Han Xiumo took a bite of sugar-coated haws and pulled Yunmingyuan to a stall selling materials.

Yun Mingyuan has a reverence for most of the delicacies in the field of repair, and he treats candied haws in the same way. He is more serious about eating candied haws-really speaking, he still wants to eat candied haws himself?
But YunMingYuan don’t think what’s the problem.
He took a bite of the sugar-coated haws, and after the sugar coating was removed in his mouth, the hawthorn left behind brought something to Yun Mingyuan … a very magical experience.
He swallowed the hawthorn with a straight face.
There are some distortions in expressions.
Of course, except Han Xiumo, no one found Yunmingyuan’s little move.
Han Xiumo smiled. It turns out that this person doesn’t like to eat sour.
"Boss, how much is this thing?" Han Xiumo pointed to a black stone with fine aura as if he were interested in it.
At Han Xiumo, the stall-stall friar raised his eyelids and found that this man’s strength was a little unpredictable. His face suddenly changed and his face was filled with laughter. "This elder has a good eye. This is a rare treasure from the secret land! Want a stone! "
Han Xiumo gherardini looked at the stall this ordinary stone "is it? What is this secret? "
The hawker’s face is not embarrassed at all. "That’s natural. We pay attention to honesty when setting up stalls and doing business. This is the treasure brought out by opening the Shen Garden Secret a few days ago. Our eyes are not as good as those of our predecessors."
Yunmingyuan thinks this monk is quite interesting.
The peddler wondered in his heart. He just took this stone out of a pile of things when he bought it. Is it really a treasure?
But looking at Han Xiumo’s interest, he still bit to death. This is a baby story and he didn’t let go.
Han Xiumo turned to something else without looking at the stone again. "Do you have any gold-plated sand?"
The vendor looked at the pile of sand and was flattered, but he dared not continue to make up his story. He honestly replied, "Although these sands contain a certain amount of gold-plated sand, the quantity is not much. You can’t just say that."
This kind of sand is the river that Yunding Mountain passes through Linping City, but it contains gilded sand, but its weight is too small for anyone to see.
The sand in front of him seems to be the gold-plated sand that brought the family home. The child who was bent on making gold-plated sand from the river accidentally left it here. It was just a few gold-plated sand the size of sesame seeds.
If he dares to sit on the ground and start with a lot of sand, even someone will tear it down immediately next to him.
Chapter 134 The duke
But if things are really what he thinks, even Yun Mingyuan, who recognizes his own feelings, feels that the original owner is really unlucky.
Of course, everything is his guess, which may not be true.
Han Xiu ink also noticed YunMingYuan expression didn’t continue this topic.
Yun Mingyuan took one look around and arranged a sound insulation law around him, adding heavy insurance. Han Xiumo talked about the business "I got something in the tomb of the God King."
He will remember the concentric deed that paper handed Han Xiumo didn’t speak.
Han Xiumo suddenly understood Yun Mingyuan’s meaning after reading it. He looked at Yun Mingyuan with a wink and smiled nervously. "Would you like to make a concentric contract with me?"
Yunmingyuan eyes lit up.
Although it seems very difficult to form a concentric contract, it is really not difficult to form a concentric contract.
Because the God King Xiu is an array mage, the concentric deed is an array deed. If you want to conclude a concentric deed, you need to arrange a concentric array and conclude a contract. Both parties should keep absolute faith in each other, but the whole process will not achieve the desired result if there is a little mistake.
Han Xiumo’s asking this means that he is willing to make a concentric pact with himself.
Realizing this, Yunmingyuan’s face emerged with a smile in hindsight.
Han Xiumo noticed his look and smiled.
The arrangement of concentric array is not too difficult, even in Yun Mingyuan’s eyes, it is a low array, but he still has an extremely concentrated and heart when arranging array.
Concentric contract has strict conditions, but at the same time it can do many things.
Through the concentric tone, it can be unnoticed by other monks-after all, it is the Godking-level Godsworn who creates the contract, and the Godking-level Godsworn can insert the two-person tone.
King Yu Shen …
This level of monks now fix true boundary root?
Don’t worry about the root
In addition to the direct sound, the concentric deed can also sense the position of both parties. If they are separated for various reasons, they can also sense the position and direction of the other party through the concentric deed, and then they will not use other tools to communicate.
More importantly, concentric contract is a kind of contract that can be upgraded. With the increase of two people’s feelings or tacit understanding, some restrictions of concentric contract can be gradually solved. For example, one party to the contract can share the injury of the other party, and even transfer the injury of the other party to himself.
Not only that, but the most overbearing thing about concentric contracts is that if something happens to one of them, the other party can forcibly collect the blood of the other party through the contract. If there are enough natural materials and treasures, it can even bring people back from the dead!
Yun Mingyuan is a little white. Why would Hugh Kui say that this paper is special?
When the concentric deed was completed, God Wang Xiu felt the strong thunder robbery.
But he carried it hard.
Because Wang Hao Ji, the God of Heaven, was in a contract, Wang Xiu, the God of Heaven, was not hacked to death by Lei Jie. Because of the appearance of Lei Jie, Xiu improvised and added the item that he could resurrect the other party.
Of course, the price of resurrection is also huge, which is not an easy thing.
For Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo at present, to make them immortal should also be different at all. The fourth function of life and death is the same.
But be prepared
Although I don’t think they have a contract to live and die together, that day
Concentric array is a method of painting on the body array. Both people need a concentric array to form a concentric contract through their hearts and blood.
Yun Mingyuan first experimented with his wrist and drew a small concentric array on his left wrist to confirm that there was no problem with the array, and finally drew an identical array in Han Xiumo’s hand.
-a scientific researcher is to look at his hand rigorously. Han Xiumo’s hand is exactly the same, and even the position is not different at all. Yun Mingyuan feels very satisfied.
Han Xiumo can’t quite understand what this obsessive-compulsive disorder means anyway, but the two arrays are quite cute.
Yunmingyuan didn’t know where to take out a small and exquisite jade bowl. Han Xiumo forced a drop of his heart blood into the bowl, and then one person took half of it and just finished drawing the law.
The two hands suddenly shone brightly, not dazzling white, but colorful rainbow light.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo formed a contract in the blink of an eye.
Han Xiumo’s heart blood appeared in Yunmingyuan’s abdomen, floating in the abdomen, and Yunmingyuan’s heart blood also appeared in Han Xiumo’s abdomen.
Yunmingyuan gave Han Xiumo a wink.
[repairing ink? 】
[hey? Can you really hear it? 】
Han Xiumo also gave him a wink.
[Can’t other monks really hear us through the contract sound? 】
Yunmingyuan shook his head.
"But there is no need to be so serious now that there are two of us."
Han Xiumo winked at Yunmingyuan.
In fact, Yunmingyuan dare not say so absolutely at this point.
Chapter 135 No Kung Fu
And Yunmingyuan Han Xiumo heard that the footsteps were a row of magnificent animals mounted in a uniform team.