A moment later, a group of people had already walked to the top of Junshan Mountain. Elder Jane quickly walked to the high platform and shouted, "Master, we have brought your important person!"

Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong then came forward to see the face of this fake Wang, who turned out to be Mongolian king Huo Dou!
"It turned out that this Sun, this Huo Dou, is much more powerful than Yang Kang in the original book, but I am defeated!" Ling Feiyang thought
"I didn’t ask you to capture these two people and why didn’t you tie them up?" Huo Dou saw ling float in the sky and Huang Rong two people came up to his surprise!
"Huo Dou, the Mongolian king, didn’t do it well, but you came to be the leader of our Da Song Beggars’ Sect, but you didn’t know why?" Ling Feiyang said
"Somebody arrest these two spies!" Huo Dou ignored Ling Feiyang’s words and ordered the beggar brother of Daxiangtai.
"Wait a minute!" A dozen Beggars’ Brothers immediately wanted to come and capture Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong, but they were stopped by Elder Jane.
Ling Feiyang was just about to confront Huo Dou. Huang Rong whispered in his ear, "I’ll meet him first. If not, you can help me again!"
Taking Huang Rong’s word, he suddenly turned several circles in the middle of the class, followed the beggar’s brother’s head and fell to the high platform.
Huo Dou once saw Huang Rong in Niujiacun Hotel, but at that time, Huang Rong was dressed as a beggar. At the moment, he saw a beautiful woman as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, but he was also fascinated. Before Huo Dou could return to his senses, Huang Rong’s right hand ate two fingers, but he suddenly inserted them into his eyes and his left finger caught the end of the green bamboo stick at the same time!
Huo Dou consciously waved a block of Huang Rong’s right hand, but it has been withdrawn. Then he turned his palm and cut it to Huo Dou’s wrist with a stick. Huo Dou shrank his arm back easily, but the green bamboo stick in his hand was robbed by Huang Rong!
Huo Dou’s martial arts has been much higher than Huang Rong’s, but Huang Rong’s move of "grabbing the staff from the mastiff’s mouth" is the most exquisite move in the dog-beating stick method-besides, it was taken away by surprise.
Huang Rong held bamboo sticks in his hands and shouted, "This Mongolian king Huo Dou robbed me of playing with a dog stick and wanted to pretend to be Wang. His master was the Mongolian master Jinlun French king who killed Li Sheng’s doyen! Don’t be fooled by him, Beggars Brothers! "
As soon as this remark came out, the brothers of the Gaotai Beggars’ Sect began to talk about it in succession. Huo Dou hurriedly cried, "What Huo Dou, what Golden Wheel French King, you little girl, is simply nonsense! A few days ago, more than a dozen experts from the State of Jin besieged the leader of Hong Gang. Although I saved him, he was already dying. His old man entrusted me with this beggar’s token to beat the dog stick! "
Huo Dou is indeed smarter than Yang Kang in the original work. He has already learned from the beggar’s brother that the name of this green bamboo stick is called "Dog Beating Stick", and there is no flaw. Although Huang Rong accuses him of being a Mongolian, he is a credential, and he speaks Chinese very well. He can’t see that he is not a Han Chinese place at all.
"Since you said that Wang Hong personally entrusted you with this dog-beating stick, did you ever give you the’ Dog-beating Stick Method’?" Huang Rong was in accordance with the original method and then asked.
"Wang Hong wanted to teach me this great method, but I was hungry, so I rushed to the city to buy roast chicken, but when I came back, he was …" Huo Du even found out Hong Qigong’s gluttonous personality, and his face was sad and he made up for the second flaw.
"Now it’s good to beat the dog with a stick …" Huang Rong thought that the green bamboo stick in his hand suddenly stretched out and poked at Huo Dou’s shoulder!
Seeing that the green bamboo stick has stabbed Huo Dou, it will not hide or flash the true qi on the shoulder and get this stick hard!
Huang Rongli is far worse than Huo Dou. Although the stick was poked, it didn’t hurt him. At this time, Huo Dou’s left palm had hit, and at the same time, his right hand swung out to grab the bamboo stick. Huang Rong had to retreat, but the bamboo stick had returned to Huo Dou’s hands!
Ps Huo Dou’s martial arts strategies are far better than the original works. When Yang Kang confronted Huang Rong and questioned Huo Dou, it was watertight, and she took the dog stick back from Huang Rong. It seems that she alone has been unable to handle the situation. Can Ling Feiyang help Huang Rong to recapture Wang? Will you encounter a stronger enemy?
Yesterday’s answer Huo Dou
Today, Huo Dou came to pretend to be Wang. Who backed him up?
Chapter 15 Huang Rong takes Wang.
In Niujiacun Hotel, Huang Rong’s table legs used the dog-beating stick method. Although Nimbus fought, he stabbed Nimbus’s lower back, but Nimbus was unscathed. When Huo Dou saw it next to him, he knew that this stick method was extremely exquisite, but this little beggar’s strength was common. At this moment, he got the dog-beating stick from Huang Rong!
So there is no way for Huang Rong to beat the dog with a stick, and naturally she can’t prove that Huang Rongrao, the new leader of the Beggars’ Sect, is ingenious, but at the moment she is at a loss.
Huo Dou said coldly with a green bamboo stick in his hand, "Little girl, can you rob me of my position as the leader of the Beggars’ Sect while I am unprepared?"
"Huo Dou’s martial arts ingenuity is far better than that of Yang Kang in the original. It seems that Rong Er alone can’t cope with it …" Ling Feiyang thought of here and immediately jumped into the high platform!
"Huo Dou, I’ll ask Wang Hong to give me ten hands to meet you, the Mongolian king!" Ling Feiyang said to use a recruit "Kang Long has regrets" and took it to Huo Dou!
Huo Dou was defeated by Ling Feiyang for four times and knew that he was far from Ling Feiyang’s opponent. He immediately jumped back to the edge of the high platform and shouted, "The three elders took this man!"
Although Elder Jane had doubts, he didn’t dare to disobey the orders of "Wang". He had to put the steel staff on the ground. Elder Gaotai Liang and Elder Peng also jumped in front of Ling Feiyang.
Huo Dou was worried that the three elders could not escape Ling Feiyang and wanted to help him, but he couldn’t beat the dog with a stick, so he inserted the bamboo stick into his belt and took out a folding fan from his arms.
Ling Feiyang’s figure suddenly leaped from the top of the head of the three elders over the right palm and took a picture of Huo Dou. It was a trick "Flying Dragon in the Sky"!
Huo Dou is still afraid to hard-connect, but it has to retreat. The folding fan has been removed from the palm and half the strength. At the same time, the figure glides from Ling Feiyang.
At the same time, Huo Dou heard a "clank" and looked back only to find that the waist bamboo stick had fallen to the ground! Originally ling float in the sky this palm is not hurt Huo Dou palm wind broke his belt!
Ling Feiyang leaned over and picked up the green bamboo stick. Elder Peng wanted to sneak a sneak attack on Ling Feiyang’s sword, only to be framed by the steel staff of the elder Jane.
"Let’s catch two people fair and square and don’t sneak attack!" Elder Jane called Elder Peng to know that hundreds of pairs of eyes of the Beggars’ Sect in Taiwan were staring at the war situation in Taiwan, so it was better to take back the sword.
Ling Feiyang handed the green bamboo stick to Huang Rong next to him and cried, "Show them a few tricks to beat the dog stick!"
"good!" Huang Rong took the bamboo stick and used a trick of "beating the double mastiff horizontally" to attack Elder Peng’s side waist. Elder Peng hurriedly waved his sword to parry, but Huang Rong bypassed his sword and hit him in the waist with a stick.
Half a day ago, Elder Peng made a "mind-trick" to hypnotize Huang Rong. Huang Rong has always been resentful about this matter. This stick has been relentlessly focused. Huang Rongli is naturally worthless in front of experts, but Elder Peng is a "mind-trick". It is not as good as Huang Rong’s being swept by her stick at the moment. She fell to the ground in pain and couldn’t get up.
Elder Jane and Elder Liang felt that the figure in front of them had been overwhelmed by Huang Rong, and at the same time, Huo Dou had used the "thunderous wind" and Ling Feiyang to fight in one place!
"The two elders have sinned!" Huang Rong knew that Ling Feiyang would surely win Huo Dou’s wrist shaking gently, turning the bamboo stick into a green shadow and attacking Elder Liang’s shoulder. It was a trick of "wagging your head and wagging your tail"!
Elder Liang hurriedly knocked the nine-ring knife outward, but the Huangrong green bamboo stick has changed its direction and made a move to "push the dog to the sky". The tip of the stick was gently picked on the blade!
Elder Liang felt that the Nine Rings Dao wanted to fly out to sell, but his heart was indecisive. Huang Rong’s footsteps slipped to the side, but he had attacked Elder Jane!
When Elder Jane saw the bamboo stick coming, he immediately raised the steel stick in his hand to block Huang Rong’s bamboo stick. Huang Rong turned his wrist and put the bamboo stick in the waist of the steel stick and gently pressed it down. It was a move to "crush the dog’s back"!
This move is also the principle of "four or two dialing a thousand catties". Elder Jane’s strength is higher than that of Elder Liang’s, and his anti-seismic strength is also stronger. Some steel staff almost got rid of it and hurriedly squatted down to remove this strength.
"This little girl makes it look like a dog fight!" The Beggars’ Guild in Gaotai started to talk again, but Huang Rong has put the dog-beating stick method to use to trip, chop, entangle, poke, pick, lead, seal and turn words. Two Beggars’ Guild elders are fighting in one place.
The martial arts of two elders, Jane and Liang, are second to none in the Beggars’ Guild, which should be much higher than that of Huang Rong. However, neither of them wants to oppress a weak girl by force. Huang Rong fought with weapons, but Huang Rong’s skill of beating a dog with a stick is magical. Although it is one enemy and two, it has gradually gained the wind.
At this time, Huo Dou has also been driven by Ling Feiyang to jump up and down, barely avoiding Ling Feiyang’s palm force. Huang Rong has a well-thought-out plan to recapture Wang’s affairs in his eyes. Suddenly, his body spun rapidly and a great shadow swept over Jane and Liang like a white butterfly dancing on the green leaves, which is the last trick of beating a dog with a stick.
Two elders, Jane and Liang, have been able to tell the direction of bamboo stick attack by root method, and have been forced to turn around on the high platform and run for seven times in succession. Elder Jane panted, "Miss Huang loves us!"
"What did you call me!" Huang Rong back bamboo sticks cheerfully asked.
This technique of beating the dog with a stick is a unique skill of the Beggars’ Sect. It is impossible for outsiders except the master to learn that the two elders, Jane and Liang, have completely eliminated their worries and bowed to Huang Rong and shouted, "See the master!"
The two elders each took a mouthful of saliva in their mouths, but they didn’t have the nerve to spit it out when they saw this new Wang’s beautiful appearance. Knowing their thoughts, they smiled to show their gratitude.
"See Wang!" Taiwan group beggar also cried with two elders.
At this time, Elder Peng has climbed up from the ground, looked into Huang Rong’s eyes and said, "See Wang, villain!"
Elder Peng of Huang Rong immediately felt a chill in her heart when she made eye contact, but she was an extremely clever person. She had been calculated by Elder Peng once a few days ago, and how could she be recruited again and immediately turned her head to the left to hide from Elder Peng’s eyes?
Elder Peng immediately went around to Huang Rong’s left and stared at Huang Rong’s eyes. Huang Rong turned his head to the right again. Elder Peng also immediately went around to Huang Rong’s right. Huang Rong had to lift his head and look at the sky. Elder Peng immediately cast his flying skill and jumped to her head. Huang Rong was forced to leave Huang Rong’s eyes and turned his head to a low level. Elder Peng’s body has landed with his legs squatting on the ground and his hands propped up to continue to lock Huang Rong’s eyes.
"What’s wrong with you?" Huang Rong said, reaching out to block his eyes. Elder Peng was at his wit’s end and went to pull Huang Rong’s arm. Huang Rong suddenly flew up and kicked the fat body of Elder Peng to the high platform.
"Elder Peng has a brain problem. Hurry and send him to see a doctor. He won’t be able to come if he is late!" Huang Rong ordered the elder Peng to be dragged by several younger brothers.
At this moment, Huo Dou has also been driven by Ling Feiyang to take the road to see that Huang Rong is the trend of the times. Just then, a figure suddenly jumped from a big pine tree next to it and landed on the high platform!
"I have long said that you can’t be the leader of the Beggars’ Sect!" The man smile to Huo Dou said.
Ps: Despite the twists and turns, Ling Feiyang helped Huang Rong recapture Wang from Huo Dou, but I didn’t know that the Beggars’ Sect was on the verge of extinction!
Today’s question: Who is the man behind Huo Dou?
A jinlun French king; B Ouyang Yu; Qiu Qianren; D Dalba