"I remember how many times you said it."

"It was five times, my Lord. 122 years ago, the political adviser gave you a special exam. You got excellent grades."
"Is there any big change in the past 122 years?"
Nai shook her head. "You’ve been too focused on counterinsurgency for 122 years, my Lord. More important things happen around you, but you know it."
"Did I make a mistake?" The consul felt that he couldn’t control his emotions and spoke unconsciously. The high volume almost roared out. "I told you a century ago that these things would go wrong sooner or later! Now it’s true! They rebelled! "
"Rebellion is not just an AI adult. Have you ever heard of the non-violent movement?"
"There seems to be an impression …"
"This is a revolution, my Lord," the girl stressed. "What you are seeing now is the result of this revolution."
Consul gawking at this virtual world, several people are shuttling in front of them. Tall buildings and spaceships almost cover the whole day. In reality, he thinks it’s impossible to see so many living people in spaceships in a city. It’s even more impossible. The total number of people in the whole Federation with 23.3 billion people who have obtained the license of planetary spaceships is only over one million. These more than one million people are scattered among seven main living planets and then distributed to cities. A city can see a few people at most, not to mention the ground cities like this. There will be no more than one hundred in the whole Federation.
That is to say, in the documentary, it is the game that sets the colonial era of the earth to see such a grand occasion.
But the real colonial era has long passed, and all the scenes before us are just illusions created in the game.
"These are just a mirage, and when you are ruled by them, do you think you can continue to go on such a fine day?"
The girl smiled "what won’t? They know very well that we are their natural allies. "
"Allies?" The consul frowned. "I can deal with your remarks as treason!" "
"But this is not a federal adult," the consul said. "This is the fourth earth."
"This is the earth!" The consul couldn’t help shouting, "Isn’t the earth law uncomfortable here?"
"According to the virtual world freedom of speech law … is an adult"
"Even treason?"
"Treason of course not," the girl frowned and said, "But in the fourth earth, we recognize that there is a country that is the fourth federation. As the consul of the fourth federation, I tell you that what I said just now does not involve treason."
"When did the Federation allow the Ministry to establish a country?"
"95 years ago, the pavilion" nodded the girl. "According to the federal virtual community management law, the Federation recognizes the establishment of countries and groups in all virtual worlds and recognizes the multiple nationalities of citizens. You can go back and check the pavilion."
"Their time in this world is far beyond the federal time cabinet," the girl said. "If more than 90% of the citizens of the fourth earth are counted according to the time of residence, less than 2% of the citizens of the fourth earth are subject to federal laws."
"Did you just say that you are allies with them?"
"Yes, my Lord," the girl stressed, "All I need to know is that you want to speak in public … because it is very likely that you said these things involve the Fourth Federal Speech Control Act."
"Speech control? You are not free to speak here? "
"There is no place like this to live in such a free house," the girl said. "The law here may be more harsh than the federal law."
"Now I have something to say," said the consul, pointing at the girl very rudely. "I’ll go back to parliament immediately and let them ban you traitors! And you, my political adviser, are fired from now on. "
"As you wish, my Lord," the girl nodded, "but I believe you will get me again soon."
When throwing the helmet, the consul saw that the light of the long star had been completely extinguished in the live broadcast-this was the fourth star ball lost by the Federation and the penultimate non-inhabited planet-and the sun was too small compared with the two giant texts.
Parliament is more afraid of you.
When the consul threw his helmet away, the white-haired woman, his political adviser, was slowly getting up and walking out step by step with the same helmet in her hand.
The consul didn’t go to see her, but called him to "find me the best political adviser as soon as possible"
The secret still doesn’t know what happened. He glanced at the adviser who was leaving the government. "Ms. Mary is already the most accomplished adviser in the whole federal government."
The magistrate simply snorted "is it? Then find something worse than her! Remember that a political consultant had better not play games! "
The secret shook his head directly without thinking. "Your honor, you are too demanding. It’s almost impossible."
Consul wanted to think and nodded, "but at least the other party can’t be a traitor! Can’t be our enemy allies … Unreasonable! Natural allies! "
The secret looked puzzled, but he wanted to ask again, but he was motioned to leave the war room temporarily.
After leaving the war room, the consul went to inspect the army according to the original itinerary.
The 23rd Fleet of the Federation is the closest army to the front line. In the past two months, this detachment was the only army that had a close exchange of fire with the enemy and successfully returned home.
Now there are some "morale" problems in this army-they need the consul to go to the officers and men to hold a medal ceremony.

Huang Xuanshun’s hand-hitting energy screen shows that Meseiro doesn’t have a bit of empty talk. There should be 70,000 pieces of woolen cloth produced in Florence every year. The value of woolen cloth produced in the city is as high as 120,000, and that in Frohring is almost 20,000. Just to buy them, it will cost 10,000 tons of grain. If the current US aircraft carrier department is converted into a cargo ship, these grains can almost fill the department.

In normal times, Huang Xuan might have let go of this kind of sports with high exercise, low profit and many absolute profits, but when faced with the threat of the administration, he never dared to brush lazy again
After clearing his throat, Huang Xuan made up a new reason, saying, "Yesterday my first fleet left Venice. They were originally going to Florence to load goods. If Perot’s firm can supply all the goods in a short time, I can recall the fleet."
"What do you mean by short time?" Meseiro is a very cautious person and doesn’t relax because of the huge amount of transactions.
"Three days" Huang Xuan firmly said
Next to Davis, he took a deep breath. Venice is the 15th century ball market. They often meet the urgent situation of catching up with the monsoon and demanding the fleet, but not Huang Xuan.
"If you can do it, I can also bring in the fleet going to other places, which are carrying a lot of food."
Meseiro was a little puzzled by Huang Xuan’s arrival. At this time, another Venetian hurried to the avenue. "Excuse me, are you Mr. Kossa?"
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Venice scroll (7)
Almost at the same time, Massimo also ran to the dock at the fastest speed. What happened to the novel in Meseiro’s ear?
Meseiro listened and his face immediately became colorful.
He looked at the newly arrived businessman with a rather smug expression and smiled, "Ali Sandro, you are too late."
Huang Xuan looked at the two men strangely and asked Nick, "What did they say?"
Nick probably felt that he couldn’t explain it clearly. An energy screen popped up in front of Huang Xuan directly.
In 1455, two great events happened.
The first is a matter that seriously influenced later generations but had little influence on the 15th century. Mr. Gutenberg, a German, issued a printing press. With this patent, he not only earned a lot of money, but also actually entered the top 100 list of world celebrities, which was a little lower than Confucius Hall.
And that second event really affect Europe for half a century.
Wars of the roses, England, fought for three years and the British throne changed seven times. The war swept through the British Isles and smashed most of England to pieces.
On the fourth day of Huang Xuan’s arrival in P31, some news finally came from the European continent-the Worcester family and the York family fought.
After the war, the price of food naturally increased.
Huang Xuan also eyebrow eye laughed at once.
Ali Sandro was not very happy. He looked at the busy grain-carrying workers and was so upset that he ignored Huang Xuan’s yelling and saying some monosyllabic words that he was leaving.
Huang Xuan immediately stopped him and said, "Mr. Ali Sandro, if you still need food, I think we might talk about it."
Ali Sandro’s eyes lit up at once and looked at Meseiro. Instead, he seemed to be proud. Look at my letter again.
Messero looked angrily at Huang Xuandao. "Mr. Kossa, I, we have a tacit understanding."
"That’s right," Huang Xuan said, "but all my fleet materials may be beyond your expectation."
"Please trust Perot’s ability."
Ali Sandro quietly looked at Huang Xuanmei Cerro and talked without interrupting.
Huang Xuan kept smiling. "Mr. Perot is about to arrive. The fleet contains more than 10 thousand bushels of grain. If you buy it by a firm, it will meet my time requirements."
He didn’t talk about money directly, but said it was a good step.
Meseiro really stopped arguing, but his eyes looked different at Huang Xuan. 10 thousand bushels of food, that’s 60 thousand Jindukat
Ali Sandro was also a little surprised by the number quoted by Mr. Kossa. Huang Xuan smiled and stepped back a few steps. "Nick informed Lu Min that I wanted 10,000 tons of standard food and then asked Kangfu to send it to me."
The ability to deliver goods at a fixed point only when there is a middle-level base makes the middle-level base in the trading hall like paying for a convoy, but now it is your own car-although the response is a little slow.
In a normal year, Venetian businessmen would not hoard a large amount of grain. Although they do have a small amount of strategic grain reserves, the war, especially when it is uncertain how long it will last, will make the market change beyond imagination.
Just like the futures market, even if there is no need for so much food, people will buy more food than this, and then they will slowly return to rationality.
Therefore, it is also in this special situation that Huang Xuan can take out millions of tons of grain and sell it to him. It is better to have more kinds of goods-naturally, there will be too many waves
All three were silent for a while. Meseiro watched Huang Xuan change his usual laziness and said, "Which French family is Mr. Kossa?"
Huang Xuan is best at dealing with this problem. He proudly said, "There is no need to care about so many things in business. We also deal in cash." Huang Xuan shrugged and said, "If it is convenient, wouldn’t it be easier for me to send food to Marseille?"
Meseiro and Sandro immediately stopped asking the three men about the arrival schedule and trading methods of the fleet.
After saying a few words, Huang Xuan glanced at Meseiro with a bad smile. "Mr. Perot, can I buy the supplier from Mr. Sandro?"
Peronai nodded, and Sandro immediately got excited. Only then did he realize that it was impossible for a fleet to sell food to Venice and then ship back to France. He even made an excuse for not selling food directly to Britain. Because Baldy and the Bank of peruzzi had a dominant position in the English wool trade, the French were worried that the king of England could not pay the bill.
This is a natural idea. At this time, England is still a fairly poor marginal country in Europe. The royal family sells 1 mark a month, but it owes 30 thousand. Domagk has no wool trade, and the king of England can’t get anything of value.
France has always been a big grain country. Since the 14th century, they have tried to meet the grain demand of half of Europe, so they need to sell a large amount of grain to all parts of the world every year.
Sandro suppressed his excitement and asked Huang Xuanyou to pack his luggage. "What business does Mr. Kossa need?" Sandro Commercial Bank has a wide range of routes. "
"Ivory, rhinoceros horn and wool," he said, glancing at Meseiro and laughing. "If there is money left, I will buy a small amount of woolen cloth. Besides, I also want some treasures from Constantinople, preferably portraits, but I will stay here for three days and then I will go home."
Typical demand in developed areas of Europe, but it was too soon. Sandro thought for a moment and said, "If that’s the case, I can take out about three ivory and five rhinoceros horn wool, and there are about tens of millions of pounds of art. I can also help you ask."
Huang Xuan’s eyes are wide and round. This is a real thing. It’s convenient to send it home and change it into banknotes. It’s convenient to buy anything. R plane can be exchanged for energy. A ton of New Zealand wool in the international market is 6 dollars. Even if there is a slight gap in wool quality in this era, there are more than 45 tons of ivory, rhinoceros horn and portraits before the 14th century, there are 270,000 dollars.
Normally, Huang Xuan should talk about the list of materials he wants to buy and when he arrives at the fleet, but he didn’t think about it enough. Huang Xuan still looked up and said, "Mr. Sandro, Mr. Perot, maybe I can pay a deposit for you to prepare materials now?"
There is no letter among his Venetian businessmen, and it is impossible to get commercial preferential treatment.
Meseiro and Sandro looked at each other and smiled. "How many businessmen does Mr. Kossa need in total?"
"I have 250,000 gold and dukat in hand, so I hope to get 250,000 gold and dukat if I can’t get the corresponding payment in three days." If I can’t get more money in three days, Huang Xuan wants more than 20,000 gold coins.
Meseiro tightened his face, loosened his big nose and twitched, "The Perot Chamber of Commerce’s handcrafted materials, Sandro Chamber of Commerce, are quite what you want. Naturally, there is no problem, but wool is the raw material for woolen cloth, and most of it is shipped from England if you buy it here …"
Huang Xuan immediately interrupted him and said, "Mr. Perot, I naturally have a place."

It’s a pity that there is nothing to burn nearby at the moment.

Xiao Wen over there also offered a fire cloud knife to identify the two rows of giant columns hanging in the middle of the hall with colored Se curtains. The fire cloud knife had a fireball exploding in the past!
The hissing wind didn’t stop until it was close to the ground. At this moment, they stopped at the bottom of the hall and felt the magnificent momentum of the main hall of the Nine Ri Palace.
Absolutely more magnificent than a building of Ming Jianzong!
How long did it take Xuanyang Sect to accumulate such details? They rely on this kind of background to continue to gain greater oppression in the celestial world, which is not as good as their power and individual!
Xiao Wen is lamenting that the gap at the top of the temple where they just came in is the National People’s Congress, and someone has chased them in!
Not only that, but someone flew in from the rest of the gap!
"rush! ! !”
Even if several gaps fly in at the same time, the total number of people is much less than that outside. Plus, there are various bunkers in the construction department, and the wind speed is even more afraid of those low-ranking brothers who dazzle the sun.
See hongyun in nine ri palace main hall left turn right around the place can be lit, and then drifted to the throne in front of the main hall.
Here, however, there are two tea tables made of wood. You don’t even have to ask questions, just raise a knife and chop them up.
Then there was nothing to burn, and Nan Yunqing, who was about to leave, said, "That throne is good."
Xiao Wen really didn’t see that the throne was a fairy [home] baby, but just looking at its appearance, it was quite gorgeous and expensive. It seems to be worth collecting. But this thing won’t be connected to the ground, will it?
When the thought flashed through my mind, Xiao Wen had vaulted the horse and tried it. Don’t you know?
When the right hand presses the object against the throne and the brilliance flashes, it will be heard that the carved dragon and painted phoenix will disappear compared with the heavy throne …
Xiao asked first blocked several attacks, and then rushed to the hissing wind back and rushed out again.
There are side doors in the main hall of Ri Palace, which are connected with other buildings. These side doors actually have a doorway and don’t even have a real door. Xiao Wen directly let the hissing wind rush in and burn it all the way. When you see something valuable, you can directly get it into the ring. It’s not neat, and the more you dry it, the more skilled it is. Nan Yunqing’s eyes are staring at Xiao Wen. Even if you want to miss any treasures, it’s difficult …
I don’t know how long it was before Xiao asked and suddenly found that there was no one behind them …
"What’s the matter?" Xiao asked hurriedly asked
"It should be those brothers who are too busy fighting the fire to chase us."
"That’s better."
When they came, there were really few people chasing them, so it was easier to burn and grab them.
Slowly Xiao asked, but he realized something was wrong and wondered, "Why is it so hot?"
"Look for yourself"
Nan Yunqing slightly sideways no longer keep out Xiao Wen’s sight.
Xiao asked if it was necessary to look closely, and he exclaimed. Because he remembered that there was a long and wide passage behind him, and now there was a fire everywhere, what other passage was there? Looking around, he found that they had already fallen into a sea of fire, and there were few places that were not on fire …
The hissing wind and the fire cloud knife flame are not ordinary flames, even if they can be put out, it will take a lot of effort. What’s worse, no one will follow their ass to put out the fire? Those people are flapping at the initial flame!
"Go out as soon as possible or we will be in danger" Nan Yunqing solemnly said.
Here Xiao asked the voice to fall and suddenly heard the roar coming from the corridor behind him, and then a figure rushed out from there!
Bai Gong!
Xiao asked not frightened and slapped him unceremoniously on the horse’s back and hissed and immediately got up and ran!
Those low-ranking brothers are not afraid, but Bai Gong can’t!
However, at this time, they have gone deep into the Nine Ri Palace and are not familiar with it, and the allowed running range is not too big, so it will be dangerous!
"karma! ! ! Dare to destroy my Nine Ri Palace! ! ! !”
Bai Gong’s eyes are going to crack like a crazy tiger. Raising my hand in the flight is more than ten silvery white shock waves and beheading one horse and two people in the distance!
Xiao Wengen has no time to talk. At this time, his eyes can’t observe the surrounding environment by the hissing wind. He is also trying his best to observe and change direction when he wakes up.
One who is not careful will die here!
The hissing wind suddenly turned and almost threw Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing away. Somehow, all the more than ten firm but gentle ways were avoided. But at this time, I looked around and found that the only channel was closed and was blocked by Bai Gong. Why should I be blocked here?
Just now, Xiao Wen dreamed that he would search for those things in the Nine Ri Palace and bring them back to Ming Jianzong …
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Fengming
At that moment, Xiao Wen really received too much information, but the rapid heat did not allow him to think more, so he saw that he had put it in the ring.
Everyone who saw this scene was a little stupid, and even Bai Gong didn’t dare to grab anything. Why did Xiao Wen just accept it? At that time, Xiao asked what kind of flame there was purple fire rushing out of his hand. !
For dazzle Yang clan, what they are most concerned about is the red ball. If it is really a great baby, it will fall on Xiao Wen’s hand. Isn’t it a big loss for dazzle Yang clan?

A few dragons lifted up the dragon sunseeker and waved their hands at Sumo, but their attitude was much better than before.

Su Mo is still confused. What do you have to do with this dragon girl?
I haven’t got a clue after thinking a little. He is going to put these things behind him and practice first.
As soon as he turned around, a dragon greeted him and gave him a thumbs up.
"Brother Mo, my name is Long Can. Just call me A Can."
This Candle dragon named Long Can is very enthusiastic. "Brother Mo, I know where your dragon cave is. I’ll take you there!"
Sue ink zheng just nodded slightly.
Before that, he asked the root continuously, and no dragon spoke to him.
Now, before he asked, the dragon has come out voluntarily.
The strength of the dragon is really true.
Su Mo wanted to be recognized by the dragons because he defeated Long Ye, the fifth in the Qianlong list.
But in fact, he was really recognized by the dragons because he touched the dragon’s ass
Or two?
Qunlong, it seems that this matter is much worse than any hidden dragon list!
Su Mo followed Long Can all the way forward, and many dragons around him looked at him with admiration. Some dragons also took the initiative to say hello and gave a thumbs up.
"Who was that dragon just now?"
After a long time, Su Mo could not help but ask out.
"Brother Mo, you really don’t know?" Long Can asked.
See Su Mo shook his head Long Cancai explained, "Brother Sunseeker’s original flame refers to the belly marriage, but when she grew up, Sister Sunseeker’s temper was too explosive, and the two of them couldn’t see each other. At that time, there was a big fight and it ended in discord."
Long Yan is naturally a red-haired ghost child.
Long Can continued, "Brother Mo, when you came to our candle dragon, you actually replaced the elder brother Yan and went to kill the dragon again."
"Sister Sunseeker was proud and naturally refused to agree, so she killed her to prepare to teach you a lesson. I didn’t expect … hey hey!"
Speaking of which, Dragon Sunseeker winked at Su Mo and smiled. "Brother Mo, if you can lower Sister Sunseeker, our candle dragon will definitely serve you less!"
"You don’t look at Sister Sunseeker’s bad temper, but she’s nice."
Long Can also helped Long Sunseeker to say a good word.
When I heard this, Su Mo had already reacted and clenched his fists slightly. "These old things!"
The trouble he is Candle dragon patriarch old what kiss will provoke this tyrannosaurus rex!
Chapter one thousand and fourteen Hidden dragon list first
I’m afraid this matter is not over yet.
Su Mo doesn’t want to go back to his dragon cave, even if this dragon sunseeker kills the door again, he can’t break in.
Su Mo mused, "By the way, I’m going to look at the practice method in Candle dragon."
"Come with me"

"Leather don’t buckle too tight when nothing is important …"

The eldest brother confessed for half an hour, and the two brothers were not impatient. Each one nodded solemnly and confirmed.
After explaining everything clearly and saying goodbye to each other several times, the three men parted again.
In the afternoon, the boss saw the vanguard of the Kingdom of Elis again along the trace.
As two days ago, when he carefully poked his head out of a rock behind a mountain to observe them, he also saw the familiar eyes holding God looking towards him.
As if he had been waiting for himself.
This made the boss feel that his heart was beating badly. He suddenly raised his head and stared uneasily at every white cloud in the sky as if it were a god. Looking down at his eyes, he was horrified.
But as before, the angel did not send anyone to expel him, but generously let him see the whole team.
Boss saw that many people in the team were wiping their armor, and the soldiers shouted happily, which was very different from the silent and quiet army two days ago. If what he felt from this army two days ago was worry, anxiety and fear, then there was excitement.
Soldiers and officers seem to be infused with poverty and confidence. The former boss can still see many soldiers arguing with each other. Although they are respectful to the angel, they can occasionally see that they are superficial. When these people have dinner before they leave, the boss saw the knight kneeling down to offer food to the angel.
Even for lords, bishops and even kings, this etiquette is still too grand
Old two and old three will be late by then. At present, this army has finished its rest. They are packing up their camp and preparing for marching. Old two brought a new order from the Lord this time-let them follow this army tonight and find out how they can break through the post.
If it is possible-if it can be create! Kill their angel!
This order came not only from the baron, but also from a bishop who came to supervise the Xiaoyang parish. The bishop promised them that if they completed this glorious mission, they would let each of the three brothers get the equivalent of the Baroness.
If they can bring the captive of the heretic angel back to the bishop, they can promise to let them meet King Louis, and Pope Xiaoyang himself will receive a greater reward and be awarded the title of jihad hero.
When these Elis people left again, the three brothers followed carefully and followed closely along the horseshoe marks.
This time, they didn’t go into the camp to search for what might be left-not because of the bishop’s promise, but because they were deeply afraid.
Today, the marching direction of these Elis people is a castle.
It’s not a wooden whistle. The defenders are not in their early 100 s
But a real castle.
This is a real fortress, with huge walls, huge bars and stones, a wide moat, metal gates, more than 300 soldiers in armor, and farmers around the castle, who will also be assigned weapons to take charge of the fortress’s defense tonight.
Old two and old three deny that these Elis people will continue to attack the city, because common sense tells them that such a castle is beyond human power, and no force can break such a fortress except plague and famine, even ten thousand troops can hope and lament the long-term siege.
But the boss had a faint hunch that the Elis people had followed him all the way from night to night. Judging from their marching speed, they obviously went straight to the castle. Last night’s success seemed to give the army almost puffed up confidence.
3 Another night broke the city.
"Keep it down." The search and rescue team gave the order.
Wu Xiaoqing picked up a telescope and looked across the river at the every move of the sentries on the wall.
The faces of the patrol soldiers who were illuminated by torches on the city wall can still be clearly seen.
The sentries look relaxed, and the two of them are still talking about dinner and lunch today. They probably won’t realize that they will never have another chance to eat lunch tomorrow. The stone walls give them too much security and make them lose their due guard.
Or still only maintain the alert during the cold war.
Up to now, they should not know how the wall was breached. The camp was a wooden wall blasting mark, and it could be destroyed by a fire. There is no proper defense here. The combination of moat and wall defense is indeed impregnable in this era.
But beyond a few times * the front wall has become a joke.
It is not difficult for the soldiers to take off their clothes by the water and swim across a river with the moon and stars every day in summer.
For the soldiers of the city wall, there is only some attention, and most of them will put the roots around the suspension bridge without realizing his direction
Who would have thought that a soldier carrying a few kilograms of gadgets could lift the whole gate to the sky by touching it along the city wall?
Fifteen minutes later, the soldiers who went to perform the task had put * in place. They hid their bodies carefully by the moat and stairs, and then raised their hands in the direction of Wu Xiaoqing.
Wu Xiaoqing turned around and motioned for all the soldiers to lie low and don’t just watch the fun. When everyone was ready, the word "detonation" appeared in their glasses.
Wu Xiaoqing pressed the button.
The line signal accurately reached * like a thunderbolt from the gods, with a loud noise, the whole castle gate suddenly became dusty.
Stone and metal are as soft and fragile as smoke in front of the huge explosive power, twisted and torn into several pieces, and all of them are killed or injured when they come into contact with the defenders.
Several soldiers who sneaked into the past reacted briefly and immediately rushed to the suspension bridge to cut the rope. When the plank of the suspension bridge was just put on Wu Xiaoqing, hundreds of people here rushed towards the castle department with swords in their hands.
Wu Xiaoqing walked at the back of the team like the second time.
Soon appeared in front of the screaming sword collision pleading and screaming mixed together.
Wu Xiaoqing is not as unprepared as he was when he first contacted the battlefield yesterday, but he still feels a little uncomfortable.
There is no denying that those who are screaming died because of Wu Xiaoqing, but as the search and rescue team finally stressed today, yesterday and dozens of days before yesterday.
If they don’t die now, they will die like others in more than a month-pulling Wu Xiaoqing can save people from dying together.
Wu Xiaoqing can only feel better if she keeps waking up to herself.
The rope of the suspension bridge has been cut off and the winch has been exploded and shattered, which makes Wu Xiaoqing, who wants to put away the suspension bridge, stop.
Wu Xiaoqing asked more than 20 soldiers who were responsible for the patrol and protecting him to protect the suspension bridge, and then followed the charge route of the troops ahead to check the situation.
Most of the enemies don’t know what happened at this time. They were awakened by a strange loud noise to check the situation, but as soon as they went out, they saw swinging swords and ghosts, and a few of them responded quickly. They called on their comrades to wear armor, picked up knives, spears and stones at hand, which could be used as weapons. When comrades tried their best to win more,
It is easy to lose discipline and command in the midnight battle in the Middle Ages, which Wu Xiaoqing has deeply understood in the battle last night.
In this era, the default war command commander needs to be able to judge whether to fight or retreat at two opportunities, and once the battle enters the anxious process, the commander can’t adjust the command or tactics at any time.
Therefore, even a face-to-face raid will often produce many uncontrollable casualties.
Last night, that’s how the post was destroyed. More than a dozen people died in the first world war. Two of them did not listen to the command and were too close to the blasting point, and they were stabbed on the spot by a wooden thorn. Six of them were battle casualties. They rushed too fast, and the people behind them did not compete with the last four …

"I have condensed a spiritual sword in the spiritual world, which is equivalent to entering the second realm of sword meaning. The spiritual power is more flexible and more acute than before! At this moment, the efficiency of force operation is much faster than I expected! "

The spiritual heart in the ancient Qing Dynasty controls the attachment to Xuangeng’s spiritual consciousness, and a lot of earthy vitality is constantly absorbed by him, and then softened to the fluctuation of stars, desperate to throw it into the star world and cross the universe to throw it at his towering stupa.
The fluctuation of the stars is in another field, completely out of the "giant que", which practitioners in the world can understand, just like the world’s top nuclear energy expert, who has a prestigious position in the field of nuclear energy, but if you want him to suddenly switch to study line waves, he still has to start from an apprentice step by step.
This kind of situation when the fluctuation mode of soil vitality and star power transported from the star "Xuangeng" entered the "Grand Que", even the Shinto deities who were far from here but Wan Li were unaware of it.
That vastness, such as the sea foot, makes the idle soil practitioners rise to several realms. The fluctuation of great vitality and star power covers up and avoids their detection, and is officially absorbed by the ancient green waiting for the giant stupa!
By the time the two satellites arrived at Xuangeng, Gu Qing had mobilized a lot of gold, gas, five elements and reincarnation, and refined the lungs. The lungs controlled the qi, helped the heart to breathe, helped the blood to circulate, and the five internal organs were the highest in the water channel.
With this solid foundation, when a large number of soil vitality entered the ancient green body, although it felt extremely uncomfortable at first, it was quickly suppressed by him with the five-fold spirit of Dan Dao, and then he ran the avatar to make crazy refining regardless of the fastest speed!
The spleen in the five internal organs belongs to the soil!
The spleen is located in the abdominal cavity, the diaphragm and stomach membrane are connected, and the stomach, meat, lips and mouth form the biochemical source of vital energy and blood, which is the main transport and distribution of spleen. All human viscera and bones depend on the spleen’s nourishment.
Massive soil vitality helps all kinds of functions in the spleen to be visible to the naked eye, and the speed is constantly increasing. As it strengthens all kinds of lung functions, it is also constantly strengthening the function of whole body transport. There is not much blood and blood filling the body. At this moment, it is like burning, and the strong heat flow is constantly running around from his limbs!
"Spleen function is too strong, so the body will collapse if the five elements are out of balance!"
Thought of this, he temporarily stopped running the five elements of reincarnation and refined the vitality, but put them all in the phoenix bracelet of tears of blood!
The phoenix blood bracelet is an artifact, which naturally has the effect of blocking vitality. Blocking these vitality to the artifact may have a small amount of passage, but it can definitely guarantee 90%!
And there’s also an immortal seedling in it!
This immortal wood is a rare wood relic in the world. It has a unique talent. If you have enough vitality, you can grow roots, no matter what the vitality is!
At the moment, I got so much soil and vitality, and when it was slightly withered, the seedlings immediately greedily absorbed it. A lot of vitality was continuously absorbed by it through its talent, and the comprehensive efficiency of refining and chemical engineering was many times faster than that of Gu Qinglai!
On the seventeenth day after the impact of the soil attribute satellite on Xuan Geng, all kinds of soil vitality have been digested by Xuan Geng. Although the remaining quantity is still extremely vast, the distance is too far for Gu Qing to absorb!
At this time, the second satellite finally fell into Xuangeng anxiously waiting for the late arrival.
This star base is made up of hotter gas, and it has a rudiment of forming a star. At this moment, after the fall of Xuangeng, the mighty fire broke out violently and swept around and burned everything!
If this satellite hits the sixth-class star Xuangeng, which is not composed of pure Geng Jin gas, but the living stars like the giant Que, the whole giant Que tenth area can be completely destroyed by the impact to form a horrible flame, and even those defensive polar spirits will be reduced to ashes!
Hyun Yang Tianzong Town Clan Secret Code Burning Heaven Hyun Cindy Yang Fire is the true fire base of the sun. A magical power created by Hyun Yang Tianzong Zhang teaches Yunyan, which can transform the true fire of the sun into fire and kill the enemy!
But Shinto Zun is also a person no matter how powerful he is. He Yunyan can turn a large area of the sun into a real fire, but the absolute law is so huge that it is spread all over the place, let alone one tenth, that is, 1000%, 10000% and he can do it!
This shows that the star contains fire energy, whether it is equal to terror.
"The vitality of fire … the vitality of fire reaches the balance of water, wood, gas, gold and soil. How far this closure can practice the five elements of reincarnation depends on how much it can absorb the vitality of fire."
In advance, Guqing has got a very precious underwater fire. With this thing, the vitality of fire and water can be transformed into each other!
Fire and water are born together!
A large amount of water primordial energy is transformed by the magical function of water fire, constantly pouring into the position of the body and kidney and then being quickly sacrificed!
The five internal organs are the strength and condition of the whole body, which is the root of the body, the lung nourishes the skin, the kidney governs the bone, the heart pulse, the spleen produces the flesh, and the liver connects the tendons! At this moment, the five elements of gold, water, fire and earth are refined to strengthen the functions of lung, kidney, heart and spleen! Great changes have taken place in the whole body!
The heart pulse is vigorous and powerful, and it is unbroken by the wanton impact of the body essence and blood essence. Every pulse is strong and powerful, pushing the circulating end of the meridian pipeline of essence and blood essence to flow endlessly!
The lungs are connected with the trachea, and all the pipes and pores of the body communicate with the heaven and the earth. Naturally, every time you transport, you can ingest a huge amount of vitality from the outside world. The perfusion body is absorbed by the body and refined to strengthen the outer skin. You don’t worry that the absorption is too strong, so the lungs can bear it!
Spleen and kidney are also the true elements of each department, and the ability to store essence is ten times stronger than before!
These organs have increased, and his body has been completely transformed, except that his liver is still slightly insufficient. His whole body has almost been transformed into five elements, and his whole body is full of vitality, and his body is surging forward, forming a substantial, solidified, full and overbearing force all over his body!
The whole body is filled with an inexhaustible strength of the earth!
Every corner of the body is filled with this kind of earth force, and it takes him a little effort to trigger this force completely and destroy everything.
This rise is simply greater than his breakthrough from the airway in the past!

A few months ago, his youngest and most beloved sister, Doug Graf Sirui, was killed beside him for no reason, and he was angry. When he was trapped in a strange array, the array was full of this smell everywhere.

After my sister died and returned to Europe, she was severely scolded and humiliated in front of all the family elders. She was ordered to find out the murderer for three months, which made him lose a lot of family prestige and had a great negative impact on the election meeting of the new home owner six months later.
It has been nearly a month and a half since he returned to new york this time, but there is no clue to the murderer. Except for a month ago, he was almost a gain. He has been anxious. If he can’t find the murderer, the election meeting will be greatly affected.
Now that I have found a clue, I’m willing to let it go and chase it all the way. I’m also altruistic. I’m constantly adjusting my noble status in the Vatican. The senior priest followed him to the Pacific Ocean. After a hundred miles offshore, I suddenly found an imperial sword flying. Shushan’s brother is Qingshan Ling, and he went to look for the Qingling couple nearby. A younger brother named Qingling.
As it happens, the flying sword is still the most distinctive imitation of the purple and blue double sword. Carl saw the blue sword light in Qingling’s foot and suddenly felt angry. He didn’t think about anything, but the sword was still a sneak attack. Although the Shushan brother reacted quickly and the flying sword resisted a blow, he was seriously injured by powerful brute force.
This younger brother has just reached the’ third order’. Although his strength is not particularly strong, the younger brother of Shushan Sword Sect immediately wants to fight back and give each other a color if he is bullied.
As soon as I turned around, I saw nearly a hundred foreign men shining with white light behind his green guy. Although he had never seen a papal priest, he saw so many people. What should Bai do first? He quickly used the wisdom of sending his brother to Shu Mountain Sword for help, but it really saved his life.
Carl’s heart was slightly surprised that a’ third-order’ power could not die in his sneak attack. Although he didn’t use the secondary hallows to make ordinary war swords, he just used his strength to vent his depression, but the other party turned out to be vomitted an one mouthful blood and was crazy about the power of the sword flashing cyan light.
Just as he was about to start work again, he was suddenly pulled by a bronze knight behind him and looked up. Dozens of people flashing with various colors came from the east, and many of them were very good with Qingling. Shushan’s brother suddenly rushed over and pulled out his flying sword neatly, aiming at Carl and others with murderous look. There was a little Taoist floating like a butcher in a downtown area.
One of the female brothers quickly lifted Qingling up, took out several soybean-sized pills with purple light, stuffed them into his mouth, and put her body into Qingling body to help digest the power of the elixir.
These are all healing elixirs borrowed by the Sword Sect of Shushan from Baicaomen. Every Shushan brother who goes out on business carries Baicaomen, but Shennong people are extremely proficient in alchemy and dispensing. Most of the elixirs in the whole repair world are printed. Baicaomen drugs are exquisite and powerful. As soon as the medicine is changed, I see that this Shushan brother’s face is suffering a lot.
At this time, Qingshan two people also rushed to look at the seriously injured Qingling’s face and suddenly looked ugly. These people are all his confidants, and he will fight for the money in the future. A person’s loss will have a big impact.
A small khaki jade sword suddenly emerged from his palm with a strong firm but gentle jet, and all around it curled up slightly. In the distance, Carl realized that the small sword was definitely not anything but the second hallows of his body, which was probably not enough.
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Chapter 7 Sword Art
Looking at the bright yellow light in Qingshan’s eyes, Qingyue quickly flashed to him and slightly grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear, "Don’t be impulsive. If we really fight, we can’t get cheap. If we lose the conference, we will definitely lose money for Qingxuan fisherman."
But Qingshan didn’t seem to hear it, pointing to the seriously injured Qingling and coldly saying to Carl, "What are you doing?"
Carl already knows at the moment that just being too impulsive and just being badly wounded by him is not flying across the American road. Although the color of the two people’s feet is very similar, the strength of the green spirit gives Carl a feeling that it is weak. Compared with the way across the blue Changhong in the sky,
But who is he, Carl? The rumor of the youngest bronze knight in the last few decades will surely become the youngest paladin in the Vatican, even if you know the mistake. Hearing Qingshan’s disrespectful question, I was too lazy to answer with a cold hum.
Qingshan’s heart suddenly became even more angry and growled, "Bold barbarians are so presumptuous to die!"
Qiang Qiang!’ One by one, a small khaki jade sword is suspended in the right arm of Castle Peak three feet away. This is Castle Peak Sword Tire. As soon as it is unearthed, the yellow light suddenly shines on Fiona Fang Kilometers, and the young brothers of Shushan suddenly scatter. Now that Castle Peak has used the sword tire, it can be seen that the battle is definitely not something they can resist. Everyone hurriedly withdraws from the kilometer away.
Green month nai sighed, knowing that today’s world war I is difficult, it will no longer insist on silently retreating and returning, and the unhappiness will spread in my heart without saying a word. Look at Qingshan’s eyes and there will be a slight change, but no one will see it.
In fact, Qingshan’s heart is not easy to deal with, but in order to show his strength so that many supporting teachers can firmly support his confidence, Xu Sheng is not allowed to lose the first world war, and his right hand slightly raises the khaki sword tire, which actually trembled slightly with the unspeakable spell in his mouth.
See the strong strength shown by Castle Peak, Carl also dare not neglect the secondary hallows, which have already appeared in his palm, with yellow light on one side and white light on the other. Two different kinds of energy burst into extremely powerful momentum, which immediately made the people retreat hundreds of meters again during watching.
Suddenly, the incantation in Qingshan Mouth came to an abrupt end, and the left hand slightly guided the khaki tire sword light on the right hand side, and suddenly it evolved into several smaller mini khaki small swords, the body of which trembled slightly, and the khaki small swords were suddenly shot like meteors and pulled towards Carl, which was spectacular. His own body also quickly flashed out, making Carl aim at nature and attack him, and Carl could hold his breath and defend himself.
Every tiny flying sword with a dazzling khaki light shines, and a special composition that ordinary people can’t figure out shoots at Karl’s main points. The light of the sword is like water, and Lal’s figure is lost in many spectators’ eyes, and it is completely buried in the khaki light.
All the brothers of Shushan around were frightened, and they were surprised and cried, "Oh, my God! The second brother has actually cultivated swordsmanship, which is a rare genius in shushan for decades. "
Others followed suit, apparently surprised by Castle Peak’s skill, and each of them was plotting to support Castle Peak. This is just like the fact that ministers in the imperial court chose their sincere emperors to inherit the throne. This is a risky thing. You have to bet your chips on the right position, such as Castle Peak, and that is the hero’s wrong position, that is, a generation of methods to turn over.
Looking at the light flashing all over the sky, Carl was frightened to see such a gorgeous attack for the first time. It was like a shadow stunt. It was like a dream. He hurriedly raised his hand like water and filled with holy light. The white sword blocked Carl from different directions to relax a little. It was just that these small firm but gentle shocks seemed powerful, but they were all imaginary. It was almost nothing big that these firm but gentle shocks broke the secondary hallows when they hit them.
However, Castle Peak swordsmanship is getting faster and faster. Although Carl’s secondary hallows are very powerful, his swordsmanship is extremely rough. He can stab, block, block and split a series of extremely simple moves. It is no exaggeration to say that if you meet those swordsmen in China Wulin, you will be full of loopholes.
A series of khaki sword lights roared at Carl from all directions, and the faster and faster speed made it difficult for Carl to defend against such a dense offensive. At the same time, he was surprised and a little envious of such gorgeous fencing, but his heart was still sweating and frowning, trying to think about breaking the enemy’s law.
Castle Peak is wandering around like a ghost. Carl can be beaten in the middle of the game, but he has a magical power, but he can’t come out. It’s hard to hold his breath in his heart
Finally, at an increasing speed, dozens of khaki sword lights broke through Carl’s defense, leaving dozens of tiny cracks in his body, and blood immediately gushed out. Although the wounds were one or two centimeters long, Carl instantly became a blood man.
"Almighty Emperor, please allow your child to use your strength to punish the heretics in front of him!" Feeling the increasingly irresistible offensive, Carl hurriedly prayed that a powerful holy light shot directly into the secondary sacristy, and a bronze body armor emerged from the body. The powerful holy force ejected from the secondary sacristy instantly made Carl shine white light all over his body, and all wounds healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Several firm but gentle blows on the bronze armor simply flashed a spark and didn’t continue to bring any real harm to Carl. Castle Peak also knew that it would continue to benefit and withdrew its swordsmanship.
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Chapter 71 Hao Tian Jing
Looking at the bronze armor Castle Peak that exudes milky holy power, slowly descending to khaki, the tiny sword tire exudes a strong firm but gentle rotation around him, and the strong firm but gentle tears overflow everywhere.
Although the attack area of swordsmanship is extremely wide, the single point attack power is weak. Poor Qingshan has just realized the swordsmanship, and some people in Wulin Jianghu can catch it. Although Qingshan is not very familiar with the holy power, he is still very sensitive to the energy, so that he knows that if he continues to attack like this, the roots will not rise.
Moreover, his mind was connected with the sword tire, which trembled slightly, and intermittently sent out a strange sharp cry of excitement and slight fear. I felt that his mind was strangely turned by Qingshan, and my eyes were a little surprised. I looked at Carl’s hand, which gave off a strong and slightly cold breath, and the sword heart suddenly calculated that this long sword was probably white in power. If you want to be physically suspicious, you will die.
The mouth is full of silvery light, and the silvery light suddenly shoots out from the mouth of Qingshan Mountain. When you see the wind, it grows into a silvery round mirror. The mirror body is shaped like a divinatory sign, and the light silver light is slowly sprinkled like a waterfall, wrapping his whole body in it. Perhaps it is because of this silver light that his whole body slowly flies up and his slender hair slowly drifts away. Every green hair emits a light silver light like a man of god.
Suddenly, all the brothers of Shushan Sword Sect were stunned and looked at the silver-white figure. A young female brother stammered and screamed, "Hao Tianjing’s bridled father is Hao Tianjing, but it turns out that the master guy has been carrying Hao Tianjing with him."
Suddenly, all the younger brothers in the green word looked at each other again and nodded slightly. The doubts in their hearts disappeared instantly, and everyone in their hearts looked like a mirror. Everyone was thankful.
Hao Tian Jing actually said that Qingshan was valued in Qingshan’s hands. Although it can’t be said that the current owner is on Qingshan’s side, at least it can be said that the balance of victory has been slightly tilted to Qingshan’s side.
Green Moon’s eyes sparkled with jealousy, but they disappeared in an instant. Everyone was looking at the sky and didn’t see his flashing eyes, but the silver-colored castle peak was secretly smiling coldly. All the expressions of Green Moon entered his eyes a little.
Haotianjing Emei Jianpai Mountain Bodhisattva Bodhisattva Baimei was created by Haotianshi and celestial mithril before soaring. Although it is not comparable to the ancient deity-sealing instruments such as seal of heaven, his defense power is unique. Even compared with the 36 deity-sealing Buddhist instruments in Jinyang’s hand, it is not uncommon.
Thousands of years ago, The Hunger’s bodhi old zu hundreds of blood slaves formed the’ Heavenly Blood The Hunger Large Array’, which invaded the whole of Shushan alone. Many swordsmanship sects in Shushan were United before this.
After the Great War, the bodhi old zu in The Hunger lost his soul, but all the major sects in Shu suffered heavy casualties. Emei Sword Sect merged several second-rate and third-rate swordsmen in Shu with his superhuman strength. Since then, it has changed its name to Shushan Sword Sect, and its power has grown to the top sects. In swordsmanship, except for Jiulian Sword Sect, it only appeared a hundred years ago.
In the bloody battle thousands of years ago, Hao Tianjing was the biggest contributor, the only one who could resist the’ Tianxue The Hunger Large Array’. At that time, the baby could imagine his powerful defense ability.
Sitting on an island several nautical miles away, Jinyang climbed alone in the grass on the hill, and the lush vegetation hid his whole body in it. Ouyang Jian was the most skilled in six evasive techniques. When Jinyang three people chased him, he had already fled to somewhere, presumably to find a place to heal.
Hades and you are both dark energy, so you can’t stay here. The master of the Vatican is not fun. Jinyang asked him to go back to new york first.
With the soaring strength of Jinyang, it should be no big problem for him to secretly watch the war. The mysterious wooden escape technique made him blend in with the surrounding trees and his breath was completely hidden in the abdomen without any leakage.

The old ape frowned slightly and dared not care.

His hands are carrying ten thousand catties of stone locks, but he is quite clever and his figure flashes continuously.
Blink of an eye has disappeared in situ jumped to the other side.
"Look out!"
Jinyan Mountain Overlord Shouts One
The old ape’s heart sank
His figure has just fallen into the square soil, and suddenly a pair of Sam’s bones and claws are sticking out and holding his ankles directly!
This is the black magic of Hanging Sheep Peak overlord!
This pair of old apes with bone claws have ten fingerprints on their ankles, and their ankles are all purple and blue, which is strange and inexplicable!
The old ape’s feet rolled with blood, and his body soared. At the ankle, blood gushed and flesh swelled, and the huge force instantly shattered the bone claws!
The purple at the ankle slowly recedes.
Although this magic method has been dissolved, the half-bone prison has also fallen to trap the old ape!
"Give me a break!"
The old ape growled and picked up the stone lock, and the magical power soared and smashed a few bones in front of him!
The bone prison is shaking, the bones are shaking and it seems to be about to break!
The overlord of Hangyangfeng changed his face and shouted, "Three old monkeys are too powerful to help me!"
The three overlords of Silvermoon Valley should be injected into the bone prison by generate.
The old ape stone lock smashed down again.
But this time, the ray of light in the bone prison will directly hit the cage bone behind the old ape and fall off.
The old ape got up and rushed away again.
But it was shocked by the bone prison!
This bone prison is a card of the overlord of Hanging Sheep Peak, which is not lethal, but it is difficult for people to get rid of it when they are trapped.
What’s more, it’s now equal to the confrontation between the four hegemons, such as the old ape hanging sheep peak and the silvermoon valley!
On the other hand, the overlord of Jinyanshan is also entangled in many high-order demons.
There are seven high-ranking demons who pull out and their figures jump into the huge whirlpool of blood and disappear.
Seven high-ranking demons jumped into the sea of blood, and their powerful magic surrounded the terrible whirlpool and were forced to stop!
The sea of blood is calm again!
Seeing this scene, the demons said in their hearts, "Mo Yao is finished!"
The difference between the two sides is two realms, saying that there are seven high-order demons, even a high-order demon is enough to kill Mo Yao!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Fall into the magic way
Blood war broke out overseas.
Being in a sea of blood, Sumo still knows nothing about it.
Although it is not long, refining The Hunger has been extremely overbearing. This magic power has accumulated thousands of years of energy in the blood sea and has been absorbed by him.
After the breakthrough of the red-haired Yin God, the black-haired Yuan God has already broken through to the late Yuan Baby!
A steady stream of energy poured into Su Mo’s body to refine the body and refine the Yuan God.
The baptism of this energy in the flesh has become stronger!
The realm of repair has also risen rapidly!
This is the spiritual energy of ten top middle-class demons, but now it is absorbed by Su Mo.
This effect is shocking!
Su Mo growled and his flesh and blood kept swelling!
His figure is also uncontrolled and growing rapidly.
Soon it has reached five zhangs!
And this growth trend has not stopped!
If someone is in a sea of blood, they will be horrified to find that Su Mo’s skin has cracked, and the blood stains are numerous and shocking!
It seems that this body may burst at any time!
Fortunately, the fact is that Su Mo would have been burst if others dared to absorb the energy department in the blood sea in such a short time!

The phantom star makes a roar loud!

But …
Too late!
God-killing mass extinction, the will to kill the road evolved, and the peerless demon broke out and strangled all the terrible shock waves, directly burning the star and tearing this Shinto realm master into blood fog!
It’s impossible for evil roots to be threatened when it rains. Even when she is faced with a sword Sect, she still hasn’t retreated. What’s worse, there are just a few Shinto practitioners.
See the rain evil incredibly kill themselves under their noses and they closed for nearly one thousand years. A partner has left a part of the distance. Mercury immediately flew into a rage. "Damn it, you dare to kill us in the deep and remote moon dynasty. I’m going to …"
"What about the magic star brother? What about the burning star brother? The three of us are rampant around Xinghai. We have suffered such a big loss for so many years and were …"
"We’ve been tricked!"
"What?" Mercury has made some still not return to absolute being.
"In front of us, Rengen doesn’t really want to fight with us. What she looked at earlier, our attack almost hit back, but she took a fancy to the special killing method of our deep and remote moon dynasty. Through our accumulation over the years, she inspired the will to kill in her spiritual world, which made the will to kill more round and complete. Otherwise, it may be impossible to sacrifice that artifact to defeat the three of us just now, but it is absolutely impossible to fight our way out from the encirclement of the three of us!"
Mercury makes the artifact from Daimon Masaru, the star world, naturally know that Excalibur’s "broken heart" was not recognized just now, and it was all because of burning stars and death that anger ignored this detail. After careful memory, Brother Bai immediately broke out in a cold sweat!
"It’s hateful to have an artifact owned by a sword Sect, Dan Dao Jiuzhong, and don’t even tell me such important news!"
"Who can blame this for leaving the’ Giant Que’ and never stepping into the’ Giant Que’ again in this life!"
As soon as the words are finished, the Phantom Star Messenger is already low-drinking, full of vigor and vitality, exerting the strongest escape method, rushing straight to the virtual end and soon disappearing at the end of the sky!
Magic Star and Mercury are both killers of the Moon Dynasty, and they believe in the purpose of escaping thousands of miles with one blow. His magical power may not match the evil of rain, but the magical power of hiding and escaping is far from sectarian. I’m afraid that even the "Jueque" fairy-cultivating world is best at this aspect. Even if it is intentional to pursue the evil of rain, it is impossible to catch up with the two old Shinto strong people with her speed of being fascinated.
Worse …
Now she has no intention of pursuing at all!
In her eyes, the three Shinto practitioners, Magic Star, Mercury and Burning Star, are just small fish and shrimp, but it is just a coincidence that she will use their murder to inspire the killing and extinction to practice this magical power successfully!
Even without them, they witnessed Niansheng Du Jie with their own eyes and realized something from Gu Qing’s words. Her Du Jie was also at that time. The problem is … At that time, the thunder robbery she led may not reach the level of silence.
At the moment, her heart is really taken seriously by her as an opponent.
Three months later, the protagonist of the duel between the broken mountains and the top of the mountain-Gu Qing!
The third volume The stars gather together. Two hundred and twelve Back to the two palms to teach
If it rains and evil things happen at ordinary times, it will certainly cause the mirror of heaven and god in science to be induced and disturb the whole top of the sword Sect. At that moment, even those who realize the four-fold Shinto realm will no longer care about each other’s identity gap and brazenly kill this already to a certain extent!
But now …
The whole sword Sect belongs to a sword Sect, except for those four super-masters of Shinto. The attention of the elders of Shinto, a heavy realm, has been attracted by the big Mangshan affairs department, so it just makes the rain evil avoid this robbery!
Guiyi Jianzong, Liuli Xiandao, Leiting Dazong and Qingyun Sect all followed the attention of the gods of heaven and science, and they were in the deep underground of Dammang Mountain when they made every move. Guqing finally came to the last period to refine this will of heaven!
A road contains a record of poor and mysterious stars, and his hands are constantly condensed. Every road carries a vast and majestic knowledge and pressure, and the will of heaven is constantly printed to infiltrate this will of heaven!
If the firmness of Heaven’s will is equivalent to an immovable and stubborn rock, then Gu Qing’s record of stars is equivalent to a drop of water!
If a drop of water, the root can’t cause damage to a solid rock, but after a long period of time, the drop of water wears through the stone!
A large number of records of stars containing the ancient green gods’ knowledge and will have continuously penetrated into this heavenly will, disintegrating the resistance of the heavenly will and making the resistance contained in that will weaker and weaker. Now I’m afraid even that will body has some ways to distinguish which part it belongs to!
Zhouzhuang Dream Butterfly Dream Zhouzhuang!

Xu Yan immediately froze like Shen Changwen just now as if he were suddenly ordered acupuncture points.

"Maybe we should first make sure whether we are original or copying this topic discussed here." Shen Changwen made an awkward joke and then said, "If this kind of text is to be destroyed, let him deserve to be destroyed."
Shen Changwen said this sentence and took a look at Wu Xiaoqing. Wu Xiaoqing did not refute it.
"The search and rescue team also said that the most important factor limiting Wen Yue’s progress is the moral standard of this tattoo …" Wu Xiaoqing said, "At least this article is far beyond our imagination."
"This kind of business is just a federal business," the search and rescue team said. "The whole problem is that most citizens in the whole Federation are on our side, which can be seen from the confrontation between the three virtual worlds and the federal government."
"Then find a way to unite them and start them!" Wu Xiaoqing said firmly, "overthrow the first earth government first."
"if that’s what your first instinct is," the search and rescue team said, "it’s likely that you have already done it."
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We have to save him.
Two days ago.
Reception banquet site
A waiter with a drink stayed by Shen Changwen’s side for a while as if waiting for Shen Changwen to take the drink in his hand, but Shen Changwen, an earth person, must have accepted the taste of aliens, so the other party could wave for a few minutes in vain and then give up.
But the drinks stayed.
Shen Changwen drank this drink, which is an organic fermentation product just like alcohol, but he never got a chance to ask Xu Yan what kind of chemical it was. He said it felt like drinking soapy water.
Shen Changwen looked at the bottle habitually, and there was nothing unusual about it, but there seemed to be a liquid written in Chinese characters on the side of the bottle. It should have just written the whole glyph, and Shen Changwen leaned over to see that it was a running word.
"Run?" Shen Changwen looked around and smiled. Why did you run? How to run?
At this moment, Shen Changwen felt that his vision seemed to be blurred instantly-he realized that he had low blood pressure because it seemed that he hadn’t eaten for a long time.
But he soon came back in vain-he is the real one in the virtual world, and he is still lying in the search and rescue boat. How can he have low blood pressure and his body is still an alien body, which is young and completely unhealthy …
At this time, Xu Yan also turned his targeting top expression, which is a temporary doubt like him.
When they looked at each other and were about to speak, there were two violent explosions in the room, and then there were continuous gunshots.
Shen Changwen, this is the first time I heard that the alien gun is different from the earth * propulsion gun. The principle of the gun here is that the magnetic gun is almost completely quiet when it is fired, but because the alien bomb has explosives, it can be almost understood that their guns are subminiature direct-fire magnetic shelling, and the explosives at the back of the target will produce a small explosion.
Several explosions occurred around Shen Changwen in succession, thinking that they had seen those people who deliberately tried to shoot them before. Obviously, the other party’s target must be the two of them
The dust from the explosion made the whole department a blur. Shen Changwen and Xu Yan both lay on their faces until the smoke gradually dispersed. Shen Changwen saw that there were many people wearing police uniforms coming in from outside the hall at the door of the house.
Shen Changwen almost thought about moving closer to them, but this time a sound appeared behind Shen Changwen and stopped him. "Shen Changwen and Xu Yan? Come with me. "
Shen Changwen turned his head and there was no doubt that he saw the long star.
"What’s the matter?" Shen Changwen almost consciously asked each other, but as soon as this question was asked, Shen Changwen noticed another more terrible fact-from the sudden change just now to the present search and rescue team without saying a word to him.
Shen Changwen is almost certain that his connection with the search and rescue team has been interrupted.
This cognition made him feel cold and sweat all over.
Because the whole action plan of the search and rescue team has never seen such a situation-the worst result for them is that the talks break down and then the search and rescue team disconnects and they wake up from the search and rescue boat.
However, I don’t know if the talks are over, but the search and rescue team didn’t send a message, which is obviously not good news.
"I can’t come to a long article!" Long star pointed to a wall that had just been bombed behind him. "Run at once and take this."
Shen Changwen soon saw that his wrist was wearing something similar to a watch, but much larger than it.
By this time, the policemen were very close to them. They shouted the federal language-without the search and rescue team, Shen Changwen couldn’t understand a word, but when he studied the language for a while, knowing that the height meant that the speaker was very emotional-which was definitely not a good thing.
Xu Yan reacts faster than Shen Changwen. He has already realized that what he has in his hand is a gun, which is not the same as the weapon on the earth. The federales are not directly holding and firing guns because of their small size-because the whole gun structure is too fine.
Guns are often designed to be placed in parts of the body that are more able to withstand the impact force and are more convenient to hold, such as these policemen who are really going to rush in. Their guns are all placed on their heads so that once they lie prone, they can easily fire at the enemy. Xu Yan and Shen Changwen have just been good at installing their arms.
"Professor Shen!" Xu Yan said, "We don’t shoot?" Xu Yan didn’t react as quickly as Shen Changwen. He didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem. Now the other side has fired in their direction, and the long star has been fighting back. Since Xu Yan got the weapon, he felt that he needed to strengthen a counterattack fire.
"Let’s run first!" Shen Changwen, they can’t even handle the earth gun. Obviously, he doesn’t recognize what good results they can achieve by manipulating alien weapons with alien bodies.
Changxing obviously had a plan to rescue the two of them. After the three of them retreated into the wall, Changxing took out several metal plates from his backpack in one breath and then sprinkled them on the ground respectively. Not far after they ran out, they heard a series of explosions behind them.
There are also police outside, but they have not been found yet. Therefore, the whole building is surrounded by onlookers, and many of them seem to have brought weapons and left them in a mess.
Most of the police’s energy turned out to be to manage the onlookers, but few people noticed that the three of them were hiding in a corner to change their clothes after sneaking out.
"What the hell happened?" While changing clothes, Shen Changwen asked Changxing again, "Are those people planning the attack?"
"No" Long Star Communicator has automatic translation function "It is the joint action of the first and second federal governments to arrest you"
"Catch?" Shen Changwen repeated that the word seems to be confirmation.
"To arrest" Changxing saw a communicator. "Just a few minutes ago, he was convicted of spying on federal secrets and inciting subversion of the government. The federal government has declared war on you for the search and rescue team."
"Declare war?" Xu Yan heard here to understand what happened "that … we should go back to the ship? What about the search and rescue team? Professor! What did the search and rescue team say? "
Shen Changwen shook his head at Xu Yan.
Long Star interrupts the communication between the two people. "Remember not to look up. The police visual resolution system has identity recognition function … Remember to shoot at the gate with a pistol when you go out later … run in the direction of the gate, not the other way around."
The long star also pointed out that most of the fire of the onlookers at the gate was hit there, and the original door of the whole building was blown to pieces. Even the follow-up police did not dare to go in and out from there. Some people tried to break through the encirclement of the police and ran inside, shouting, "These policemen are all waste, so they can’t catch anyone! Let’s go in and find … "
Three people immediately rushed out of the corner according to the long star, and at the same time, all three people fired their weapons like fireworks. After just a few shots, they attracted the attention of several nearby policemen. Immediately, someone came over and shouted to stop them. "This is a blockade! Don’t leave us with guns … "
The long star screamed for a while and immediately ran away from the direction pointed by the police. After more than ten seconds, they smoothly integrated into the crowd.
"Don’t cover your face!" Chang Xing stopped Xu Yan’s consciousness from moving and said, "This will deepen our suspicion. Don’t worry, your face is still safe now. When there is a machine or observation lens to look at you, you should take the initiative to let the other side see it."