Just as the two men changed the genesis system again, this change can be described as scaring everyone present.

"Ding-dong, please pay attention to the fact that there are fifteen minutes left before the regenerative beast hits the outer city. Please block the gate in fifteen minutes or the regenerative beast will invade the outer city and attack the middle city."
"Mom, what the hell is going on! !”
"Grass has tens of thousands of regenerative beasts coming in our direction."
The announcement of the player’s leaf injury launch area "Attention everyone, there are a large number of regenerative beasts attacking the ten destruction entrances, and the total number is about 400,000. No flying regenerative beasts have been found yet. Please leave no room to block the destruction gates!"
By the time these words were said, Ye Ye had successfully blocked a city gate.
"How is it possible that the number of 400,000 regenerative beasts is only 100,000 at most in all records? What the hell is going on!" The head of the investigation team is responsible for recording everything he knows about the trajectory of the regenerative beast. Although he has not personally participated in the battle, he knows all the information of the Freedom Corps unless they are hiding something, but this time it is indeed the biggest scale attack in history.
"What the hell is going on!" The head of the investigation roared at the leaf injury.
"Sometimes if you get angry here, it’s better to let your hands move. This is an opportunity. Wouldn’t it be of great research value if you could catch a live regenerative beast and go back? The bid we sent you have almost run out, haven’t we? " Leaf injury said coldly
Cut too far to show dissatisfaction, but the head of the investigation team doesn’t want to die here. "The physical personnel immediately cooperate with everyone to block the damage point. You have a leaf injury and spread out your architect part, otherwise there is no way to block and destroy the city gate!"
"Everybody move. We have fifteen minutes left."
"Why should we find a place to hide and wait here? The two of us should be able to get well." Luo Yu didn’t mean to fight at all because he didn’t think it was necessary to do thankless things.
"All right, cut the crap. I don’t know who will teach them when to speak righteous words. If we give up now, no one will be able to do it." Forgetting dust is not a savior and doesn’t bother to be a hero, but it’s not worth giving up now.
"But don’t you look at it? Can you block this ten-meter-high and five-meter-wide hole in fifteen minutes?" Luo Yu thinks it’s unrealistic, even if he doesn’t want to give up, the reality is in front of him.
"Who said? Isn’t there a ready-made one here? " Forget dust smiled and looked at those huge regenerative beasts.
Luo Yu’s eyes lit up. "Are you saying that the lying trough is really a tall mother’s egg? How did you come up with it?"
Looking at these little eyes, I can’t help but smile awkwardly. If I say that you came up with this, this little boy won’t treat himself as a brain-brain, will he? The way to block the door in the past life is that Luo Yu thought of the regenerative beast, and the horrible body blocked the ten-meter-high giant wall because the regenerative beast was not attacked by the companion breath!
"Hey, stinky bastards don’t want to die. Hurry up and move the bodies of these big guys. We have to plug the gap here in 15 minutes. This is the only chance to live. Maybe everyone will be rewarded with gold dollars and points when the time comes. Don’t hesitate to act."
"Brother Dongchen, come and help Luoyu, don’t hide it now. It seems that we need a lot of bodies." Forget the dust and go out with a face of manic and murderous look. People around you can’t help but get out of the way.
Seeing the appearance of Forgotten Dust, Luo Yu sneered at his side. "Hide me. It’s you who really hides. Let me see Brother Forgotten Dust’s real strength."
"You’ve seen it." Forgetting the dust, his voice fell, and suddenly, a circle ripple oscillated from his feet. This horrible ripple brought a strange feeling to Luo Yu and others. Even those fearless regenerative beasts actually let out a wail and howl.
"You attract the Regenerated Animal Department to us!" Forget the dust, the sound actually has a sound echo. It sounds like the sounds overlap together. Although I don’t know what they want to do, everyone should not choose. They can do what Forget the dust says.
"Strong breath surging life energy makes people tremble. Is this his hidden power? Organic conversation can be a contest, but now the most important thing is to find a way to block this place. "Two people are each responsible for one. Although there is an extra blockade to destroy the city gate, it has not changed much. Players’ goals are still to block the door and earn points, but in the current situation, it has become a race against time.
Because there are already tens of thousands of regenerative beasts outside the city, once the gate is destroyed, it means that the middle city will fall and the kingdom will suffer even more losses.
Therefore, it is necessary for them to hold a butcher’s knife in their hands, and the life potential erupts, and the white flame wraps around their bodies like a salamander. According to instructions from Forgot Dust and Luoyu, they throw the dead bodies at the gate of destroying the city. Not only that, but they also attract the regenerated beasts of the city to their side. The two of them no longer hide their strength, and the pike and butcher’s knife continue to erupt, performing wonderful scenes in the crowd.
People clearly see that the dust-forgetting butcher knife is not close to the body of the regenerative beast, but the regenerative beast has been cut off by the middle. This amazing means can be said to have shocked many people present, and Luo Yu, on the other hand, showed amazing strength and attacked again. Although both of them performed well, it is not enough to spend a lot of time on the bodies of these regenerative beasts just blocking the wall.
They also need some means
"there’s not much time to forget the dust. They’re coming. If it doesn’t work, we can escape!" Luo Yu doesn’t want to be a hero. When he threatens his life, he will not hesitate to run away.
"Know everyone to speed up the pace, they are coming." Qi Xin worked together to forget the dust, and they barely blocked the destruction of the gate.
Through those cracks, they could vaguely see that the regenerative beasts rushed to attack them.
"Did you finally catch up?" At this rate, they will be able to finish it before the arrival of the regenerative beast. However, just when everyone can finish it, suddenly screams cut through the outer urban peace, and there are dense shadows among those rushing regenerative beasts.
These people are undoubtedly newcomers who enter the game like them.
"What if I forget the dust!" Luo Yu obviously found out that if they continue to block the city, they must be left alone, that is to say, they should forget the dust and watch the new couple die.
It’s a bit difficult to forget the dust and bite your teeth. "It’s just this time." I can see that forgetting the dust is also more difficult. Personally, when they came here, the situation was not as serious as this. Now they are racing against life. They must cherish every minute.
"Forget the dust brothers, make a decision quickly or we won’t be able to come." There are also several players who are strong enough to wake up. They are still piling up a large number of regenerated animal carcasses. If we continue this progress, we will block the destruction point, but those people will have no chance to live.
"Damn it, pause for a minute and talk about it for a minute. If you all block the city gate!" Forgetting the dust, he rushed out with his teeth clenched. He didn’t realize that he was a savior, but he must not watch so many people die in front of his eyes. Besides, regenerative beasts won’t make moves, but maybe these humans will destroy this wall and block it up!
He had to do something, and before people could react, he rushed out with a knife.
The fleeing crowd saw that the light was destroyed in front of them, just like there was new hope. They could see that they were blocking the city and showed the abyss. Despair kept calling for help, but no one paid attention to them. When the regenerative beast was about to be swallowed up, a man with blood-stained hands and a butcher knife suddenly rushed out of the front wall.
His eyes will never be forgotten by these flustered people.
He said a word.
"You have one minute, this is the only chance to enter the gap." There is no need to forget the dust. It is like being born with hope. At this last crisis, all the forces burst out and rushed to the city gate.
"Forget the dust! !”
"Boss" forgot the dust and was deeply touched by someone in the place. The only gap that can be blocked for a minute is to put a body vertically. This is their last chance.
As Luo Yu shouted, everyone could not help but hold their breath, and people’s faces were full of horror and regret.
"How can you fall here!"
"The butcher meaning! !”
"Slaughterhouse!" At the moment when the knife in the hand released the fluctuation, the aperture oscillated and the wind blade rotated like a tornado. A force of the earth surrounded the world, and people saw the red hair in their sight with a drink of dust.
"Forget the dust brother!" That powerful force is shocking, but Luo Yu can’t help calling for the name of forgetting dust, because more and stronger regenerative beasts have rushed to their position.
"Block the city gate!" Before the blood-stained man arrived, a figure rushed in and almost flew to the gate. Luo Yu grabbed the dust-forgetting arm and at the same time, the corpse of the regenerative beast was thrown away by dozens of people together. The huge gap in people’s sight gradually became a gap!
Close the gate at a critical moment!
Chapter 79 Outer Urban Mystery
"Are we alive?"
After lucky escape, the new people entered the outer city and squeezed themselves as if they were waking up. This was not a dream, but the intense pain made them go through a lot of hardships than joy, and they almost became regenerative beasts. The joy of the rest of their lives made them tired.
"The new people should thank our knight well. If it weren’t for him, you would be recycled animal food now." Seeing this group of people ecstatic, people around them couldn’t help but scold coldly. In their view, if they hadn’t forgotten the dust, they finally stood up and they fought for a short time. These guys were already dead.
In response, people began to look ahead and save their youth.
Let them recognize at a glance that the reason for forgetting the dust is only because the awe-inspiring eyes want to thank them, but there is a violent collision in the outer city. Although they won’t shoot at their companions, they can hit these bodies, and Luo Yu sees through the gap that they are carrying these bodies!
The crisis has not been caused by this!
"Damn it, come and help! They’re carrying bodies and hitting them!" Luo Yu exclaimed and made people look horrified, but now it’s not their turn to think much. They must live and do something if they want to live.
"Boss, are you okay?" Compared with other Ye Dongchen, one person forgot the dust. Snowfall also hurriedly came to him and smiled. "Fortunately, it’s no big deal. Don’t be so impulsive." Snowfall’s small treatment will make the dust forget to recover.
"Don’t stare at our crisis!" Luo Yu’s call sounds all over people’s ears again. It’s really hard to pile up dead bodies. If it collapses, it’s absolutely easy to break through here with the power of regenerative beasts. The big guys in the outer city haven’t finished solving these monsters. If they also go to the city, this * * is a doomsday disaster for players. Never allow this to happen.
Forgetting the dust makes the situation outside more real than that seen through the gap. These regenerative beasts are actually eating their companions’ eyes, and there are too many mistakes in past lives. "Damn, are they also subtly changed because of themselves? These regenerative beasts won’t shoot their companions. What went wrong?"
At the same time, we must do everything possible to prevent such things from happening.