhao wants to be given the death penalty, even if he is in charge of teaching, he must get the consent of half of the Zongmen God and Taoism, and it is this level of master that the Trial Hall is trying!
Eyes are old and young, but Dan Dao’s six hands teach Yunyan, but he has opened the trial hall, and he can also prove his status as a dazzling Yang Tianzong at the moment
When the sun-guarding elders entered the judgment hall with Gu Qing, there were already many elders’ halls waiting there.
These people are long and slender, and there are 30 or 40 people who have been repaired more. Although the height is different, there is an example of external strength of Dan Dao’s seven-fold terror. Some of them have the strength of the earth that is not inferior to the law enforcement elders, the true elders and the excelsior elders!
Although these people are tough in strength, they seldom interfere with the patriarchal clan affairs, dive into the realm of Shinto, become Shinto, enhance the strength of the patriarchal clan, and promote the lofty position of Xuanyang Tianzong in the practice world. What they represent is the real core strength of Xuanyang Tianzong.
Even the appearance of the judgment hall is estimated to be due to the fact that Guqing’s title is too high to see what this arrogant person really looks like.
In addition to these seven elders from heaven and earth, the most striking thing in the whole hall is to dazzle Yang Tianzong and teach him to sit on the square throne of the hall, two men and one woman and two Shinto statues!
Although these two men and a woman are sitting so quietly, their power is also converging as far as possible, but the spiritual coercion of Shinto masters is terrible. Even if they sit here and do nothing and say nothing, they can make those people feel unstable and not inferior to the oppression of a master who is at the top of the world.
Shinto! This is Shinto power!
The spirit of bombarding the sea has changed into the spirit of god, and the qualitative difference between the two is tens of thousands of miles.
Have dazzled Yang Tianzong Shinto honour this personally, even if it was emotional just now, Elders Tying, Gong and others were quiet one by one. After entering the main hall, they respectfully bowed to the four Shinto honours who were sitting in the main hall and overlooking the hall, and then returned to their own places according to their positions!
When these people are in their positions, there are some spacious trial halls in the middle, and Guqing is left alone immediately!
With the arrival of all the people, the doors of the trial hall were closed in an instant, and dozens of pairs of eyes, including the four super-strong Shinto realm, all the people’s eyes came to his body. Rao Guqing’s spiritual practice has reached the weight of Dan Dao, and he has developed a concise spirit. There is still a feeling that he is oppressed by this pressure and wants to kneel down and worship!
The third volume The stars gather together to explain the one hundred and third time
The judgment hall!
The light dim slightly by that gate makes the whole hall atmosphere full of an indescribable dignity and depression!
This kind of dignity and depression may come from the light, from the three elders of Xuanyang Tianzong sitting on the side, or from the center of the trial hall, looking straight at the high Xuanyang Tianzong palm and teaching Yunyan Guqing.
This kind of atmosphere suppressed even a few giant experts who practiced to Dan Dao and nine feet ran rampant felt very unconscious and fell silent, waiting for the trial seriously.
"Gu Qing saw Zhang Jiao without saluting. See if you really don’t put our dazzle Yang Tianzong’s eyes on treason! ?”
First of all, he said that he was not sitting in the middle of the square of the trial hall to dazzle Yang Tianzong and teach Yunyan, but sitting next to Yunyan, an old man-Tai Lao yan wang
Guqing swept this yan wang one eye but did not answer but directly to sit in the middle of the palm to teach "palm to teach! ?”

A few dragons lifted up the dragon sunseeker and waved their hands at Sumo, but their attitude was much better than before.

Su Mo is still confused. What do you have to do with this dragon girl?
I haven’t got a clue after thinking a little. He is going to put these things behind him and practice first.
As soon as he turned around, a dragon greeted him and gave him a thumbs up.
"Brother Mo, my name is Long Can. Just call me A Can."
This Candle dragon named Long Can is very enthusiastic. "Brother Mo, I know where your dragon cave is. I’ll take you there!"
Sue ink zheng just nodded slightly.
Before that, he asked the root continuously, and no dragon spoke to him.
Now, before he asked, the dragon has come out voluntarily.
The strength of the dragon is really true.
Su Mo wanted to be recognized by the dragons because he defeated Long Ye, the fifth in the Qianlong list.
But in fact, he was really recognized by the dragons because he touched the dragon’s ass
Or two?
Qunlong, it seems that this matter is much worse than any hidden dragon list!
Su Mo followed Long Can all the way forward, and many dragons around him looked at him with admiration. Some dragons also took the initiative to say hello and gave a thumbs up.
"Who was that dragon just now?"
After a long time, Su Mo could not help but ask out.
"Brother Mo, you really don’t know?" Long Can asked.
See Su Mo shook his head Long Cancai explained, "Brother Sunseeker’s original flame refers to the belly marriage, but when she grew up, Sister Sunseeker’s temper was too explosive, and the two of them couldn’t see each other. At that time, there was a big fight and it ended in discord."
Long Yan is naturally a red-haired ghost child.
Long Can continued, "Brother Mo, when you came to our candle dragon, you actually replaced the elder brother Yan and went to kill the dragon again."
"Sister Sunseeker was proud and naturally refused to agree, so she killed her to prepare to teach you a lesson. I didn’t expect … hey hey!"
Speaking of which, Dragon Sunseeker winked at Su Mo and smiled. "Brother Mo, if you can lower Sister Sunseeker, our candle dragon will definitely serve you less!"
"You don’t look at Sister Sunseeker’s bad temper, but she’s nice."
Long Can also helped Long Sunseeker to say a good word.
When I heard this, Su Mo had already reacted and clenched his fists slightly. "These old things!"
The trouble he is Candle dragon patriarch old what kiss will provoke this tyrannosaurus rex!
Chapter one thousand and fourteen Hidden dragon list first
I’m afraid this matter is not over yet.
Su Mo doesn’t want to go back to his dragon cave, even if this dragon sunseeker kills the door again, he can’t break in.
Su Mo mused, "By the way, I’m going to look at the practice method in Candle dragon."
"Come with me"

Captain canizares turned around and gave a thumbs-up to Changsheng. "Don’t worry, coach! We won’t put a person under pressure! "

Then he patted Passareira on the shoulder next to him.
"Coach, you have a good eye! He will become an excellent central defender! "
"He is now!" Winning to canizares shouted.
Then he smiled triumphantly.
This is an old hand-made, painstaking effort. The goal is not an excellent central defender but the world’s top central defender!
Seeing that Changsheng has so much confidence in his players, canizares has a good impression of Changsheng. He knows how important a good player is to young players.
Pasere was really lucky to meet a constant winner at the age of seventeen.
Judging from the performance of this game, this is a small future!
He hugged Sai Passareira and said to him, "It’s going to be even harder when you’re young. After they lose the ball, they will be more fierce and disciplined, but there’s nothing to worry about. They will find trouble from the rest of us when they realize that it’s not easy to break through, so your pressure is actually reduced."
He was worried that the fiercer game would scare Passareira and comfort him.
I didn’t expect Passareira to nod calmly. "What can I do, captain?"
Canizares is very satisfied with this maturity and calmness. Many young people always seem nervous or lack of confidence in the first game, but none of these situations happened in Passareira. If he hadn’t known Sai Passareira, he would have been here with rich experience …
"Guard the rookie in your area and don’t let an opposing player enter the penalty area and then step on Villarreal’s body to become famous in World War I!"
He said
This game really became a famous battle for Sai Passareira.
Before the game, because he was a inexperienced rookie, he became the focus of everyone’s attention. Hertha supporters worried that he didn’t think highly of him, while Hertha enemies laughed at his immaturity.
But as the game went on, the ridicule came to an abrupt end, and the worries gradually disappeared.
What people see is an overly mature young central defender.
Villarreal finally woke up after losing the ball, and they made adjustments in Paquito. Instead of devoting their offensive firepower to Passareira, they looked for opportunities in Hertha’s entire defense line.
Their attack finally returned to normal level.
And this is even more threatening to Passareira, because they come from here suddenly, and if they don’t pay enough attention, they will become the breakthrough of the other side.
After all, they still haven’t given up on Passareira.
However, Passareira once again handed over an excellent answer sheet, and he kept enough attention from beginning to end, and did not let Villarreal attack make a gap in him.
This, of course, is what he showed when he reached 75 [middle school].
After Hertha took the lead, the game became Villarreal’s half-court attack and defense.
Hertha huddled in the second half, and the scene was really ugly.
However, Villarreal fans finally frowned.
Because they haven’t been able to score …
Hertha’s defense is not tight and tough. In the face of some physical confrontation, they will never give in, even if there is a risk of injury, they will never retreat!
This momentum, in turn, frightened Villarreal players.
Nobody wants to get hurt in the game …
Although they fought against Hertha, there were few actual threats and attacks.
Most of the time, Hertha’s goal is Ann.
Pablo, the goalkeeper, knew this the most. Before, he was always on tenterhooks and didn’t know where his opponent’s attack would come from and give him a fatal blow. Now? Although he was finally facing all kinds of shots from the other side, he felt very at ease because an iron wall was really built in front of him!
He knew very well whose credit it was.
When the head coach explained the benefits of tough defense to them, many people still shrugged it off.
But now he really wants to thank his new head coach.
Chang Sheng was present and saw that his goal was still standing in Villarreal, so he couldn’t help but clench his fist excitedly.
This is the advantage of choosing a group of high [willpower], high [courage] and high [aggression] players to form the main team!
Willpower determines how eager they are to win.
[Brave] Decide whether they dare to take responsibility and righteousness.
[Aggressiveness] Let them devote themselves to every fight in the competition.
And all this can be summarized in one sentence, that is …
Meet the brave in the narrow road and win!
Chapter 36 He just dares
Villarreal tried his best, and Paquito dropped three substitutions early, all for strikers.
But they also failed to break Hertha’s goal.
However, although their defense line is very important, Hertha can’t take advantage of it as a goal
Because all their energy is devoted to defense, it takes them all their roots to ensure that they don’t lose the ball, so don’t say anything about counterattack.
But after all, they are the leaders, and when the defensive pressure is greatest, they still have hope in their hearts.
This hope sustained them until the end of the game.
When the whistle sounded at the end of the game, the whole coliseumalfonso perez was crazy, except for cheering, no sound could be heard or sent out.
Everyone cheered in the stands and won this precious victory!
Even the commentator Crespo had to turn up the volume. Even so, he was interrupted and paused for a few seconds at the end of the game at the peak of the sound.
"The energy generated by Hertha fans at this moment is impressive … two consecutive victories! When did they win two games in a row? Before the game, if I said Hertha could beat Villarreal and win two consecutive victories, it would be considered crazy by many people, but now it is even crazier than you think, and the result is in front of you! Although Hertha was passive in every game, they won by 1 score! "
"In this game, we witnessed the rise of a new defensive star Ran Ran! Sai Passareira sansini! His name will be all over Spain after tonight! A C team player who has never had first-team experience became famous in his first official league game! I am very responsible to say that most of Villarreal’s attacks in this game stopped at this teenager! I know it’s amazing to say this, but I promise it will be even more amazing after watching the game! Where did Sai Passareira sansini come from? I think many people know very little about this Hertha C team player … but you can see the most detailed introduction of him when you look through the newspaper every day! "
"A winner: Osasuna beat Villarreal by one goal. The key figure in a game was Carlos Campo, the midfielder of Team C. The biggest hero in this game was also Cesar Passareira, the central defender of Team C. Who brought this change? All this is that coach China who is also from Team C with a lot of experience! Changsheng is already the head coach of Hertha’s first team at the age of 20 and has led the team to win two consecutive victories in the cruel relegation war! "
This time, Crespo didn’t dare to ignore Changsheng again. He devoted a long space to introducing Changsheng to the audience.
I have to be called again to scold his team for being such a man of the hour who is not worthy of being a commentator as far as I know.
But Chang Sheng will become a man of the hour after two consecutive victories. The media will surely flock to interview him. His photos and names will appear frequently in newspapers. Every word he says will be noted. Maybe even if he farts, there will be media analysis for everyone. Is it smelly or fragrant?
As an inexperienced rookie, he can lead the team to win two consecutive victories, and defeat all powerful enemies. If this is not famous, there must be something wrong with the world.

Even if they know they will die, not many people dare to blow themselves up to destroy themselves.

"Damn it!"
Elder Feng was furious in his heart.
He didn’t get the violet. This is the first time.
More importantly, Long Huang’s real resistance made him feel a provocation!
"It’s just an ant in the world. Even if it’s a little taboo, it’s just a little beast who dares to go against my will!"
Wind elders look cold, huge palms enveloped to directly grasp Long Huang’s true body and mutilated body and suddenly hold it tightly!
Long Huang’s real body and mutilated body were crushed by the palm of the elder by the wind, and his bones turned into a bloody fog!
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and forty-one Nirvana
"Even if you blow yourself up, I will crush your flesh!"
The wind elder said bitterly.
After crushing Long Huang’s real body and mutilated body, his hands fell, and the blood and fog all over the sky became extinct and turned into dust!
This is really gone.
Taboo Dragon Phoenix has no blood to leave this world.
kunlun market
Su Mo quietly looked at this scene in silence.
A physical destruction is nothing to him.
His only regret is that he failed to cultivate the last magical power and the secret code of the Wild Lich King to perfection.
"Are you all right?"
Read march worry Su Mo light ask.
Su Mo shook his head slightly and whispered, "It’s a pity that the last Lich King didn’t see anything."
Long Huang’s last sight, when the light ball breaks, a flame emerges.
But what the hell is pregnant with in this flame? The demon king blew himself up before he had a chance to see the Yuan God.
Suddenly Su Mo’s heart moved and looked different.
"What’s the matter?"
Read march inquired.
Su Mo frowned slightly and looked a little weird. He shook his head and looked at the place where Long Huang really fell.
Normally, Long Huang’s true body, Yuan Shen’s explosive body, and it must have died!
He can’t be Long Huang’s real body.
But strangely, when Su Mo calms his mind, he can still feel a little induction from afar from Long Huang’s body.
But it’s still weak. If there is, if there is.
Isn’t Long Huang really dead?
Think of this may even Su Mo himself got a fright.
What all the people saw with their own eyes? How can the Dragon Phoenix Yuan God still be alive when his flesh was shattered by the wind?
Just Su Mo’s thoughts for a while, Long Huang’s body, and his induction has become more and more obvious!
Su Mo’s mind shook and stared at the distance.

The third thing is an old diary. In the interstellar era, few people record what happens every day by hand, because it is more convenient to buy a wrist-type is. Even thousands of years ago, few people had the habit of keeping a diary.

Sasha looked disdainful. "There are still some treasures hidden. It turned out to be a few broken human habits."
John traveled extensively, narrowed his eyes and smiled. "Sisso, congratulations. Maybe the Phantom of the Opera will produce a great pharmacist soon. These things are very good for you. Take good care of you, Uncle."
Lin momo is also very happy not to make a trip in vain and say with smile "which have so easily? We must study it carefully, but I will redouble my efforts and never live up to your expectations. "
John nodded and went back to the captain’s room to play chess. Sasha shuttled through the corridor like a Grinch, wrapped in spray and playing surfing.
The clinic was quiet again, and Lin momo opened the nitrogen chamber and sent in a few mice after checking the data.
I didn’t dare to reach out after observing the hatch cover for a while. First, I took the old diary and read it slowly.
"On April 19, 129, teacher Wei Han took me to Farouk Star for a field trip. It is said that there is a kind of fluorescent plant here that is very helpful to treat the septicemia of immigrants. This diary was given to me by my teacher as a birthday present. He said that a good pharmacist usually lives for a long time and needs to record the bits and pieces of his life, so he can read it at any time when he is old. It’s pitiful that I was just a year old, but he didn’t have the money to buy a wrist-type is to get rid of it. This is my teacher’s easy journey."
Lin momo freely asked, "Peacock, do you know the pharmacist Yi Cheng? Is there any information about this person? "
The amulet flashed a few times and immediately responded, "There is no relative information. Since ancient times, there have been countless monks like the Ganges, and even some heroes have their deeds and names blurred. Those who study history like to find secrets in the long river, maybe they should ask the wise."
"In short, you don’t know every time you say a lot of tired not tired? Have a good rest! "
Continue to read the diary owner. Obviously, Uncle John has a fight. It took more than two months to remember the second article after April 19th.
"The weather in Farouk on July 2nd, 129 was terrible. It was still early in the spring and late in the winter. Today, I rummaged through my bags and suddenly saw the teacher send me a diary. I said that I forgot something recently. It turned out that I didn’t keep a diary. Unfortunately, I finally found fluorescent beans three days ago, but the survival rate was low. It was two and a half months after the Star Cruises passed by Farouk. I hope that transplanting soon can save many interstellar immigrants."
Then I went to the third diary, which was even longer every once in a while. In 1291, I wrote, "It’s been two years since I was unconscious, and my tenth birthday present is still a diary. Last year, my teacher forgot me, and people are absolutely upset. Well, it’s too simple to learn to control fungus spores recently, and even a single breath can kill people. No wonder the teacher likes to hide his identity and Brother Tong Wu is more afraid of our contact."
Lin momo is not tired of reading this diary page by page. It is a whim to write a few words when he thinks of it. It is normal to forget it every few years until the diary owner is 53 years old and his teacher dies unexpectedly.
Because there are many formulas behind the diary of mind growth, some abstruse conjectures and pharmaceutical knowledge don’t stop until the last page.
"On May 22nd, 1337, it was raining continuously. This diary was not filled for forty years and months until the age of fifty-six. I was ashamed of my teacher’s original intention, not to let me record trivial things, but to study the notes of pharmacists. This memory is precious, so be careful to seal it. SJ35 is a taboo for pharmacists left by Naiju, a teacher. This power is very strong enough to restrict Morgan Teng’s big institutions. The wise will certainly find clues, but I also have wise friends to set a puzzle. If you get the things in the stone statue, you will be qualified to be my face. I want to explain a few things. "
Volume 1 Initial! Phantom of the opera, Chapter 42
Lin momo kept a diary and picked up twelve metal test tubes. The elder never left his name, but the back of the diary revealed many mysteries.
First of all, the discovery of purple moss outside the fog area is an antidote. If you eat it, you will not be afraid of the poisonous fog. Only those who are good at observation and deep pharmacology will find the moss and be bold.
Entering the poisonous fog is only the first step. The castle is full of crises, and some things that look very valuable are very dangerous, often hiding compound toxins. Even if you are extra careful, you have a great chance of being attacked by one of your own people for 20 minutes and dying by bursting your neck.
The real test is that the third vine is specially cultivated to protect the stone statue, and at the same time it is bound by taboos in the stone statue, so it is not allowed to grow wantonly. Only by being friendly enough with it can you get the pharmacist’s commitment, or you will miss the biggest gain.
Look at the twelve metal test tubes, which are sealed with twelve kinds of pharmaceutical formulations and samples from low to high. It will be unexpected to open one at each level according to the number.
However, the diary can’t be opened until it reaches the corresponding level. There may be a deadly toxin hidden inside, and you can only open one more unless you have the strength to go beyond the challenge.
Lin momo didn’t rush to open the first two test tubes, but looked at the taboo diary, saying that this cover is made of powerful war animal fur, which can stop most of the detection, including brother Wu’s induction.
What’s really scary is that a lot of powerful and sinister knowledge has been recorded, and it’s easy to get stuck in the law and get rid of it.
For the time being, I don’t worry that taboos are blocked by strange spiritual forces. If I want to see them, I can’t see them. At present, it is really manipulating Morgan Rattan to avoid the powerful brother Wu’s spying. These two advantages have already made Lin momo move.
"Uncle, let’s go find the black vine. That’s the weapon left for me!"
Picking up the creepy green skin and flying to the cab, John didn’t wait to start the Phantom of the Opera and left for the ruins of the castle.
When I got near, I was dumbfounded. The ground was sunken for more than ten meters. I remembered that I had been to the poisonous fog behind the diary. It was the miasma formed in the depths of the earth for hundreds of millions of years. I was accidentally discovered by pharmacists, so I cleverly built defensive barriers on this basis to live in seclusion. But the castle has been destroyed. Where did Morgan Teng go? be unknown
Lin momo slipped from the Phantom of the Opera to explore the foggy darkness. John and Sasha didn’t meet the boat left by purple moss.
With searchlights, the terrain is getting more and more complicated after a while, which is more than 20 meters away from the ground.
"Poof …"
Suddenly, a large amount of dense fog spewed out from the cracks in the rocks around me, and I was so startled that I was as safe and sick as my diary said.
Lin momo sniffed a faint bloody wave, jumped over and followed a rock, and went around seven times, but I didn’t know where I came.
This is a karst cave, and the black vines have changed. The thick rhizomes probe into the gray mud and grow in a circle every time they fluctuate, as if the mud were a great nutrient solution. After swallowing it, the vines that grow vigorously become fat and bloated.
"It’s terrible to eat whatever you see. It’s hard to say whether this taboo can be brought down now."
Lin Sisuo always felt that it was not reliable to sit in Morgan Teng to communicate and slowly asked, "Are you okay, Old Black?"
After waiting for a long time, I had a vague consciousness that "it tastes much worse and it will explode if I can’t stop."
In the mind the gas andao "who told you to eat? It’s delicious this time. Something went wrong. What a suck! However, it is understandable that anyone who has been freed from difficulties for 1900 years will eat and drink so much to make up for the grievances for so many years, but it is also necessary to be temperate! Isn’t it boring to stuff mud into your body? "
Lin momo is counting on collecting vines as a weapon to gently appease "don’t worry, what can help you get rid of this state and give me a sign"
Morgan vine is obviously different from low-level plants. It can be very conscious in all aspects and strongly demands to cut off 30% of its roots, which can alleviate the crisis.
"Hey, I’ll help you this time, but after that, you have to be obedient and don’t eat what you see. If you have a problem, you will suffer ten thousand times."
Lin momo, regardless of whether the other party has a concept of 10,000 times, draws out the laser sword and jumps over the vine feet at a slight speed and beheads them along the roots.
"Before ….." Suddenly froze this guy root incredibly blocking laser sword cut Lin momo pull back to the laser sword to the maximum power blade "buzzing" throughput heat eyes become sharp shape if fast flash.
"Boom" chop off the thickness of an arm, and the rebound force of the rhizome shocks the jaws of death. It seems that this work is not as easy as imagined, and it takes great hard work to succeed.
Lin momo studied martial brother Wu for the first time. From time to time, he shouted and cut down the quartet.
The tenacity of vine roots is too strong, and it is necessary to increase the strength by accelerating. The liquid sprayed from the incision smells fishy, and you will feel dizzy and highly toxic.
I didn’t do it all afternoon. Don’t keep fighting with vines. I’m so tired that I can’t tell the difference between east and west. The laser sword rushed over again.
In the evening, Morgan rattan shook his body and regained his autonomy. He pulled his body out of the mire, leaving only two relatively thick roots, and the messy rocks collapsed and stopped moving.
"Hu finally succeeded. Brother Wu must be very tired in a protracted war. Although he doesn’t even want to move his finger, he must get in touch with Uncle John to reassure them."
Lin momo struggled to take out a pager from his pocket and put it in his mouth as far as possible to draw a strength and said in a normal tone, "Uncle John! Did you have dinner? I’m fine here, but I’m too tired to move. I can probably go back in the day. Don’t worry about me. "
"Bastard momo what on earth are you? Phantom of the Opera has been tracking your breath. The pager signal has also been blocked. Is there any trouble? Tell uncle the truth. "
"But when I came out, I was in a hurry and forgot to explain clearly that the pharmacist left a green skin with the function of blocking detection. You can’t find any trace around me. Don’t worry, if the black vine is found, it will fall not far away. This guy swallowed a lot of poisonous mud. According to the diary description, it shouldn’t be what it is now. I don’t know. Now I feel very tired and have a good sleep."
Lin momo ran out of cosmic energy, and his physical strength also fell to a low point. In the cave, Morgan vines were not far apart, so he fell asleep, but he didn’t know that the green skin floated gently to the top of his head and quietly spread out. The first page was impressively Morgan vines.
When the dense symbols are lit up, it is like a soldering iron to print the main vines. The vines are screwed together by the force field generated in the shape, and a large amount of juice is squeezed out, which is terrible.
Morgan vine is very fierce, and the speed of pumping mud is accelerated again, and it expands rapidly to release the force field of green skin to compete.
It’s like there are two wild beasts in the cave, and Lin momo rubbed his nose and slept more and more dead, missing a good show.
The vine force field suppressed and destroyed again and again, and was reborn again and again with the help of the mud. It lasted until the green skin was exhausted the next morning and fell to the ground.
Look at Morgan Rattan’s figure reduced to two meters long, just like a whip with glittering and translucent surface and tiny symbols shining. It is very unwilling to twist a few times and finally completely silent to wait for the arrival of the master.
It wasn’t until noon that Lin momo opened his eyes. The miniature searchlight was always doing its duty and emitting light. When scanning Morgan vine, he was full of doubts and pressed his chest and asked, "Peacock, what happened when I slept?" Where did Morgan Teng go? "
It took a while for the amulet to answer, "There was an unknown force field here last night. You said that Morgan vine is likely to be replaced by another form. This matter is beyond the understanding of the amulet and requires the ability of six levels of wise people to participate in analysis."
"An unknown force field? Morgan vine replaced by another form? You have enough information. This cane is a bit like a diary describing a weapon. "
Lin momo picked up the taboo before turning around and took the finger thickness rattan in his hand and smiled carefully.
Morgan Teng’s consciousness has become more and more intense, like a wronged child complaining. This weapon is unusual and stronger than a laser sword, so there is no mention in the diary of the method. I believe that the ability to communicate with plant sources will soon be developed.

If two people get to a place where Ling Feiyang and the evil wind king are sure to be injured, Ling Feiyang will definitely escape if he is injured in this situation!

However, just as the palms were about to contact, the evil wind king suddenly withdrew his palm and fled back quickly!
"Even if I can make a contribution by killing Ling Feiyang, I don’t want to be seriously injured by him again!" The evil wind king took advantage, but at the last moment he was afraid!
The two strong teams compete, and the brave one wins! The evil wind king hurried back to Ling Feiyang’s trick of "Kang Long has regrets", but his right thumb suddenly stabbed out. It was the Six-pulse Excalibur and the Little Shang Jian!
Although the evil wind king fled fast, Ling Feiyang’s firm but gentle spirit pierced the evil wind queen’s heart faster than him!
The evil wind king dies!
Ps: Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong were surrounded by enemies, but they still rescued Tai Zhao and killed the evil wind king, the great king of religion. However, the Mongolian Song Kingdom is thousands of miles apart. Can Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong travel across Qian Shan to get rid of the pursuit and interception of various masters? The scene of the hostage exchange did not show up, and Fusang Ren was bound to stop the eagle flying that day along the way. Is there a huge threat hidden? Will there be more frightening masters who teach the Six Mangs and the King of Heaven? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 242 DaSong too
At the moment when the evil wind king died, he came to nothing. It was this timidity in his heart that killed him!
King Lingnian, King Vajra, King Musketeer and Six Mangs were stunned when they saw the evil wind king suddenly fall to the ground and die!
Ling Feiyang took the opportunity to display flying skills and ran to the distance. These nine Mongolian masters are not as good as Ling Feiyang, but it is also nai to watch him run to the mountain!
In the face of the siege of the top ten Mongolian masters, Tai Zhao was still rescued by Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong, but also accompanied the evil wind king’s life. The scattered people in Tsing Yi were also seriously injured. The battle was defeated and Shu Chi’s heart was already very angry
"Father, don’t worry, there are flying ninjas who dare them to take Mrs. Zhao out of Mongolia!" Ba Dou suddenly said to Shu Chi
"Ling float in the sky you will fall in my hand sooner or later! I will spare you if you don’t save my life! " Shu Chi upward shouted to the sky.
Ling Feiyang ran all the way to plunge into lu shan to look forward along the horseshoe print of the little red horse. However, the little red horse trail was too fast, and Ling Feiyang chased it until the evening, but he still didn’t catch Hong Qigong and Zhao Qi.
After dark, the horseshoe prints have been identified, and Ling Feiyang has to continue to travel south.
"Xiao Xuan should have sent troops to meet us at the border of Mongolia and gold. We want seven males to protect Zhao Hong and get to the border …" Ling Feiyang thought.
However, at this time, Ling Feiyang suddenly heard a "get, get, get" horseshoe coming ahead! Ling Feiyang saw a fine horse running towards him in the night. It was the little red horse!
"How did the little red horse run back? Are they in danger? " Ling Feiyang’s heart is anxious to jump into the sunset immediately!
The little red horse seems to be exhausted, but it still puts on its hooves and turns around and flies away!
The little red horse ran out of Ling Feiyang for more than ten miles and suddenly saw a light in front of him. A Mongolian army with tens of thousands of people was actually in the way!
In the exchange of hostages, Ba Dou would have left a successful party to intercept Ling Feiyang and other three people who actually sent the Mongolian elite troops-Tanmachi Army! Even if Zhao Mao is rescued, this army will intercept the road to the Mongolian-Jin border and prevent the three people from returning to Song State!
After seeing this army, the little red horse did not rush directly, but immediately turned a corner and ran to the side of the army! And ran a few miles to a big sand dune on the side of the army.
"The sunset brought me here must be intentional …" Ling Feiyang was thinking of suddenly seeing a person hiding behind the sand dunes! Although this person is wearing a Mongolian soldier’s army, Ling Feiyang immediately saw his face as Song Guotai and Zhao Hong!
"Ling Shaoxia, you are finally here!" Zhao was greeted by Ling Feiyang at once.
"What brings you here? What about Qigong? " Ling Feiyang immediately asked
"Don’t worry, Mr. Hong has nothing to do. This is a trick set by Mr. Hong!" Zhao exa hurriedly said
Ling Feiyang was relieved to ask, "What’s the plan of the Seven Duke?"
"A few hours ago, when we were on our way, we found the Mongolian army. Senior Hong immediately hid, but we were not found." Zhao Qi said, "Senior Hong knew that there would be Mongolian experts in front to intercept us, so he sneaked into the vicinity of the army and arrested a lone Mongolian soldier, and then asked him to change clothes with me. Later, Senior Hong hid me behind this sand dune and let it take you here."
"So that’s it!" Ling Feiyang thought to himself, "Don’t look at the seven men who are bold and uninhibited, but they are crude and meticulous, so they should come up with such a strategy!"
"In that case, let’s bypass this army from the east and turn south and go straight to the border of Mongolia and Zimbabwe!" Ling Feiyang immediately let Zhao Yu sit behind him.
Ling Feiyang rode a little red horse to the east and ran out of ten miles. When he saw that there were no more lights in the south, he knew that he had reached the flank of the Mongolian army
To the east of the Mongolian army is the west foot of the yinshan mountains, where the terrain is steep and thorny, and there is no decent road. However, it is not a problem for such a master as Ling Feiyang. The two men took the little red horse all the way to the south and walked for more than an hour before taking a short rest.
"Ling Shaoxia, the first thing after the king ascended the throne is to make you a general to protect the country!" Zhao Hong said to Ling Feiyang while eating dry food.
"That doesn’t mean that I like to be free and unfettered, and what I hate most is house fighting and palace fighting …" Ling Feiyang said, "If I can escort you back to Lin ‘an safely, I hope you can be a gentleman and carry out the purpose of uniting gold and resisting Mongolia to make our Song kingdom strong!"
"Ling Shaoxia’s remarks are not what Wang thinks!" Zhao Qi laughed. "Since Ling Shaoxia doesn’t want to be an official, the queen will treat you as her best friend. We will share weal and woe together!"
In addition to that pile of beautiful younger sisters, Ling Feiyang’s friends are Ouyang Ke and Guo Jing. Now Ouyang Ke’s life and death are uncertain. Guo Jing turned against each other. It’s really not an easy thing for Ling Feiyang to find a friend to talk to. Although Zhao Qi is a royal brother, he looks quite masculine when fighting with Shu Chi. He is not the same kind of person as his bad father.
"Well, I’ll make you a friend, but I’ve always been an elder, and I may call you by your first name even in front of Manchu officials! At that time, don’t turn your face and kill my head! " Ling Feiyang said with a smile
"How come!" Zhao Hong also smiled and said, "Brother Ling is the savior of Wang. I swear now that if I do anything wrong to Brother Ling, I will die at your hands!"
After eating grass, the little red horse regained its spirit. Ling Feiyang and Zhao Hong rested here for more than two hours and then continued to travel south. Because Hong Qigong led the Mongolian master, no one intercepted them all the way.
After dawn the next day, the two men saw that the terrain in front was gradually flattened, so they rode the little red horse and continued to rush to the south. At this time, the two men had already circled the back of the Mongolian army, and Ling Feiyang knew that if there were no unexpected circumstances, they could go to the Damon-Gold border one day and one night later.
However, Ling Feiyang and Zhao exa didn’t notice the huge goshawk hovering from the top of the head high school and two yellow-brown eagle eyes shining on the ground. These two people!
Ps Hong Qigong’s stratagem led the Mongolian master Ling Feiyang to bypass the Mongolian army with Zhao Hong, who was about to arrive at the Mongolian-Jin border. Ling Feiyang Zhigao declined the promise of Taijia’s official promotion. However, the giant eagle had already discovered the whereabouts of the two people that day! A more severe challenge lies ahead of Ling Feiyang. How much will it cost to make Zhao Qi ascend to the throne? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 243 Wood hidden ninja
The little red horse galloped forward with Ling Feiyang and Zhao Qi, but was blocked by an oak forest in front.
The branches and leaves of these oak trees are very lush, which almost blocks the sunlight. The light in the forest is very dim. The forest is full of ivy vines, running by the little red horse method, and the horses of Zhao Qi are winding through the trees.
About five feet behind them, an arm-thick rattan suddenly crawled slowly! Zhao was walking behind Ling Feiyang and didn’t hear this cane make a "rustling" sound when it crawled!
At the moment, this rattan suddenly accelerated and rolled up like the same boa constrictor! Zhao was caught off guard and was entangled in the waist by rattan!
As soon as this rattan is entangled with Zhao Yu, it will shrink back immediately! Zhao exa shouted and flew back involuntarily!
Ling Feiyang suddenly turned back when she heard the noise and saw that Zhao was thrown by this rattan and hung on a thick branch!
Ling Feiyang’s figure is like a left arrow rushing towards the thick branch in the middle! However, another cane rolled up from nowhere, and once again entangled Zhao Yu’s body and threw it out several feet away!
Six-pulse Excalibur, don’t rush the sword! Ling Fei whisking disease right hand small pointing cane quickly point in the past!
Click! This cane immediately broke from it and Zhao Hong fell to the ground! However, the third cane was wrapped around and tied Zhao Qi tightly and then threw it further away!
Ling Feiyang saw Zhao exa’s body flying out of the range of Excalibur with six veins. He also picked up a cane from the ground and rolled it over to Zhao exa!

They didn’t expect to see Wu Min at this time. Wu Min is different from others. These people don’t seem to be savage and reasonable.

Wang Gan eyes flashing carefully looked at these people’s costume eyes gradually "dew" different "color". He could clearly feel that these personal clothes could actually induce the dust, and the tiny dust particles in the gas would be adsorbed to him.
Thinking of the recent star rain, he suddenly realized that he had received a hundred dollars of stardust in such a small place in the dry sea. It is conceivable how much stardust the whole continent has dropped. If he owns such a dress, I really don’t know how much money he can receive when he runs around the whole continent. This is much more convenient than refining the land on his side.
Thinking of this, his interest in these wumin clothes suddenly increased greatly.
On that day, after seeing these people, their cousins suddenly "exposed" and suddenly "colored", before they noticed that someone was lurking nearby, they didn’t bother to find out that it was these people.
The only disappointment is Qin Youqian, who wants to wait for someone, not these witch people but that person.
Is it because she can’t understand that her brother is in trouble and she’s not nervous about being a master?
Yes, it is Wu Taiqing that Qin Youqian wants to wait for someone.
Since that incident, this brother Wu has disappeared again. Although she knows that he has been hanging around Luo Tian, she can’t see him. She knows that Wu Taiqing is deliberately avoiding herself, which makes her very unwilling. She has always wanted to find a chance to see him and make it clear.
Later, Qin Youqian learned that Wu Taiqing had recently received a new brother, so these days she has been secretly betting on Wang Gan. Today, this opportunity has finally come.
She doesn’t care if Wang Gan is practicing magic. On the contrary, she thinks that if Wang Gan is practicing magic, it will be in line with Wu Taiqing’s style. I think this must be what he calls "experiment" again.
If she wants to rescue Wang Gan, it doesn’t let people know that he is a magic practice. She just needs to kill all the people here without leaving anyone alive, which she can do, but she hasn’t done, not because she is soft-hearted, but because she is waiting for Wu Taiqing to appear.
But the man didn’t show up all the time
Qin Youqian’s face shows a wry smile. She understands that even his brother is his thing for that person.
"Don’t worry, I don’t have any enemies. It’s just a coincidence that I’m here, because there’s something very important to us in the Tang Palace, but it’s a pity that we didn’t find it." The man put on a very sorry expression and smiled lightly. "But I did see a wonderful show. I hope you don’t jump to conclusions about whether this person is practicing magic or not."
"Do you want to try?" An elder sink a way
"You should all know that my witchcraft is better than magic, and there is a kind of witchcraft called scene reappearance, which can make what happened before reappear."
Hearing this, Miao Ze suddenly changed his face "color" and shouted, "This man is the public enemy of my cultivation of immortals. You can’t trust him!"
He is afraid that if what happened before is repeated, his brothers and sisters in heaven and earth will be exposed if they conspire to kill Director Wang!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one The scene reproduces a major misunderstanding
See Miao Ze really said that day, the younger brothers suddenly came over in vain and hurriedly made eyes "color" at the elders.
"Hum puzzling! Who knows whether your witchcraft is true or not? If magic is used to trick me, don’t you have to be the one? " Seeing the color of my brother’s eyes, the elder said, "You are all in the same boat. I advise you to leave the temple quickly or you won’t escape after killing this magic practice!"
When they heard his words, they all nodded secretly. Since ancient times, Friar Wumin has been nervous. If it weren’t for their large number and not setting foot on the mainland at ordinary times, they would be wiped out like magic repair.
As the saying goes, in the eyes of these right paths, they are the only ones who walk, and they are all on the other side.
Compared with these witches, they are more willing to believe what the elders say.
"Master Qin Feng, you’d better hand over Wang Gan quickly. I have a secret message back to the door. The elder will arrive here soon, and you can’t protect him!"
Not only the Heaven and Earth Gate, but also the elders of other sects are secretly inquiring about the problem of magic cultivation. Every sect has the same position.
Seeing that the master in the door will be present soon, the confidence of the people suddenly increased, and the fear of Qin Youqian also decreased a lot. "Force" wants to "force" her to hand over Wang Gan.
"Qin Feng is in public and private. I think it’s better to hand over Wang Gan, or it’s a great disadvantage for you if they fall on a charge of shielding magic repair!" Zhao Hong aside fanned the flames, eyes flashing with malice.
"Hum! The big deal is that I will kill these people. "Qin Youqian is tired of waiting, and his eyes are gradually" dew ".Cold light has already shook the hilt and he is really going to kill.
From this, we can see that Wu Taiqing’s influence on her is also very profound. It is impossible for ordinary people to do such scruples.

Just as the two men changed the genesis system again, this change can be described as scaring everyone present.

"Ding-dong, please pay attention to the fact that there are fifteen minutes left before the regenerative beast hits the outer city. Please block the gate in fifteen minutes or the regenerative beast will invade the outer city and attack the middle city."
"Mom, what the hell is going on! !”
"Grass has tens of thousands of regenerative beasts coming in our direction."
The announcement of the player’s leaf injury launch area "Attention everyone, there are a large number of regenerative beasts attacking the ten destruction entrances, and the total number is about 400,000. No flying regenerative beasts have been found yet. Please leave no room to block the destruction gates!"
By the time these words were said, Ye Ye had successfully blocked a city gate.
"How is it possible that the number of 400,000 regenerative beasts is only 100,000 at most in all records? What the hell is going on!" The head of the investigation team is responsible for recording everything he knows about the trajectory of the regenerative beast. Although he has not personally participated in the battle, he knows all the information of the Freedom Corps unless they are hiding something, but this time it is indeed the biggest scale attack in history.
"What the hell is going on!" The head of the investigation roared at the leaf injury.
"Sometimes if you get angry here, it’s better to let your hands move. This is an opportunity. Wouldn’t it be of great research value if you could catch a live regenerative beast and go back? The bid we sent you have almost run out, haven’t we? " Leaf injury said coldly
Cut too far to show dissatisfaction, but the head of the investigation team doesn’t want to die here. "The physical personnel immediately cooperate with everyone to block the damage point. You have a leaf injury and spread out your architect part, otherwise there is no way to block and destroy the city gate!"
"Everybody move. We have fifteen minutes left."
"Why should we find a place to hide and wait here? The two of us should be able to get well." Luo Yu didn’t mean to fight at all because he didn’t think it was necessary to do thankless things.
"All right, cut the crap. I don’t know who will teach them when to speak righteous words. If we give up now, no one will be able to do it." Forgetting dust is not a savior and doesn’t bother to be a hero, but it’s not worth giving up now.
"But don’t you look at it? Can you block this ten-meter-high and five-meter-wide hole in fifteen minutes?" Luo Yu thinks it’s unrealistic, even if he doesn’t want to give up, the reality is in front of him.
"Who said? Isn’t there a ready-made one here? " Forget dust smiled and looked at those huge regenerative beasts.
Luo Yu’s eyes lit up. "Are you saying that the lying trough is really a tall mother’s egg? How did you come up with it?"
Looking at these little eyes, I can’t help but smile awkwardly. If I say that you came up with this, this little boy won’t treat himself as a brain-brain, will he? The way to block the door in the past life is that Luo Yu thought of the regenerative beast, and the horrible body blocked the ten-meter-high giant wall because the regenerative beast was not attacked by the companion breath!
"Hey, stinky bastards don’t want to die. Hurry up and move the bodies of these big guys. We have to plug the gap here in 15 minutes. This is the only chance to live. Maybe everyone will be rewarded with gold dollars and points when the time comes. Don’t hesitate to act."
"Brother Dongchen, come and help Luoyu, don’t hide it now. It seems that we need a lot of bodies." Forget the dust and go out with a face of manic and murderous look. People around you can’t help but get out of the way.
Seeing the appearance of Forgotten Dust, Luo Yu sneered at his side. "Hide me. It’s you who really hides. Let me see Brother Forgotten Dust’s real strength."
"You’ve seen it." Forgetting the dust, his voice fell, and suddenly, a circle ripple oscillated from his feet. This horrible ripple brought a strange feeling to Luo Yu and others. Even those fearless regenerative beasts actually let out a wail and howl.
"You attract the Regenerated Animal Department to us!" Forget the dust, the sound actually has a sound echo. It sounds like the sounds overlap together. Although I don’t know what they want to do, everyone should not choose. They can do what Forget the dust says.
"Strong breath surging life energy makes people tremble. Is this his hidden power? Organic conversation can be a contest, but now the most important thing is to find a way to block this place. "Two people are each responsible for one. Although there is an extra blockade to destroy the city gate, it has not changed much. Players’ goals are still to block the door and earn points, but in the current situation, it has become a race against time.
Because there are already tens of thousands of regenerative beasts outside the city, once the gate is destroyed, it means that the middle city will fall and the kingdom will suffer even more losses.
Therefore, it is necessary for them to hold a butcher’s knife in their hands, and the life potential erupts, and the white flame wraps around their bodies like a salamander. According to instructions from Forgot Dust and Luoyu, they throw the dead bodies at the gate of destroying the city. Not only that, but they also attract the regenerated beasts of the city to their side. The two of them no longer hide their strength, and the pike and butcher’s knife continue to erupt, performing wonderful scenes in the crowd.
People clearly see that the dust-forgetting butcher knife is not close to the body of the regenerative beast, but the regenerative beast has been cut off by the middle. This amazing means can be said to have shocked many people present, and Luo Yu, on the other hand, showed amazing strength and attacked again. Although both of them performed well, it is not enough to spend a lot of time on the bodies of these regenerative beasts just blocking the wall.
They also need some means
"there’s not much time to forget the dust. They’re coming. If it doesn’t work, we can escape!" Luo Yu doesn’t want to be a hero. When he threatens his life, he will not hesitate to run away.
"Know everyone to speed up the pace, they are coming." Qi Xin worked together to forget the dust, and they barely blocked the destruction of the gate.
Through those cracks, they could vaguely see that the regenerative beasts rushed to attack them.
"Did you finally catch up?" At this rate, they will be able to finish it before the arrival of the regenerative beast. However, just when everyone can finish it, suddenly screams cut through the outer urban peace, and there are dense shadows among those rushing regenerative beasts.
These people are undoubtedly newcomers who enter the game like them.
"What if I forget the dust!" Luo Yu obviously found out that if they continue to block the city, they must be left alone, that is to say, they should forget the dust and watch the new couple die.
It’s a bit difficult to forget the dust and bite your teeth. "It’s just this time." I can see that forgetting the dust is also more difficult. Personally, when they came here, the situation was not as serious as this. Now they are racing against life. They must cherish every minute.
"Forget the dust brothers, make a decision quickly or we won’t be able to come." There are also several players who are strong enough to wake up. They are still piling up a large number of regenerated animal carcasses. If we continue this progress, we will block the destruction point, but those people will have no chance to live.
"Damn it, pause for a minute and talk about it for a minute. If you all block the city gate!" Forgetting the dust, he rushed out with his teeth clenched. He didn’t realize that he was a savior, but he must not watch so many people die in front of his eyes. Besides, regenerative beasts won’t make moves, but maybe these humans will destroy this wall and block it up!
He had to do something, and before people could react, he rushed out with a knife.
The fleeing crowd saw that the light was destroyed in front of them, just like there was new hope. They could see that they were blocking the city and showed the abyss. Despair kept calling for help, but no one paid attention to them. When the regenerative beast was about to be swallowed up, a man with blood-stained hands and a butcher knife suddenly rushed out of the front wall.
His eyes will never be forgotten by these flustered people.
He said a word.
"You have one minute, this is the only chance to enter the gap." There is no need to forget the dust. It is like being born with hope. At this last crisis, all the forces burst out and rushed to the city gate.
"Forget the dust! !”
"Boss" forgot the dust and was deeply touched by someone in the place. The only gap that can be blocked for a minute is to put a body vertically. This is their last chance.
As Luo Yu shouted, everyone could not help but hold their breath, and people’s faces were full of horror and regret.
"How can you fall here!"
"The butcher meaning! !”
"Slaughterhouse!" At the moment when the knife in the hand released the fluctuation, the aperture oscillated and the wind blade rotated like a tornado. A force of the earth surrounded the world, and people saw the red hair in their sight with a drink of dust.
"Forget the dust brother!" That powerful force is shocking, but Luo Yu can’t help calling for the name of forgetting dust, because more and stronger regenerative beasts have rushed to their position.
"Block the city gate!" Before the blood-stained man arrived, a figure rushed in and almost flew to the gate. Luo Yu grabbed the dust-forgetting arm and at the same time, the corpse of the regenerative beast was thrown away by dozens of people together. The huge gap in people’s sight gradually became a gap!
Close the gate at a critical moment!
Chapter 79 Outer Urban Mystery
"Are we alive?"
After lucky escape, the new people entered the outer city and squeezed themselves as if they were waking up. This was not a dream, but the intense pain made them go through a lot of hardships than joy, and they almost became regenerative beasts. The joy of the rest of their lives made them tired.
"The new people should thank our knight well. If it weren’t for him, you would be recycled animal food now." Seeing this group of people ecstatic, people around them couldn’t help but scold coldly. In their view, if they hadn’t forgotten the dust, they finally stood up and they fought for a short time. These guys were already dead.
In response, people began to look ahead and save their youth.
Let them recognize at a glance that the reason for forgetting the dust is only because the awe-inspiring eyes want to thank them, but there is a violent collision in the outer city. Although they won’t shoot at their companions, they can hit these bodies, and Luo Yu sees through the gap that they are carrying these bodies!
The crisis has not been caused by this!
"Damn it, come and help! They’re carrying bodies and hitting them!" Luo Yu exclaimed and made people look horrified, but now it’s not their turn to think much. They must live and do something if they want to live.
"Boss, are you okay?" Compared with other Ye Dongchen, one person forgot the dust. Snowfall also hurriedly came to him and smiled. "Fortunately, it’s no big deal. Don’t be so impulsive." Snowfall’s small treatment will make the dust forget to recover.
"Don’t stare at our crisis!" Luo Yu’s call sounds all over people’s ears again. It’s really hard to pile up dead bodies. If it collapses, it’s absolutely easy to break through here with the power of regenerative beasts. The big guys in the outer city haven’t finished solving these monsters. If they also go to the city, this * * is a doomsday disaster for players. Never allow this to happen.
Forgetting the dust makes the situation outside more real than that seen through the gap. These regenerative beasts are actually eating their companions’ eyes, and there are too many mistakes in past lives. "Damn, are they also subtly changed because of themselves? These regenerative beasts won’t shoot their companions. What went wrong?"
At the same time, we must do everything possible to prevent such things from happening.