They didn’t expect to see Wu Min at this time. Wu Min is different from others. These people don’t seem to be savage and reasonable.

Wang Gan eyes flashing carefully looked at these people’s costume eyes gradually "dew" different "color". He could clearly feel that these personal clothes could actually induce the dust, and the tiny dust particles in the gas would be adsorbed to him.
Thinking of the recent star rain, he suddenly realized that he had received a hundred dollars of stardust in such a small place in the dry sea. It is conceivable how much stardust the whole continent has dropped. If he owns such a dress, I really don’t know how much money he can receive when he runs around the whole continent. This is much more convenient than refining the land on his side.
Thinking of this, his interest in these wumin clothes suddenly increased greatly.
On that day, after seeing these people, their cousins suddenly "exposed" and suddenly "colored", before they noticed that someone was lurking nearby, they didn’t bother to find out that it was these people.
The only disappointment is Qin Youqian, who wants to wait for someone, not these witch people but that person.
Is it because she can’t understand that her brother is in trouble and she’s not nervous about being a master?
Yes, it is Wu Taiqing that Qin Youqian wants to wait for someone.
Since that incident, this brother Wu has disappeared again. Although she knows that he has been hanging around Luo Tian, she can’t see him. She knows that Wu Taiqing is deliberately avoiding herself, which makes her very unwilling. She has always wanted to find a chance to see him and make it clear.
Later, Qin Youqian learned that Wu Taiqing had recently received a new brother, so these days she has been secretly betting on Wang Gan. Today, this opportunity has finally come.
She doesn’t care if Wang Gan is practicing magic. On the contrary, she thinks that if Wang Gan is practicing magic, it will be in line with Wu Taiqing’s style. I think this must be what he calls "experiment" again.
If she wants to rescue Wang Gan, it doesn’t let people know that he is a magic practice. She just needs to kill all the people here without leaving anyone alive, which she can do, but she hasn’t done, not because she is soft-hearted, but because she is waiting for Wu Taiqing to appear.
But the man didn’t show up all the time
Qin Youqian’s face shows a wry smile. She understands that even his brother is his thing for that person.
"Don’t worry, I don’t have any enemies. It’s just a coincidence that I’m here, because there’s something very important to us in the Tang Palace, but it’s a pity that we didn’t find it." The man put on a very sorry expression and smiled lightly. "But I did see a wonderful show. I hope you don’t jump to conclusions about whether this person is practicing magic or not."
"Do you want to try?" An elder sink a way
"You should all know that my witchcraft is better than magic, and there is a kind of witchcraft called scene reappearance, which can make what happened before reappear."
Hearing this, Miao Ze suddenly changed his face "color" and shouted, "This man is the public enemy of my cultivation of immortals. You can’t trust him!"
He is afraid that if what happened before is repeated, his brothers and sisters in heaven and earth will be exposed if they conspire to kill Director Wang!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one The scene reproduces a major misunderstanding
See Miao Ze really said that day, the younger brothers suddenly came over in vain and hurriedly made eyes "color" at the elders.
"Hum puzzling! Who knows whether your witchcraft is true or not? If magic is used to trick me, don’t you have to be the one? " Seeing the color of my brother’s eyes, the elder said, "You are all in the same boat. I advise you to leave the temple quickly or you won’t escape after killing this magic practice!"
When they heard his words, they all nodded secretly. Since ancient times, Friar Wumin has been nervous. If it weren’t for their large number and not setting foot on the mainland at ordinary times, they would be wiped out like magic repair.
As the saying goes, in the eyes of these right paths, they are the only ones who walk, and they are all on the other side.
Compared with these witches, they are more willing to believe what the elders say.
"Master Qin Feng, you’d better hand over Wang Gan quickly. I have a secret message back to the door. The elder will arrive here soon, and you can’t protect him!"
Not only the Heaven and Earth Gate, but also the elders of other sects are secretly inquiring about the problem of magic cultivation. Every sect has the same position.
Seeing that the master in the door will be present soon, the confidence of the people suddenly increased, and the fear of Qin Youqian also decreased a lot. "Force" wants to "force" her to hand over Wang Gan.
"Qin Feng is in public and private. I think it’s better to hand over Wang Gan, or it’s a great disadvantage for you if they fall on a charge of shielding magic repair!" Zhao Hong aside fanned the flames, eyes flashing with malice.
"Hum! The big deal is that I will kill these people. "Qin Youqian is tired of waiting, and his eyes are gradually" dew ".Cold light has already shook the hilt and he is really going to kill.
From this, we can see that Wu Taiqing’s influence on her is also very profound. It is impossible for ordinary people to do such scruples.