He Ming Dow: "This is Heaven?"

Zhang Wen nodded and said, "This is Heaven and Avenue."
He Ming and the Monkey King were shocked. They never thought that the existence above heaven was also the law of the jungle. Zhang Wendao said: "Avenue is the earth, and Heaven is the sentient beings on the earth. Avenue doesn’t care what all sentient beings do. If all sentient beings want to survive, they can only be swallowed up continuously, and only the last ones can survive."
After nine days, a HarmonyOS purple gas suddenly appeared, but this HarmonyOS purple gas flashed, and the dry Kun Ding rushed into chaos in the midst of the wilderness. Suddenly, the dry Kun Ding spit out a ruler. Isn’t this He Ming’s HarmonyOS ruler? But I saw that HarmonyOS’s ruler turned twice in the void and went straight down to earth.
Zhao Gongming on the Golden Turtle Island suddenly looked at the sky with surprise, but when he saw HarmonyOS’s ruler breaking the void and coming to the Golden Turtle Island, Zhao Gongming hurriedly stepped forward to win HarmonyOS’s ruler. He only felt that a purple gas in the ruler rushed into the body, and then he felt HarmonyOS’s purple gas merged into the Yuan God again. The avenue was just around the corner, which was so clear that he could touch it with a gentle hand, but the barrier as thin as cicada’s wings was like a world apart, and Zhao Gongming could never break this barrier to make it holy.
Zhao Gongming sighed: "There are three words and deeds from the ancestors. On the one hand, it is impossible to prove the Tao with strength, but it is impossible with great perseverance. On the other hand, it is impossible to prove the Tao with three corpses, and you can prove the road by cutting off your own three corpses. Third, merit proves Taoism, and it takes great opportunity to have great merit to help prove Taoism. I can’t cut my obsession and prove it. Only this merit can prove it, but I don’t know where my merit opportunity is. "
Zhao Gongming said that he was a little tired. After all, the foundation of sanctification has arrived, but without the chance to preach, this chance is illusory and there is nothing to be found. It is even more difficult to preach.
"ACTS son. Come and see the teacher as soon as possible. " When the words connecting heaven and earth sounded in Zhao Gongming’s ear, Zhao Gongming hurried into the Biyou Palace, and when he saw it, he bowed to the sky and said, "Disciple, meet the teacher. I wish the teacher a happy birthday. "
"I have a chance to become a saint," said Tongtian. "I will definitely have a chance to prove that Taoism is mixed in the future. Now that heaven is in chaos, you can go down the mountain and find your own chance to become a saint."
Zhao Gongming said, "That’s exactly what I want to tell the teacher. I don’t want to always make plans for my disciples."
"You must have had a lot of hardships coming down the mountain this time, disciple," said Tongtian. "I’ll give you a clear road for your teacher. It is also good to prove it as soon as possible. " Go ahead, give directions between Zhao Gongming’s eyebrows. Zhao Gongming only feels that countless avenues of information are constantly integrated into his own Yuan God. These information are all things that Tongtian has realized by himself, which is also helpful to Zhao Gongming’s testimony.
Zhao Gongming, sitting in the Biyou Palace, slowly realized the avenue of teaching through heaven. After he realized it, he only felt that heaven was just around the corner, and it seemed that he could stretch out his hand to break the barrier and prove the truth. It’s a pity that the torture that can be seen or not is uncomfortable. Zhao Gongming still gave up his continued understanding and planned to go down the mountain to find opportunities.
Zhao Gongming came to Sanxian Island, and the three sisters in Yunxiao quickly welcomed him in and said, "Brother is not on the Avenue of Feeling on the Golden Turtle Island. What are you doing here?"
Zhao Gongming said, "Three sisters, I got a HarmonyOS purple gas and a HarmonyOS ruler on the Golden Turtle Island, and I have the foundation to prove it. I’m going to go down the mountain for a trip to find a chance. It is also good to take the opportunity to prove that the road is mixed. "
Yunxiao said with a smile, "I’m waiting for my three sisters to congratulate my brother first. It’s just that my brother needs to be careful when he goes down the mountain this time, and now there are many robberies. I don’t know when it is an end. "
Zhao Gongming said, "The three sisters don’t have to worry, because my brother will be fine when he goes down the mountain. Now it’s getting late, and I should go. The three sisters stay on the mountain and don’t go out."
Yunxiao three people nodded, a promise to Zhao Gongming, three people watched Zhao Gongming go down the mountain.
After Zhao Gongming went down the mountain, he went straight to Nanzhan Department, where he lost his dry tripod. Now he still needs to go there to find his own chance. After all, this southern land is where his chance lies.
At the end of Nanzhan Prefecture, Zhao Gongming saw peace in people’s livelihood and peace in the world. Only this Nanzhan Prefecture is full of shura people. These shura people are quarrying stones to build palaces, but those magic people are missing. At the beginning, this Nanzhan Prefecture had the most magic people, but now the whole Nanzhan Prefecture has only shura without magic people, which makes Zhao Gongming strange.
The strangest thing is that these shuras quarried stones in the mountains to build palaces, but they didn’t disturb the people. The shuras, who have always been bloodthirsty, will do the same. How can this not make people feel weird?
Zhao Gongming followed these shuras to the place where the palace was built, but when he saw that the surrounding pattern was clearly a fierce place, numerous shuras were coming back from quarrying in all directions and slowly building a palace. Zhao Gongming frowned and looked at the palace, with some doubts in his heart. Looking at the palace didn’t seem to be built for Styx, but it looked like an altar.
Zhao Gongming here is observing the change of Shura. In the Kaifeng Palace, the Styx sits opposite to Dizang, and the Styx arrives: "Dizang, the snake king left the underworld for a woman, and no one knows whether he can come back in the future. And lawlessness is because Lingshan has fallen and hid in the underworld. Now the power of the underworld is in your hands, and the world has changed greatly, and the underworld is booming. When I made an alliance with the underworld, they said that they would give me a continent. Now that the earth is hidden as the emperor, why do you care if this continent has to be against me? "
"I wasn’t there when the alliance was made, and I can’t give you the land of this continent," said Dizang. "Besides, the Shura people shouldn’t appear in the Three Realms, and the land of blood is where you should go."
Styx frowned and said, "Dizang, you don’t want to give this continent a place?"
"The four major continents are places where the Terrans gather, and Nanzhanbuzhou is where the Terrans live," said Dizang. "Can I give you the land of this continent and frame all the people in from the mire?"
Ghost River: "My Shura people have been on duty in the underworld for many years, and they have already lost their rage. It is impossible to wreck any living thing. Now I’m building a palace in Nanzhanbuzhou, and no shura has been born to disturb the people. Why do you have to worry about your Terran people? It’s a big deal that I, the shura people, live with the Terran. If there is a civil law disorder, I’ll deal with it for you. "
Dizang still shook his head and said, "When my people from the underworld were born, they couldn’t live with the Terrans, let alone you fix the people. If I hadn’t worried about the troubled times of my people in the underworld and sent them back to the underworld early, would Nanzhanbuzhou be the land you could occupy? "
Styx thought for a moment and said, "Hidden in the earth, the curse is not finished yet, but there are still people watching us in the sky. Wu Tian and the snake king are gone. If we don’t make peace again, I’m afraid that the underworld and Shura will become stepping stones. Don’t forget that we are not saints."
"The ancestor of Styx," said Dizang. Nowadays, the number of days has changed greatly, and western Buddhism has become extinct, but you have let the Shura family be born. I advise you to go back to your blood sea early, or your shura clan will be wiped out. "
Styx took an angry look at Dizang and said, "Dizang, now I have this Nanzhan continent. If you don’t let me, you have to let me. If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t come to talk to you about it. Nanzhanbuzhou is the habitat of my shura from now on. If you refuse to accept it, you can lead an army to crusade against me. I am not afraid of things in Styx. " Go ahead, turn into lotus flower and disappear.
Connect heaven and earth out of chaos and directly connect to Pangu Heaven and Earth, which happens to be in the west, and all saints watch the arrival of this new world. I feel strange in succession, this world is a newly opened world, and there will be treasures in the newly opened world. If it is normal, it will definitely provoke everyone to look for it, but now no one is in the mood.
Just as this heaven and earth came, heaven changed again, not calmly, but more chaotic, just like a chaotic world. Chaos, can’t see the road is unknown.
Zhang Wenchao He Ming and the Monkey King waved their hands and sent them out of Gankun Ding. When they came out and fell to the ground, the heaven changed immediately. He Ming and the Monkey King saw that the cat’s face changed greatly. Now this cat just said that he had a chance, and for a moment he said that he would be reincarnated. Forget it for more than a dozen times, but not once.
He Ming wait for a while’s way: "Monkey. I couldn’t see the secret before. Why is it like this now? Do I still have a chance to become a saint? "
The Monkey King said, "How can I know? Why don’t you try it now. See if it can be sanctified. "
He Ming looked at the Monkey King with frustration and said, "You think this chance of sanctification is a radish on the ground. You can pull it out if you want."
The Monkey King said with a smile, "Just now, there were three treasures that opened the sky. Do you remember? Don’t you like treasure? There is no one here now, so hurry up and look for it, and maybe you can catch some. "
He Ming gave the Monkey King a push and said, "You monkey are really joking. Just now, you opened the sky, and you used those treasures to break the new heaven, so that this heaven swallowed up the new heaven. All the treasures in this world have disappeared. What treasures are there?"
The Monkey King said, "Since there is nothing here, we don’t have to stay here. Let’s go."
On the day when they were about to leave, Shangdi Gankun Ding suddenly fell into the Monkey King’s body. He Ming saw this and shook his head and said, "I didn’t think this thing still belongs to you. Hey, the boss is eccentric."
Suddenly, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and hit He Ming right on the head, beating him all dark. Fortunately, the Monkey King didn’t meet He Ming, otherwise he would suffer. A loud roar in the sky said, "You are a tired and lazy disciple, and you even say that I am partial. Your heavenly sword is better than Gankun Ding. Then HarmonyOS Purple Gas is a sacred thing for you. How dare you say that I am partial?
He Ming quickly made three obeisances to the sky and said, "Boss, forgive me. I made a mistake. It was just a joke."
The Monkey King said with a smile, "He Ming, you are also a person who wants to become a saint. You should know that disaster comes from your mouth. Be careful that what you say casually becomes a few days in the future, and some of you will regret it."
He Ming shook his body and removed a mess, and became a scholar in the past. He Ming Dow: "Okay, monkey, I know. Let’s go. " Go ahead, sail away to the east.
Chapter 27 Seven Killing Avenue
He Ming Dow: "Monkey, let’s go. I’ll buy you a drink. We’ve been drinking for a long time." He Ming and the Monkey King just took two steps, and another treasure fell that day. It was the day when He Ming grabbed the dust, but when he saw that the dust turned into green light and disappeared, all saints didn’t notice where this treasure went. After all, the changes in heaven are so chaotic now that several saints didn’t notice this treasure, and it came and went quickly, but just disappeared in an instant.
The Styx had just returned to Nanzhanbuzhou to build a palace, and immediately found Zhao Gongming. Styx looked at Zhao Gongming coldly and said, "What are you doing here?"
Zhao Gongming looked at the sword of Yuan Tu A Bi in the hands of Styx and said with some worries: "The bodhi old zu doesn’t need to worry too much. Being original is just looking for opportunities, and there is no possibility of destroying the bodhi old zu’s plans."
Ghost River Road: "Since Taoist friends don’t want to disturb the layout of being poor, please go."
Zhao Gongming made a bow and said, "Lao zu, be original and leave." Go ahead and turn to leave. Suddenly, Zhao Gongming turned to stand in front of him with HarmonyOS ruler in his hand, but he saw a sword of light flying just to hit HarmonyOS ruler.
Zhao Gongming said, "Styx, what do you mean? Just now, being original has said that I won’t interfere with you. Why do you have to shoot me? "
Ghost River: "Zhao Gongming, you are a Taoist, and I occupy the land of Nanzhanbuzhou. It’s hard to guarantee that you won’t be sent by the Taoist to spy. You’d better stay first, lest we hurt the peace."
Zhao Gongming said, "Styx, I don’t want to fight you. Don’t push too hard."
Styx hands double sword flying straight at Zhao Gongming, Styx is a man of great knowledge, which existed at the beginning of the world. And in the Zixiao Palace, I have heard the word for many years. The most important thing is that Styx was a quasi-saint at the beginning of the flood. If it weren’t for the chance, he would have been sanctified. And he has been in the blood of the underworld for so many years. There are countless merits in the underworld, and Styx has gained a lot. Unfortunately, he has no foundation for sanctification, and he is never a saint.
And although Zhao Gongming is also a man of enlightenment, but compared with Styx, he is still a little poor. If it weren’t for HarmonyOS’s ruler in his hand, I’m afraid Styx has already won. Now Zhao Gongming has an innate treasure. It’s still difficult to defeat Styx. How to say that Styx has blood lotus for insulation? Yuan Tu A Bi’s two swords are even more valuable. Zhao Gongming is not a saint. It’s too short to get this HarmonyOS ruler, but it’s already the limit to play three levels of strength. The two of them can only fight equally.
The Monkey King and He Ming just passed through the sky when a sword of light suddenly rushed up on the ground, blocking their way. He Ming was about to denounce, and immediately rushed up to several swords of light below. Will the Monkey King and He Ming mess to avoid.
He Ming said angrily, "Which bastard is plotting against Lao Zi? I really don’t want to live." He Ming: Go ahead, hold the heavenly sword in your hand and go straight down. Then the Monkey King will have to follow when he sees this.