Li Feigai looked at Jiang Lianqi in disbelief. "You, what did you say?"

Jiang Lianqi suddenly realized that he had made a slip of the tongue and cursed himself in his heart. He immediately changed his tone, "I will say it casually."
Li Fei wanted to think, too. Jiang Lianqi may have been so naive that he stopped talking.
Jiang Lianqi looked out of the window and the voice softened. "Little moon cake, the weather is fine today. Shall I take you out for a walk?"
"I … I don’t want to go out." Li Fei was afraid to bend his knees and put his head in his knees.
It’s ironic to say that some time ago, he racked his brains to go out, but now he is trying to stay at home.
Jiang Lianqi gently raised Li Fei’s head and left a gentle kiss on his eyebrow. "I’ll accompany you. Let’s go for a walk with Horus, okay? It has been at home for many days. "
Horus Li Feicai has a little spirit. He bit his lip very much. "Will you always accompany me?"
Jiang Lianqi’s heart is happy. It seems that Li Fei accepted his proposal. This is a huge breakthrough. Anyway, Li Fei is finally willing to contact the outside world. This is a good thing. "Of course, I will follow you everywhere. You can’t get rid of it if you want."
Li Fei was silent for a long time. "… all right."
After hearing Li Fei’s promise to Jiang Lianqi, he immediately found clothes to help him change his hat and mask, and then he took Horus out together.
Jiang Lianqi left hand holding Li Fei Li Fei holding Horus two people wandering around at home.
Jiang Lianqi’s eyes flashed a trace of coldness, and they were followed. They were so persistent that they spent seven days in front of his house and were followed as soon as they went out.
Jiang Lianqi silently took out his mobile phone and asked his own people to protect him in the dark, so that he could solve them when necessary.
Jiang Lianqi held Li Fei’s hand tightly. It was too tense and too strong. Li Fei couldn’t help but frown in pain.
When Jiang Lianqi reacted, he found that Li Fei’s hand had been bruised by him. He was annoyed. "You’re stupid. You can’t say it when it hurts?" The most afraid of pain is quite tolerable at this time. "
Li Fei lowered his eyes. "I don’t want to give you any more trouble."
Jiang Lianqi is very resistant to "you didn’t give me any trouble"
Li Fei didn’t speak again, but stared at the tip of his shoe and walked for a distance. "Lian Qi, take me to see a psychiatrist."
Chapter Erqi How much does he owe you?
"Is it really possible to go to Muzhou alone?" Jiang Lianqi asked if he was not at ease
Li Fei nodded with a smile and said, "Well, I feel like I’m almost all right now. I know you have a lot of important things to accompany me to put aside."
Jiang Lianqi held Li Fei’s face with both hands. "Those are not more important than you."
Li Fei holds Jiang Lianqi’s hands back. "But it’s hard for you, isn’t it? I have also actively cooperated with the treatment during this period, which is almost the same. Don’t worry, the company is still waiting for you. "
Jiang Lianqi sighed, "I will finish it early, and you will stay in Muzhou and I will pick you up."
Li Fei waved his hand. "No, you’re busy enough."
Jiang Lianqi primly said, "Be obedient."
Li Fei nodded "I see"
Then they drove to their respective destinations.
After Jiang Lianqi came to the company, he sat in the conference room with a cold face and looked at the stubborn old men. "What is the important thing that I have to come?"
One of the shareholders said, "recently, the company’s performance has been stagnant. Have you spent too much thought on Li Zhou?" He’s involved in a murder case. Give him up and give someone else. We’re in business, not charity! Do you know how much you have lost by going your own way? "
Jiang Lianqi sat in his seat "because of this?"
The shareholder glared angrily and slapped a table "What do you mean" this thing "? It’s a murder case. Isn’t that serious? ! Now young people are really fearless! "
Jiang Lianqi, as always, calmly put his hands on the armrest of the chair and glanced around for a while. The shareholders are all Millennium foxes. What are you playing with him?
Jiang Lianqi said coldly, "Li Zhou was wronged, and the police have washed away his grievances. Don’t talk nonsense or you can sue you for slander. Secondly, who do you want me to hold? Is it your relative? Or the one who slept with you? "
The shareholder’s face changed, but he still insisted, "You, what do you mean?" ! Don’t talk nonsense! Beware of my withdrawal! "
Jiang Lianqi’s eyes are full of ridicule, just like the person in front of him is a clown. You can give me a refund, but it’s interesting to see which of us has the most to lose! "
Another shareholder is in a bit of a dilemma. The two men are so tit for tat that they can’t get anything good, so they just come to be peacemakers. "Oh, come on, come on, both of you. President Jiang, in fact, the main purpose of calling you here today is to understand why Li Zhou has to be? If we spend money on him now, we will lose money … "
Jiang Lianqi glanced at him. "You can rest assured that you will never lose money. Even if you do lose money, I will pay for your losses from my own pocket. Aren’t you waiting for me to say this?"
The shareholder was embarrassed. "Ah, this ….. President Jiang, what must Li Zhou do? Although his professional ability is very good, but several other artists are no worse than him. It is not biased to give priority to all resources to Li Zhou. "
Jiang Lianqi took a deep breath and looked around the table. The dozens of shareholders sank slowly. "Listen, the original intention of my opening this company is that Li Zhou would not want this company without him."
Shareholders can’t help looking at each other when listening to Jiang Lianqi’s horrified secular words. Why do young people say things so dead now?
Jiang Lianqi way "are there any questions? There is no doubt that the meeting will be dismissed! "