Yang Xiu looked at the sea water that had been dyed red by blood and those panicked monster beasts suddenly moved in his heart and immediately thought of a main opinion for him. He immediately said to the outside, "Yuan Zhen’s demon road is now possessed. If you want to survive, you can avoid it in my fairy Wu. Whether it is a human monk or a demon monk, you sincerely accept pairing and won’t care about the past."

The sound fell into the ears of Taoist Yuan Zhen, and he was more angry and shouted to Xiandao, "Rats dare not come out to fight. Can you hide in it for a generation?"
See the enemy gaffes Yang Xiu, of course, the more happy I am. "Ha ha ha diabolism, you have fallen into the magic way. Don’t kill yourself. Thank you for your door. Those ancestors and Xiandao channels, I have already started. If you and the crab generation, you don’t have the courage to speak." At the moment, the ban has been played a lot, but there are only a few demon families who really hide in it. Of course, those human monks will not. After all, no one can guarantee that there will be greater danger after going in!
However, Yang Xiu was very satisfied to have a few of them come in. He said to the monster beast who came in, "You have also felt the aura in this fairy island. If you want to practice in it, please call your companions in now, otherwise they will be killed by Yuan Zhen’s diabolical way, and you can rest assured that you will not imprison your freedom in the future, even if you want to leave."
See this a few demon still have some indecision Yang Xiu couldn’t help shaking his head and thinking that the demon head seems to be not as good as human light and said, "Anyway, you are doomed to die in the outside, so you can’t escape Yuan Zhen’s diabolical knowledge and don’t come in to gamble? Moreover, the prohibition of this fairy island will help you resist the apocalypse in the future, but it will have unexpected benefits! "
This monster beast in Yang Xiu cup finally shouted to the monster beast outside.
"Cicada Taurus blame hurry to hide in the fairy island to the island owner didn’t attack us.
"It’s dangerous outside the winged python dumpling. Come to me quickly. The owner of Xiandao said that in the future, we can ban it and avoid the catastrophe!"
"Is it true that your little head can’t tell good from bad?"
"It’s too timid for mom to hide outside. Anyway, it’s a pity that all the dead old apes will go into Xiandao to see what’s inside."
Agree to oppose the road, the noise is endless, but no matter these people argue, the monster beast hiding in the fairy house is gradually increasing. Seeing that Yang Xiu smiles, he immediately orders them to stay in the corresponding abode of fairies and immortals and can’t come out for the time being. Otherwise, if Yuan Zhen is old-fashioned and has a hot head and is mixed with the crowd, it’s not easy to ban the attack.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen saw more and more monster beasts leaning into the fairy Wu, which made me even more manic. My eyes were red and my heart was full of killing. It seemed that I wanted to destroy everything in sight, but even a token flashed around my waist and didn’t attract his attention.
Finally, someone saw that he was abnormal. When he saw the door, he carefully shouted, "Is Master Yuan Zhen pulling Uncle Yuan Zhen?"
However, Yuan Zhen didn’t answer. He cast a cold glance at each other’s scalp numbness, and at the same time, Yuan Shen seemed to be frozen by something and couldn’t move a trace of coolness. From the depths of his soul, his hair suddenly turned pale with frost and fog.
Fang now finally realized that none of those monsters resisted him. Although he knew clearly in his heart that there was danger, his legs and feet were constantly bossing around, but he wanted to go, but he couldn’t!
"Boo!" At this moment, it was suddenly clear and crisp that Taoist Yuan Zhen appeared from Taoist Yuan Zhen’s face. The red color in Taoist Yuan Zhen’s eyes gradually faded, and Fang felt that his body was under pressure. Finally, he could feel the faint sea breeze blowing around his cheeks and washing in his ears. If he was separated from Taoist Yuan Zhen, he immediately felt wrong and stopped at the side of those other disciples.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen pinched her chest. That piece of suet jade Yu Pei turned out to be suddenly powdered. Behind the wrist ring of life and death, I couldn’t help but get a cold sweat. I didn’t expect that I didn’t control it. If it weren’t for the active warning of "Yu Pei, the god of suet ooze" at the end, it seems that this thing is really rare!
Although there was a huge wave of wine in his heart, his face didn’t change much. He looked around faintly, and his palm suddenly turned over and immediately picked up his waist flashing more than a token.
God’s knowledge reached into it, and his brow wrinkled, and then a sneer came up and he muttered to himself, "Well, it seems that you really didn’t guess wrong. You really can’t help being lonely!"
Immediately, his face shook and he ordered the party, "Take out the picture scroll. The old demon of Xuanjiao really came out, and now he is outside the sect with those demons!"
Fang calmed down and bowed down, saying, "Martial Uncle’s ingenious plan will definitely teach the old demon in one fell swoop this time!"
Say that finish immediately from the bag to take a roll of zhangs wide painting axis to wrist a shake painting axis immediately show in a piece of green light, a door unexpectedly appeared in the picture scroll.
Taoist Yuan Zhen said to all the monks, "Go in, Taoist friends. The old demon of Xuanjiao finally couldn’t resist being gathered outside my door at the moment, which is a good time to annihilate them.
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Chapter three hundred and seventeen The demon
Fairy wild Chapter three hundred and seventeen The demon
Road flyover Shi Zhen and others suddenly sent him away from Yang Xiu. He was surprised and moved quickly. Sun Liu, who was hiding in a barren hill suburb, asked if the fix-true world was born again. Otherwise, these people could not have come here and attacked several prohibitions and slaughtered a group of demon people. Just finished, right?
However, Sun Liu is now hiding in a place with little external contact, so how can he know at the first time?
Yang Xiu smell speech also has put doubts aside and let Sun pay no attention to a fix true boundary wind, and then sent Tiangui busy to manage those monsters who came in.
He just counted 54 people hiding in these monster beasts, including 23 people in the fitting period and 31 people in the yuan infant period. If we can completely recover the back dome beam Xiandao, it is definitely a top faction force that is not weaker than those in the fix-up world, except for a little less low-ranking brothers, but so many monks in the fitting period are enough to make up for this deficiency, and we can no longer retreat to Xiandao if we encounter any problems in the future.
These monster beasts are now gathered in Xiangyun Pavilion on the second floor of Taofeng Courtyard on the third floor. Now, except for his own Jiman, Tian Mo and Green, other monks have never come in. Although these people can’t turn out any big waves, they are always careful.
Day ghost busy fly to Tao Feng Yuan side also follow Lin Meng chamber, Ji Yuxin four people light eyed the monster beast monster beast also at the same time now Yang Xiu several people eyes suddenly all over have doubts, surprises, uneasy expressions, but all quiet and didn’t speak, waiting for the final ruling.
In fact, many of the monster beasts suddenly left when they saw the Taoist Yuan Zhen, and they couldn’t help but regret hiding in the cave too early. That’s great. They got out of the net and fell into the wolf’s den, and I don’t know whether to live or die next.
Yang Xiu glanced at his mouth and said, "Welcome to the place where there is any neglect before the dome beam fairy island. Please forgive me if there is any misunderstanding and don’t care about each other again."
Suddenly, there was a voice in the monster beast group, "Are you a scattered person?" The doubt is self-evident.
Yang Xiu looked around and asked that the man was a human face. Shrimp was born with a double-horned monster beast. The monster beast’s head was a little as big as a third of ordinary people, but it was a foot long. A pair of eyes like soybeans looked very funny.
Yang Xiu nodded and said "exactly"
The Shrimp Demon turned his small eyes and gave a good fuels, thanking him, "I’m not very grateful that the scattered people just allowed us to take refuge in Xiandao and escaped the clutches of Yuan Zhen’s demon road." Then the tone changed, "But I just heard that the scattered people said that they would not imprison our freedom, even if they wanted to leave, they would never stop me."
This is not only all monster beast even Lin Meng chamber and others also looked at Yang Xiu to see how he is definitely.
Yang Xiu’s heart flashed a sneer at his face, but Gubo was not surprised. "Of course, Taoist friends can go out if they want to leave now."
Say that finish immediately choke out a method, please hit a forbidden channel.
But all the demons saw it in their hearts. When they came in just now, the passage was just a tandem distance. But now it is dark inside this passage, which is as creepy as treating people and eating the abyss. After waiting for a long time, no one dared to go in. Even the shrimp demon just asked shrank his head.
Yang Xiu doesn’t rush his face to be calm. His eyes are half narrowed like the old monk’s concentration in the Taofeng Courtyard.
In this way, when it was quiet for about half a column of incense, there was finally a lion’s head and bull’s eye monster in the monster beast, who couldn’t help but rush out and fly to the passage. At the same time, he said, "I don’t know what you are waiting for here, and you won’t believe it like that Yuan Zhen demon road?" We should believe that scattered talents are right! " Immediately, he said to Yang Xiu, "Thank you for saving your life just now. I will report it to you later!"
Yang Xiu’s eyelids twitched, a thin seam was opened, and the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked. He also responded with a faint fist, "I hope the pavilion will go all the way!"
The lion monster beast hesitated a little when he saw the black hole in front of him, but in the end he flew out and disappeared in the sight of everyone.
"ah!" An unusually subtle, but all the people present were able to hear the screams suddenly coming out of the channel and then stopping abruptly, which made people unable to help but give birth to a little illusion that they had misheard.
Now that Yang Xiu has come in, of course, he won’t really let them out. Regardless of these monsters, he had planned to plot against Xiandao. Even if he came in for sightseeing, he had to stay with him honestly. After all, he is not a good hall. If something happens, he will avoid coming in and clap his hands and go there. How can it be so easy?
And just now, the monster beast with the lion’s head was even more stupid. If you say a few nice words and hold a few more words, you will want to get away with it, but you have miscalculated. Yang Xiu can just kill a chicken and make a monkey to knock the alarm bell for these lucky people and die.
No one came out and accused Yang Xiu of not telling the letter. One by one, his face was blue and white and he was stunned on the spot
See the atmosphere in the field is a little depressing. Yang Xiu gently coughed and asked again, "Is there anyone else going to leave? If you choose to stay, you can talk about the road of seeking common ground after raising your hand! "
When the demons heard the news, you looked at me. I hope you really couldn’t make up your mind, especially at the thought of being driven by people.
However, if you let them seasoned road like a lion monster, you don’t have the open-mindedness.
"Why don’t you have any objections?" Seeing that these people have not made up their minds for so long, Yang Xiu suddenly became impatient, so the tone seemed a little cold.
These people saw that Yang Xiu seemed to be about to turn against each other and kept shaking their hearts. Finally, they settled down and bowed down to Yang Xiu and said, "We are willing to stay in Xiandao to practice and disturb the dome beam!"
Yang Xiu knew in his heart that these people must be lip service now. Without the means to control them, he would not expect these people to obey orders in the future.
But he already has a way to control these people, and he is not worried about these people’s future obedience!
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