"You have a point, Mr. Chang, but I don’t want to leave Rome now. I have a good heart and hope in Rome."

It’s really stubborn to be constantly cursing in your heart!
Changsheng didn’t continue to persuade him. He came to Stramaccioni, yes, but he couldn’t be too urgent.
That makes you look worthless.
So he told Stramaccioni Lazio that he could call himself whenever he opened the door and wanted to come.
Stramaccioni did not swear, but politely expressed his gratitude to Lazio for seeing him.
The atmosphere of the first communication between the two sides was very harmonious. We were all adults, and we didn’t leave a way out for each other.
Hanging up is always better than frowning and biting your nails
If Stramaccioni doesn’t come, he really can’t find a more suitable youth training coach
His coaching staff is short of people, and he is always in no hurry because he has been chosen and Lotito has been sent to the United
This man is Roberto Di Matteo.
In fact, I should have gone to dimatteo in July, but at that time, all the managers of Changsheng were buying and selling people and fighting against Lazio extreme fans.
And he knew that dimatteo was a coach in Milton Keynes for 27 years, but he didn’t remember the specific time.
So he remembered to ask Lotito to help him find this person in January.
At this time, because the team has finished the physical training stage and turned to tactical training, there is a shortage of manpower at this time.
As a result, Lotito inquired that dimatteo was working with Milton Keynes!
Changsheng was scared out in a cold sweat.
His memory suddenly improved this time. He remembered that dimatteo signed Milton Keynes in July.
Now it’s January, and Milton Keynes is linked with dimatteo. It seems that the world has changed a lot because of himself, even if these changes are not self-caused, what connection is it?
Fortunately, you and they are still connected.
This means that you still have a chance!
So when Lotito was urged to step up by winning, Di Matteo hoped to invite dimatteo to join his coaching team.
Roberto Di Matteo used to be a Lazio player, which may help him steal dimatteo from Milton Keynes.
After all, dimatteo went to Milton Keynes as a head coach, but he can be a general coach when he comes to Lazio. There is a big gap …
Changsheng has no idea whether it can be done.
If we find Milton Keynes before he joins dimatteo, the success rate will be much higher.
Now that people have a better choice, they may not accept Lazio’s invitation.
Now a week has passed.
There is still no news from dimatteo. Changsheng has gradually given up hope … He intends to find a coach to do it first.
Let’s think about the director of the youth training camp first …
As a result, at this time, his mobile phone rang.
Lotito called!
Always win the connection
"We usually get it done" sounded Lotito’s words without head or tail.
"What’s done?" Changsheng is at a loss
"Roberto Di Matteo! Didn’t you ask me to contact him? "