The five quasi-immortal emperors struck a blow to destroy the small world, and they were born and destroyed. It is truly a creation god’s general means.

At this time, those who are not in Xiandao can feel that there is a matchup between the powerful and the powerful outside the territory, and occasionally it is scary to leak a little coercion.
"What is people play again? Even the fairy king giants are so powerful? "
There is a powerful person who regrets that he can’t see the battle in the distance and who is not fighting, but he has seen the creation and destruction of the world, and the power is simply unheard of.
"Murphy, true king condition also the emperor condition this is the fairy emperor! ?”
Some young people exclaimed that he was both excited and trembling about the strong statement.
There are strong people who have killed a large number of creatures against Xianyu. They are lucky to be alive.
After this battle, Fairyland did not say that all fairy kings had fallen, but it was almost the same, and a large number of creatures were wiped out at the same time.
A few people of Emperor Cang killed almost 70% of the creatures, which weakened Xianyu. I’m afraid it will take an era or two to recover.
"Grandpa, we will all die? Is the fairy land gone? "
A little girl holding grandpa’s thigh was afraid and asked.
Grandpa, the little girl, is a revered and religious leader. He is lucky to be alive, but he is also frightened at this time, because he feels that the strong man who protects Xianyu seems to be exhausted.
So will welcoming the fairy land be the ultimate destruction?
He sighed and touched his granddaughter’s head. "This is destined to be the most chaotic in history. It is an era in which the three realms collapse and the history of the kings will be broken. What the later generations see and hear is not necessarily true …"
He picked up his granddaughter and looked up at the star, where unimaginable forces collided with the small world, and the Xinghai was broken and revealed the means of the incomparable figures.
Pagoda Lu Chen grieved because the body of the old man in cloth was pierced by Yu Di war spear, and he was healed by blood hole method.
The old man in cloth kept coughing up blood, but his figure was still tall and straight. His black hair turned white and his face wrinkled, and he returned to the way he looked when they first met.
This means that the life of the old man in cloth is really coming to an end and he can’t maintain his peak state.
His qi and blood fell, his strength declined, and the dark milky way, like the swaying Mars, came to an end.
"It’s bitter again, and you wouldn’t be like this if you didn’t divide the pagoda of Power Town."
Destroy the old population
Liu Chen leng he didn’t know that he had always been the only thing is that the pagoda quasi-emperor soldiers are very strong, but that the old man in cloth has the power to protect himself, otherwise even the pagoda itself will be shattered in such a violent collision.
"It’s normal for elders to protect the younger generation, the strong and the weak. I’m just human."
The old man in cloth wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and continued to kill.
They quickly fought in the poor sea and the fairy land, and finally the old man in cloth rushed to a position in the celestial galaxy.
His four dark quasi-immortals wondered, but they didn’t recognize what help the old man in cloth could find by this time.
If someone could fight side by side, they would have appeared so early instead of letting the old man in cloth fight alone until this time.
"Daoyou, it’s not too late to turn back at this time. I can help you put out the burning fire."
The extinct old population still persuaded him to know that the old man in cloth burned the source of Emperor Daoyuan, and even if they did not surround him, he would not live long.
"If I look back, it will be that the torch has gone out in the dark. I would rather make my brightest future generations a street lamp!"
The old man in cloth gradually grew louder and roared and forced the feather emperor and Cang emperor to rush to an ancient star.
The characters such as the extinct old man are slightly deducing a change of complexion "Stop him!"
He suddenly knew what place it was, but it was a natural place. This place should be gone. How could there be a place in Fairyland! ?
If the old man in cloth can pass through this place, there will really be variables. If the other person swims across the ages and enters from here, it will really change history to a certain extent, and maybe it will erase some of their achievements!
"The elder is here, my blood is going in!"
Lu Chen shouted and gave a lot of Jingxue at the same time, which was when he went to the place when chatting and communicating with the old man in cloth, mainly to answer his doubts.

While Cai Yan was waiting anxiously, the handmaid came back as soon as the moon. Cai Yan said urgently, "What did Uncle Ding Tao say?"

Ruyue shook her head. "Without saying anything, just let the handmaiden inform the young lady to wait."
"Uncle Ding Tao this is no way out? No, I want to escape! " Cai Yan hurriedly packed up her luggage.
"Miss, what are you doing? How can you live if a weak woman escapes!" Ruyue, stop it quickly
Cai Yan hit Ruyue and grabbed her hand to pack her bags. "It’s okay. I can play music for others to listen to and then go to Jingxiang to find a bad uncle. The bad uncle will definitely place me."
"Miss who is this bad uncle? Why do you often hear you talk about him? Is it because his young lady doesn’t want to marry Wei Gong? " Ruyue asked Wen-chi at random, but she reacted very much and cried, "How is that possible? Of course not! "
Ruyue pointed to Cai Yan’s little face and smiled, "Miss, your face is so red!"
"ah? Really? " CAI wenji panic touched his cheek.
"Hee hee hee! Still don’t admit it! " Laughing like a moon
"How dare you make fun of your master!" Wen-chi immediately looked at Ruyue angrily with a straight face and suddenly grabbed Ruyue’s chest and laughed. "I told you to laugh at me! Ha ha ha! "
Ruyue did not admit defeat and scratched the itch. Two girls in the room laughed.
In the end, Cai Yan still didn’t run away successfully because there were slaves not far away to prevent Cai Yan from going out. Cai Yong really knew his daughter’s mind and knew that her daughter would come. This recruit sent slaves to guard it first
Cai Yan can’t wait for a long face. I hope Ding Tao can find a way to get him out.
The next day, Liu Bian, a little emperor who humiliated the officials, gave the throne to the nine-year-old Chen Liuwang and Liu Xie in front of the ministers and personally put the crown on Chen Liuwang’s head.
Liu Xie cried, "Brother, I really don’t want to be the emperor!"
Liu Bian mercilessly hugged his little brother and patted Liu Xie on the shoulder and said, "After the emperor’s brother is tired, this big fellow Jiangshan still needs you to hold up. I hope you can revive the big fellow and make heaven a Lang Lang Gan Kun."
It may be that Liu Bian, who had been weak and outspoken before being humbled in his heart, unexpectedly uttered some grandiloquence today.
Liu Xie wiped away tears and nodded firmly.
"I will meet the new emperor. Long live my emperor!" Dong Zhuo took the lead and said, but he didn’t kneel.
"Long live my emperor! Long live my emperor!" Ministers knelt down in succession.
Dong Zhuo looked coldly and said, "Hongnong Wang, don’t you kneel down to bully the new emperor?"
Liu Bian was so angry that his chest fluctuated rapidly, but he didn’t dare to be humiliated. He knelt down and bit his blood and tears and said, "See you, Minister Liu Bian!"
This little emperor has been abolished as Hongnong Wang Chen Liuwang ascended the throne and proclaimed himself, saying that Dong Zhuo, the emperor of Han Dynasty, was approved to enter the DPRK without worshipping the Hall of Armor, and was even more bossy when he was given the title of "Three Officials and One Qiu".
After the early morning, it was just noon. Cai Yong was very depressed. Before he left the hall a few steps, he heard someone shouting behind him, "Bo Bo, wait for me!"
Cai Yong turned his head and didn’t expect it to be Dong Zhuo’s meat mountain. His body was trembling and hurried to himself.
Without saying a word, Cai Yong continued to think about it. Dong Zhuo said urgently, "Hey, Bo Bo, wait for me!"
Sweating Dong Zhuo finally drove Cai Yong away and laughed. "Bo Bo, you won’t be so stingy. Are you still angry in the hall that day? I’m thinking of myself. You don’t want to watch my old friend being assassinated?"
"I also admit that I took off my clothes in the hall. I hope Zhongying will stop being stubborn and hurry back to your west cool or you will die miserably." Cai Yong said.
"This road can’t go back, can’t I go back to the west cool? I’m afraid I’ll die faster, but it’s hard to say whether I will die or not in Luoyang. Maybe even the emperor is me, "Dong Zhuo said."
Cai Yong know exhortation but still don’t give up "old friend, I really don’t want to look at you and be spurned for ten thousand years …"
Dong Zhuo immediately interrupted Cai Yong’s words, "Don’t say this kind of words, which is too good to affect our brothers’ feelings. Today we don’t talk about state affairs and private affairs."
"Private affairs?" Cai Yong one leng.
"Ha ha! If my niece doesn’t tell me about such a big event as getting married, do you not regard me as a friend? If Meng De didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know? " Dong Zhuo laughed
Cai Yong didn’t say anything about his daughter, but asked, "Has Meng De gone with you?"
"Of course, this Manchu civil and military officials also have this Cao Cao who knows best. If all of them are like Cao Cao, then I will be much more at ease," Dong Zhuo said and smiled. "Let me go to your house to eat my niece’s wedding banquet!"
Lu Cai Yong’s heart is full of doubts. Isn’t this Cao Mengde always boasting of loyalty? How did you become Dong Zhuo’s minion so quickly?
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Sorrow
Cai Fu was beaming with red lanterns hanging high in front of the door, which was already full of guests.
When Cai Yong came in, they just planned to congratulate him before, but their eyes swept away to the meat mountain behind them and immediately sat back in the original hall. The lively scene in the Central Plains was instantly quiet.
Dong Zhuo immediately great anger "stop! Give me a buzz! "
They dare not delay the excitement in the hall again. Just now, the excitement is not the same. At this time, everyone’s face is no longer beaming and covered with deep fear.
The banquet soon ended, and Wei Zhongdao has also carried the sedan chair to prepare to carry Cai Yan to Hedong.
Wei Zhongdao greeted everyone with a beaming face until he saw Cai Yong. He was happy to run over and "visit his uncle."
"How to call uncle!" Cai Yong laughed.
"Oh, hehe, dad!" Weizhongdao also react.
"Why is there no wine? Get the wine quickly!" It was Dong Zhuo who suddenly had a big drink in the hall.
Dong Zhuo was very depressed. He came to his friend Cai Yong to marry his daughter and wanted to be lively. I didn’t know that Dong Zhuo had made such an embarrassing scene. One person dared to get close to Dong Zhuo and didn’t even have a drink. At the end of the banquet, one dared to clean up before, because he had previously cleaned up his slaves and got beaten by Dong Zhuo.
Cai Yong immediately replied, "Zhongying is coming soon."
"Hey? Is this wearing a big red dress the groom’s official? " In the distance, Dong Zhuo saw Cai Yong’s avant-garde Zhong Dao.
"Dad? He is? " Wei Zhongdao has never seen Dong Zhuo, so he doesn’t know him.
Cai Yong Naidao "Dong Zhuo"
Wei Zhongdao was surprised "Dong Zhuo! Dad, why did you invite Dong Zhuo? He’s not here to make trouble, is he? "
"Anyway, my former good friend should come," Cai Yong said.
"hey! Let me ask you something? " Dong Zhuo can’t see the response and smash the cup with great anger.
Cai Yong took Wei Zhongdao and said, "Zhongying, don’t be angry. This is the little husband Wei Zhongdao."
Dong Zhuo asked, "Wei Zhongdao? Is it Hedong Weijia? "
"It is the general who is absolutely right." Wei Zhongdao’s face showed a flattering smile.
Dong Zhuo thoughtfully for a moment and said, "The Hedong Wei family is also worthy of my niece. If I hear my niece complain, don’t blame me for cutting your head."
Wei Zhongdao didn’t dare to put down his head and be passive. Nuo Nuo said, "Yes, I must take good care of Moon Hee."
At this time, Cai Yan is sitting in front of the bronze mirror, and Cai Yan has her own maid. In the bronze mirror, Cai Yan looks particularly sad and beautiful. The maid looks at you like a month and says, "Miss, I really want to take care of you in my arms!"
"Alas," Cai Yan sighed and didn’t speak.
"Miss sedan chair has been waiting outside to marry in the past!" Give Wen-chi dressing handmaid said
Cai Yan looked at the bronze mirror and reflected two handmaids who dressed themselves and sneered, "It’s hard for you two to watch me all night last night."
"It’s a handmaiden’s duty for a young lady to do things." The handmaid’s hand has not stopped, and Cai Yan is still dressed up.
Until the last hairpin was inserted into the hair, the maid laughed, "Well, miss, it’s beautiful, even if it’s a fairy."
Another handmaid, Cai Yan, covered with a red headscarf, directly dragged Cai Yan, who didn’t want to leave, and walked outside the house. Cai Yan walked out of the house and said, "Ruyue, I have told Dad that I will set you free, so you should find a man you like and marry quickly."
Supposedly, Ruyue should marry the servant girl with Cai Yan and marry Wei Zhongdao. Which servant girl won’t want to marry the Wei family? But Ruyue just doesn’t want to follow Cai Yan all day. He has long liked those elegant men like Wei Zhongdao, but he really can’t like it.
Fortunately, Cai Yan pleaded with Wei Zhongdao like a month, but she still wants to marry Wei Zhongdao.
Cai Yan, who was covered in a red headscarf, said to the two of them, "You are not in such a hurry. It’s still early. I want to go to the pavilion to play the piano."
The two handmaids looked at each other without saying anything. Cai Yan added, "Can I still run like this?"

"Words if I remember correctly, the anchor has always been a female identity appeared in front of her? !”

"Solve the case she is a lesbian! Sure enough, beautiful girls should like girls! "
"This is too exciting, isn’t it, Lily!"
"Fart lily anchor is a pure man."
"Mom, the anchor is really shrouded in the aura of the protagonist. Dressing as a woman can be confessed by such a beautiful woman. It’s unfair!"
"Others are blushing and shy. How can she turn pale?"
"From the perspective of psychology and business science, she is obviously a person with strong self-confidence. Her peerless appearance and well-off family have given her full confidence, which has made her confident to the point of arrogance. She is like the proudest white swan in the world, but now she has lowered her proudest head in front of others, which makes her feel humiliated. Her abnormal face is exactly this psychological reaction. At the same time, it can be seen from here that she is really deeply in love and makes people who will never bow their heads willingly bow."
"This live broadcast is really a crouching tiger. Buddies can try to sign up for the Knights Templar. I heard that the treatment is quite good."
Early in the morning is the time when the number of people in a live broadcast day is the least, but now the number of people has not increased much by this unusual stimulus, but the number of barrage has soared to be comparable to that in late prime time.
It was also through the barrage observation of these water friends that Norman realized one thing.
"I am a woman."
Norman muttered to himself.
The actor’s self-cultivation has penetrated into his bone marrow. Even in this unprecedented and inexplicable situation, Norman has not forgotten his current identity.
"I am a woman …"
Norman said it again, like to Shannon and like to himself.
I’ve never eaten pork, but I’ve always seen pigs run.
Norman has never had any experience in this field, but he has heard such things as "like" and "love" every year through the village bard.
As people commonly know, in this story, one of the protagonists must be a man and the other a woman, so it’s how to say I like you to another "woman"!
But Norman also guessed that this is probably the blood monster of Dieu Tenas.
Isn’t this thing too powerful? Directly let the other party ignore the gender!
Chapter three hundred and ten Note solitary life
Norman Shanny ended up like this because of the blood of Dieu Tenas, but she didn’t know that the man in front of him knew he was a male.
And Sunny didn’t intend to say it.
Norman even stressed that he was a "woman" at this moment, which proved that Norman really didn’t want others to know his identity, so Shanni didn’t intend to expose him because he wanted to help him keep this secret, so she could express her love in another way.
"I know"
Sunny closed her eyes and said, "But I like you and your identity because I like you!" "
The export of this sentence made Shanni’s body tremble again.
In Augustus, most people in the United Kingdom regard homosexuality as a sin, and even the father’s religion has made provisions to judge homosexual heresy. Once it is discovered, it will be tried by the church. Therefore, Shanni now defines herself as homosexuality, so you can imagine how much psychological pressure she has suffered.
But the most unacceptable thing for Shannie is her attitude at the moment-now she is prostrating herself in front of her eyes.
This is something she has neve done.
Although she is famous for being gentle and virtuous, her heart has always been proud and straight. Even when she was facing some of the most noble people in the world from Santa Vita, she always treated each other with self-esteem and self-love and equality. This is the first time she has put her attitude so low.
This makes her feel as if she is kneeling in front of the other party, begging the other party to accept herself, and then waiting for the other party’s ruling in fear.
This made her feel that she had never been humiliated.
Shanny was extremely resistant to this move, but she couldn’t do it. Because of her previous experience, she didn’t want to bear it any more. She didn’t want to wait until Norman disappeared again, and she still didn’t express her feelings to each other. Norman did come back this time, but once? Maybe a separation will become eternity. If she still doesn’t say it and let the other person know what she thinks at that time, it will make her live forever in the future. She has already felt the deep regret and endless regret in her pain once.
Suo Xianni will make this sudden and extreme behavior.
Because of asymmetric information, Norman doesn’t know what Sunny really thinks, and he can continue to be dumb and ups and downs in his heart.
Is this because Dieu Tenas’s blood is too powerful, or is she a homosexual? !
But no matter what the reason is, how should I respond now?
Norman’s experience can be said to be extremely rich. He skipped the great miraculous degree in full view, endured physical and mental torture and saved all beings. Tanikaro and big noble laughed and laughed, and the wilderness battlefield launched a forbidden spell with ten thousand enemies …
But he has no experience in love, which makes him completely confused.
In the face of this situation, what should he do to be the optimal solution?
Live water friends are simply expressing their feelings, envy or jealousy or resentment and suspicion, and so on. A few suggestions are also extremely unreliable.
"What are you waiting for? Hurry and push her down! "
"After waiting for a few months, there is finally a meat show! Ah! "
"God, earth, who arranged such a beautiful woman! I have been worried that this live meat show will be spicy. I didn’t expect it to be the top big star! "
"Take off take off! Take off your clothes! "

Huang Xuan gave a bad signal to many people about the defense of the five families, and Goodall and others could not wait.

Huang Liming wait for a while looked at the table for a long time and said, "I’ll try a banquet."
"Huang Xuan’s parents must go to the people around him." Gude slowly walked out of the room with threats.
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven Logistics (1)
A3 is the largest military plane in plane A, and the military department has also received the news that it has not sent a single soldier to the three divisions except martial law.
It seems to them that things should be over here. The new five-clan garrison has secured the army, and no one has lost anything except the five-clan garrison deputies. It is a happy situation.
They didn’t realize that the new five-clan garrison adult was pushing his luck. He still had a lot of cards and didn’t let go of it.
Huang Xuan got a tiger skin from the Committee and went back to A3. He ignored his deputy Craig and others, but he was not impressed at all.
Your Excellency and others are looking forward to waiting for him. They want three divisions. Of course, the best thing is to get a higher level. Everyone is waiting for Huang Xuan’s life.
When Huang Xuan came back, the officers of the 27 th Division couldn’t help but feel sorry for you. Before being pushed, they also felt itchy. "Huang’s adult, has he been lifted from the restrictions on travelers?"
The most important resource of divisions is travelers, while mercenaries are the most expensive assets. Settled travelers are equivalent to handling the main affairs of divisions.
Huang Xuan looked at him and said, "Can you guarantee their loyalty?"
What’s so embarrassing about him saying so bluntly? "Of course, Lord Huang, you are a five-clan garrison. They are misguided, and people from the 297th Division and the 2nd Division also want to meet you."
"No," Huang Xuan waved. "Can you be responsible?"
Your excitement quickly nodded, "No problem and how limited we are. In my opinion, if we can set another level for the three divisions and give more limits to the travelers … Hehe, you know that many of our three divisions and travelers fit beyond the limit because of insufficient contribution, so they must be dead set."
Huang Xuanxiao got up. It’s bold to ask for an official position directly. In the rank sequence of the administration, the head of his division is level 6, and there is still a big rise.
Theoretically, Huang Xuan should merge three divisions into one division, which is in line with the requirements of his Committee, that is, to seize the legitimacy. However, Huang Xuan knows very well that whether an officer or a traveler is willing to obey himself is always a future.
However, if three divisions are merged into one division, it means that senior officers of the 2 nd and 29 th divisions will give way, and the travel limit may be adjusted, which will inevitably make some people unhappy.
At present, Huang Xuan won’t make his future work more complicated because of the unobstructed jurisprudence. At your glance, Huang Xuan nodded, "Then set up another one … Well, just call the headquarters of the three armed forces. I’ll find a Committee to solve the problem that you are the head of the headquarters at your level."
"Good" is almost laughing, and even promised to think that the officer who was higher than himself in the 27 th division is going to be angry now.
Thinking of this, I still ask, "What should I do if Mr. Huang is seconded from our division?"
"How many?"
"mainly tourists, about 7 thousand mercenaries and millions of people have been borrowed."
As soon as Huang Xuan heard it, he compiled 13-level travelers according to the divisions, that is, 234 people. How many kittens were left in the 27 divisions? Most of the intermediate travelers were borrowed.
"What about his divisions?"
"The 2nd Division still has one-half of its military strength, and at least 29 divisions are about two or three thousand people."
"It’s not old Craig’s order, is it?" Huang Xuan snorted.
This is very expensive, but I dare not answer it. The member of the Authority is far from his rank. He is a first-class title.
Huang Xuan thought for a moment and said, "Now you go and straighten out the establishment of the headquarters of the three armed forces, and then let the three divisions hand in their resumes and apply for the positions they want. I’ll judge."
"Yes," I replied quickly.
Huang Xuan is a person who doesn’t like to work, but he must do it himself when he is promoted. This is the time to erect prestige. If he can’t hold the personnel, he may be caught.
Things have come to this point, and Huang Xuan has not been punished. The military is clear about his position. Wang Huizhi simply went to his planet to temporarily avoid Huang Xuan’s sharpness.
Huang Xuan wouldn’t have rushed to the Committee and A3 for a few days without seeing a planet’s military department, and he couldn’t find anyone else.
You and others are also very energetic. It is difficult to get promoted in the administration, and it is even harder for officers in the new legion to get promoted. Even if there are any problems in the legion in the end, they will be satisfied if they go to the level.
In this atmosphere, Craig couldn’t even command the lowest-level team. He did command it once. The team was immediately carried out by Huang Xuandang. The squad leader was dismissed and temporarily detained. His 12 third-level mercenaries were reduced to one level-except for dishonorable retirement, which was almost the most serious treatment in the army.
Since then, Craig has resisted twice, but every time Huang Xuan doesn’t move, whoever is with him is unlucky. It is also Huang Xuan who cares about old Craig but makes Craig depressed.
After being hung up for four or five days, Craig also behaved himself. He can buy off two or three officers, but Huang Xuan, the army, can do mischief at most, but he can’t command them. Senior officers are all smart and see that Craig can’t touch Huang Xuan, and even if he doesn’t team up, he won’t be close to him.
Although the three division officers were not relieved during the war, they slowly became loose again. It was the official addiction that urged them to be slightly cautious.
Huang Xuan is not in a hurry to be crammed into these three new divisions. Generally speaking, it is unpleasant, mainly because it is as difficult to make these soldiers of fortune behave as it is to make mice stop eating.
He calmly asked the Committee for staffing and logistics, and wanted to fill all three divisions before leaving.
Since the Committee did not urge Huang Xuan and would not be in a hurry, thinking about the battlefield, A3 reorganized the army.
It’s said that rectifying him is not involved except occasionally giving orders. It’s expensive and others want it. The result is to help him gain more prestige. People in the 2 nd Division and the 29 th Division are watching.
However, what makes Huang Xuan unhappy is that the Committee doesn’t seem very willing to give him more personnel, but there is no limit-especially because some members delay the adequate supply, it becomes less adequate.
Huang Xuan waited for two days and saw that the Committee was also unevenly divided. He rushed back to A3 and found your way, "How many troops can you control now?"
It is conservative to say that "about two brigades" don’t know what Huang Xuan wants to do.
Huang Xuan nodded and said, "Take your people to take our biological warships and come with me."
Wang Hui’s work in the office is like a year. His original job in this military department is to adjust and contact the three newly-built divisions and five families, and let him be embarrassed when he comes in a series.
When Huang Xuan established the new headquarters of the three armed forces, his military department was even more unemployed. Every day, he was idle and called Feng several times to report the transfer or didn’t come. One day, he was next to each other.
In the first few days, Wang Huizhi was also looking forward to some new measures by the Committee to drive out this unscrupulous five-clan garrison, but he didn’t expect that his stay here would become more and more obedient, and it was easy to win people over with the support of five-clan garrison.
Wang Hui can do things, just write something at his desk, and it’s better to get some military monographs in his heart every morning and evening.
This day, I was writing that the halo of the convenient door flashed by Maike, and I looked up to see that it was my honest man who was angry. "Trouble again?" Which divisions will be given to which divisions headquarters. "
His gendarmerie regiment is on vacation, and three divisions will not let him arrest people. It’s no use patrolling.
Shishi blushed and shook his head. "It’s the five families who are here."
"Where to?"
"To the camp"

However, if the actual Feng Zhenxian quits, it means that Mengyao will compete for the spirits and spirits!

The front is really ingenious, and this move is really a retreat to take advantage of the fishermen.
Dream Yao looked cool and shook his head. "The two brothers misunderstood me this time. It’s not a ghost evocation."
"I don’t want a piece of sycamore to build an guqin for all the treasures here."
I heard that Sue ink heart movement.
Dream Yao Xiankou said that this guqin seems to be the one he met before, and it also has spiritual wisdom to kill many people.
Guqin was accompanied by an ancient Xiao. After seeing the bronze Fang Ding, a Qin Xiao fled and disappeared.
Su Mo felt that this guqin guxiao was unusual at that time. I didn’t expect to get a statue of a true fairy!
Feng Zhenxian laughed and said, "Meng Yaoxian likes musical instruments. Everyone knows that this ancient instrument belongs to a fairy!"
"I just looked elsewhere in the abyss and didn’t see the trace of guqin."
Dream Yao fairy beautiful eyes turned down many monks and said, "So which one of you took this guqin and now you can hand it over."
Mengyao fairy sound is very nice.
But this voice down a field all is a quiver in the heart secretly complain.
This time, everyone came here after many disasters and finally got here, and they were surrounded by evocators and almost fell.
They have just escaped and are trapped here by the three true immortals.
After ten breaths, no one came out.
"What did the two brothers say?"
Meng Yao asked.
Yuehua Sword Fairy shrugged slightly and casually said, "I really don’t believe that so many treasures can disappear by searching one by one."
"Not bad"
Feng said in a dense tone, "Those who swallow the treasure privately will be forgiven!"
Meng Yao nodded, "Just as the two brothers said."
Many friars’ waist bags have been taken off in Yuehua Sword Immortal Knowledge Movement Field, so it’s easy to erase the mark of God Knowledge!
Things in many bags are scattered all over the floor.
Yuan Lingshi, Dan Yao, magic weapon, secret script and Lingkuang were poured out!
Many monks look pale.
Yuet Moon Sword Fairy searched these things again, but there was still no ghost evocation complications and guqin.
Feng Zhenxian found a few interesting things in it, studied them for a while, and put them directly into the bag in front of many monks.
The two immortals looked angry, clenched their teeth with fists and dared not say anything
Those few things are all they have.
This is naked robbery!
"Very good"
"I’d like to see how long you can hide!" said Yuehua Sword Fairy with a straight face.
As he spoke, Yuehua Sword Fairy dragged a fairy to the front and directly explored the fairy’s knowledge of the sea. After searching for a little harvest, he threw the fairy aside.
Feng Zhenxian patted the remaining golden ant tribe. The ant waved his head and two slender golden tentacles rolled up the fairy.
Feng Zhenxian did the same thing, and the gods also pierced this person’s knowledge of the sea and searched for it.
After no harvest, Feng Zhenxian sent this person to Mengyao and laughed, "Please ask the fairy to find out."
Dream Yao God knows this person, and he only retired after a little patrol in the sea.
During the whole process, the fairy turned pale when she finished fighting the law.
Soon it will be the third fairy’s turn.
This man is a young man in black, and his body faintly reveals a sharp edge, and he looks a little unruly.

A moment later, a group of people had already walked to the top of Junshan Mountain. Elder Jane quickly walked to the high platform and shouted, "Master, we have brought your important person!"

Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong then came forward to see the face of this fake Wang, who turned out to be Mongolian king Huo Dou!
"It turned out that this Sun, this Huo Dou, is much more powerful than Yang Kang in the original book, but I am defeated!" Ling Feiyang thought
"I didn’t ask you to capture these two people and why didn’t you tie them up?" Huo Dou saw ling float in the sky and Huang Rong two people came up to his surprise!
"Huo Dou, the Mongolian king, didn’t do it well, but you came to be the leader of our Da Song Beggars’ Sect, but you didn’t know why?" Ling Feiyang said
"Somebody arrest these two spies!" Huo Dou ignored Ling Feiyang’s words and ordered the beggar brother of Daxiangtai.
"Wait a minute!" A dozen Beggars’ Brothers immediately wanted to come and capture Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong, but they were stopped by Elder Jane.
Ling Feiyang was just about to confront Huo Dou. Huang Rong whispered in his ear, "I’ll meet him first. If not, you can help me again!"
Taking Huang Rong’s word, he suddenly turned several circles in the middle of the class, followed the beggar’s brother’s head and fell to the high platform.
Huo Dou once saw Huang Rong in Niujiacun Hotel, but at that time, Huang Rong was dressed as a beggar. At the moment, he saw a beautiful woman as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, but he was also fascinated. Before Huo Dou could return to his senses, Huang Rong’s right hand ate two fingers, but he suddenly inserted them into his eyes and his left finger caught the end of the green bamboo stick at the same time!
Huo Dou consciously waved a block of Huang Rong’s right hand, but it has been withdrawn. Then he turned his palm and cut it to Huo Dou’s wrist with a stick. Huo Dou shrank his arm back easily, but the green bamboo stick in his hand was robbed by Huang Rong!
Huo Dou’s martial arts has been much higher than Huang Rong’s, but Huang Rong’s move of "grabbing the staff from the mastiff’s mouth" is the most exquisite move in the dog-beating stick method-besides, it was taken away by surprise.
Huang Rong held bamboo sticks in his hands and shouted, "This Mongolian king Huo Dou robbed me of playing with a dog stick and wanted to pretend to be Wang. His master was the Mongolian master Jinlun French king who killed Li Sheng’s doyen! Don’t be fooled by him, Beggars Brothers! "
As soon as this remark came out, the brothers of the Gaotai Beggars’ Sect began to talk about it in succession. Huo Dou hurriedly cried, "What Huo Dou, what Golden Wheel French King, you little girl, is simply nonsense! A few days ago, more than a dozen experts from the State of Jin besieged the leader of Hong Gang. Although I saved him, he was already dying. His old man entrusted me with this beggar’s token to beat the dog stick! "
Huo Dou is indeed smarter than Yang Kang in the original work. He has already learned from the beggar’s brother that the name of this green bamboo stick is called "Dog Beating Stick", and there is no flaw. Although Huang Rong accuses him of being a Mongolian, he is a credential, and he speaks Chinese very well. He can’t see that he is not a Han Chinese place at all.
"Since you said that Wang Hong personally entrusted you with this dog-beating stick, did you ever give you the’ Dog-beating Stick Method’?" Huang Rong was in accordance with the original method and then asked.
"Wang Hong wanted to teach me this great method, but I was hungry, so I rushed to the city to buy roast chicken, but when I came back, he was …" Huo Du even found out Hong Qigong’s gluttonous personality, and his face was sad and he made up for the second flaw.
"Now it’s good to beat the dog with a stick …" Huang Rong thought that the green bamboo stick in his hand suddenly stretched out and poked at Huo Dou’s shoulder!
Seeing that the green bamboo stick has stabbed Huo Dou, it will not hide or flash the true qi on the shoulder and get this stick hard!
Huang Rongli is far worse than Huo Dou. Although the stick was poked, it didn’t hurt him. At this time, Huo Dou’s left palm had hit, and at the same time, his right hand swung out to grab the bamboo stick. Huang Rong had to retreat, but the bamboo stick had returned to Huo Dou’s hands!
Ps Huo Dou’s martial arts strategies are far better than the original works. When Yang Kang confronted Huang Rong and questioned Huo Dou, it was watertight, and she took the dog stick back from Huang Rong. It seems that she alone has been unable to handle the situation. Can Ling Feiyang help Huang Rong to recapture Wang? Will you encounter a stronger enemy?
Yesterday’s answer Huo Dou
Today, Huo Dou came to pretend to be Wang. Who backed him up?
Chapter 15 Huang Rong takes Wang.
In Niujiacun Hotel, Huang Rong’s table legs used the dog-beating stick method. Although Nimbus fought, he stabbed Nimbus’s lower back, but Nimbus was unscathed. When Huo Dou saw it next to him, he knew that this stick method was extremely exquisite, but this little beggar’s strength was common. At this moment, he got the dog-beating stick from Huang Rong!
So there is no way for Huang Rong to beat the dog with a stick, and naturally she can’t prove that Huang Rongrao, the new leader of the Beggars’ Sect, is ingenious, but at the moment she is at a loss.
Huo Dou said coldly with a green bamboo stick in his hand, "Little girl, can you rob me of my position as the leader of the Beggars’ Sect while I am unprepared?"
"Huo Dou’s martial arts ingenuity is far better than that of Yang Kang in the original. It seems that Rong Er alone can’t cope with it …" Ling Feiyang thought of here and immediately jumped into the high platform!
"Huo Dou, I’ll ask Wang Hong to give me ten hands to meet you, the Mongolian king!" Ling Feiyang said to use a recruit "Kang Long has regrets" and took it to Huo Dou!
Huo Dou was defeated by Ling Feiyang for four times and knew that he was far from Ling Feiyang’s opponent. He immediately jumped back to the edge of the high platform and shouted, "The three elders took this man!"
Although Elder Jane had doubts, he didn’t dare to disobey the orders of "Wang". He had to put the steel staff on the ground. Elder Gaotai Liang and Elder Peng also jumped in front of Ling Feiyang.
Huo Dou was worried that the three elders could not escape Ling Feiyang and wanted to help him, but he couldn’t beat the dog with a stick, so he inserted the bamboo stick into his belt and took out a folding fan from his arms.
Ling Feiyang’s figure suddenly leaped from the top of the head of the three elders over the right palm and took a picture of Huo Dou. It was a trick "Flying Dragon in the Sky"!
Huo Dou is still afraid to hard-connect, but it has to retreat. The folding fan has been removed from the palm and half the strength. At the same time, the figure glides from Ling Feiyang.
At the same time, Huo Dou heard a "clank" and looked back only to find that the waist bamboo stick had fallen to the ground! Originally ling float in the sky this palm is not hurt Huo Dou palm wind broke his belt!
Ling Feiyang leaned over and picked up the green bamboo stick. Elder Peng wanted to sneak a sneak attack on Ling Feiyang’s sword, only to be framed by the steel staff of the elder Jane.
"Let’s catch two people fair and square and don’t sneak attack!" Elder Jane called Elder Peng to know that hundreds of pairs of eyes of the Beggars’ Sect in Taiwan were staring at the war situation in Taiwan, so it was better to take back the sword.
Ling Feiyang handed the green bamboo stick to Huang Rong next to him and cried, "Show them a few tricks to beat the dog stick!"
"good!" Huang Rong took the bamboo stick and used a trick of "beating the double mastiff horizontally" to attack Elder Peng’s side waist. Elder Peng hurriedly waved his sword to parry, but Huang Rong bypassed his sword and hit him in the waist with a stick.
Half a day ago, Elder Peng made a "mind-trick" to hypnotize Huang Rong. Huang Rong has always been resentful about this matter. This stick has been relentlessly focused. Huang Rongli is naturally worthless in front of experts, but Elder Peng is a "mind-trick". It is not as good as Huang Rong’s being swept by her stick at the moment. She fell to the ground in pain and couldn’t get up.
Elder Jane and Elder Liang felt that the figure in front of them had been overwhelmed by Huang Rong, and at the same time, Huo Dou had used the "thunderous wind" and Ling Feiyang to fight in one place!
"The two elders have sinned!" Huang Rong knew that Ling Feiyang would surely win Huo Dou’s wrist shaking gently, turning the bamboo stick into a green shadow and attacking Elder Liang’s shoulder. It was a trick of "wagging your head and wagging your tail"!
Elder Liang hurriedly knocked the nine-ring knife outward, but the Huangrong green bamboo stick has changed its direction and made a move to "push the dog to the sky". The tip of the stick was gently picked on the blade!
Elder Liang felt that the Nine Rings Dao wanted to fly out to sell, but his heart was indecisive. Huang Rong’s footsteps slipped to the side, but he had attacked Elder Jane!
When Elder Jane saw the bamboo stick coming, he immediately raised the steel stick in his hand to block Huang Rong’s bamboo stick. Huang Rong turned his wrist and put the bamboo stick in the waist of the steel stick and gently pressed it down. It was a move to "crush the dog’s back"!
This move is also the principle of "four or two dialing a thousand catties". Elder Jane’s strength is higher than that of Elder Liang’s, and his anti-seismic strength is also stronger. Some steel staff almost got rid of it and hurriedly squatted down to remove this strength.
"This little girl makes it look like a dog fight!" The Beggars’ Guild in Gaotai started to talk again, but Huang Rong has put the dog-beating stick method to use to trip, chop, entangle, poke, pick, lead, seal and turn words. Two Beggars’ Guild elders are fighting in one place.
The martial arts of two elders, Jane and Liang, are second to none in the Beggars’ Guild, which should be much higher than that of Huang Rong. However, neither of them wants to oppress a weak girl by force. Huang Rong fought with weapons, but Huang Rong’s skill of beating a dog with a stick is magical. Although it is one enemy and two, it has gradually gained the wind.
At this time, Huo Dou has also been driven by Ling Feiyang to jump up and down, barely avoiding Ling Feiyang’s palm force. Huang Rong has a well-thought-out plan to recapture Wang’s affairs in his eyes. Suddenly, his body spun rapidly and a great shadow swept over Jane and Liang like a white butterfly dancing on the green leaves, which is the last trick of beating a dog with a stick.
Two elders, Jane and Liang, have been able to tell the direction of bamboo stick attack by root method, and have been forced to turn around on the high platform and run for seven times in succession. Elder Jane panted, "Miss Huang loves us!"
"What did you call me!" Huang Rong back bamboo sticks cheerfully asked.
This technique of beating the dog with a stick is a unique skill of the Beggars’ Sect. It is impossible for outsiders except the master to learn that the two elders, Jane and Liang, have completely eliminated their worries and bowed to Huang Rong and shouted, "See the master!"
The two elders each took a mouthful of saliva in their mouths, but they didn’t have the nerve to spit it out when they saw this new Wang’s beautiful appearance. Knowing their thoughts, they smiled to show their gratitude.
"See Wang!" Taiwan group beggar also cried with two elders.
At this time, Elder Peng has climbed up from the ground, looked into Huang Rong’s eyes and said, "See Wang, villain!"
Elder Peng of Huang Rong immediately felt a chill in her heart when she made eye contact, but she was an extremely clever person. She had been calculated by Elder Peng once a few days ago, and how could she be recruited again and immediately turned her head to the left to hide from Elder Peng’s eyes?
Elder Peng immediately went around to Huang Rong’s left and stared at Huang Rong’s eyes. Huang Rong turned his head to the right again. Elder Peng also immediately went around to Huang Rong’s right. Huang Rong had to lift his head and look at the sky. Elder Peng immediately cast his flying skill and jumped to her head. Huang Rong was forced to leave Huang Rong’s eyes and turned his head to a low level. Elder Peng’s body has landed with his legs squatting on the ground and his hands propped up to continue to lock Huang Rong’s eyes.
"What’s wrong with you?" Huang Rong said, reaching out to block his eyes. Elder Peng was at his wit’s end and went to pull Huang Rong’s arm. Huang Rong suddenly flew up and kicked the fat body of Elder Peng to the high platform.
"Elder Peng has a brain problem. Hurry and send him to see a doctor. He won’t be able to come if he is late!" Huang Rong ordered the elder Peng to be dragged by several younger brothers.
At this moment, Huo Dou has also been driven by Ling Feiyang to take the road to see that Huang Rong is the trend of the times. Just then, a figure suddenly jumped from a big pine tree next to it and landed on the high platform!
"I have long said that you can’t be the leader of the Beggars’ Sect!" The man smile to Huo Dou said.
Ps: Despite the twists and turns, Ling Feiyang helped Huang Rong recapture Wang from Huo Dou, but I didn’t know that the Beggars’ Sect was on the verge of extinction!
Today’s question: Who is the man behind Huo Dou?
A jinlun French king; B Ouyang Yu; Qiu Qianren; D Dalba

"You pay more attention to rest, but I don’t know what your practice skill is. Can’t you recover your strength by practicing it?" Cloud precious little month asked

"achievement method?" As soon as I got to the word Jingxiang, I frowned and felt that my scalp was numb and hurt again.
Look at her expression. Haikui quickly grabbed Shizuka’s smooth little hand. "Didn’t Xiyue tell you not to stimulate Shizuka if she has amnesia?"
Yunxiyue was a little flustered and apologized, "I’m sorry, I forgot. I’ll talk to my father later and see if there is any way."
Haikui nodded and said, "Thank you."
"Don’t thank me. We are all friends, but the sea ghost will discuss something with you. What do you think?" Cloud precious little moon wriggle said
Seeing her like this, Haikui feels that she seems to have an intention to herself, but she has nothing. What she wants is not to look at herself. She secretly rejoices that I am so attractive and smiles and says, "Go ahead and cherish the moon."
"I want to ask you if you have any sects?"
Haikui one leng shook his head.
"Do you have a family?" Cloud precious little month continued
"Family?" Haikui shook his head. "My relatives don’t have much contact. There is no family with a home, my father, my mother and me."
Yunxi Moon was happy. "Have you ever heard of the Alliance of Cultivating Immortals?"
"cultivate immortality alliance?" Why is this name so hanged? It turns out that there is also this organization. Haikui nodded. "I heard of it in the game!"
"It’s not a game, it’s reality," said Yunxi Yuenai.
"Not in reality" Haikui shook his head.
"Then do you want to join the cultivation alliance?" Cloud precious little hope asked.
"What are the benefits of joining?" Haikui doesn’t know what the alliance of cultivating immortals does, but it must have something to do with cultivating immortals.
"Benefits?" It seems that my father hasn’t told himself what good it is for them to join. His eyes were ga zi ng and he smiled. "Don’t you want more friends and more roads?" Don’t you want to be friends with me? "
Are you trying to seduce me? Haikui looked at the cloud and smiled at the moon. What do you think of that sentence is like * * naked seduction to yourself!
However, I am always seduced by beautiful women and I am absolutely unyielding!
But this is a beautiful woman. Well, I’ll do it.
Haikui also gave Yunxiyue an ambiguous smile. "Of course, I love to make friends with Haikui," he said proudly.
"Really, then you are willing to join the cultivation alliance?" Cloud precious little month happy said
"Precious moon mouth where can refuse, right?" Haikui hey hey said.
Yunxiyue looked moved. "Thank you, Sea Ghost. I am so touched."
Haikui mused in his heart, moved, and threw himself into my arms. Come and pounce, I am here waiting for you to pounce on his heart, YD thought.
Sure enough, the clouds cherish the moon and suddenly there is a thrill in Haikui’s heart. Come on, come and meet my YD heart.
Yunxiyue turned around and said, "I’ll tell my father that you agreed to join the alliance of cultivating immortals." The excitement flashed by.
"I’ll go" Haikui complained about my broken heart.
Head tilted against Shizuka’s shoulder.
"What are you doing?" Shizuka wondered and asked
"Shizuka, please comfort my injured heart." Haikui said with injustice.
"Go to hell, isn’t it good to chat with Yunxi Moon just now? Hum and go." A slap called Haikui aside.
"Hey," Haikui sighed lying on the sofa, "it’s still my girlfriend!"
"I don’t remember being your girlfriend," said Shizuka, rubbing her temples.
"I see the sky is blue, just like you warm your life by my side. There are too many regrets. The more people grow up, the more lonely they feel. I really want to fly, and I won’t be tired. The deeper my love is, the more painful my heart will be. I want to fly in my day, and I want to fly, alas, alas, alas, alas." Haikui whined.
Shizuka lifted a foot and kicked Haikui on the sofa. "Haikui, you are a tone-deaf guy, and I will divorce you."
"Hugh me what?" Haikui leng way
"Aren’t you my boyfriend? Not if you sing again." Shizuka said coldly.
"So I am still?" Haikui’s eyes sparkled with light.
"I don’t remember."
"I’ll go!"
Yunxiyue ran to the back garden and found that his father had disappeared. Looking around, he continued to walk back. Behind it was a long corridor, which was winding around and carved with jade fences, but the corridor led to many directions, and each direction was a single villa.
This cloud house is connected to each cloud family house except that the gate hall is common. The straighter it is, the closer it is to the hall.
Yunxiyue ran back to her villa, where her mother was reading a magazine and suddenly jumped next to her and found that her mother didn’t pay attention to herself. Yunxiyue muttered, "It’s not funny. Why doesn’t her mother get a fright every time?"
"I felt you as soon as you entered the door," said Yun’s mother with a smile.

"You have a point, Mr. Chang, but I don’t want to leave Rome now. I have a good heart and hope in Rome."

It’s really stubborn to be constantly cursing in your heart!
Changsheng didn’t continue to persuade him. He came to Stramaccioni, yes, but he couldn’t be too urgent.
That makes you look worthless.
So he told Stramaccioni Lazio that he could call himself whenever he opened the door and wanted to come.
Stramaccioni did not swear, but politely expressed his gratitude to Lazio for seeing him.
The atmosphere of the first communication between the two sides was very harmonious. We were all adults, and we didn’t leave a way out for each other.
Hanging up is always better than frowning and biting your nails
If Stramaccioni doesn’t come, he really can’t find a more suitable youth training coach
His coaching staff is short of people, and he is always in no hurry because he has been chosen and Lotito has been sent to the United
This man is Roberto Di Matteo.
In fact, I should have gone to dimatteo in July, but at that time, all the managers of Changsheng were buying and selling people and fighting against Lazio extreme fans.
And he knew that dimatteo was a coach in Milton Keynes for 27 years, but he didn’t remember the specific time.
So he remembered to ask Lotito to help him find this person in January.
At this time, because the team has finished the physical training stage and turned to tactical training, there is a shortage of manpower at this time.
As a result, Lotito inquired that dimatteo was working with Milton Keynes!
Changsheng was scared out in a cold sweat.
His memory suddenly improved this time. He remembered that dimatteo signed Milton Keynes in July.
Now it’s January, and Milton Keynes is linked with dimatteo. It seems that the world has changed a lot because of himself, even if these changes are not self-caused, what connection is it?
Fortunately, you and they are still connected.
This means that you still have a chance!
So when Lotito was urged to step up by winning, Di Matteo hoped to invite dimatteo to join his coaching team.
Roberto Di Matteo used to be a Lazio player, which may help him steal dimatteo from Milton Keynes.
After all, dimatteo went to Milton Keynes as a head coach, but he can be a general coach when he comes to Lazio. There is a big gap …
Changsheng has no idea whether it can be done.
If we find Milton Keynes before he joins dimatteo, the success rate will be much higher.
Now that people have a better choice, they may not accept Lazio’s invitation.
Now a week has passed.
There is still no news from dimatteo. Changsheng has gradually given up hope … He intends to find a coach to do it first.
Let’s think about the director of the youth training camp first …
As a result, at this time, his mobile phone rang.
Lotito called!
Always win the connection
"We usually get it done" sounded Lotito’s words without head or tail.
"What’s done?" Changsheng is at a loss
"Roberto Di Matteo! Didn’t you ask me to contact him? "

He Ming Dow: "This is Heaven?"

Zhang Wen nodded and said, "This is Heaven and Avenue."
He Ming and the Monkey King were shocked. They never thought that the existence above heaven was also the law of the jungle. Zhang Wendao said: "Avenue is the earth, and Heaven is the sentient beings on the earth. Avenue doesn’t care what all sentient beings do. If all sentient beings want to survive, they can only be swallowed up continuously, and only the last ones can survive."
After nine days, a HarmonyOS purple gas suddenly appeared, but this HarmonyOS purple gas flashed, and the dry Kun Ding rushed into chaos in the midst of the wilderness. Suddenly, the dry Kun Ding spit out a ruler. Isn’t this He Ming’s HarmonyOS ruler? But I saw that HarmonyOS’s ruler turned twice in the void and went straight down to earth.
Zhao Gongming on the Golden Turtle Island suddenly looked at the sky with surprise, but when he saw HarmonyOS’s ruler breaking the void and coming to the Golden Turtle Island, Zhao Gongming hurriedly stepped forward to win HarmonyOS’s ruler. He only felt that a purple gas in the ruler rushed into the body, and then he felt HarmonyOS’s purple gas merged into the Yuan God again. The avenue was just around the corner, which was so clear that he could touch it with a gentle hand, but the barrier as thin as cicada’s wings was like a world apart, and Zhao Gongming could never break this barrier to make it holy.
Zhao Gongming sighed: "There are three words and deeds from the ancestors. On the one hand, it is impossible to prove the Tao with strength, but it is impossible with great perseverance. On the other hand, it is impossible to prove the Tao with three corpses, and you can prove the road by cutting off your own three corpses. Third, merit proves Taoism, and it takes great opportunity to have great merit to help prove Taoism. I can’t cut my obsession and prove it. Only this merit can prove it, but I don’t know where my merit opportunity is. "
Zhao Gongming said that he was a little tired. After all, the foundation of sanctification has arrived, but without the chance to preach, this chance is illusory and there is nothing to be found. It is even more difficult to preach.
"ACTS son. Come and see the teacher as soon as possible. " When the words connecting heaven and earth sounded in Zhao Gongming’s ear, Zhao Gongming hurried into the Biyou Palace, and when he saw it, he bowed to the sky and said, "Disciple, meet the teacher. I wish the teacher a happy birthday. "
"I have a chance to become a saint," said Tongtian. "I will definitely have a chance to prove that Taoism is mixed in the future. Now that heaven is in chaos, you can go down the mountain and find your own chance to become a saint."
Zhao Gongming said, "That’s exactly what I want to tell the teacher. I don’t want to always make plans for my disciples."
"You must have had a lot of hardships coming down the mountain this time, disciple," said Tongtian. "I’ll give you a clear road for your teacher. It is also good to prove it as soon as possible. " Go ahead, give directions between Zhao Gongming’s eyebrows. Zhao Gongming only feels that countless avenues of information are constantly integrated into his own Yuan God. These information are all things that Tongtian has realized by himself, which is also helpful to Zhao Gongming’s testimony.
Zhao Gongming, sitting in the Biyou Palace, slowly realized the avenue of teaching through heaven. After he realized it, he only felt that heaven was just around the corner, and it seemed that he could stretch out his hand to break the barrier and prove the truth. It’s a pity that the torture that can be seen or not is uncomfortable. Zhao Gongming still gave up his continued understanding and planned to go down the mountain to find opportunities.
Zhao Gongming came to Sanxian Island, and the three sisters in Yunxiao quickly welcomed him in and said, "Brother is not on the Avenue of Feeling on the Golden Turtle Island. What are you doing here?"
Zhao Gongming said, "Three sisters, I got a HarmonyOS purple gas and a HarmonyOS ruler on the Golden Turtle Island, and I have the foundation to prove it. I’m going to go down the mountain for a trip to find a chance. It is also good to take the opportunity to prove that the road is mixed. "
Yunxiao said with a smile, "I’m waiting for my three sisters to congratulate my brother first. It’s just that my brother needs to be careful when he goes down the mountain this time, and now there are many robberies. I don’t know when it is an end. "
Zhao Gongming said, "The three sisters don’t have to worry, because my brother will be fine when he goes down the mountain. Now it’s getting late, and I should go. The three sisters stay on the mountain and don’t go out."
Yunxiao three people nodded, a promise to Zhao Gongming, three people watched Zhao Gongming go down the mountain.
After Zhao Gongming went down the mountain, he went straight to Nanzhan Department, where he lost his dry tripod. Now he still needs to go there to find his own chance. After all, this southern land is where his chance lies.
At the end of Nanzhan Prefecture, Zhao Gongming saw peace in people’s livelihood and peace in the world. Only this Nanzhan Prefecture is full of shura people. These shura people are quarrying stones to build palaces, but those magic people are missing. At the beginning, this Nanzhan Prefecture had the most magic people, but now the whole Nanzhan Prefecture has only shura without magic people, which makes Zhao Gongming strange.
The strangest thing is that these shuras quarried stones in the mountains to build palaces, but they didn’t disturb the people. The shuras, who have always been bloodthirsty, will do the same. How can this not make people feel weird?
Zhao Gongming followed these shuras to the place where the palace was built, but when he saw that the surrounding pattern was clearly a fierce place, numerous shuras were coming back from quarrying in all directions and slowly building a palace. Zhao Gongming frowned and looked at the palace, with some doubts in his heart. Looking at the palace didn’t seem to be built for Styx, but it looked like an altar.
Zhao Gongming here is observing the change of Shura. In the Kaifeng Palace, the Styx sits opposite to Dizang, and the Styx arrives: "Dizang, the snake king left the underworld for a woman, and no one knows whether he can come back in the future. And lawlessness is because Lingshan has fallen and hid in the underworld. Now the power of the underworld is in your hands, and the world has changed greatly, and the underworld is booming. When I made an alliance with the underworld, they said that they would give me a continent. Now that the earth is hidden as the emperor, why do you care if this continent has to be against me? "
"I wasn’t there when the alliance was made, and I can’t give you the land of this continent," said Dizang. "Besides, the Shura people shouldn’t appear in the Three Realms, and the land of blood is where you should go."
Styx frowned and said, "Dizang, you don’t want to give this continent a place?"
"The four major continents are places where the Terrans gather, and Nanzhanbuzhou is where the Terrans live," said Dizang. "Can I give you the land of this continent and frame all the people in from the mire?"
Ghost River: "My Shura people have been on duty in the underworld for many years, and they have already lost their rage. It is impossible to wreck any living thing. Now I’m building a palace in Nanzhanbuzhou, and no shura has been born to disturb the people. Why do you have to worry about your Terran people? It’s a big deal that I, the shura people, live with the Terran. If there is a civil law disorder, I’ll deal with it for you. "
Dizang still shook his head and said, "When my people from the underworld were born, they couldn’t live with the Terrans, let alone you fix the people. If I hadn’t worried about the troubled times of my people in the underworld and sent them back to the underworld early, would Nanzhanbuzhou be the land you could occupy? "
Styx thought for a moment and said, "Hidden in the earth, the curse is not finished yet, but there are still people watching us in the sky. Wu Tian and the snake king are gone. If we don’t make peace again, I’m afraid that the underworld and Shura will become stepping stones. Don’t forget that we are not saints."
"The ancestor of Styx," said Dizang. Nowadays, the number of days has changed greatly, and western Buddhism has become extinct, but you have let the Shura family be born. I advise you to go back to your blood sea early, or your shura clan will be wiped out. "
Styx took an angry look at Dizang and said, "Dizang, now I have this Nanzhan continent. If you don’t let me, you have to let me. If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t come to talk to you about it. Nanzhanbuzhou is the habitat of my shura from now on. If you refuse to accept it, you can lead an army to crusade against me. I am not afraid of things in Styx. " Go ahead, turn into lotus flower and disappear.
Connect heaven and earth out of chaos and directly connect to Pangu Heaven and Earth, which happens to be in the west, and all saints watch the arrival of this new world. I feel strange in succession, this world is a newly opened world, and there will be treasures in the newly opened world. If it is normal, it will definitely provoke everyone to look for it, but now no one is in the mood.
Just as this heaven and earth came, heaven changed again, not calmly, but more chaotic, just like a chaotic world. Chaos, can’t see the road is unknown.
Zhang Wenchao He Ming and the Monkey King waved their hands and sent them out of Gankun Ding. When they came out and fell to the ground, the heaven changed immediately. He Ming and the Monkey King saw that the cat’s face changed greatly. Now this cat just said that he had a chance, and for a moment he said that he would be reincarnated. Forget it for more than a dozen times, but not once.
He Ming wait for a while’s way: "Monkey. I couldn’t see the secret before. Why is it like this now? Do I still have a chance to become a saint? "
The Monkey King said, "How can I know? Why don’t you try it now. See if it can be sanctified. "
He Ming looked at the Monkey King with frustration and said, "You think this chance of sanctification is a radish on the ground. You can pull it out if you want."
The Monkey King said with a smile, "Just now, there were three treasures that opened the sky. Do you remember? Don’t you like treasure? There is no one here now, so hurry up and look for it, and maybe you can catch some. "
He Ming gave the Monkey King a push and said, "You monkey are really joking. Just now, you opened the sky, and you used those treasures to break the new heaven, so that this heaven swallowed up the new heaven. All the treasures in this world have disappeared. What treasures are there?"
The Monkey King said, "Since there is nothing here, we don’t have to stay here. Let’s go."
On the day when they were about to leave, Shangdi Gankun Ding suddenly fell into the Monkey King’s body. He Ming saw this and shook his head and said, "I didn’t think this thing still belongs to you. Hey, the boss is eccentric."
Suddenly, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and hit He Ming right on the head, beating him all dark. Fortunately, the Monkey King didn’t meet He Ming, otherwise he would suffer. A loud roar in the sky said, "You are a tired and lazy disciple, and you even say that I am partial. Your heavenly sword is better than Gankun Ding. Then HarmonyOS Purple Gas is a sacred thing for you. How dare you say that I am partial?
He Ming quickly made three obeisances to the sky and said, "Boss, forgive me. I made a mistake. It was just a joke."
The Monkey King said with a smile, "He Ming, you are also a person who wants to become a saint. You should know that disaster comes from your mouth. Be careful that what you say casually becomes a few days in the future, and some of you will regret it."
He Ming shook his body and removed a mess, and became a scholar in the past. He Ming Dow: "Okay, monkey, I know. Let’s go. " Go ahead, sail away to the east.
Chapter 27 Seven Killing Avenue
He Ming Dow: "Monkey, let’s go. I’ll buy you a drink. We’ve been drinking for a long time." He Ming and the Monkey King just took two steps, and another treasure fell that day. It was the day when He Ming grabbed the dust, but when he saw that the dust turned into green light and disappeared, all saints didn’t notice where this treasure went. After all, the changes in heaven are so chaotic now that several saints didn’t notice this treasure, and it came and went quickly, but just disappeared in an instant.
The Styx had just returned to Nanzhanbuzhou to build a palace, and immediately found Zhao Gongming. Styx looked at Zhao Gongming coldly and said, "What are you doing here?"
Zhao Gongming looked at the sword of Yuan Tu A Bi in the hands of Styx and said with some worries: "The bodhi old zu doesn’t need to worry too much. Being original is just looking for opportunities, and there is no possibility of destroying the bodhi old zu’s plans."
Ghost River Road: "Since Taoist friends don’t want to disturb the layout of being poor, please go."
Zhao Gongming made a bow and said, "Lao zu, be original and leave." Go ahead and turn to leave. Suddenly, Zhao Gongming turned to stand in front of him with HarmonyOS ruler in his hand, but he saw a sword of light flying just to hit HarmonyOS ruler.
Zhao Gongming said, "Styx, what do you mean? Just now, being original has said that I won’t interfere with you. Why do you have to shoot me? "
Ghost River: "Zhao Gongming, you are a Taoist, and I occupy the land of Nanzhanbuzhou. It’s hard to guarantee that you won’t be sent by the Taoist to spy. You’d better stay first, lest we hurt the peace."
Zhao Gongming said, "Styx, I don’t want to fight you. Don’t push too hard."
Styx hands double sword flying straight at Zhao Gongming, Styx is a man of great knowledge, which existed at the beginning of the world. And in the Zixiao Palace, I have heard the word for many years. The most important thing is that Styx was a quasi-saint at the beginning of the flood. If it weren’t for the chance, he would have been sanctified. And he has been in the blood of the underworld for so many years. There are countless merits in the underworld, and Styx has gained a lot. Unfortunately, he has no foundation for sanctification, and he is never a saint.
And although Zhao Gongming is also a man of enlightenment, but compared with Styx, he is still a little poor. If it weren’t for HarmonyOS’s ruler in his hand, I’m afraid Styx has already won. Now Zhao Gongming has an innate treasure. It’s still difficult to defeat Styx. How to say that Styx has blood lotus for insulation? Yuan Tu A Bi’s two swords are even more valuable. Zhao Gongming is not a saint. It’s too short to get this HarmonyOS ruler, but it’s already the limit to play three levels of strength. The two of them can only fight equally.
The Monkey King and He Ming just passed through the sky when a sword of light suddenly rushed up on the ground, blocking their way. He Ming was about to denounce, and immediately rushed up to several swords of light below. Will the Monkey King and He Ming mess to avoid.
He Ming said angrily, "Which bastard is plotting against Lao Zi? I really don’t want to live." He Ming: Go ahead, hold the heavenly sword in your hand and go straight down. Then the Monkey King will have to follow when he sees this.

Xiao Wen, the old buddy of Fuxingtang, knows everyone, but when he came this time, he looked at a new face. He was thinking about the shopkeeper Hu and didn’t look carefully. As a result, he didn’t recognize the old buddy of Fuxingtang, but he was recognized by someone.

"Ah, Adebayor’s eldest brother" Xiao Wen nodded and smiled at each other and walked past.
As a result, Xiao asked the "Brother Ade" but it made the man stunned for a long time before he reacted. Isn’t that what Xiao asked him before he left? But can he really afford this "Adebayor Big Brother"? When you look closely, isn’t Xiao Wen a true fairy realm now? Unfathomable!
Adebayor didn’t come to talk, but the floating star hall was completely messed up, even those guests stopped looking at the goods, and looked at Xiao Wen excitedly, and those who had never heard of Xiao Wen also inquired about others.
The new shopkeeper is three-step and two-step rushed out from behind the counter to go with a ceremony and a face of shock tunnel "you are the shopkeeper hu and boss zhou often Xiao Xian long? ! It’s really rude. Don’t blame Xiao Xianchang! ! Don’t blame! !”
Xiao asked, embarrassed, and said with a wry smile, "The shopkeeper doesn’t have to be like this. I’m just here to see an acquaintance."
As a result, in the floating star hall for a moment, several old guys shouted Xiao Wen’s name, one by one with a smile on his face. Se was excited and inexplicable.
"Er … hello, everyone. There are many new faces in our store. I really didn’t recognize them when I first entered the store." Xiao asked apologetically.
But at this moment, who will blame Xiao Wen? !
Xiao asked that it was a great honor for them to think of them!
I haven’t seen Xiao Wen for more than two years, but it’s an honor to remember the names of some of them!
Xiao Wengen doesn’t know how famous he is now in Danfeng City, especially in this fairy!
Since he got the token of Ming Jianzong’s entry qualification test, the whole fairy has broadcast his story. He is a small dental official, so humble!
Then people not only really entered Ming Jianzong, but also tied for the first place in the entrance test! This is so fucking awesome! Although Danfengcheng saw it with his own eyes, it seemed that there were several stars, but it was later fascinated!
Then Xiao Wen didn’t remain silent. The most glorious thing for people who have had a relationship with Xiao Wen in Danfeng City is Xiao Wen’s performance in a 27-year J and jīng English competition!
At that time, Xiao Wen really first appeared in the eyes of everyone in the celestial world! I don’t know how many people have been shocked by his excellent performance, but he has dealt with Xiao Wen very much and lived together. Many people in Danfeng City Fairy have been honored.
From one thing, we can see how famous Xiao Wen is. Every day, I come to Danfeng City for the first time to inquire about Xiao Wen, and half of them are women.
I don’t know how many people have remembered or said that Xiao Wen showed his confidence and kindness at the bottom of the crystal bowl and waved to the audience in a J and jīng English competition, which was deeply implanted in everyone’s heart.
He came from a low background and rose up, but he didn’t shy away from this background. It is really rare that he is still the same when he treats people from the same background. Just for this, he deserves people’s love.
So what happened in the floating star hall can be imagined. The hall was completely out of order. When outsiders heard that Xiao Wen was coming, they crowded the door to the hall and were blocked by people. Xiao Wen was stuck in it and communicated with those familiar faces with a wry smile.
He really never thought it would be such a situation after coming to the floating star hall. If I had known it, he would not have come.
It wasn’t until a lamp of tea kung fu that the shopkeeper named Jiang Xin and Fuxingtang guys evacuated the crowd together and managed to get Xiao Wen out …
Xiao asked directly, hissed, and gave a gift to those who came to see him specially. As a result, his shyness and strength provoked a burst of laughter. Everyone thought that Xiao asked was so cute.
Xiao Wen, who was sent away in the floating star hall, is still talking about Xiao Wen, the old friends who once had some friendship with Xiao Wen. Look at the posture one by one, it is simply to regard Xiao Wen as their relatives. In fact, they also know that this time, the two sides may not pay each other again, but what does it matter? In the usual, they can’t deal with this class of people, can they? Now they have few Xiao Wen and Xiao Wen takes them as friends!
On the other hand, Xiao Wen hesitated for a long time, and then he simply changed his clothes outside the city and got a big straw hat to make it look like a Jianghu ranger. Then he flew to Danfeng City alone …
One quietly arrived at the floating star building in the tunnel area, but no one really recognized him, but it was already chaotic here, because the news of his return had already arrived here.
Xiao asked for a moment, but he didn’t dare to think about it before, and finally came to a conclusion. He is really famous, but he shouldn’t be so exaggerated as Danfeng City, because he once stayed in Danfeng City, and it can be said that he made his fortune here. People here especially like to talk about him.
Just thinking about Xiao Wen, I saw Zhou Jie frowning from a distance and walking towards the floating star building, showing that she was angry.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Crazy
What happened?
See Zhou Jie when you are sad Xiao asked is also a tight heart and then watched Zhou Jie entered the floating star building.
Outside the floating star building, there is no change, which can make Xiao Wen feel nostalgic, but at this time, when he sees that Zhou Jie has troubles, he will not sigh these.
Finally, the predecessors of the floating star building became less and less, and gradually returned to their proper state. Xiao asked that they walked towards the floating star building.
When Xiao Wen entered the gate, he looked into the shopkeeper’s place according to his memory and saw the shopkeeper Hu and Zhou Jie. At this time, the shopkeeper Hu was solving Zhou Jie and Zhou Jie was complaining a little.
Xiao asked and went directly to the past. The two people chatted more and didn’t find him at the moment.
"Elder sister hu shopkeeper" Xiao asked little shouted.
Zhou Jiexian was startled and turned to look at it. Just when he saw Xiao Wen’s face along the straw hat, he was about to exclaim.
Xiao asked hurriedly put his finger in front of his mouth and motioned Zhou Jie not to shout.
Zhou Jie also reacted and had already turned to surprise, but she was still amused by Xiao Wen’s gesture and whispered with a smile, "What are you doing like a thief!"
Xiao asked awkwardly, "I didn’t know that I couldn’t move a step after I came here. Come again in disguise. By the way, sister, what happened to your frown just now?"
Zhou Jie one leng and then white xiao asked didn’t good the spirit way "not just because of you? I also scared you away directly from the Fuxingtang people. I made a special trip to pick you up and didn’t receive it! "
"Uh, you just picked me up?"
The two people communicate quickly with each other, and the shopkeeper next to Hu can look at Xiao Wengen kindly with a smile, so he can’t insert words …
However, this situation has attracted the attention of the guys and guests in the floating star building. They are still thinking about Xiao Wen one by one. Is that the wretched man in the straw hat?
The man in the floating star building is also afraid of Zhou Jie’s pressure to prove those guests before the horse, but regardless of these, he has the cheek to come close and want to eavesdrop on a sentence and a half.
Fortunately, Zhou Jie immediately interrupted the conversation with Xiao Wen and whispered, "Keep your hat down and go upstairs with me!"
"Hu Lao, help you look at it." Zhou Jie said when he left.
"Good miss, you just go."
"Hu shopkeeper let’s talk about it later" Xiao asked and politely said to Hu shopkeeper.
"Well," Hu shopkeeper moved almost to tears. In fact, he had guessed what Xiao asked to go to the floating star hall first, and saw Xiao ask the child so sensible that he never forgot that he didn’t know what to say at the moment.
It’s too difficult for someone like shopkeeper Hu to say that he wants to see any children rising rapidly around him. Xiao Wen is definitely the only one he has ever met in his life.
Xiao Wen followed Zhou Jie, and went directly to Zhou Jie’s boudoir on the third floor of the floating star building.
"Why are you here now?" Zhou Jie immediately increased the volume behind the door and asked earnestly
"No, I just came to see you."
Zhou Jie smiled with relief and said, "It’s rare that you are still thinking about it."
"I’ve never forgotten, alas, if something hadn’t been dragging on, I would have come long ago."
"oh? What is it? "
"Elder sister, you must have heard about Feixia Valley …"
Xiao Wen just said, Zhou Jie’s expression changed, but it turned out to be a little overwhelmed. Xiao Wen immediately felt that Bai Zhoujie had been thinking about it all the time, but he didn’t make it work, so he deliberately didn’t think about it. At this time, he personally let her down …
Zhou Jie once said that if she had a choice, she would rather go to a place where she practiced dharma but her appearance was normal. It can be said that her appearance is the biggest knot in her life.
Xiao Wen is not a woman who doesn’t quite understand Zhou Jie’s yearning for her normal appearance, but now that he has directly heard Zhou Jie’s expectation, he will take it as a major event in his heart.
Then Xiao Wen told Zhou Jie the word "drag" about the treatment of Feixia Valley by the 27 cases and the five giants, which made Zhou Jie frown. If the gang hadn’t been delaying Xiao Wen, it wouldn’t have come so late, and then he told Zhou Jie how to drag him in through the back door.
"You don’t have to go through the normal process if it’s too difficult. Well, I can afford to wait." Zhou Jie instead came to comfort Xiao at this time.