"Because I am more afraid of … your army and government agencies than the rebel parliament."
"What are they afraid of?" This is ridiculous! The consul opened his mouth. "Am I dictatorial?"
"No, if you choose dictatorship, you may win the support of quite a few people … but I don’t think you have enough political resources to do it," the interviewer said. "They are more afraid that you will take the whole Federation to the end."
The consul felt speechless. "You mean the parliament wants to surrender?"
"No," the interviewer said, "the ideologists want to surrender."
"They make up the majority of the parliament?"
"the vast majority"
"So when the war case was launched … they didn’t say anything?"
"It’s great that you suddenly led the government to deal with the emergency. I still remember that you made a declaration of war speech at that time. Our dignity was great. Before listening to this speech, I opposed the war, but after that, I agreed. There is one more thing that you … may be a little accepting. For most ideologists, this war is … normal."
"They have been in the virtual world for too long," the interviewer said. "In the second world alone, the Sun War has been carried out eight times … but in the first world, this time, everyone is really watching."
"But it’s not lively now!" The consul gnashed his teeth and said, "The Long Star fell today. Do you know what this means?"
"I know that I have been a general several times in the Second World, which means that the rebels will soon have the ability to deliver the entire solar force and the war will escalate."
"But at this stall, you told me they didn’t want to play?" The consul shook his head and said, "But it’s not up to them now. The whole Federation has entered a state of war. I’m the supreme commander! You have been admitted. Now tell me how to get more people to support me. We can’t afford to lose this war. "
267 pleasant language
Before the first three executions, the search and rescue team made Wu Xiaoqing quite fully prepared.
Self-defense weapons must be used to trade currency or aid materials.
The most preparation is naturally the last time I went to Ascension, and his mobile phone-controlled "spaceship" alone exceeded the sum of the previous two preparations 2.
At the beginning of the first month, the team has already prepared for this time.
Yevgeny and Shen Changwen’s language team are now ready. Qinglan consulted the San Francisco village and rented a doomsday club-an abandoned silo to transform a holiday apartment. It is said that it can resist nuclear bombs. Of course, renting this club is not because of any terrible attack on the earth, but only because this place is suitable for confidentiality.
Unlike before, a large number of project materials were kept secret by the search and rescue team, and he could be responsible for it by himself. But this time, due to the particularity-the search and rescue team can follow up one of the three lines temporarily, which is yevgeny’s binary language, and they are separated from each other in the whole process-it is impossible to go back to Earth if you want, as in previous times.
If you don’t listen to them, it may be doubtful whether you can save your life after they appear-although the search and rescue team has speculated that the probability of them being killed as hostile points is less than 2%
2% doesn’t sound big, but it’s not 0 after all.
Yevgeny and Shen Changwen practice these two strange languages in the company dormitory every day and put some common languages on their mobile phones as needed-if they can’t say them because they are too nervous, they can play them on their mobile phones to release their goodwill.
These prepared statements are of course imaginable-"We come with peace sincerity", "We mean no harm", "Please take us to see your consul" and "We can help you in this war" …
Compared with the ordinary language of the earth, this kind of language is very difficult. The least difficulty is that this language has obvious tone changes-Chinese also has four tones, but this strange alien language has nine tone changes, which makes this language feel like singing once it is spoken.
In Shen Changwen’s words, learning a word from them feels like learning a song.
Sentences with different meanings feel like a hodgepodge of different songs-and at the same time, this language seems to require that the tone of the sentence should have a certain auditory effect as a whole and change slightly.
After practicing for just two days, yevgeny asserted that the opera and music born out of this article must far exceed the earth-their requirements for sound sensitivity and coordination are too high, and almost every long dialogue can be regarded as being arranged by professional composers.
Shen Changwen and yevgeny have to teach Xu Yan and Wang Youyu after they have learned it themselves. At the same time, the two professors also give "political counseling" to two people.
These two people have always wanted to be independent, and now their opportunity has come-if Shen Changwen and yevgeny have an accident and can’t perform their duties normally, they need to be the two top 2.
It’s impossible to expect these two people to understand. Wang You followed yevgeny and the search and rescue team. They don’t need to worry-the search and rescue team will mainly be responsible for their guidance. Wu Xiaoqing’s glasses will also be lent to them for the time being. It’s a bit serious for Xu Yan and Shen Changwen to stay in this group. Now Xu Yan receives special counseling from the search and rescue team every day to determine with him the coping methods of various accidents and dangers encountered in the whole process.
"You are likely to be regarded as prisoners or spies from C, and all the equipment in your body is likely to be recognized as the creation of C due to different principles. You must know in detail the operating principle of all the production bases. What is the mobile phone medium? If it is proved that the mobile phone will not be made in C? ….. Remember that this semiconductor element B has not been widely used. This is the unique technology of the earth-this is also the most favorable evidence for you to prove your identity … His manufacturing principle is not complicated … "
"Most of the weapons in B are magnetic-driven quality weapons. These weapons look like guns on the earth, but the energy density is not the same thing-don’t expect bunkers or speed up to avoid hiding. It’s also uncomfortable to raise your hand when you are aimed-many of their weapons are automatic. Remember to stop all movements immediately when you hear such a sound or these words warn you … don’t make any moves when you see them … Raising your hand and surrendering is not suitable for the earth to surrender …"
"If you need food, remember to show them those pictures in your mobile phone-they can’t eat a lot of food, they can digest protein normally, which is a deadly poison for you … You can’t give them draft or drink pure distilled water-they like to add some’ additives’ to the water to adjust the flavor, which is a great risk to human beings …"
"Don’t rush to their cars and boats, especially spaceships-you’ve also taken a flying sword before to tell you that the acceleration of B spacecraft is more horrible than flying sword, and the acceleration of gravity exceeds more than 30 g! B All soldiers’ physique is specially modified and optimized … If you go to the spaceship to start for 1 millisecond, you will become a meat pie! "
"They also make the brain directly connected devices play games-but it is also not suitable for you unless you want to perform watermelon bursting-if you must be able to specialize in it, you will send the corresponding devices."
Everyone has become busy, and Wu Xiaoqing, the busiest in the whole team, is now free.
Wu Xiaoqing, one of the five people in the team, doesn’t need to do preparatory work-because Wu Xiaoqing needs to face A, which is quite a higher-level text with the search and rescue team.
The search and rescue team has been destroyed, but the search and rescue team is only the last ember of this article, but Wu Xiaoqing needs to face A this time, but he is still safe and sound.
Every time before, the timetable was decided by the search and rescue team-to ensure that they would not leave the exhibition until the preparatory work was completed, but this time it was largely controlled by this article A.
The search and rescue team can directly reach the star where B Wen is located by sending technology, but only relying on earth technology, they can’t ensure that they will not be killed by one of the two sides of the war as an enemy for a moment. The best way to intervene in this war is to give A Wen an opportunity-this opportunity is best to let Wu Xiaoqing come out when he is in contact with A Wen.
It can be said that the whole success or failure depends on the contact results between Wu Xiaoqing and A Wen first.
"The way for A to connect with you is the same as that for us and those saved literary and art circles … For higher literature, cross-dimensional delivery technology is just a basic means of transportation."
"Since they can find me through my signal, they must know that you know all our decisions … so you don’t need to do anything now, and you need to prepare deliberately. The other party will definitely get in touch with you in some way … Remember not to panic about your mission. This is the most important thing."-The only explanation given by the search and rescue team to Wu Xiaoqing is this. Apart from this, they have almost no connection recently.
Wu Xiaoqing, as usual, still came to the company office early to have a look at it. Because of the need, the entertainment was almost pushed in the last month, or the search and rescue team did it for him.
In the afternoon, Wu Xiaoqing usually has free activities. Sometimes he goes out to look for libraries and museums, which is to increase his knowledge and relax his mood. Sometimes he goes to the square or the gym to run by himself. Before he was in a daze, Wu Xiaoqing looked very busy all day, but his head was wandering around, but now he has finished his work, but his head is finally uncontrolled to think about all kinds of problems.
This kind of thinking is unconscious. Sometimes when he thinks of a specific question, he will suddenly want to know the answer to a certain question just like he is suddenly fascinated. He will go and try to get more answers by himself. He will try to introduce Shen Changwen to many university professors and get answers directly from them.
On the ninth and tenth day of the ninth lunar month …
Wu Xiaoqing’s life is as calm as water. He has been expecting the other party to connect with himself, but the mysterious A text never appeared.
Valentine’s Day Lantern Festival …
Shen Changwen has practiced their language a little bit. Now Wu Xiaoqing can hear four people singing chorus every day when she goes back to the dormitory.
Wu Xiaoqing didn’t study this language specially, but she didn’t know much about it, but she could tell from the musical degree of their songs that they were more proficient than before.