Ling Yan painted an eyebrow. Uh-huh promised.

Haikui a flicker disappear directly came to ChuMeng office.
Chumeng was reading a report, and when he looked up, he saw Haikui, who was startled. After all, few people suddenly appeared like this.
Haikui smiled apologetically. "Sorry to scare you."
Chu Mengnai shook his head and handed the report in his hand to Hai Kui. "This is Yuan Yuan who asked me to prepare the financial report for you." Hai Kui took it and flipped through a dense four-page paper. At last, he saw a summary of the company’s assets, of which the real estate is 60 million, the book liquidity is 20 million, and 10 million of them are thrown away. That is to say, Yuan Yuan and Hai Kui share half of the profits. He also has 5 million now.
"So little?" Haikui frowned slightly.
Chu Meng: "Yes, there are so many assets in the company at present, maybe not as much as you think."
"Well, I know. When can I leave?"
"I’ve got the money ready."
Haikui nodded. The woman’s mind is meticulous. Suddenly she thought of something and asked, "What happened to you and your brother?"
Chapter 41 Close husband
ChuMeng look a little weird and said, "I haven’t connected for a while."
"Oh, what about him?" Haikui asked
ChuMeng face some ugly tone some difficult "my brother and the Wu Yidan together before a conversation also said this thing, in addition, he wants me and my school sister to plead with you, don’t care about these things with him, you and Wu Yidan have nothing but money."
Haikui didn’t get angry when he heard it, and he understood nothing. It would be strange if the bodyguard didn’t have something to do with the female president! Did you ever really think about developing Wu Yidan into a growth line? Now it seems that you can stop looking at Chu Meng and ask, "So you and your exemptions even blow up?" You two were very much in love, too!
ChuMeng face a red didn’t say more.
Haikui said, "Well, I’ll go and find them now. Don’t talk about it later. Give me the money first and I’ll pick it up later."
Chu Meng nodded and Haikui disappeared. When Haikui reappeared, it was already in Yaosui Town, Jinnan City, which belonged to Jinnan City. He felt that when Mu Donglin found Mu Donglin here, they were in a star-rated hotel. Mu Donglin was kneading Wu Yidan’s shoulders and Wu Yidan was reading files.
This bodyguard is really in place, and it’s still negative. Haikui felt funny and moved to the door of their guest room and knocked on the door
Mu Donglin looked up and frowned slightly and asked, "Who is it?"
"It’s me. I’m Haikui."
Wood donglin slightly consternation is Wu Yidan also put the file.
There is no rest in it, and Haikui just waits quietly.
Wu Yidan looked at Mu Donglin. "Who is Dong Linhai Kui?"
Mu Donglin looks pale and says, "Hai Kui was my boss at the beginning. He asked me to protect you. It’s normal that you can’t remember when you were in contact with him, but he injected capital into you to let you do jade business again."
When Haikui looked for Wu Yidan, his name was Haikui.
Wu Yidan was startled, but immediately said, "Go to the door. We just talked with him."
Mu Dong Lin Nai nodded heavily and saw Hai Kui smiling face "Kui, Kui Shao" after he went to the door.
Haikui smiled. "Don’t be so nervous. Why don’t you invite me in?"
Mu Donglin has always been unable to understand Haikui, especially now that there is a ghost in his heart, he is a little afraid of Haikui. He is afraid that Haikui’s personal bodyguard will become a personal husband. Can there be no ghosts?
Haikui saw Mu Donglin go into the house without talking for a long time and asked, "How are you recently?" Wu Yidan, who was pretty in front of the sofa, also laughed. "Mr. Wu is becoming more and more beautiful."
Wu Yidan also smiled. "Sit down, please." She didn’t remember much about the appearance of the man in front of her and whether she was alone when she first met him. Because four years have passed, I remember that someone gave him a million names and finally knew Haikui.
Haikui sat in Mudonglin and poured a glass of water for both of them, but naturally behind Wu Yidan Haikui glanced at Mudonglin and smiled.
Mu Donglin may also feel uncomfortable and explained, "I have been a personal bodyguard for General Manager Wu for four years, and I am used to it. Please forgive me."
"Nothing," Haikui said lightly.
Wu Yidan frowned and said to Hai Kui, "I am very grateful that you invested 1 million in me in those years. I haven’t heard from you for so many years. Now that you have come to me today, let our company calculate the assets of a company. According to the original agreement, you own half of the assets of this company. We want to develop ourselves. At present, the assets of the company are 10 billion, and I will give you 500 million, which is 500 times that of your original investment."
Haikui leaned back on the sofa. "Yes, it’s quite a lot."
"I will let our finance department realize some assets as soon as possible and inform you to pick them up!" Wu Yidan said to Haikui
Haikui nodded.
"In addition …" Wu Yidan looked at Haikui with a serious expression. Haikui also felt very strange in his heart. Wu Yidan glanced at Mu Donglin. "I told him."
Haikui also cast a glance at Mu Donglin, and looked at Haikui with expectation in his eyes.
Haikui: "I see. I’ve heard when you two are going to get married."
Wu Yidan was a little shy and said, "I heard Donglin tell me that you are all practitioners, and he also showed me that he is awesome. I don’t care if he really loves me on a piece of paper."
"Look for me at the banquet later." Haikui got up and said to Mu Donglin, "There is nothing for you and me. You are free." He held out his hand.
Mu Donglin can take a step back. Wu Yidan also looked at Hai Kui curiously. She didn’t know what Hai Kui was going to do. Hai Kui caught a glimmer of red light across Mu Donglin, that is, there was no Mu Donglin. He felt that he was shaking and a force seemed to be taken away. The whole person felt a little collapsed. He was a little scared. Hai Kui abolished his vision and found that then he was still at ease. It seems that Hai Kui removed the power of the seal and was no longer controlled after he was happy.
Haikui laughed. "After you and I have nothing to do, I am not greedy and annoying. After 500 million, I and you are not in any economic entanglements."
"good!" Wu Yidan looked at the man in front of her deeply. Although 500 million is not a small amount, since she can start from 1 million, there are 500 million left for her to grow and develop later.
Haikui said to Mu Donglin, "I want to talk to you alone."
Wu Yidan got up and went to the guest bedroom.