Li Cheng and Granger strolled from noon to noon, and the trunk was full of things.

By the time Li Cheng and Granger came back, the house was already very clean. Li Cheng cleaned up the kitchen and just walked into the living room and sat down, the words rang.
"hey! Dad, you’re in new york, right? Okay, okay, you can rest assured! You can see us as soon as you come out. "Li Cheng hung up, but there was no excitement in his heart. I have seen my parents at the gate, and now I have the ability to support this family. This meeting is of different significance.
On the way to the airport, Granger curled his lips and said, "How can you compensate me for working here all day?"
"My mother said she would treat you to the most authentic China dumplings when she came to make dumplings for us."
"This is not bad." Granger was satisfied with this "compensation"
Seeing my parents Li Cheng at the airport, I suddenly felt a sour nose.
I haven’t seen my parents for half a year, and they look a lot older. Obviously, those things have a great influence on them. "For a long time, my parents were under great pressure!" Fortunately, now I have ambition. "
Father is still as silent as before, but his eyes are full of something called pride.
Granger praised authentic China dumplings in the evening, but his chopsticks were really funny. Everyone was very happy to eat this meal. After dinner, Li Cheng sent Granger away and went home. Mother was washing dishes in the kitchen, while father was sitting at the table smoking a cigarette.
Smoke filled the air and his father’s gray hair made Li Cheng feel desolate. The father who was once in high spirits has gone.
"Dad that … how can the company suddenly went bankrupt? If that ship sinks, it should be the bankruptcy of the insurance company! " Li cheng sat opposite his father hesitated for a moment or said
Li Jianmin took a look at Li Cheng and took a heavy drag on the flue. "That thing has nothing to do with you. You just have to do your own thing now."
Li Cheng wanted to say something more, but he was stared back by his father. He didn’t ask this question again. Li Jianmin sighed, "It’s too complicated. I’ll tell you later when I have a chance!"
"Then have you ever thought about making a comeback? It won’t be a problem for me to find a broker to sign a new contract and sign a few advertisements to endorse the money next season. "
"Forget it, I am very happy to see your success now." Li Jianmin continued a flue for himself. "The happiest thing for me now is to see your news. You are the greatest achievement in my life and the biggest dream for half a generation!"
Li Cheng gawked at his father, "Dream?"
"Once my dream was shattered, but now my dream is even more beautiful," my father continued to sigh. "If I lost Sang Yu in the east corner, how could I force you to be so outstanding if it wasn’t for bankruptcy? I am very satisfied in this life! "
Chapter ninety-three China spray
Mother came out after she was busy in the kitchen, and the three of them sat in the restaurant and chatted.
Li Cheng beat the red wine he bought in the afternoon. The family hasn’t seen each other for a long time, and so many things have happened during this time. Naturally, there is a lot to say.
Li Jianmin’s cigarettes are one after another, and Li lit one according to the occasion, but after that, he stopped smoking. Now he is used to his identity. A professional player has some bad things, and he is determined not to touch him, but he wants to keep his career going.
In the nba, every player who loves basketball wants his career to last forever. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic. No matter how strong gifted man is, players can’t escape the wheel rotation. What every player can do is to prolong the time when they are chased.
After talking a lot about my parents, my mother finally led the topic to Li Chengshen. "How are you going to end up with all the fuss you made in China?"
Li Cheng wanted to say "Don’t mind my own business" habitually, but after all, he grew up and finally realized the importance of his parents during his stay in the United States. He patiently replied, "It’s no big deal to come, but some people don’t want to see me well and some reporters have nothing to do."
"The news said that you want to join American citizenship and quit the China national team …"
Li Cheng took a sip of red wine and said, "Nothing, and even if I want to, can my dad agree?"? He won’t break my leg? "
"Rabbit cub, have I ever hit you when you are so big?" Li Jianmin said discontentedly
Li Cheng coughed awkwardly and said, "I don’t think so, but you certainly won’t agree to my naturalization as an American citizen, just as you are cynical and patriotic, otherwise our family would have emigrated."
Li Jianmin was silent for a long time, picked up a cup and took a sip of wine, then drew a cigarette from the cigarette case on the table and took a sip. The smoke slowly rose around the light bulb and Li Jianmin sighed. A father said, "If you really want to do this, then do it!"! I won’t stop you. "
Li Cheng looked at his father in surprise. He didn’t expect that even this father would agree. Before he asked his father to immigrate to the United States with his family, he almost got beaten up. After that, he never dared to immigrate. But now his father actually agrees to become an American citizen. Is this still the old father?
Looking at Li Cheng’s surprised eyes, Li Jianmin said, "After all, you have grown up. There are some things that you have to measure yourself. I won’t care about you. From a father’s point of view, I won’t stop you, but from a China citizen’s point of view, I don’t recommend you to become an American citizen."
"…" Li Chengyu, but they didn’t delve into this problem. It was late when they went to see it. They packed up and went back to their room to sleep.
Li Cheng is still very satisfied with the team’s allocation of this three-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment for himself. He didn’t lose sleep on the first night in this strange environment and soon fell asleep.
Compared with Sung Jae Lee’s side, he fell asleep peacefully, but another person was writing an article carefully in front of his head.
Zhao Xinglin recorded the scene that happened in the fast loan arena completely, and he wrote the article on the night of the end of the game. However, because his post basketball world is a bimonthly magazine, it is too early for his article to meet the fans through the magazine. The day of the Cavaliers’ game is March 14, and the basketball world magazine will not meet the audience until March 14. He posted this article on his blog.
Because of Li Cheng, Zhao Xinglin has also been in the limelight recently. His article was quickly cited by some colleagues, and many colleagues turned his article because of jealousy.
Recently, Li Cheng has been sought after by everyone, among which Wang He, a reporter from Star Planning Society, and Peng Xinhai, a reporter from Basketball Pioneer, are the most enthusiastic. But so far, no journalist has really published an article to support Li Cheng and Zhao Xinglin, which is the first in China.
Zhao Xinglin, a newcomer, has been in the limelight recently, which has already made some people very unhappy. This time, Zhao Xinglin himself died and was very jealous of others. How can he not seize the opportunity?
Zhao Xinglin’s article has caused an uproar in China. He criticized his colleagues in China for praising Li Cheng’s statement, and this article attracted him a great scolding.
At this time, most China fans watch the nba, that is, they watch a lively Rockets team, which is definitely not the most gorgeous team in the nba. However, the fans he has in China make other teams look forward to it. Obviously, at this time, China fans are watching the ball more for Yao than for basketball.
It was not until 29 years that the gorgeous purple and gold aristocrat, the Los Angeles Lakers, was in full swing, and their swords pointed to the championship. When China 5 broadcasted the Lakers’ rocket game, the Lakers were able to slightly lead the Rockets. That is to say, at this time, China fans are in a transitional period, and there are still not many people who really pay attention to basketball.
How angry are you in the Great Heaven? Moreover, there are many more people who dare to talk on the Internet than in reality. Once online, many people become perfect models of moral guardians and patriots.
Actually, these slogans shouted louder than anyone else, and they all ran away as soon as they were asked to have some "dry goods"
In those days, the student leader who burned Zhao Jialou turned out to be a big traitor. This kind of person is the most true portrayal of those who know and love.
Zhao Xinglin’s blog was quickly besieged by a group of such spouts, and he was instantly drowned by several mouthfuls of water.
But even so, he still has no remorse. He has strengthened his mind. He must make those people wake up. He must let them know that Li Cheng is the most precious asset of China basketball. This China defender with talent that does not belong to Kobe and Iverson will definitely become a leading basketball player in China and will definitely lead China basketball to a new height.
Zhao Xinglin works harder to write the article, and he wants to present everything perfectly to the fans with his own pen.
At this moment, Zhao Xinglin’s words rang. When he saw that the number was from China, but it was a strange number, he simply didn’t answer it. Today, he got a lot of words from the leader, but he was tired of explaining it. However, Zhao Xinglin was a little tired of this words. He picked up the words and prepared to state the reasons he had said n+1 times again, but he was ecstatic after he communicated with the people in the conversation for two games.
Chapter ninety-four Xiao Li fly knife
Zhao Xinglin’s article can be attacked by a group of people on the internet, which means that his article is still very highly exposed.
There are still a group of people in China who are very interested in Li Cheng. They also know very well what Li Cheng means to China basketball. He is definitely an opportunity for China basketball to rise. He is the most precious asset of China basketball. It is absolutely not allowed to trample on it like this. However, these people are much worse than those who are overwhelming on the net in terms of quantity and madness.
Yu Yang is known as Li Cheng’s brain powder. How can he not pay attention to commenting on Li Cheng’s articles? He saw Zhao Xinglin’s article almost at the first time. When he saw Zhao Xinglin’s article, he had a feeling of finding a bosom friend. He finally found Zhao Xinglin’s way after many twists and turns
"Hey, Mr. Zhao, I finally found another like-minded person today."
"Who are you, please?" Zhao Xinglin still doesn’t know who the bearer is.
Yu Yang said awkwardly, "Mr. Zhao, my name is Yu Yang. I took the liberty."
"Oh, what can I do for you?"
"Well, the first time Mr. Zhao saw Li Cheng playing in China, I was deeply attracted. Then he was accused of being the chief culprit of Yao’s injury. This is also the case from an objective point of view. When the game was over, he made a forced breakthrough and caused Yao’s injury. It was a hard breakthrough. From this point of view, he needed to pay some responsibility, but it was a young man who was eager to win. He was affectionate, but the original news was just a little better. There was no need for overwhelming abuse."
Yu Yang has been talking and Zhao Xinglin listened confidently. He didn’t believe that the other party was calling to complain to him. There must be something.
Yu Yang went on to say, "However, it is even more absurd for this matter to develop in the future. It is obvious that some people are manipulating public opinion and some people want public pressure to crush Li Cheng. We have been trying to reverse this situation, but there is no place to make it!"
"What are you doing now?"
"We gathered some people on the net, and we made one for Li Chengwang. These were all done spontaneously by our fans. We want more people who love China basketball to realize that Li Cheng is the most valuable asset of China basketball and not to let him be ruined by a group of people."
"So you want me to join you by joining me?"
"Yes, we have an idea, but we can’t get in touch with Li Cheng and you are, but we can do it. We want Li Cheng to tell the truth himself, and our website is a platform."