Xiao Wen, the old buddy of Fuxingtang, knows everyone, but when he came this time, he looked at a new face. He was thinking about the shopkeeper Hu and didn’t look carefully. As a result, he didn’t recognize the old buddy of Fuxingtang, but he was recognized by someone.

"Ah, Adebayor’s eldest brother" Xiao Wen nodded and smiled at each other and walked past.
As a result, Xiao asked the "Brother Ade" but it made the man stunned for a long time before he reacted. Isn’t that what Xiao asked him before he left? But can he really afford this "Adebayor Big Brother"? When you look closely, isn’t Xiao Wen a true fairy realm now? Unfathomable!
Adebayor didn’t come to talk, but the floating star hall was completely messed up, even those guests stopped looking at the goods, and looked at Xiao Wen excitedly, and those who had never heard of Xiao Wen also inquired about others.
The new shopkeeper is three-step and two-step rushed out from behind the counter to go with a ceremony and a face of shock tunnel "you are the shopkeeper hu and boss zhou often Xiao Xian long? ! It’s really rude. Don’t blame Xiao Xianchang! ! Don’t blame! !”
Xiao asked, embarrassed, and said with a wry smile, "The shopkeeper doesn’t have to be like this. I’m just here to see an acquaintance."
As a result, in the floating star hall for a moment, several old guys shouted Xiao Wen’s name, one by one with a smile on his face. Se was excited and inexplicable.
"Er … hello, everyone. There are many new faces in our store. I really didn’t recognize them when I first entered the store." Xiao asked apologetically.
But at this moment, who will blame Xiao Wen? !
Xiao asked that it was a great honor for them to think of them!
I haven’t seen Xiao Wen for more than two years, but it’s an honor to remember the names of some of them!
Xiao Wengen doesn’t know how famous he is now in Danfeng City, especially in this fairy!
Since he got the token of Ming Jianzong’s entry qualification test, the whole fairy has broadcast his story. He is a small dental official, so humble!
Then people not only really entered Ming Jianzong, but also tied for the first place in the entrance test! This is so fucking awesome! Although Danfengcheng saw it with his own eyes, it seemed that there were several stars, but it was later fascinated!
Then Xiao Wen didn’t remain silent. The most glorious thing for people who have had a relationship with Xiao Wen in Danfeng City is Xiao Wen’s performance in a 27-year J and jīng English competition!
At that time, Xiao Wen really first appeared in the eyes of everyone in the celestial world! I don’t know how many people have been shocked by his excellent performance, but he has dealt with Xiao Wen very much and lived together. Many people in Danfeng City Fairy have been honored.
From one thing, we can see how famous Xiao Wen is. Every day, I come to Danfeng City for the first time to inquire about Xiao Wen, and half of them are women.
I don’t know how many people have remembered or said that Xiao Wen showed his confidence and kindness at the bottom of the crystal bowl and waved to the audience in a J and jīng English competition, which was deeply implanted in everyone’s heart.
He came from a low background and rose up, but he didn’t shy away from this background. It is really rare that he is still the same when he treats people from the same background. Just for this, he deserves people’s love.
So what happened in the floating star hall can be imagined. The hall was completely out of order. When outsiders heard that Xiao Wen was coming, they crowded the door to the hall and were blocked by people. Xiao Wen was stuck in it and communicated with those familiar faces with a wry smile.
He really never thought it would be such a situation after coming to the floating star hall. If I had known it, he would not have come.
It wasn’t until a lamp of tea kung fu that the shopkeeper named Jiang Xin and Fuxingtang guys evacuated the crowd together and managed to get Xiao Wen out …
Xiao asked directly, hissed, and gave a gift to those who came to see him specially. As a result, his shyness and strength provoked a burst of laughter. Everyone thought that Xiao asked was so cute.
Xiao Wen, who was sent away in the floating star hall, is still talking about Xiao Wen, the old friends who once had some friendship with Xiao Wen. Look at the posture one by one, it is simply to regard Xiao Wen as their relatives. In fact, they also know that this time, the two sides may not pay each other again, but what does it matter? In the usual, they can’t deal with this class of people, can they? Now they have few Xiao Wen and Xiao Wen takes them as friends!
On the other hand, Xiao Wen hesitated for a long time, and then he simply changed his clothes outside the city and got a big straw hat to make it look like a Jianghu ranger. Then he flew to Danfeng City alone …
One quietly arrived at the floating star building in the tunnel area, but no one really recognized him, but it was already chaotic here, because the news of his return had already arrived here.
Xiao asked for a moment, but he didn’t dare to think about it before, and finally came to a conclusion. He is really famous, but he shouldn’t be so exaggerated as Danfeng City, because he once stayed in Danfeng City, and it can be said that he made his fortune here. People here especially like to talk about him.
Just thinking about Xiao Wen, I saw Zhou Jie frowning from a distance and walking towards the floating star building, showing that she was angry.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Crazy
What happened?
See Zhou Jie when you are sad Xiao asked is also a tight heart and then watched Zhou Jie entered the floating star building.
Outside the floating star building, there is no change, which can make Xiao Wen feel nostalgic, but at this time, when he sees that Zhou Jie has troubles, he will not sigh these.
Finally, the predecessors of the floating star building became less and less, and gradually returned to their proper state. Xiao asked that they walked towards the floating star building.
When Xiao Wen entered the gate, he looked into the shopkeeper’s place according to his memory and saw the shopkeeper Hu and Zhou Jie. At this time, the shopkeeper Hu was solving Zhou Jie and Zhou Jie was complaining a little.
Xiao asked and went directly to the past. The two people chatted more and didn’t find him at the moment.
"Elder sister hu shopkeeper" Xiao asked little shouted.
Zhou Jiexian was startled and turned to look at it. Just when he saw Xiao Wen’s face along the straw hat, he was about to exclaim.
Xiao asked hurriedly put his finger in front of his mouth and motioned Zhou Jie not to shout.
Zhou Jie also reacted and had already turned to surprise, but she was still amused by Xiao Wen’s gesture and whispered with a smile, "What are you doing like a thief!"
Xiao asked awkwardly, "I didn’t know that I couldn’t move a step after I came here. Come again in disguise. By the way, sister, what happened to your frown just now?"
Zhou Jie one leng and then white xiao asked didn’t good the spirit way "not just because of you? I also scared you away directly from the Fuxingtang people. I made a special trip to pick you up and didn’t receive it! "
"Uh, you just picked me up?"
The two people communicate quickly with each other, and the shopkeeper next to Hu can look at Xiao Wengen kindly with a smile, so he can’t insert words …
However, this situation has attracted the attention of the guys and guests in the floating star building. They are still thinking about Xiao Wen one by one. Is that the wretched man in the straw hat?
The man in the floating star building is also afraid of Zhou Jie’s pressure to prove those guests before the horse, but regardless of these, he has the cheek to come close and want to eavesdrop on a sentence and a half.
Fortunately, Zhou Jie immediately interrupted the conversation with Xiao Wen and whispered, "Keep your hat down and go upstairs with me!"
"Hu Lao, help you look at it." Zhou Jie said when he left.
"Good miss, you just go."
"Hu shopkeeper let’s talk about it later" Xiao asked and politely said to Hu shopkeeper.
"Well," Hu shopkeeper moved almost to tears. In fact, he had guessed what Xiao asked to go to the floating star hall first, and saw Xiao ask the child so sensible that he never forgot that he didn’t know what to say at the moment.
It’s too difficult for someone like shopkeeper Hu to say that he wants to see any children rising rapidly around him. Xiao Wen is definitely the only one he has ever met in his life.
Xiao Wen followed Zhou Jie, and went directly to Zhou Jie’s boudoir on the third floor of the floating star building.
"Why are you here now?" Zhou Jie immediately increased the volume behind the door and asked earnestly
"No, I just came to see you."
Zhou Jie smiled with relief and said, "It’s rare that you are still thinking about it."
"I’ve never forgotten, alas, if something hadn’t been dragging on, I would have come long ago."
"oh? What is it? "
"Elder sister, you must have heard about Feixia Valley …"
Xiao Wen just said, Zhou Jie’s expression changed, but it turned out to be a little overwhelmed. Xiao Wen immediately felt that Bai Zhoujie had been thinking about it all the time, but he didn’t make it work, so he deliberately didn’t think about it. At this time, he personally let her down …
Zhou Jie once said that if she had a choice, she would rather go to a place where she practiced dharma but her appearance was normal. It can be said that her appearance is the biggest knot in her life.
Xiao Wen is not a woman who doesn’t quite understand Zhou Jie’s yearning for her normal appearance, but now that he has directly heard Zhou Jie’s expectation, he will take it as a major event in his heart.
Then Xiao Wen told Zhou Jie the word "drag" about the treatment of Feixia Valley by the 27 cases and the five giants, which made Zhou Jie frown. If the gang hadn’t been delaying Xiao Wen, it wouldn’t have come so late, and then he told Zhou Jie how to drag him in through the back door.
"You don’t have to go through the normal process if it’s too difficult. Well, I can afford to wait." Zhou Jie instead came to comfort Xiao at this time.