He transported the power of the stars to capture the flesh for a second, but the two forces of the stars caused a huge load on the flesh!

Even if there is a star power blessing to offset the gravitational orbit to a certain extent, I still feel that my internal organs seem to be shattered by a huge force, and the qi and blood are turbulent and chaotic, and it has reached the brink of collapse.
Well, his spiritual strength, qi strength and physical strength are not proportional to each other, which suppresses the chaos of the body. Qi and blood control the whole body, every meridian, every organ and every qi can be slowly recuperated, otherwise, once the body qi and qi riot, the result is no different from being possessed and dying suddenly.
"The flesh … the flesh and the insides are too fragile! Just one second, two star forces staggered my body, which almost made my body collapse. If it lasted a little more, even one second, this body would be torn to pieces! "
GuQing heart a awe-inspiring he now physical strength even after heaven and earth force quenching practice is ten times stronger than airway nine practitioners to display this high load attack means is too reluctant.
A mixture of true roars suddenly exploded from a distance!
Then I saw that the green light flashed into the middle of the forest and Xueqin roared and flew over again. Ling Xuli stared at him!
"Very good, Guqing. I admit I underestimated you!"
Gu Qing Yu moved to Geng Jin gas quenching and was promoted to Zhong Lingqi "crack" and stood opposite Ye Xueqin’s mind. The calculation result of the distance between them gradually appeared again.
"What you just said is a magic weapon of artifact level!" Gu Qing said with a slight cold tone, "Artifact is a powerful magic weapon that can be refined and mastered by people in Shinto. It is also necessary to play the seven realms of Dan Dao with less power. Just now, it should belong to the automatic protector of Artifact. I don’t know how many times this artifact can automatically protect you!"
"Your qi and blood are already in a mess, and you can’t suppress it. Once you use that magical power again, you will definitely collapse and die on the spot!"
Gu Qing’s eyes are completely condensed. "Ye Xueqin, I can guarantee that if I perform the’ instant killing of stars’ again, will you die? I don’t know, but I will not be in danger except when I am hit hard and weak for a while!"
"scare me! ? You and I will believe it! ?”
"You kill me is not as easy as crushing ants? Might as well try! ?”
Unblinkingly Ye Xueqin looked at Guqing and seemed to want to hear the truth from his words!
Gu Qing’s spirit is still churning, but his eyes are not shrinking!
Another "instant killing of the stars" will only cause the body to collapse at most. Even if he loses his body, it will be extremely difficult to disperse his roots, and there will be no danger to his life. The only trouble is that he needs to find another body to practice from scratch, so it will take him three or five years to get promoted to Dandao!
But from this point of view, what he just said is really true!
The third volume Stars gather for the third time to reverse black and white
When the two men were in a faint confrontation, no one dared to take the lead. A powerful fluctuation of vitality suddenly rippled from the depths of distant peaks, accompanied by the thunderous roar of the elders of Dandao!
"who dares to fight against the rules of the door!"
In the roar, three streamers have instantly cut through the virtual space, with a burst of violent sonic booms from far and near!
"Break through the sound barrier … this is less than a five-fold master of Dan Dao! Dan Dao is five times concise, and the exoskeleton organs of the outer body are powerful, vigorous and heavily guarded, so that the idle spirits can not be injured, so that they dare to break through the sound barrier and fly! "
When Gu Qing’s eyes looked at the three streamers, the three streamers had also broken into some broken green Xuanfeng!
Two of the three elders are all dressed by the dean of punishment! It’s not hard to see from the breath leaked from their bodies that each one is a five-fold vigorous spirit concise than the figure, and another blue-haired old man’s clothes are embroidered with gold inflammation, which means that Xuanyang Tianzong’s six-fold Dan Dao has cultivated a master of Dan Fire!
The six key points of Dan Dao burning Dan fire represent a watershed of Dan Dao realm!
To reach this state, we can make great contributions by burning all kinds of solid minerals and refining natural materials and treasures, refining pure aura from rare herbs into magic weapons and magic schools.
These six masters of Dan Dao hold important positions in each clan, and their status is much higher than that of the master of Dan Dao. Even if my brother sees these six elders of Dan Dao, he must be polite and dare not have the slightest disrespect!
The six-fold old man of Dan Dao glanced at his whole body, and his qi and blood were floating and galloping, and Ye Xueqin’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and he rebuked him. "I dazzled the five immortals in Middle-earth that Yangtian Sect could make Tianxiu Immortals admire and yearn to shock the evil spirits from all walks of life. It is because of the unity outside Zongmen that unity is strength! True brother, you two represent my dazzling YangTianZong future represents my dazzling YangTianZong image is an example for all doors, outer doors and registered brothers, but now look at what kind of roommates you are like … "
"The elder brother Ye Xueqin has something to say!"
"Ye Xueqin?" The look of the elders of the six-fold burning inflammation in Dan Dao swept Ye Xueqin with a slight surprise, and it was remembered that such a person’s face was slightly softened. "Are you Ye Xueqin? Yes, you have been promoted to Dan Dao Si Chong. You have excellent talent and have great prospects for promotion to Shinto in the future. But now I still hope you two can give me a reasonable explanation! "
"Elder Burning Inflammation flatter me, and I will tell you the truth!" Said ye Xueqin landau "burn inflammation elders should know that I’ve been in the past few years two worlds closed impact Dan four realms almost never returned to Piaoxue peak for Piaoxue peak management strength is far less than his brothers and sisters! At present, this new true brother seems to understand this point. While I was sitting in the middle of the mountain, I didn’t know how to make it. The secret practice actually passed through the snow-covered mountain array and entered my snow-covered Jiangshan temple and stole my magic weapon! If it weren’t for my sister Ye Xueqing who just saw things, he would have succeeded. "
"Steal your magic weapon! ? What is this? "
When it comes to the latter sentence, the eyes of the burning elders have fallen back to Guqing.
"Elder Burning Inflammation might as well ask me if what I stole is a magic weapon!"
"Hum, we dazzle the elders of Tianzong Bailie, and open the mountain gate to recruit young Junjie, and give them the opportunity to cultivate immortality and become a Taoist. I don’t want to be now, but you, a malicious person, have the opportunity to mix into the mountain gate and make a fuss. It’s an ulterior motive to provoke my clan department to divide!"
Ye Xueqin’s words were finished, followed by the elder of Burning Inflammation, and an old chief of punishment immediately said, "Elder of Burning Inflammation, we are in charge of the court of punishment. For Gu Qing, this person has also heard a little about it. When he was a younger brother, he used to rely on his own force. He humiliated a younger brother in every way, and then he even killed the younger brother Ye Zheng, who is likely to be promoted to a true elite brother in Sendai, atrix, the next day, and the old chief of punishment, Taibai, which is a deep-rooted murderer in The Machine! Because his real brother is not under the jurisdiction of our criminal court, although he is extremely crazy, he can’t stop him! "
"There was the matter! ?”
"It’s my Jinghua reputation guarantee that what I said just now was absolutely false!"
Elder Burn Yan frowned. "Xuanguang, you are also in charge of the court of justice. Have you heard about this person?"
Xuanguang nodded, "Wang Zhengdao and Ye Zheng, two elite brothers, died in a fight with Sendai. Sendai always talks about grievances and never asks about life and death, so I didn’t pursue them carefully, but the Taibai elder really died in the hands of this person …"
Don’t give the reason to the elder Xuanguang. Elder Jinghua has taken the lead in saying, "What is the purpose of the theory of his true brother’s private struggle in the Guqing Sect of the Elder Burning Inflammation? Since he has violated the rules of Xuanyang Tianzong Sect, he has to act according to the rules! You, the law enforcement elder of Zongmen, must not encourage Gu Qing’s arrogance! "
Elder Burn Yan nodded. "I have my own judgment on the merits!" Say that finish, he has set his sights on GuQingShen again "net China elders makes sense! Guqing, since you have violated the rules, I should act in accordance with the rules to punish you … "
"slow!" Guqing stretched out his hand "burn inflammation elders as you said theory is reasonable to start work should be dealt with by the door rules, so if you want to avoid being punished by the door rules, you have to let people kill in vain! ?”
"Well killing! ?” Elder Burn Yan’s face became dignified as soon as he changed. "You mean Ye Xueqin killed you!"
Private fighting and life-and-death fighting in the door are two completely different natures!
It’s like a quarrel and a gunfight between two people on earth! What happened to the former will be given a warning at most, but the latter will be severely punished and even life imprisonment even if no casualties are caused!
"The burning elders can see clearly what is happening in front of them. I’m just an Dan Dao heavy practitioner who will talk to a Dan Dao quadruple true brother for provocation? Isn’t this suicidal? Moreover, the other disciples on the next mountain peak witnessed the specific process of the matter and I can testify! "
Burning inflammation elders a listen to eyes can’t help to watch those true brother looked at the past nearby "can have this matter! ?”
A few true brothers have come to watch the excitement. I don’t want Gu Qing to drag them into the topic.
Ye Xueqin’s true brother has the most amazing talent. After one day, it’s even beneficial to compete for the position of the palm of your hand. One or two is the future of the real Tianjiao girl in the door. Once she is offended, she will win the position of palm of your hand in the future …
It’s hard for these true brothers to laugh at Ye Xueqin!
"Enye Xueqin, what are you laughing at?"
"Burn inflammation elders forgive me for taking the liberty of! I want to ask you a question. Ye Xueqin is currently rebuilding Dandao No.4. If you want to kill a real brother who has been promoted to Dandao for less than half a year, do you need to fight with him until now? "
"Dan way quadruple kill a Dan way a heavy …"
As soon as this sentence is said, some people in the place will know it, even a few true brothers are no exception.
To have a little common sense, everyone can do four things in Dan Dao and one thing in Dan Dao. That’s a whole three realms gap. It’s not much harder to kill an ant with one thing in Dan Dao. It’s easier to kill an expert in Dan Dao with one thing in Dan Dao by simply relying on the quality that is far better than the true spirit.
See everyone reaction Ye Xueqin face smile gradually cold!
Gu Qing’s last sword clearly made her feel the threat of death, and that kind of trembling from the depths of her heart almost suffocated her. Although Gu Qing’s talent and Dan Dao has been rebuilt, she has always tried every means to eradicate these threats one by one.