Lu Chen saluted with fuels.

"You need to be polite. I’ll sit down and wait for someone after all. Leave this picture for my little friend."
The old monk cough two slow way
"The elder knew I was coming here?"
Lu Chen has some accidents.
The old man shook his head. "I know someone is coming. I don’t know if you know a little about divination. Before you die, you saw some secrets that the newcomers will change the status quo of the last law era."
Lu Chen saw that the sternum of the old Taoist priest became transparent and there was a light flashing. Was it a hot fire or a light?
The other party is going to sit down, today and now.
"Elder, I also want to ask about immortal things."
Lu Chen hurriedly asked that this is the oldest figure in the East. The other party must know something.
In the middle of the road, the old man looked blankly at Lu Chen. "What are you looking for in that place?"
"The younger generation is curious about ancient deeds."
Liu Chen sincere way
"The place is unknown, little friend. Don’t go to the ancient road of stepping on the stars. It’s a chance limit."
The old man thinks that Lu Chen has heard too many myths.
"Please, it’s really important for the younger generation to become immortal."
Lu Chen pleaded that now that he has a map, he can naturally spend a few years returning to Beidou.
However, since he came into this world, many variables have been created, and he still wants to wait for Blue Star and Ye Fan to return. Otherwise, he has a hunch that Ye Fan’s parents will surely die in an unexpected way.
And it is more difficult to find the most central area of immortality than to practice blessed land, dragon marrow and other resources
The great drug king doesn’t talk about it everywhere, but it’s also random.
The old man took a deep look at Liu Chen. "It’s just that maybe this is a variable."
As he spoke, another scroll flew out from the place where he was about to burn the wheel sea. "I can find clues to this picture along the Yellow River."
Road flyover said eye closure calm way
At this time, the famous Taoist Zhang rushed in and saw that the bodhi old zu was frightened and was about to pounce on the collar after being grabbed by Liu Chen.
"bodhi old zu!"
The little Taoist priest cried sadly
"Alas, it’s normal for stupid children to be born and die. I’m content to live for more than two thousand years."
The old man looked at Liu Chen. "Please take care of me before you step into the star."
Lu Chen saluted and sent this doyen "the younger generation will do their best"
The old man seems to be afraid that Lu Chen will misunderstand the little Taoist priest. "It’s good that you don’t take his blue star with you."
After Liu Chen saluted, he pulled the little Taoist priest away from fear that he would impulsively pounce on the sophisticated humanization, but he would "dye" it, even if he met it himself, it would not be good.
The little Taoist is crying in pain. He was picked up by an old man when he was a child. The closest relative in this generation is an old man. He regards each other as his own grandfather.
Mountain spring Lu Chen heard the sound coming from the cave.
"The big dream was paid to the intersection of Shanshui Avenue for two thousand years to return to nature … dare to ask heaven if there was a fairy?"
There is a long sigh at the end.
The oldest generation of masters in the East is so lonely.
Lu Chen gave the little Taoist to his brother Longhushan, remembered the kindness of the old man, and went to the Yellow River valley to explore.
The process of finding immortality is quite complicated. He often goes out for half a month and occasionally returns to his residence to chat with Ye Fu and Ye Mu, and also prevents some bad things. They left their own incarnation.
This is the new ability that he gradually realized after the apocalypse. It is the advanced inspiration of the fox demon world, which was inspired by the five gods of Daogong.
He didn’t sacrifice his gods, but he condensed the meaning of the knife through a similar method to incarnate the daily imprint form. Ye Fan’s parents kept it, and it would be difficult to hurt the two old people if it weren’t for the king.
After three months of exploration, he finally crossed that barrier and came to another world of Blue Star.
In front of me, the Kunlun Mountains are magnificent and vast, and they cross the border of me.
This is a vast wilderness with no end in sight. The Kunlun Mountains in the mortal world are a corner, this main vein is a tip, and people will feel small if they really walk in.
Facing it is like facing a vast star. Every mountain is high and scary. Clouds and fog locks are like chaotic gas, which fills the beginning of heaven and earth.
If you soar to the sky, it will be generally white. This is a sleeping dragon. There are countless huge mountains, and the spine of the dragon is lying on its back.
Only when you come to this world can you feel the vastness and vastness of Blue Star.
Months of searching finally paid off, and he found the immortal land!
The aura here is several times more abundant than the Beidou cave. As soon as I came in, Lu Chen saw a big drug king in the distance.
Lu Chen is in a good mood at this time. It feels good to see everything. The great drug king waved to himself as if to say, Come and pick me.
Lu Chen, after picking the Great Medicine King, carefully explores what this place is by no means, but casually Lang ‘an is connected with Lian’s, and those quasi-emperors who mistakenly entered kill array Jedi are trapped in Shou Yuan and dried up.