Captain canizares turned around and gave a thumbs-up to Changsheng. "Don’t worry, coach! We won’t put a person under pressure! "

Then he patted Passareira on the shoulder next to him.
"Coach, you have a good eye! He will become an excellent central defender! "
"He is now!" Winning to canizares shouted.
Then he smiled triumphantly.
This is an old hand-made, painstaking effort. The goal is not an excellent central defender but the world’s top central defender!
Seeing that Changsheng has so much confidence in his players, canizares has a good impression of Changsheng. He knows how important a good player is to young players.
Pasere was really lucky to meet a constant winner at the age of seventeen.
Judging from the performance of this game, this is a small future!
He hugged Sai Passareira and said to him, "It’s going to be even harder when you’re young. After they lose the ball, they will be more fierce and disciplined, but there’s nothing to worry about. They will find trouble from the rest of us when they realize that it’s not easy to break through, so your pressure is actually reduced."
He was worried that the fiercer game would scare Passareira and comfort him.
I didn’t expect Passareira to nod calmly. "What can I do, captain?"
Canizares is very satisfied with this maturity and calmness. Many young people always seem nervous or lack of confidence in the first game, but none of these situations happened in Passareira. If he hadn’t known Sai Passareira, he would have been here with rich experience …
"Guard the rookie in your area and don’t let an opposing player enter the penalty area and then step on Villarreal’s body to become famous in World War I!"
He said
This game really became a famous battle for Sai Passareira.
Before the game, because he was a inexperienced rookie, he became the focus of everyone’s attention. Hertha supporters worried that he didn’t think highly of him, while Hertha enemies laughed at his immaturity.
But as the game went on, the ridicule came to an abrupt end, and the worries gradually disappeared.
What people see is an overly mature young central defender.
Villarreal finally woke up after losing the ball, and they made adjustments in Paquito. Instead of devoting their offensive firepower to Passareira, they looked for opportunities in Hertha’s entire defense line.
Their attack finally returned to normal level.
And this is even more threatening to Passareira, because they come from here suddenly, and if they don’t pay enough attention, they will become the breakthrough of the other side.
After all, they still haven’t given up on Passareira.
However, Passareira once again handed over an excellent answer sheet, and he kept enough attention from beginning to end, and did not let Villarreal attack make a gap in him.
This, of course, is what he showed when he reached 75 [middle school].
After Hertha took the lead, the game became Villarreal’s half-court attack and defense.
Hertha huddled in the second half, and the scene was really ugly.
However, Villarreal fans finally frowned.
Because they haven’t been able to score …
Hertha’s defense is not tight and tough. In the face of some physical confrontation, they will never give in, even if there is a risk of injury, they will never retreat!
This momentum, in turn, frightened Villarreal players.
Nobody wants to get hurt in the game …
Although they fought against Hertha, there were few actual threats and attacks.
Most of the time, Hertha’s goal is Ann.
Pablo, the goalkeeper, knew this the most. Before, he was always on tenterhooks and didn’t know where his opponent’s attack would come from and give him a fatal blow. Now? Although he was finally facing all kinds of shots from the other side, he felt very at ease because an iron wall was really built in front of him!
He knew very well whose credit it was.
When the head coach explained the benefits of tough defense to them, many people still shrugged it off.
But now he really wants to thank his new head coach.
Chang Sheng was present and saw that his goal was still standing in Villarreal, so he couldn’t help but clench his fist excitedly.
This is the advantage of choosing a group of high [willpower], high [courage] and high [aggression] players to form the main team!
Willpower determines how eager they are to win.
[Brave] Decide whether they dare to take responsibility and righteousness.
[Aggressiveness] Let them devote themselves to every fight in the competition.
And all this can be summarized in one sentence, that is …
Meet the brave in the narrow road and win!
Chapter 36 He just dares
Villarreal tried his best, and Paquito dropped three substitutions early, all for strikers.
But they also failed to break Hertha’s goal.
However, although their defense line is very important, Hertha can’t take advantage of it as a goal
Because all their energy is devoted to defense, it takes them all their roots to ensure that they don’t lose the ball, so don’t say anything about counterattack.
But after all, they are the leaders, and when the defensive pressure is greatest, they still have hope in their hearts.
This hope sustained them until the end of the game.
When the whistle sounded at the end of the game, the whole coliseumalfonso perez was crazy, except for cheering, no sound could be heard or sent out.
Everyone cheered in the stands and won this precious victory!
Even the commentator Crespo had to turn up the volume. Even so, he was interrupted and paused for a few seconds at the end of the game at the peak of the sound.
"The energy generated by Hertha fans at this moment is impressive … two consecutive victories! When did they win two games in a row? Before the game, if I said Hertha could beat Villarreal and win two consecutive victories, it would be considered crazy by many people, but now it is even crazier than you think, and the result is in front of you! Although Hertha was passive in every game, they won by 1 score! "
"In this game, we witnessed the rise of a new defensive star Ran Ran! Sai Passareira sansini! His name will be all over Spain after tonight! A C team player who has never had first-team experience became famous in his first official league game! I am very responsible to say that most of Villarreal’s attacks in this game stopped at this teenager! I know it’s amazing to say this, but I promise it will be even more amazing after watching the game! Where did Sai Passareira sansini come from? I think many people know very little about this Hertha C team player … but you can see the most detailed introduction of him when you look through the newspaper every day! "
"A winner: Osasuna beat Villarreal by one goal. The key figure in a game was Carlos Campo, the midfielder of Team C. The biggest hero in this game was also Cesar Passareira, the central defender of Team C. Who brought this change? All this is that coach China who is also from Team C with a lot of experience! Changsheng is already the head coach of Hertha’s first team at the age of 20 and has led the team to win two consecutive victories in the cruel relegation war! "
This time, Crespo didn’t dare to ignore Changsheng again. He devoted a long space to introducing Changsheng to the audience.
I have to be called again to scold his team for being such a man of the hour who is not worthy of being a commentator as far as I know.
But Chang Sheng will become a man of the hour after two consecutive victories. The media will surely flock to interview him. His photos and names will appear frequently in newspapers. Every word he says will be noted. Maybe even if he farts, there will be media analysis for everyone. Is it smelly or fragrant?
As an inexperienced rookie, he can lead the team to win two consecutive victories, and defeat all powerful enemies. If this is not famous, there must be something wrong with the world.

"Before the two-way Taoist, it is to return to the virtual realm and make perfect progress. Isn’t it to reach the half-step realm?"

"Who can match in this class!"
"Road flyover Feng Yan is under great pressure."
"Double Taoist puts pressure on Taoist Fengyan!"
A friar saw this doorway and said, "Although this sentence is an explanation, it is actually for Taoist Feng Yan."
The two great arrogance have been fighting for each other at this moment!
You Lan looked at the man riding a lion in armor in the middle school and couldn’t help feeling, "This is the real arrogance!"
"This is what Tianjiao should have!"
As she spoke, she looked at Su Mo.
She just wants to tell Su Mo that Tianjiao is not talking by mouth, but just showing up can attract all eyes!
When she looked at Su Mo, she found that the latter was pushing the crowd forward.
"Brother Su, why are you going?"
You LAN one leng hurriedly asked
"find someone to settle accounts"
Sue ink also don’t back to say 1.
Night spirit, read march, Huang Jinshi followed behind him aggressive look pale!
You Lan consciously asked, "Who are you looking for?"
"Yu Wenshuang!"
Su Moyin, come here.
Deep and remote haze startled looking at that far back already gradually clear impression and become blurred again.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty Who are you?
Half-China Yuwen Shuangfeng Yan Taoist confrontation atmosphere is dignified.
Now the battlefield suddenly broke in, and three people and one beast immediately attracted several eyes.
Even road flyover Yu Wenshuang and Feng Yan looked askance.
The three men and one beast came slowly, and the first man was dressed in a blue shirt with delicate features.
He was followed by a cold-looking man in black and a blonde girl.
Huang Jinshi limped in at the back.
Three people and one beast look surprisingly unique, especially three people and one beast’s eyes are surrounded by cold murderous look!
Who are these three people?
What do you want to do when you come out at this time?
At this time, some monks in the crowd have recognized Su Mo’s appearance and can’t help but look big.
Yuwenshuang sat on the red golden lion and looked at Huang Jinshi with a shock. His eyes were full of tenderness and concern.
Huang Jinshi suddenly shouted, "Coco, I’m coming to save you!"
The Red Golden Lion shook his head and looked sad. "Go home, lion."
"Where did the monster beast dare to be arrogant in the north domain!"
There have long been Yu Wengu monks coming out to drink and prepare to slay Huang Jinshi on the spot.
"I’ll take care of this."
Yuwenshuang slightly raised my hand and turned my eyes to Huang Jinshi and laughed. "It was you."
"How dare you? Have you forgotten that I ever spoke to you?"
Yu Wenshuang’s tone is calm, but he reveals a ferocious smile!
"I said once that if you dare to come to me again, I will break your bones bit by bit!"
Yu Wenshuang grinned, and the tone revealed the looming murder!
His attention fell on Huang Jinshi and he hardly saw Su Mo.
Or even if I saw him, I didn’t mean it
"Crazy! He is really crazy! "
Zheng Bo shook his head and said, "Are the four returning Taoist priests trying to challenge the two-way Taoist?"

Huang Xuan gave a bad signal to many people about the defense of the five families, and Goodall and others could not wait.

Huang Liming wait for a while looked at the table for a long time and said, "I’ll try a banquet."
"Huang Xuan’s parents must go to the people around him." Gude slowly walked out of the room with threats.
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven Logistics (1)
A3 is the largest military plane in plane A, and the military department has also received the news that it has not sent a single soldier to the three divisions except martial law.
It seems to them that things should be over here. The new five-clan garrison has secured the army, and no one has lost anything except the five-clan garrison deputies. It is a happy situation.
They didn’t realize that the new five-clan garrison adult was pushing his luck. He still had a lot of cards and didn’t let go of it.
Huang Xuan got a tiger skin from the Committee and went back to A3. He ignored his deputy Craig and others, but he was not impressed at all.
Your Excellency and others are looking forward to waiting for him. They want three divisions. Of course, the best thing is to get a higher level. Everyone is waiting for Huang Xuan’s life.
When Huang Xuan came back, the officers of the 27 th Division couldn’t help but feel sorry for you. Before being pushed, they also felt itchy. "Huang’s adult, has he been lifted from the restrictions on travelers?"
The most important resource of divisions is travelers, while mercenaries are the most expensive assets. Settled travelers are equivalent to handling the main affairs of divisions.
Huang Xuan looked at him and said, "Can you guarantee their loyalty?"
What’s so embarrassing about him saying so bluntly? "Of course, Lord Huang, you are a five-clan garrison. They are misguided, and people from the 297th Division and the 2nd Division also want to meet you."
"No," Huang Xuan waved. "Can you be responsible?"
Your excitement quickly nodded, "No problem and how limited we are. In my opinion, if we can set another level for the three divisions and give more limits to the travelers … Hehe, you know that many of our three divisions and travelers fit beyond the limit because of insufficient contribution, so they must be dead set."
Huang Xuanxiao got up. It’s bold to ask for an official position directly. In the rank sequence of the administration, the head of his division is level 6, and there is still a big rise.
Theoretically, Huang Xuan should merge three divisions into one division, which is in line with the requirements of his Committee, that is, to seize the legitimacy. However, Huang Xuan knows very well that whether an officer or a traveler is willing to obey himself is always a future.
However, if three divisions are merged into one division, it means that senior officers of the 2 nd and 29 th divisions will give way, and the travel limit may be adjusted, which will inevitably make some people unhappy.
At present, Huang Xuan won’t make his future work more complicated because of the unobstructed jurisprudence. At your glance, Huang Xuan nodded, "Then set up another one … Well, just call the headquarters of the three armed forces. I’ll find a Committee to solve the problem that you are the head of the headquarters at your level."
"Good" is almost laughing, and even promised to think that the officer who was higher than himself in the 27 th division is going to be angry now.
Thinking of this, I still ask, "What should I do if Mr. Huang is seconded from our division?"
"How many?"
"mainly tourists, about 7 thousand mercenaries and millions of people have been borrowed."
As soon as Huang Xuan heard it, he compiled 13-level travelers according to the divisions, that is, 234 people. How many kittens were left in the 27 divisions? Most of the intermediate travelers were borrowed.
"What about his divisions?"
"The 2nd Division still has one-half of its military strength, and at least 29 divisions are about two or three thousand people."
"It’s not old Craig’s order, is it?" Huang Xuan snorted.
This is very expensive, but I dare not answer it. The member of the Authority is far from his rank. He is a first-class title.
Huang Xuan thought for a moment and said, "Now you go and straighten out the establishment of the headquarters of the three armed forces, and then let the three divisions hand in their resumes and apply for the positions they want. I’ll judge."
"Yes," I replied quickly.
Huang Xuan is a person who doesn’t like to work, but he must do it himself when he is promoted. This is the time to erect prestige. If he can’t hold the personnel, he may be caught.
Things have come to this point, and Huang Xuan has not been punished. The military is clear about his position. Wang Huizhi simply went to his planet to temporarily avoid Huang Xuan’s sharpness.
Huang Xuan wouldn’t have rushed to the Committee and A3 for a few days without seeing a planet’s military department, and he couldn’t find anyone else.
You and others are also very energetic. It is difficult to get promoted in the administration, and it is even harder for officers in the new legion to get promoted. Even if there are any problems in the legion in the end, they will be satisfied if they go to the level.
In this atmosphere, Craig couldn’t even command the lowest-level team. He did command it once. The team was immediately carried out by Huang Xuandang. The squad leader was dismissed and temporarily detained. His 12 third-level mercenaries were reduced to one level-except for dishonorable retirement, which was almost the most serious treatment in the army.
Since then, Craig has resisted twice, but every time Huang Xuan doesn’t move, whoever is with him is unlucky. It is also Huang Xuan who cares about old Craig but makes Craig depressed.
After being hung up for four or five days, Craig also behaved himself. He can buy off two or three officers, but Huang Xuan, the army, can do mischief at most, but he can’t command them. Senior officers are all smart and see that Craig can’t touch Huang Xuan, and even if he doesn’t team up, he won’t be close to him.
Although the three division officers were not relieved during the war, they slowly became loose again. It was the official addiction that urged them to be slightly cautious.
Huang Xuan is not in a hurry to be crammed into these three new divisions. Generally speaking, it is unpleasant, mainly because it is as difficult to make these soldiers of fortune behave as it is to make mice stop eating.
He calmly asked the Committee for staffing and logistics, and wanted to fill all three divisions before leaving.
Since the Committee did not urge Huang Xuan and would not be in a hurry, thinking about the battlefield, A3 reorganized the army.
It’s said that rectifying him is not involved except occasionally giving orders. It’s expensive and others want it. The result is to help him gain more prestige. People in the 2 nd Division and the 29 th Division are watching.
However, what makes Huang Xuan unhappy is that the Committee doesn’t seem very willing to give him more personnel, but there is no limit-especially because some members delay the adequate supply, it becomes less adequate.
Huang Xuan waited for two days and saw that the Committee was also unevenly divided. He rushed back to A3 and found your way, "How many troops can you control now?"
It is conservative to say that "about two brigades" don’t know what Huang Xuan wants to do.
Huang Xuan nodded and said, "Take your people to take our biological warships and come with me."
Wang Hui’s work in the office is like a year. His original job in this military department is to adjust and contact the three newly-built divisions and five families, and let him be embarrassed when he comes in a series.
When Huang Xuan established the new headquarters of the three armed forces, his military department was even more unemployed. Every day, he was idle and called Feng several times to report the transfer or didn’t come. One day, he was next to each other.
In the first few days, Wang Huizhi was also looking forward to some new measures by the Committee to drive out this unscrupulous five-clan garrison, but he didn’t expect that his stay here would become more and more obedient, and it was easy to win people over with the support of five-clan garrison.
Wang Hui can do things, just write something at his desk, and it’s better to get some military monographs in his heart every morning and evening.
This day, I was writing that the halo of the convenient door flashed by Maike, and I looked up to see that it was my honest man who was angry. "Trouble again?" Which divisions will be given to which divisions headquarters. "
His gendarmerie regiment is on vacation, and three divisions will not let him arrest people. It’s no use patrolling.
Shishi blushed and shook his head. "It’s the five families who are here."
"Where to?"
"To the camp"

Gu Qing, a practitioner of the second and third alchemy, was too lazy to pay attention to the fact that he came to this piece of dust. He immediately relied on his keen sense of vitality of the fourth alchemy to constantly find out several places where fire in water and water in fire might be born.

But this is surrounded by hot volcanic ash, and a small amount of fire energy is attached to it, which not only interferes with his sight, but also interferes with his search for fire in the water. After looking for it for a moment, the root has never found it.
"If I can practice a telepathic conversation before, I don’t have to look around so much at this time. I believe that I can find out the fire in the water and the water in the fire with a few breaths at most, and I will suffocate in these dust like this!"
Although I feel that I have too few magical powers, Gu Qing also knows that this is definitely not the time to sharpen my guns when I can constantly find it in this dust-covered virtual space with the amazing eyesight and strong induction of the four masters of Dan Dao.
When Gu Qing was looking for the fire in the water, a violent roar suddenly stopped from a dozen miles away.
"Break through the sound barrier … this is the master of Dan Dao’s quintuple!"
In order to avoid conflict, Guqing has to speed up the search.
However, the new five-fold master of Dandao is obviously not a kind person. Almost as soon as he arrived, a sharp fluctuation of vitality immediately sounded, accompanied by a burst of bullying. "The millions of kilometers of Fiona Fang in this sea area are all our private property owners in Sifang Island. Let me put everything in your hands and get away from this volcano. I will spare you a life!"
This rebuke is constantly shocking through the method of primordial vibration. Even the ancient green in the dust layer in the dozens of miles of Fiona Fang can be heard clearly!
"Sifang Island! ? It is also a very famous island overseas-it is said that it is formed by four large islands and some small island alliances, and it is also a first-class and a big school in Middle-earth! "
Hesitated for a moment GuQing also won’t leave so easily.
The fire in the water affected him to practice the magical power of "Five-element Samsara". Once he succeeded in practicing this magical power, it not only represented that he really had the six-fold qualification of being an enemy of Dan Dao, but also that he was able to be truly invincible after the "instant killing of stars" was successfully put into practice and his body was strong enough to be able to display the "instant killing of stars" at will.
Think of this ancient green once again into the volcano.
After searching for more than ten minutes, a strange flame rolled in the center of Shang volcano suddenly appeared in front of Guqing!
Although this cluster of flames is accompanied by magma tumbling, it gives off a strange cold breath, and it can be sensed immediately with a little induction in a specific range.
"Sure enough, this kind of treasure of heaven and earth is derived, and the water in the fire and water has this substance, and the medium of fire and water is transformed into fire and water, and fire and water are born together. If they are not separated from each other, they will practice the five kinds of vitality of the five elements of reincarnation, leaving the last rare vitality."
Think of this ancient green direct operation really yuan will be caught in the hands of this water fire!
At this time, a big drink suddenly came out of the dust. "The fire in the water is actually a fire in the water. This is my island!" While drinking, a spirit has been chopped out of the dust.
The shooter was only rebuilt and chopped by Dan Daoer, and the flying sword was directly operated by Gu Qing. Then he flashed out of the volcanic ash layer!
"Stop him! He’s ingested the fire in the center of the volcano!"
He immediately drank several nearby airway brothers, offering their flying swords one by one, and intercepted them in front of Guqing. In addition, a triple master of Dan Dao quickly caught up.
However, he saw that Gu Qing was a four-fold master of Dan Dao, and he dared not neglect and shouted, "We Sifang Island don’t want to make it difficult for you to leave what you got in the water, fire and volcano in your hand, otherwise it would be our Sifang Island enemy."
Gu Qing is too lazy to entangle with these practitioners of Sifang Island, and directly bursts into the fastest speed to roar at the virtual end and blink of an eye to get rid of this triple master of Dan Dao.
"Want to go! ? Leave it for me! "
A furious drink suddenly came from a distance, and then I saw a master of Dan Dao’s five-fold master, Gang Qi, flashing and instantly breaking through the speed of sound. In a short time, he was behind Gu Qing!
"Leave fire in the water or die!"
Although there are not millions of kilometers in the sea area under the jurisdiction of Sifang Island, there are still hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from Sifang Island. It’s only a day’s journey for those five masters of Dan Dao. He will also cross the sea area to Liulixian Island. If the five masters of Dan Dao are killed here, it will be troublesome for the four masters to kill them.
"What’s the difference between what you got here is not under the jurisdiction of your Sifang Island, and what’s the difference between you Sifang Island forcing this sea area to endure and ordering us to hand over what you got!"
"Don’t talk nonsense. I think it’s hard for you to rebuild Dandao IV, and you don’t want to kill more evil. If you don’t know how to do it again, now is the anniversary of your death!"
Gu Qing frowned and pinched it into a sword with one hand. Directly, this piece of sea was shot with a sharp and awe-inspiring shock wave, and the whole sea was drawn out with a depth of tens of meters and a hundred meters …
See this scene, the original is also a face of flank Dan Dao five masters suddenly face a change "good sharp shock wave ….. you are a middle-earth sword clan! ?”
"If you think your strength can resist this firm but gentle, just do it!"
"You are threatening me! ? You belong to the sword clan, although it is loud, but your forces are all in the middle of the earth and overseas, it is up to us to decide on Sifang Island and Liuli Xiandao! If you take something that belongs to our Sifang Island, let you leave our Sifang Island prestige easily? "
"So you want to do it?"
"Naturally, I won’t leave you with 30% of the fire essence and fire spirit. I can let you go."
"Hum, I want to come and get it, but I can tell you for sure that once you do it, you will be at your own risk!"
As soon as the words are finished, Guqing directly turned and flew to the direction of Liuli Xiandao.
Although the five-fold master of Dan Dao wants to make moves, the title of Sword Sect is too loud, even if they are far away from overseas, they are extremely fearful.
But when GuQing turned and flew away, the far end of the sky was once again a violent sound storm. People failed to pass the special practice, and the sound had already taken the lead in shortness of breath. "Elder Yi Tian is named GuQing! It was the Xuanyang Tianzong law enforcement elder who personally issued an order to arrest the Zongmen traitor! The law enforcement department of Xuanyang Tianzong is now tracking him down everywhere to send him to the law enforcement elder, Lord Bailie, to convict him. This has already offered a very clever weapon and a lingshi vein! If we can send him to Xuanyang Tianzong to climb with Xuanyang Tianzong … Our Sifang Island can immediately get rid of the dangerous overseas islands and enter Middle-earth! "
The third volume Stars gather together to fight the 60th time ambition
"Xuanyang Tianzong Law Enforcement Department arrested this person!"
"Said while chasing! I happened to meet an elder named Jing Hua Xuan Yang Tianzong in Middle-earth the other day. This person is the palm of the criminal court of Xuanyang Tianzong. Although it can’t control the true brother of Xuanyang Tianzong, it belongs to the law enforcement department of Xuanyang Tianzong! From his mouth, I have learned that this ancient Qing practitioner’s magic skill has killed his fellow travelers, and even more so, he killed the elder in the door with ecstasy. At present, the body of the elder is still dazzling Yang Tianzong, waiting to arrest him and confront him face to face! This matter dazzles Yang Tianzong’s law enforcement department, which has made a lot of noise. Lord Bailie, the law enforcement elder of the law enforcement department, personally ordered the arrest of this person! It is said that even Xuanyang Tianzong Zhangjiao was alarmed! "
"Oh my god, this ancient green is really bold. Hyun Yang Tianzong’s justice is strictly forbidden! Practitioners of Dandao must strictly abide by this rule. Those who dare to commit crimes even their true brothers will be strictly punished! How dare he kill himself? The dean of punishment always wants to rebel! "
"Not only that, it is said that this man got the magic door, and a magic giant took a fancy to killing the dean of punishment in the door, and even led the elders who wanted to arrest him to a magic door master to sneak up and kill the elders who hunted for the past!"
"This GuQingShi is too arrogant, so it completely offends him. What other sect is there to dazzle Yang Tianzong?"
"It’s not that the law enforcement elder Bailie’s adult has inferred that he entered the magic way to apply for Xuanyang Tianzong to clean the door. This application has not been approved yet … otherwise, Xuanyang Tianzong has already sent experts to infer his whereabouts through various clues and execute him on the spot."
Elders Yi Tian can’t help but feel dazed. "Elder Guang Shoucheng, you just said that this dazzling Yang Tianzong Zhang Jiao hasn’t …"
"He is, after all, a true brother, and he can’t be easily killed! But don’t worry, the evidence is now available, but the body of the elder is still protected by Xuanyang Tianzong, and this ancient green is afraid of sin and absconds. Once captured, the truth will be made public immediately! We need to complete the arrest order issued by Elder Bailie. Through this line, we can help us enter Middle-earth with the help of Xuanyang Tianzong’s strength. Speaking of this, Guangshou’s eyes are full of enthusiasm. "If we can take this, we will make great achievements, and no one in the Quartet Island Alliance will dare to despise it in the future!"
Elders Yi Tian nodded. This is the dazzling Yang Tianzong Department. They did not get involved in Sifang Island.
Middle-earth is vast and rich in resources, even overseas, it is also comparable to Middle-earth! However, although there are many resources, there are more and more practitioners who occupy these resources and wait for these natural resources. Some small sects occupy the rich spiritual veins and practice with the help of spiritual pulse power!
The original resources are so scarce that they naturally reject overseas practitioners who want to enter Middle-earth. If they are not strong enough, rashly entering Middle-earth practitioners will inevitably lead to a strong rebound. Even if they form an alliance to eliminate and carve up their whole Sect, it is not impossible!
Therefore, it is extremely important to make friends with Xuanyang Tianzong through this matter and enter Middle-earth with the influence of Xuanyang Tianzong.
With the high prestige of Xuanyang Tianzong’s Five Immortals in Middle-earth, we must ask them to speak out to protect them. Those practitioners who have been driven from Sifang Island absolutely dare not say a word of no.
Think of the blazing light in the eyes of Elder Yitian. "You must take him!"
"yes! Whether our Floating Cloud Island can achieve fame in the Quartet Island Alliance depends on this battle. It is necessary to get through the Xuanyang Tianzong Road and make good friends with the law enforcement elders. Even those four elders of Dandao will never dare to disrespect us again in the future! "
"Elder Guang Shoucheng, I think this young man can kill Elder Xuanyang Tianzong. Just now, he showed a sharp hand, and he is not an ordinary person. He must be careful when he acts!"
Guang Shoucheng nodded his head. They, the overseas immortals, talked about the mysterious degree of the achievement method. The natural method and the dazzling Yang Tianzong were in the same breath. Even if the ancient green was four times lower than them, they still dared not despise it!

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Hey, I didn’t get it when I first played. The whole tragedy took a whole afternoon to get it, but the price was that the whole person was in a trance, which is called "Kuang" in Chongqing dialect
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Ah, I just finished watching Step by Step, and there are many feelings in my heart. I have to go to bed after I finished class early this day. A Chinese website ★ ★ 81zく. com, but I don’t feel bad in my heart ~
The smooth storyline of Yuebi Feng is also very attractive, and the ending is quite good. A writer has just read some posts, and now there are almost no comments on the rotten tail. Of course, some people will be dissatisfied. After all, everyone has different expectations for the ending, but on the whole, the situation is excellent.
Of course, none of this matters to me. I can’t remember the first time I watched the step by step. Anyway, I didn’t watch it from the beginning. I think I have a habit of not clicking in without hundreds of thousands.
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However, he ended neatly and neatly, and all the matters were arranged properly, which made sense at least, leaving everyone to think about it. Well, it’s very good and powerful. Personally, I feel even better than going back to the end
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However, if the actual Feng Zhenxian quits, it means that Mengyao will compete for the spirits and spirits!

The front is really ingenious, and this move is really a retreat to take advantage of the fishermen.
Dream Yao looked cool and shook his head. "The two brothers misunderstood me this time. It’s not a ghost evocation."
"I don’t want a piece of sycamore to build an guqin for all the treasures here."
I heard that Sue ink heart movement.
Dream Yao Xiankou said that this guqin seems to be the one he met before, and it also has spiritual wisdom to kill many people.
Guqin was accompanied by an ancient Xiao. After seeing the bronze Fang Ding, a Qin Xiao fled and disappeared.
Su Mo felt that this guqin guxiao was unusual at that time. I didn’t expect to get a statue of a true fairy!
Feng Zhenxian laughed and said, "Meng Yaoxian likes musical instruments. Everyone knows that this ancient instrument belongs to a fairy!"
"I just looked elsewhere in the abyss and didn’t see the trace of guqin."
Dream Yao fairy beautiful eyes turned down many monks and said, "So which one of you took this guqin and now you can hand it over."
Mengyao fairy sound is very nice.
But this voice down a field all is a quiver in the heart secretly complain.
This time, everyone came here after many disasters and finally got here, and they were surrounded by evocators and almost fell.
They have just escaped and are trapped here by the three true immortals.
After ten breaths, no one came out.
"What did the two brothers say?"
Meng Yao asked.
Yuehua Sword Fairy shrugged slightly and casually said, "I really don’t believe that so many treasures can disappear by searching one by one."
"Not bad"
Feng said in a dense tone, "Those who swallow the treasure privately will be forgiven!"
Meng Yao nodded, "Just as the two brothers said."
Many friars’ waist bags have been taken off in Yuehua Sword Immortal Knowledge Movement Field, so it’s easy to erase the mark of God Knowledge!
Things in many bags are scattered all over the floor.
Yuan Lingshi, Dan Yao, magic weapon, secret script and Lingkuang were poured out!
Many monks look pale.
Yuet Moon Sword Fairy searched these things again, but there was still no ghost evocation complications and guqin.
Feng Zhenxian found a few interesting things in it, studied them for a while, and put them directly into the bag in front of many monks.
The two immortals looked angry, clenched their teeth with fists and dared not say anything
Those few things are all they have.
This is naked robbery!
"Very good"
"I’d like to see how long you can hide!" said Yuehua Sword Fairy with a straight face.
As he spoke, Yuehua Sword Fairy dragged a fairy to the front and directly explored the fairy’s knowledge of the sea. After searching for a little harvest, he threw the fairy aside.
Feng Zhenxian patted the remaining golden ant tribe. The ant waved his head and two slender golden tentacles rolled up the fairy.
Feng Zhenxian did the same thing, and the gods also pierced this person’s knowledge of the sea and searched for it.
After no harvest, Feng Zhenxian sent this person to Mengyao and laughed, "Please ask the fairy to find out."
Dream Yao God knows this person, and he only retired after a little patrol in the sea.
During the whole process, the fairy turned pale when she finished fighting the law.
Soon it will be the third fairy’s turn.
This man is a young man in black, and his body faintly reveals a sharp edge, and he looks a little unruly.

"GuQingGe you like!"

What the sword-mender is practicing is a spirit. He just wants to win the realm of Daoism, which is everyone’s dream. This spirit is so sharp that Gu Qing can’t help but move when he sees it.
"Well, now that Niansheng Pavilion has discussed how to attach it!"
"Ha ha ha ha good Shinto!"
"I hope we all get what we want when we meet again!"
Guqing smiled and nodded his head.
After laughing, I suddenly looked at my life with a cautious hand. "Take care!"
"Take care!"
After saying goodbye, I don’t want to go back and ride the fast horse Su Fangyu directly. They quickly ran into the other side of the road and soon disappeared from everyone’s sight!
Looking at Niansheng and Guqing, they made a bet to go to Gudingzhong and Xu Bingning with a slight sigh.
The stage is as big as the heart.
How many people are there in the whole Middle-earth stage and the whole Daqi Dynasty who can freely say that the promotion of Shinto will be the whole Middle-earth stage?
Has always been a airway to rebuild Guding, which is recognized as better than Daqi blade master. Although he was born worse, he will not be too bad. But after seeing this behind the scenes today, he suddenly discovered that there is more than a gap between them, and the gap is more than a half! Because of their vision, they did not stay in the same class.
After Niansheng left, Guqing’s eyes came back again and fell on Gudingzhong and Xu Bingning.
"Please go back, two."
Gu Dingzhong nodded his head. They knew that Gu Qing’s mind was set and he would not persuade him again. Although he also had an impulse to go to Xuanyang Tianzong with Gu Qing to seek heaven, he already had a family. There must be someone to take over the affairs of Wuwei Houfu, and his family must also rely on him to arrange it. Therefore, even if he wants to leave, he can’t leave.
Bowing your hand, Guding said sincerely, "Although your father and family have been indifferent to you for three years, you have no sense of belonging to your family, but I still hope that if you have time, you will come to Hou Fu to have a look. After all, you are also a part of our Hou Fu."
The ancient gently a nod.
At this moment, Xu Bingning suddenly said, "Gu Qing, can I go to Xuanyang Tianzong with you!"
"Hyun Yang Tian Zonghang is not a child’s play, you …"
Guqing words haven’t finished has been interrupted by Xu Bing coagulation "how to say it again, I also calculate that your famous media is marrying the whole king of Daqi, and almost everyone can prove it! The so-called husband sings and wife follows. You want to go to Xuanyang Tianzong alone to seek immortality and visit the Taoist temple. This will put me on the ground alone. "
Gu Qing shook his head. "Although you and I have husband and wife names, it is not difficult to find someone to marry without the threat of Zhenxi Wang!"
Yet a Xu Bing coagulation face emerge a little ashamed irate look "GuQing you … you fucking …"
Beside Gudingzhong, although he knew that his seven brothers wanted to fold Xu Bing, it was not easy to fold this big Qi Sanli and Xu Bing, but he didn’t expect that the two of them had been married for a year and still …
"Go back!"
"Hum, the two of us have witnessed the worship of heaven and earth … besides, I will follow you to dazzle Yang Tianzong and won’t let you lack arms and legs. You are so resistant! ?”
Even the bird that had stopped at Guqing’s shoulder pecked him gently. They seemed to want him to promise to come.
It’s Guqing’s mind that won’t change so easily.
"You can go to Xuanyang Tianzong, but before that, you need to have less self-protection and talk to me about it when you are promoted to Dandao!"
"Promotion Dan way …"
Xu Bing setting a slight stay.
Although it seems that it is easy for Niansheng to be promoted to the realm of Dan Dao when talking with Gu Qing, the real realm of Dan Dao is not the same for a practitioner to intercept the natural barrier in front of the immortals and people, even for the major immortals!
Even the famous Xiandao Sect in Middle-earth, such as Xuanyang Tianzong, is born in the door every year, and the strong Dandao Sect has a good cultivation environment and skills, not to mention ordinary practitioners
"You … you …"
Guqing shook his head and turned to another road.
Xu Bingning didn’t know where he got the courage to turn around and leave when he saw Guqing. "Good Guqing, you said that when I was promoted to the realm of Dan Dao, I would definitely go to Xuanyang Tianzong to find you. When the time comes, you can’t only scold me, but I also want you to admit us in front of everyone!"
Guqing waved his hand and didn’t know whether he would allow so many people to watch him go straight along this road to dazzle Yangtianzong, which is three thousand miles away from here.
The second volume GuXing "XuanGeng" for the first time.
Xuanyang Tianzong is located in the east of Daqi, and it will take 3 thousand kilometers to the east when it leaves the border of Daqi!
Gu Qing is not good at riding, but he doesn’t want to wave too much energy to hurry! After entering a nearby town, he immediately hired a carriage to go to Xuanyang Tianzong! Gal although it will take a lot of time but also be able to be at leisure to just let him start to understand the "Jueque" star practitioners set up practice!
At the beginning of the "Grand Que" of the Stars, he devoted himself to the wonderful method of "Star Guide" to realize. Except for conditioning the physical body so that the spiritual energy can grow more stably and peacefully, he did not carefully see the world’s practice method of Airway and Dandao. When this group of mortals entangled in Zhenxi Wangfu, it eventually went wrong everywhere.
Eye horse will go to Xiandao Sect to dazzle Yang Tianzong, which is equivalent to the gathering of nine gods in the airway. It is definitely not enough to be arrogant. It is urgent to promote Dandao in all directions!
From the body, I took out an airway and remembered that it was a heavy one until the realm of Dan Dao, and the cultivation of the airway was already absorbed in studying it.
The first five aspects of airway cultivation are to exercise the flesh to the limit of the human body, and then condense the true qi into the realm of true qi through special breathing methods! When entering the sixth qi state, you need to rely on the increasingly strong qi to get through the meridians, so that the qi can rush all over the body and be easily carried in every attack. The attack power suddenly rises several times. If you can make the qi separator taxiing, it is equivalent to reaching the airway weight!
The nine-fold spirit of the airway condenses and impacts the Tianmen Boom Heaven and Earth Bridge, connecting heaven and earth, pulling the vitality of heaven and earth from the top of the head, pouring the body, washing the impurities in the body, and refining the whole body to achieve the goal of being reborn. This is the Dandao.
In the past three years, his physical condition has already reached an excellent level. Those physical bodies have been trained by heaven and earth, and their physical condition is like Gu Qing. I don’t know, but even if blade master is like him, he is not only a grade worse than him …
"Well … the first realm of Dan Dao is enlightened, and after getting through the bridge between heaven and earth, the heaven and earth are drawn to refine all kinds of impurities in the flesh, which makes the whole body reborn like a new life …" In my mind, I carefully recalled this passage, and Gu Qing’s brain, which has huge spiritual energy, could not help but calculate quickly.
In a short time, it has emerged in his mind that he can play hard when he is physically transported.
"Dan Dao is to introduce the force of heaven and earth into the body and then gradually strengthen the body through a specific practice! And every time I fight, I can also introduce the force of heaven and earth into my body temperature to raise my soul … "
One is to temper the flesh.
One is to warm the soul.
When nourishing the soul, those forces of heaven and earth have to run through the body from the bones of the limbs and then gather in the mind to complete the stage of refining the spirit in Taoism

Some people think that even those people in Emperor Tian will gradually be chased and surpassed by the falling world of mortals with the development of time.

The body in the enemy star is falling in the world of mortals. Looking at Beidou from afar, a pair of star-like eyes twinkle.
It’s almost time for me. Aren’t you on your way yet?
He is really curious about the pioneer of origin, not with a murderous heart, but to know what the other road has grown to now.
He naturally has a certain pride in this kind of heart and wants to know which side of the world two people get more.
"There are still six years … it should be enough. The new qualification has been obtained."
The world of mortals silently muttered to themselves, stepping into the ancient road and moving forward in the second half in awe of the tianjiao.
The ancient road is lonely, and it has been inserted into Lu Chen’s cosmic star for three years alone.
It has been thirty-three years since he came to this world, and now there are still explorers in the world, so he and the world of mortals should have him.
I have to say that he is very interested in falling into the world of mortals with the pioneers, but there is a big gap between them, but now I wonder if the gap has been shortened.
According to Luo Shen, her brother rebuilt the sage Lu Chen himself in five years to compare and ponder the landing of the world of mortals. Should he have arrived at the sage king at this time?
He shook his head and thought that the other side would not fight with himself in the same situation. It was unrealistic to think that it would be unrealistic to catch up with the other side on this trip.
After three years of lonely journey, he finally saw a place of life again.
Eternal star field This is a piece of science and technology cultivation combined with ancient star specialty research, which can constantly temper its own treasure body.
The road is long, always lonely and lonely to talk.
Lu Chen doesn’t walk all the way like Ye Fan. It’s wonderful all the way, and you can meet great events everywhere, but it’s mediocre
In the past three years, he has achieved a first-order speed in a year and a half, which is surprisingly fast, far exceeding the training speed of the original Ye Fan.
Lu Chen remembers that after Ye Fan left Beidou, it took him more than ten years to make a complete cut. According to his own eye progress, it is estimated that within two years, he will be able to make a successful pilgrimage to Xiansan.
Coming to this place of life, Lu Chen is very low-key. Strictly speaking, it is not a formal step into the ancient Terran Road. The road is very branched. It takes a long way to get to the first place in the ancient Terran Road.
But when you enter Diji, you are all saints, and you must go to the front to make your own way perfect and go against the sky to become a saint.
Eternal Star Domain is a good place, because there is an arena here, and it may be good for your health to win the Tianjiao battle and get the evolution fluid before you March into Emperor Road.
It was midnight when Lu Chen landed on Eternal Ancient Star, but the lights here were more modern than modern society, and all kinds of high-tech buildings were dizzying.
In front of the Colosseum, he looked at the big screen, and there was a man like a demon god in the light and shadow, and it was marked with "99 consecutive victories!"
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-three Brother Chu has broken the world.
Star Magic Coloured Glass Arena, a fashionable female friar with jade legs and a graceful waist, presided over passionately.
"Audience, today’s game is the peak of the road. Please welcome our young and strong prisoner from the ancient Wang Xingyu-Chen Ang-"
With the brilliance of the sky, all kinds of sound effects show that a lonely young man dressed in cyan armor, SHEN WOO, walks into the arena.
All kinds of light beams gather around him. In the central projection of the arena, there is his big head frame with flame-like special effects. The right corner of his head is also marked with his current victory of 53 wins and 2 losses.
The hostess monk talked endlessly about this young arrogant and powerful platform. The audience looked excited, but their eyes were calm and thinking about who should be crushed today.
"And the other one is a man from the mysterious life source. He has been in the eternal star field for less than a month, but he has won 19 consecutive victories and made a title for himself. He is also arrogant and arrogant. He is the Emperor Wu-Liu Chen-"
As the hostess introduced another man into the arena, he was dressed in black with a black knife and his side was handsome and masculine, and a shaqi haunted him.
Several spotlights shine on the man while the projection shows his achievements. The introduction of the hostess further ignites people’s emotions.
"On the one hand, the old strong in the arena, and on the other hand, the new and mysterious invincible Tianjiao, which strong man will win today … well, let’s wipe our eyes …"
When the horn sounded, the hostess’s words were not finished, and many spectators paid attention to it, and the results were also divided in the field battle.
Chen Ang, a man in black, passed by Chen Ang with his arms broken and kneeling, gasping with cold sweat and looking back at the statue with fear.
He was unwilling, but he managed to get up and bend down to salute "Xie Daoxiong’s hand."
"boring! How do you arrange this arena! "
"Emperor Wu is too strong, let him fight with higher winners!"
"There is no suspense!"
Many of the audience’s discontented voices are younger brothers from the big family of Eternal Star Domain. They came here not only to watch the fun and gamble, but also to watch the confrontation between the strong tianjiao, which is also helpful for their practice.
But this Lu Chen is known to be very strong. From his first appearance in the Colosseum, people knew that it was not a good crop, and no one could take a knife from him all the way. What is there to see?
In the field, Liu Chen closed his knife and walked out of the tournament table. He also felt very chatty.
It’s been a month since he came to Eternal Star Domain. On that day, he witnessed that Nanyao won a hundred consecutive victories and got a bottle of precious evolution fluid.
This Beidou man, who is known as an enemy, has been practicing in the eternal star field for a long time before, and now he is ready to leave his sister after he gets what he wants.
The two men met once, but they didn’t fight. The Southern Demon told Lu Chen some matters needing attention in the eternal star field, and then set foot on the ancient road to prepare for the Terran first. Obviously, it is going to be holy.
Lu Chen’s spare time to practice and come to the Colosseum in his daily life is a warm-up, but the previous opponents’ arrangements are too weak.
A woman wearing a thin golden armor on the viewing platform of the Colosseum has several pieces of armor that can cover the important parts of her body, revealing her tender waist. She walks like a water snake, and her long blond hair hangs freely. Looking at the leaving figure, there are some waves.
"Miss, are you interested in him?"
An old servant asked for instructions
This female name, Brahma Fairy, is a powerful family in the eternal star field. The appearance of the arena today has also aroused many young people’s admiration.
"There are still some people who can’t see the level until he hits ten wins, but his physique … may indeed be immortal."
Fanxian’s beautiful eyes are full of splendor, and their family has been pursuing the strongest physique and trying to cultivate ultimate offspring.
There are several constitutions in the history of Eternal Star Domain, one of which is the immortal golden body, but what they admire more is Brahma Warrior.
She thinks that if her constitution is combined with the other side, the evolution fluid may be able to give birth to that kind of fate constitution.
Lu Chen naturally didn’t know that he had been stared at, but he also called it casual if he didn’t want to admire him.
The eternal star field environment is not like Beidou. Seeing that you don’t have a backer is like killing Tianjiao. They are more like a group of immortal researchers who find that powerful people want to try your genes.
South demon eternal star domain mixed wind and water, but no one started work on him.
He now wants to set his mind at rest to repair the eternal star field, and leave with a bottle of extreme evolution fluid.
Compared with the ancient roads, the cultivation environment of all kinds of lonely ancient stars and eternal star fields is very good and worth staying for a while.
It’s been a year and a half, and Lu Chen has finally made his way to heaven. At the same time, the Colosseum has achieved 100 consecutive victories.
Except for the last two battles, his base was solved with one knife. In the last 20 games, he met the base, who was forbidden to be arrogant and was in the middle of the road, but it turned out that there was a gap between the ban and the ban.
And Liu Chentong chop way peak is always a little more than his arrogance, so there is no pressure to fight naturally.

"There is one more thing that you may be even more reluctant to face!" Huang Yaoshi added, "Have you ever thought about what would have happened if the old man hadn’t noticed the situation in the barracks at that time?"

"I’m afraid Rong Er can kill me …" Ling Feiyang said.
"It is so! If no one comes to save you, Rong Er can kill you without revealing her identity! " Huang Yaoshi Road
"Rong Er has always been a big picture …" Ling Feiyang heard Huang Yaoshi’s words, but he didn’t have a trace of anger against Huang Rong, but he also had more pity.
"Lord Huangdao, I am really sorry that I almost ruined your plan this time …" Ling Feiyang thought for a moment and suddenly said categorically, "Although Rong Er no longer likes me, I will definitely not let her suffer again. Your father-daughter plan is also counted as Ling Feiyang!"
"You have heard about the deeds of old people in Fusang country …" Huang Yaoshi studied Ling Feiyang carefully for a long time and finally said, "You are a bloody man, although you are misbehaving and romantic. Now that the country is in crisis, you will temporarily put personal grievances and work together with you to eradicate Genghis Khan, the culprit!"
"Thank you for your letter from Huangdao!" Ling Feiyang heard this lofty sentiments in his heart!
"According to the information that Rong Er gave me last night, Genghis Khan will continue to March westward early in the morning to prepare for a crusade against a goal-Russia and the two of us are waiting for news from Rong Er after the army!" Huang Yaoshi Road
Huang Yaoshi suddenly sighed and then said, "Ling Feiyang, you must not know that this impregnable Samarkand city will be breached by Mongols?"
The wall of Samarkand is thick and well-guarded. Huang Yaoshi is proficient in the art of war and has the help of Yue Fei and Wu Mu. However, after a year and a half, it was still broken by the allied forces of Mongolia and Persia. Ling Feiyang has always been puzzled about this matter.
"Come with me!" Huang Yaoshi said with Ling Feiyang came to the west side of Samarkand City, and Ling Feiyang looked up and saw that this Xuefeng was very strange. The ground suddenly pulled up and stood alone in the wilderness, just like a tree with bare branches and leaves towering into the clouds.
"Isn’t this the bald peak in the original?" Ling Feiyang thought of here and suddenly saw hundreds of slender sticks sticking to the side wall of Xuefeng, such as the same ladder leading to the snow peak!
"leg of lamb ladder!" Ling Feiyang immediately turned white!
"Mongolian soldiers tents were made into leather umbrellas, and then the leg ladder was climbed to the summit by ten thousand soldiers, and then landed in Samarkand city and hit the south gate to make the Mongolian army flock in …" Huang Yaoshi said.
"I didn’t expect this history to repeat itself …" Ling Feiyang thought and immediately said, "But why did the Mongolian army think of this way now after more than a year of siege?"
"According to the information we got at the beginning, a strategist with outstanding strategy came to the Mongolian army …" Huang Yaoshi said that his expression looked very dignified
"Is it a Persian?" Ling Feiyang guessed
"This person is the one who teaches the Buddha named Khalifa Luna!" Huang Yaoshi Road
"Buddha? This must be a more powerful person than the four patrol envoys? " Ling Feiyang asked
"In addition to the principal and deputy leaders, the most terrible person in teaching is the two venerable figures of heaven and earth. These two leaders are still teaching the four-way patrol!" Huang Yaoshi Road
"I teach all the patrol envoys to be extremely skilled in martial arts, but I don’t know what the martial arts of this Buddha are?" Ling Feiyang asked
"This Buddha holds a high position in teaching not because of martial arts but because of his ingenuity. It is said that others can’t do martial arts at all!" Huang Yaoshi Road
"Don’t know any martial arts? So if he encounters an enemy, should he protect himself? " Ling Feiyang couldn’t help wondering when he heard this.
"This Khalifa Luna also has a nickname’ Persian Chess King’," Huang Yaoshi continued.
"Persian chess king? Does his’ chess king’ mean chess? " Ling Feiyang asked curiously.
"chess?" Although Huang Yaoshi is well informed, he has never heard of this word, and then he said
"This kind of chess is called’ Chastelain’ in Persian, which is very similar to China’s chess, and there are 16 pieces on both sides. However, compared with the ranks, China chess lacks two cannons and two scholars, but has one more queen."
"Isn’t this chess? Chastelain Zi must be its ancient name, "Ling Feiyang thought and immediately asked," Can he also play chess in the battlefield? "
"Exactly!" Huang Yaoshi continued with a look of concern, "There are fifteen disciples in this Khalifa Luna, each of whom bears a chess piece, and Khalifa Luna himself plays the role of’ king’ and exercises a set of’ killing chess array’ together. It is said that although there are sixteen people in this chess array, it can trap 3,000 soldiers. Even if there is a martial arts expert who can’t get through the game, once he falls into this array, he will be doomed and there will be life and death!"
"Master Huangdao is proficient in chess and can definitely come up with a way to break the array!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"It’s hard to say that this’ Chastelain’s’ China chess is similar, but the chess theory is completely different …" Huang Yaoshi shook his head gently and didn’t look sure.
"Ling Feiyang, see where you are going this time!" Just then, a figure suddenly rushed out of the night. It was Guo Jing! Thousands of Mongolian soldiers followed Guo Jing to kill Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi!
Chapter 377 Vertical limit
Huang Yaoshi rescued Ling Feiyang from the Mongolian military camp, but Guo Jing came to the foot of Tumufeng with thousands of Mongolian soldiers!
Ling Feiyang was stabbed in the left chest by Huang Rong Fenshui Emei. Although the injury is not serious, his body is still difficult to operate at the moment. I am so angry that Huang Yaoshi whispered, "You should hurry to heal and I will hold it!" Then figure a flash in front of the Guo Jing!
The dragon elephant is prajnaparamita! Guo Jing’s iron fist hit Huang Yaoshi mercilessly!
Huang Yaoshi flashed to the side and used a trick in the palm of Excalibur to "spend a moment" to shoot Guo Jing to Guo Jing’s shoulder quickly, but it was a little wrong step and heavy shoulder, so he avoided this palm!
Guo Jing see Huang Yaoshi this palm seems to be a stare blankly but Huang Yaoshi suddenly a change of heart!
"Guo Jing must already know Rong Er’s martial arts like the back of his hand. Although I wear a mask, if I make the palm of the sword of Luoying God, Guo Jing will definitely see through my identity, so our plan will not fall short!" Huang Yaoshi didn’t dare to make Peach Blossom Island martial arts when he thought of this place. Fortunately, he dabbled in martial arts in heaven, combining martial arts of Shaolin, Kongtong and Kunlun with Guo Jingdou in one place.
At this time, other Mongolian soldiers also gathered around Ling Feiyang to make 50% of the true qi work to heal, and the other 50% of the true qi to deal with these soldiers. However, after Guo Jing got the 40-year skill of the Golden Wheel French King, his martial arts were not much worse than that of Huang Yaoshi. Huang Yaoshi not only had to be distracted to deal with the soldiers around him, but also could not make the Peach Blossom Island martial arts. After dozens of moves, Huang Yaoshi was still rooted in the wind.
"If I Huang Yaoshi can’t even fight a little, wouldn’t it be a waste to say four unique things!" Huang Yaoshi’s competitive right palm has devoted ten successes to Guo Jing!
"Bang!" Guo Jing also shipped ten percent of his strength to Huang Yaoshi. Huang Yaoshi shook his body slightly for two times, but Guo Jing retreated several steps, then sat down on the ground and coughed violently. It seems that he has been injured!
Ling Feiyang’s heart was delighted, but then he saw a trace of blood flowing out of Huang Yaoshi’s mask before Bai Huang Yaoshi was also injured. This time, Huang Yaoshi didn’t take advantage of it!
"Let’s kill them all!" Ling Feiyang shouted that Huang Yaoshi was also white, so he went to the south with Ling Feiyang! Guo Jing wanted to get up and catch up, but he couldn’t get his breath and fell to the ground again.
However, Huang Yaoshi and Ling Feiyang rushed out of a dozen paces and dozens of Mongolian soldiers lined up. Everyone was kneeling on the ground with one leg and holding a shield in his right hand. They blocked the way!
"Break through!" Huang Yaoshi said and rushed to the shield array with flying skill. However, behind these shields, a row of archers and dozens of arrows suddenly shot up at Huang Yaoshi at the same time!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly used tight encirclement’s potential to block these arrows for Huang Yaoshi, but the second row of archers immediately appeared and another arrow rained down!
These Mongolian soldiers shot at the two men round after round with exquisite shooting skills. Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi were all injured, but it was difficult to break through this battle array composed of shields and arrows. They retreated and tried to break through to the east.
However, the two men just ran for more than ten feet in the east direction, but there was also the same war. A burst of disorderly arrows shot them back again!
"No wonder the Mongolian army can be invincible. It turns out that not only the cavalry is brave but also the infantry!" Ling Feiyang’s heart was anxious and Huang Yaoshi fought and retreated, and was gradually forced back to the bare wooden peak foot
At this time, Guo Jing’s physical strength has also recovered from the ground up and approached to two people, while Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi have been fighting in the drama and have no leisure to recover their physical strength!
"Now there is a way …" Ling Feiyang suddenly shouted in his heart, "Let’s evacuate the bald wooden peak first!"
Huang Yaoshi immediately came white with Ling Feiyang and ran to the bottom of the cliff. The footholds of these leg-of-lamb ladders used flying skills. More than a dozen soldiers immediately rushed down the leg-of-lamb ladder to climb Ling Feiyang, using a trick of "or jumping in the deep". These soldiers screamed and fell back to the bottom of the cliff.
"Shoot the arrow!" Guo Jing ordered dozens of Mongolian archers to shoot arrows in unison and fly in the sky. The left hand grabbed a leg of lamb and hung it in the middle of the right hand. These arrows flew out in succession!
Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi are both outstanding in flying skills. For a moment, they have jumped to 50 or 60 feet high. Guo Jing suddenly jumped up and climbed along the leg ladder!
Seeing that Guo Jing has caught up with the two-person Fang Huang Yaoshi, there is a small stone that bounces out with a flick of the finger and the avatar technique "before" and hits the leg of lamb in Guo Jing’s foot!
Guo Jing’s body immediately reached for Fang’s other leg of lamb, but Huang Yaoshi has buckled another small stone and aimed it at Guo Jing’s chest!
Guo Jing is hanging in a half-way to avoid being shot through the chest by a stone if he doesn’t block the stone; But if you reach out to block it, you will fall to the bottom of the cliff and fall to pieces!
Seeing that Guo Jing has been flying in born to die, he suddenly cried, "Show mercy!"
Huang Yaoshi stare blankly a stone back, two people continue to display flying skills with the north wind, through the clouds finally jumped the snow peak.
Looking around at the summit of the bald wood, the two men saw the magnificent scenery around them. Although it is still midsummer at this time, the ice and snow have formed a glass world here, or if Qionghua Yaocao is like an exotic bird or a rocky mountain or a quasi-branch, the world of ice and snow is even more exquisite as a crystal palace.
"Why didn’t you let me kill Guo Jing just now!" Huang Yaoshi suddenly asked Ling Feiyang.
"Guo Jing is not a bad person after DaSong Zhongliang, but he will fight hard with me when I kill his two masters …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly explained.
"Now that the two countries are at war with each other, how can you care whether he is good or bad? You are flying in the sky, and the commander-in-chief of the Song Wulin didn’t expect to be so indecisive! !” Huang Yaoshi said with a reproachful tone
"Even if Guo Jing tries to kill me many times, I still firmly believe that he will definitely argue his position in the end!" Ling Feiyang is still sticking to his guns.
"Since you say so, the old man never refutes it, but if anything happens to you, you should bear the consequences yourself!" Huang Yaoshi heart angry immediately left ignore ling float in the sky.

"Ha ha!" Duke suddenly smiled, "it’s not necessarily! Everything has a turning point, but it is impossible to master the method and be bound by your own poor imagination! "

The strength of Yugsarong has been weakened since then.
From the time it lived in hld to the time it was forcibly dragged into this world, its strength dropped sharply. Although it is still very strong, it is no longer the Titan warrior who had to be the strongest 25,000 years ago to overturn the Super Baal.
Its strength is rapidly declining, and it regains consciousness before the four guardians, so that Du Mouren’s magic net has to invade the crazy ladder.
The Titan Rune Array of Marigos and the Titan Magic Formula obtained by the stealer in Duke Alcavon’s treasure house perfectly enhanced Duke’s strength.
An exhibition behind Duke, a huge French circle.
Duke rarely sang a spell to "swear before the soul of the pantheon titan Azeroth that Duke Marcus is the one who achieved the order of the planet and killed all the chaotic and evil people …"
Duke’s sound is not loud, but the tens of millions of Titan runes resonate behind him, making the mantra sound clear. Audoul is this Northrend snow world
Not only can Arthas, the Lich King, hear it in the Ice Crown Fortress, which belongs to the Ice Crown Glacier area, but he has also heard that Azhuo Nerub has fought in Muradin and killed Zudakvarian in the keel wilderness.
Everyone in the whole continent who crossed the heroic realm or the morning star mage clearly heard Duke’s spell.
The magic network becomes denser, and every inch of the magic network channel flashes with elemental brilliance.
The elements of the four elements are all extracted crazily, compressed and refined, and finally gathered in the magic net.
When the magic energy resonance in the whole crazy ladder reaches its peak, a bright beam of light penetrates from the magic net and injects into the face of Ayesh!
The body of the Chapter 1641 Yogger Salon fall! Happy New Year’s Day! )
"No, it’s impossible! How can you manipulate such a huge force as a mere demigod! ?” Staring at eyes as bright as thunder light arcane energy, Yogger Salon finally got a little scared.
Thunderbolt is the wind element.
The damage of a single basic element is difficult to give a fatal blow to Yugsaron.
But Titan energy, the origin of arcane elements, has a higher mystery.
It’s ridiculous for Yogsalon to hide in the cage in front of a real master.
Every evil spirit is lean.
When Duke, the so-called moral exercise center, injected huge arcane energy into Ayesh, Yogsalon decided not to gamble.
It doesn’t have a huge body in the whole football field, and at this moment it becomes a bit unreal and unreal.
Yeah, it’s back in the cage
Even in this state, it won’t last long
Not only that, but its biggest mouth seems to be so big that it stared at Duke with one eye.
[crazy stare]!
This evil move will cause huge and special shadow damage to the target and add terrorist mental damage.
Even Duke never dared to eat hard.
After eating this trick, Duke will become brain-dead!
Just because Duke doesn’t dare doesn’t mean someone doesn’t dare!
Just before Duke, a sacred figure opened his arms, and his semi-illusory golden body firmly blocked Duke’s complicated golden circle, which contained divine power, and also hit him!
Alonso Faoduk’s biggest card against Yogsalon!
This respectable old man and deceased, with his lofty private spirit, still defended Azeroth with his soul and made his contribution even after his death.
After resisting an ancient evil god’s attack, it will be different if he can’t help!
Leo Fuding and Gavin Ladd Doom, two silver five saints, are behind their teacher again today after 25 years!
Duke narrowed his eyes, and the scene in front of him made him go back in time.
That year, the Five Saints of Silver were not uncles.
Although a Gavin Rudd is bald and strong now, his heart will not change!
They are still at the forefront of fighting evil!
"Thank you …" Duke sent a faint thank you, and all three of them heard them and nodded slightly back.
"No, I am the king of Azeroth! This is the world, not me! You damn guardians and mortals can’t stop me from marching! " Yogger Salon still frantically shouted that every mouth of it was vigorously closed and made a clang that was almost metallic.
In Duke’s eyes, this is more like a negative dog whining.
"It’s ugly! Yogsalon! Please die like a real evil god! "
At this moment, Duke’s artifact combination, which is very similar to a fake pike, suddenly changed.
A moment ago, it kept confusing, as if it would explode at any time. Suddenly, the two kinds of energy reached a balance, as if they had reached some hidden secret deal behind them.
The energy whirl of the staff head hilt looks like a fish of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi.
Golden holy light or golden purple blue arcane is still the same, but the spiral sword is covered with a mysterious Titan energy.
【 Ayesh 】 The head of the staff is a crow with its wings folded, but now the wooden crow spreads its wings as if it were alive, and then the crow’s mouth looks at the bottom of the hilt gently embedded with a spiral sword. The intersection of the two artifacts is like a specially made gun barrel.
Uh, God, I don’t know if Duke remembered the holy gun [Longinus]
Longinus gun, also known as fate gun.
With this gun in his hand, Duke suddenly felt that he had mastered his destiny.
He’s not the only one who thinks so. Duke players like Onyxia and Vaschi are fighting with the immortal guardians.
Without a second’s hesitation, Duke exhales.
"Die! Yougesalon "
With shouting Duke, the combined artifact was thrown out in a standard throwing posture.
"No, no, no, no!" Yougesalon’s biggest mouth is swinging wildly from side to side, pulling more curtains in front of him in an attempt to escape from this horrible shot.
Unfortunately, it’s finished
Even though I have crossed many shanzhai Langjinus guns, it is still like a light spear banging through many layers of barriers and then accurately inserted into Yugsarong’s head.
"This …" Jaina sounded almost talking.
Because she saw that [Ayesh] actually acted as a booster.
The real killing still falls to the head of [Light and Shadow Song]
Of course, she didn’t know that Duke’s move was inspired by China’s multi-stage rocket launch system.
A whole space rocket can’t be built into a multi-stage rocket headquarters, can it?