The former Italian media also criticized the so-called "ten reasons" of Catalan media, but it was really weak compared with others’ constant victory …

Changsheng doesn’t play with words, but it’s really powerful results and data to hit each other in the face.
Such a slap in the face will make the person who has been hit in the face not even return his mouth.
How do you refute the real grades here?
You say that Lazio is not as good as Barcelona, but people’s data have exploded. What do you say to Barcelona?
Italian journalists listened to it … It was very popular!
A Catalan journalist finally couldn’t hold back his excitement. He was young and not good at hiding his views.
He rose to refute Chang Sheng. "That’s because La Liga is more competitive than Serie A! Your Serie A is the only one … "
When the words came out, Chang Sheng didn’t say anything yet. The Italian reporters around him looked at him and could poke him into a sieve …
Changsheng burst out laughing. "Real Madrid, the second place, is 24 points ahead of Valencia, the third place. Is this competitive? Your competitiveness is really explosive! Do you mean to say Serie A? "
第两百七章 和记忆中不一样欧冠四强
"We all sent the Western Super League team some training pictures at the adaptation venue …"
This thick sarcasm can be heard by anyone.
"The confrontation between students and teachers is now at least in the war of words before the game, and Lazio has gained the wind."
The Italian media claimed so.
Guardiola is also watching for the latest situation.
After many years in Italy, he can speak and listen to Italian.
He smiled naively when he saw the video of the press conference.
He’s really bad at this …
Although he has been trying hard to ask himself, now it seems that he is still far from the usual …
Moreover, it can be seen from this press conference that I am really going to go this time.
Of course, this came as Guardiola expected.
But I still feel a little sigh when I see it with my own eyes.
When he was with Changsheng, he watched Changsheng spit at those opponents again and again and provoked them, and finally won the game. Even if he won the ball group, he couldn’t spare each other … At that time, he didn’t feel anything.
But now, when being spat, provoked and ridiculed becomes his own team, the feeling is really complicated.
Nobody wants to hear bad things, and Guardiola is no exception.
Even if it is best with Changsheng, Guardiola feels uncomfortable listening to these words.
But he also knows that winning is not because he has personal grievances.
But only to defeat the enemy.
Because of his affection for Lazio and Changsheng, he wants to be cruel and hate Changsheng and Lazio, which is really difficult for him.
Anyway, it’s the limit for him to say that he can’t say it before the press conference before the game.
So it’s hard for him to imagine how often he can say such a thing.
How on earth did he finish throwing away our past time and then put me and other ugly opponents together?
Guardiola can’t figure it out.
Just then, assistant coach vilanova knocked on the door. "It’s time for Pepper’s tactical meeting."
Guardiola just came to his senses. He picked up a folder on his desk and got up to go to the hotel meeting room with vilanova.
Changsheng ended the tactical meeting early.
Or he didn’t last long at all.
The confession has already been smashed several times in the usual training.
Everyone watched it together, Rudy Gonzalez carefully edited the Barcelona game video, focused on understanding the characteristics of their players, and then dissolved.
Barcelona tactics and Lazio tactics come down in one continuous line.
It is impossible to study the tactics of the other side.
Barcelona’s tactics are even more backward and old than Lazio’s now.
Lazio is now playing to upgrade ikiaka, and if Barcelona must return to the unified ikiaka, it must have been played by former Lazio, and now the tactics have been eliminated … Their strength is not in tactics, but in those players. Messi is the first person in today’s football, and he is more and more familiar. Besides dribbling, he can also shoot and ball.
Such players are very dangerous.
If he is brave, maybe he can kill Lazio by himself.
So what should Lazio want to do to curb the play of these star players?
If we want to stop Messi from playing, we must cut him off from Harvey and Iniesta.
It is necessary to organize Barcelona to play football smoothly.