In a short time, the hotel service staff knocked on the door of the room and brought a table of rich food.

Tan Jingjing commanded the waiter to set the dishes and pour good wine, then waved them out.
"Come on, handsome boy, have a meal with others." Tan Jingjing came to the front of windson smiles appealed and said.
"No, I just ate." Windson coldly replied.
"Don’t be so unkind." Tan Jingjing see windson unmoved a round of the eyes and said: "don’t worry, people really just want to invite you to dinner. People will leave immediately after dinner! "
"I hope you keep your word." It’s not a good idea. It’s better to see what tricks Tan Jingjing wants to play. Although she promised Fei Xian that she wouldn’t embarrass Tan Jingjing too much, windson wouldn’t mind taking two more shots on her little ass if she went too far.
However, the soldiers came to block the water and cover the wind, and they didn’t pay attention to the little girl in front of them, so they pretended to be careless and said, "Well, what good wine is it? I want to taste it."
"Wait a minute." Tan Jingjing smiled and took out a delicate handbag from the table, and took out a white jade hip flask and two small handleless cups.

Chapter 51 countered
Jingjing carefully mentioned the quaint, exquisite and elegant white jade wine, and the oblique green liquid suddenly spewed out from the spout and flowed into the white jade cup, and a refreshing and fragrant aroma slowly dispersed.
Lin Feng took a deep breath and was intoxicated. "What kind of wine is this?"
"This is called the fairy drunk very not easy. It was very difficult for people to steal a small pot from Master. " Tan Jingjing said with a smile as she handed a glass of wine to the front of windson.
"This is the fairy drunk?" Windson took the cup and looked at the white jade carefully. There were green sparkling and attractive aroma bursts in the cup, and there was already three points of drunkenness before it was imported. It was really good wine. There is also an introduction about "Immortal Drunkenness" in the Book of Fixing the Truth. It is said that this wine has to collect hundreds of kinds of fruits for more than ten years before it can get a small altar. Not only is it excellent in taste, but it is also beneficial to cultivation. It is very famous in the field of repairing truth. Lin Feng wanted to taste it for a long time, but he was not in the mood to brew it.
Tan Jingjing raised a small white jade wine cup and winked at Lin Feng. "Try it. It tastes very good."
Windson some confused looked at her really don’t understand what the hell she’s doing. Windson absolutely don’t believe that Tan Jingjing used such good dining tables to entertain him just to make him eat happily. There must be some conspiracy.
"Why? Still afraid that people will poison the wine? " In the face of Lin Feng’s hesitation, Tan Jingjing said with a little dissatisfaction: "It’s still the old rule that people should do it first." Say that finish Tan Jingjing lifted a small handleless wine cup and windson gently touched immediately gulp up.
Windson smiled and shook his head, lifted a small handleless wine cup, and took a sip of it, only to feel comfortable and fragrant between his teeth and cheeks. This fragrance is very unique, like flowers and fruits. Layer upon layer. Fascinating and long aftertaste.
"Good wine!" Windson could not help but praise.
"Of course!" Tan Jingjing satisfiedly replied with a different color in his eyes.
"Drink quickly. People have already done it. " Tan Jingjing urged.
Just a small sipped his windson has been attracted by the wine in front of him, and there is no difference in Tan Jingjing now. So windson don’t doubt him. Also raised his glass and drank it off.
1 of "bang" Lin Feng only felt that the bitter wine juice seemed to burst in his mouth, and an indescribable feeling of comfort and carefree spread all over the body instantly and filled every cell, which seemed to shock even the soul. This kind of ecstasy makes Lin Feng instantly absent and just want to close your eyes and feel this wonderful moment.
However, at this moment, the mutation is protruding!
Tan Jingjing suddenly pointed at the handbag originally used to hold wine on the table and shouted, "Sick!"