Zhu xian Jing huo!

As soon as the sky clears!
Blue Yan wind!
Any one can make the super-order six-robbery scattered fairy’s daylights out in a few seconds, even if Chen Han’s flesh is so tough that he can stay in the smoke and blue-Yan wind for a period of time, the other two can also make him fall in a few minutes.
He finally understood why he said that there were ten deaths and no life above the kilometer!
Spiritual knowledge can’t be separated from the body, and the distance that the line of sight can reach is extremely limited. The evolution process that may occur at any time, when you see it, it is too late to run. That kind of expansion speed was not so good at first, but with the continuous acceleration, it was much faster than the flight of the six robbers and scattered immortals.
The fusion of the four sources has produced some more drastic changes. One particle of smoke and dust from Yuanyuan weighs more than 10,000 Jin, and the first-class fairy wares can be easily melted by the clean fire, and the first-class fairy wares can be frozen into pieces as soon as the fog clears, and the blue wind blows over the body like countless sharp knives cutting wildly.
In this kind of environment, even if you can’t persist for a second, you will be completely swallowed up, and it is impossible to leave any ashes.
Chen Han, insist on three seconds at most!
Three seconds is too short, so short that it’s just a thought of a mortal. However, for Chen Han, the powerful Yuan God can make his thinking run at super high speed, and he can think of many, many things.
What should we do?
Just wait for death to come?
According to the speed of air mass expansion, at this moment, God knows how big it is. Even if we give him 30 seconds, it is difficult to get out of the air mass.
But what can he do?
How to resist the damage of four destructive sources?
"Five elements of fairy inflammation! Yes, I still have five elements of immortality. Why didn’t I think of it before? "
He thought of the five elements of immortal inflammation, which resisted the inheritance of the red beads, and the fire here was not like the attack of the fix true person, and there was no pertinence. As for the clear fog in the cloudy to cold days, fire can also resist water, and the other two kinds of bodies that shake the sky with the emperor can block it for a few minutes.
Hoo …
The gorgeous flame between the five zang-organs suddenly gushed out to meet the coldness and anxiety that penetrated into the body.
The pure fire of Zhu Xian and the clear fog of Tian Yi belong to two pure cold and heat properties, which are different from the heavy pressure of smoke and dust from Yuan Dynasty and the tearing of the blue wind. They are pure fatal temperatures. The so-called true element, immortal power and magic weapon cannot compete, but the true fire belonging to the same high temperature can offset it.
Fortunately, it’s him, and even if he is a red bead, he can’t have a real fairy-level fire. It is not completely incomparable to use the real fire of the immortal stage to fight against the pure fire of the immortal stage and the clear fog of the sky. However, if it is replaced by the real fire of the person who fixes the truth, it will not work at all to fight against the pure fire of the immortal stage and the clear fog of the sky.
In other words, people who are swallowed up by the four sources are not cold, even if they think of this way or born to die!
The quality of HarmonyOS gas here is too low, and the power of fire, water and wind here is extremely weak, which is not that the attack of the fix true person is not targeted.
Chen Han brimmed with the severe pain from Yuan smoke and Bi Yan wind erosion, and there was a gorgeous flame in the outside. He tore the wind gun with the top-grade fairy that could not be destroyed by the four major sources, and fled crazily at the fastest speed.
He was not afraid of the attack from Yuan smoke and Bi Yan wind, saying that he could only persist for a few minutes, but he still had a lot of healing products, which could instantly repair physical injuries. As long as those medicinal materials were not used up, he could persist forever. The key is to kill the immortal and clear the fog, and it must consume the five elements of immortality to resist. However, how much is his five elements of immortality?
I have heard of medicinal materials that supplement the true yuan and immortal power, and I have heard of medicinal materials that supplement the power of the yuan god, but I have never heard of Dan medicine and medicinal materials that supplement the true fire.
Once the five elements of immortal inflammation are exhausted, his life will be lost!
The existence of the five elements of immortal inflammation has not completely lifted the crisis, only making three seconds become about five minutes, and five minutes can’t escape the daylights out of it.
Poof …
Several mouthfuls of primordial painstaking efforts were sprayed on the wind-tearing gun, and the seal of Yuan Ning had been blessed, and all kinds of medicinal materials that could enhance the power of Zhen Yuan were swallowed, so his speed reached the limit with the assistance of external forces.
Race to life and death, let’s not lose!
He is racing against time. If he escapes, he can save the day. If he can’t escape, he will be completely annihilated, and his life and death will even be in an instant.
"I want to survive … survive …"
He practiced the wind attribute method in the aspect of truth, and the wind tearing gun was originally a top-grade ancient fairy, and it was also a treasure of wind attribute that won by speed.
It took him nine days to fly a sword. Although this is a bit exaggerated, his speed at the moment is 300 Wan Li, and five minutes is enough for him to fly out of more than 20 Wan Li.
Four minutes …
Three minutes …
Two minutes …
Time is counting down in seconds, and the distance of leap is getting farther and farther, but his heart is gradually sinking to the bottom.
Not out of danger!
Still not out of danger!
Do you really want to fall here? Is it true that there are ten deaths and no life above the kilometer? Is this your final destination?
He is unwilling, really unwilling, but he is powerless to change anything.
Just as the Five Elements Immortal Inflammation was about to run out, he suddenly saw that the four external sources were weakening, weakening at an incredible speed.