Duan Zhengchun is a big boy now, and when he wants to be a big boy, he doesn’t want to be a big boy. When he doesn’t want to be, he jumps out with two daughters. He can’t tell what it feels like in his heart.

In the end, my daughter can’t help but recognize that she just brought people back. What about her daughter’s mother? What should I do? Don’t take it back together?
When I think of my own queen, Dao Baifeng Duan Zhengchun, who is still in Dali Palace, I don’t know how to calculate this bad debt when I get back.
But in the end, Duan Yu couldn’t marry the girl he liked because it was a mistake from the beginning. Duan Zhengchun left with A Zi, and of course Mu Fu wrote it.
Speaking of which, how can a romantic lover like Duan Zhengchun not change his infatuation with a woman? He is more of a force game to his wife. Now Duan Zhengchun has mastered the Dali handle and really became the emperor of Dali. It is not impossible for him to think about it.
After Duan’s father left, Mufu got married to Mrs. Wang in Wang Yuyan. To be honest, there were a lot of famous brothers and martial arts heroes before Mufu, but Mrs. Wang was rarely satisfied. Even if Mrs. Wang was satisfied with Wang Yuyan, she couldn’t help it.
But when Mu Fu named Wu, Mrs. Wang was very surprised and refused as expected.
It’s not right for them to be married, not suitable for their age or status. In Mrs. Wang’s view, it’s simply not suitable anywhere. In the past, Mrs. Wang quite appreciated Wu’s talent, but now people are not pleasing to the eye.
But sometimes no matter how stubborn a mother is, she can’t beat her stubborn daughter.
In Mrs. Wang’s eyes, Wang Yuyan has always been a clever, sensible and obedient child, but this time, no matter what she said, she didn’t listen, as if she were looking for it.
This kind of love persistence vaguely has her shadow, that is, at this moment, Mrs. Wang feels that Wang Yuyan is like her daughter in Li Qingluo
Finally, Mrs. Wang agreed.
This participating village ushered in two happy events: Wu and Wang Yuyan, and Yan Qing and A Bi.
Although all marriages are held in Shenhe Village, people can’t always stay in Shenhe Village, can they? Is MuFu willing to somebody else oneself also don’t want to!
So Mufu sent two houses with a house for them to live in after marriage.
However, because Wu and Yan Qing are both working for Mufu, Wang Yuyan and A Bi are always in the house of Shenhe Zhuang, and they are all chosen in the suburb of Gusu, not far from Shenhe Zhuang, which is convenient for everyone, right?
Soon after this, news came from Xixia that marrying Princess Yinchuan was not a noble brother, nor a Jianghu warrior, but a small official in Xixia. However, with a princess in Xixia King, he still valued this Xu and was very interested in pulling it out again.
The fact that the new Xixia Xu is one of them is also known by Mufu and Wu’s confidants. This key game will be left for later.
Speaking of Xixia, I can’t help but think of Liao, his great patron, but I don’t know what generation of emperors in Song and Liao were all masters of managing the country with ingenuity, but how can it be so ugly in a generation?
To say that the emperor of the Great Song Dynasty was addicted to pleasure and pursued extravagance and luxury, wasting people’s money and wasting people’s money, which made the political affairs of the country dim and the people in such a big Liao Dynasty, it’s not too much to let go!
I suppose these two are brothers?
However, Da Liao is not only comparable to the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, but also has nothing to say about the so-called Qidan warrior style.
Da Liao Da Song is different. This is a national soldier from horseback. All soldiers are brave and good at fighting. Da Liao is extremely good to his own people, but it is extremely oppressive to other ethnic groups, such as his rule over the Jurchen tribe, and he doesn’t treat each other as human beings at all.
Where there is oppression, there is resistance.
It’s hard to complain that the people in the Song Dynasty are different from the Jurchen tribes, and some of them are warriors. One of them is Akuta, who is looking for the right time for the Jurchen tribes to turn over and be masters.
Xiao Yuanshan is an important official of Liao country. When he returned to Liao country and Emperor Liao, it was natural to pay attention to a warrior like him. But did Xiao Yuanshan really intend to take it back? What he has to do is to send troops to the south to win DaSong in one fell swoop after obtaining the letter from Emperor Liao.
There is a storm brewing in Liao country, and the Great Song Dynasty is already coming.
Cai Jing and others didn’t want to converge after they got the benefits, but they intensified, and the emperor also took a laissez-faire attitude towards it, which led to the chaos in the Song Dynasty.
At first, the so-called chaos was just that a small group of refugees rose up and resisted because of oppression, and finally captured a small county town, and the unscrupulous county magistrate could not escape the hanging corpse gate.
It’s a small group of refugees who are organized and disciplined, but they rely on their own brute strength, and more because the other side can resist by law and win by luck.
When the imperial court sent troops to suppress the refugees, they were almost executed on the spot without blowing off dust. On that day, the river outside the small town was red.
However, just like the failed uprisings in history, if one falls, another will follow.
If the emperor will exploit and oppress, then the people can’t help but destroy him. On that day, you can’t see that the heroes such as the first emperor in the past ended up dying because of one more generation of Daqin.
Small-scale uprisings began to emerge in all parts of the Song Dynasty. These insurgents were ordinary people. Because they couldn’t live, they wanted to cross the rubicon and fight hard, so that the insurgents could not fight back against the regular army of the Song Dynasty.
It was at the beginning that the local people’s forces were losing ground, and the emperor wanted to make an example of them, so he cut off the roots of those defeated forces, but he didn’t want to arouse their rebellious mind more and more.
Gradually, local people’s forces began to unite, and brave warriors and learned people joined in. The official army of the Song Dynasty could no longer be invincible as before, and they began to lose, which just gave the people more encouragement.
If the rebels at first just expressed their resentment to the court, they still hoped that the court would kill the traitor and corrupt officials and return to their former lives, but later they were fighting for their own freedom, and it was best to be the king of Zhanshan.
But in the end, perhaps ignorance or hazy thoughts began to change. Since the emperor can’t do it, they can change the world by themselves.
And the first thing to change all this is to overthrow this decadent rule.
I have something to say.
I finally came back to China. This trip was so frustrating. The first thing I did after I got some sleep was to code the duck! This volume is also fast.
Chapter 19 Chapter 19
When the Song Dynasty was in chaos, Mu Fu still didn’t take action. It seemed that everything was the same in his eyes, which was incredible to Chai Jin.
At the beginning, when Mu Fu came to Chai Jin and wanted to form an alliance, Chai Jin had already seen Mu Fu’s ambition, because they were all the same kind of people and all had designs on that position.
But now, troubled times will rise and MuFu didn’t move at all. Chai Jin really can’t think of any other explanation except his heart.
Even outsiders like Chai Jin know that if Mufu is allowed to give up his plan, he will not be him.
Yes, when Chai Jin asked Mufu to fulfill the previous agreement, he asked Mufu about his plan, and Mufu had nothing but arms and supplies to Chai Jin as originally agreed.
Just when others don’t like Bai Mufu’s practice, Mu Fu doesn’t care about fooling around at home at all!
"Mu, what are you going to do? Isn’t now the time you need? " Li Mochou looked at teasing MuFu also some think impassability now don’t start work when are you waiting for?
"Don’t worry, you DaSong national strength such as? As the saying goes, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, but it is still a long time before some Uzbeks want to overthrow the emperor’s rule! "
Even now, there have been several waves of people’s forces, and they often win in the process of confronting the imperial court, but they are not optimistic about their ability
If you want to take advantage of the chaos to seek benefits, it is not easy for ordinary people to do it, because they often accidentally put themselves in. Timing is the most important thing, and the time needed by Mu Fu has not yet arrived.
Li Mochou stared at the shadow of Mu Fu. He was as subtle as the sun and the moon, but as dazzling. Her mind turned. "You mean it’s not chaotic enough now?"
"Yes," Mufu nodded and looked at Li Mochou with a smile. "We have nothing to rely on. If we don’t make a move, we will achieve our goal."
Mufu dare not lose, he can’t afford to lose, and he can seize this only opportunity, even though his heart is very anxious.
Although there is a lot of confusion in the Song Dynasty, the people are still sitting on the throne. Don’t ask Mu Fu how he knows, just say that those Wulin people don’t support that one wholeheartedly, otherwise there will be a good day for them today.
Compared with ordinary people, it will be even more sad, which is why there are more insurgents or ordinary people.
At present, the martial arts sects have not been blended into one court, but they have sent troops to suppress the uprising forces. Mu Fu can almost guess that those people either failed and died or fantasized about the emperor’s heart, and in the end they will not be the same field.
But if you really want to do it, you should do it absolutely and there is no room for turning back.
What Mu Fu has to do now is to wait for them to exhaust the last fantasy of Emperor Dasong and the court, and then they will consume some government troops’ fighting capacity. When the situation becomes more chaotic, it is time for him to make moves.
However, the time for Mufu to wait will come soon.
Dasong chaos has not been settled for a long time, and now Dasong is in a state of disarray, and Daliao has always coveted Dasong, and it has begun to stir.
Perhaps the emperor of Da Liao is more enterprising than the emperor of Da Song, because he has never let go of the idea of attacking the Song Dynasty in the south, but he has never had a chance.
But now the opportunity has come.