For such an opponent, Changsheng also dare not take it lightly.

The first defeat he suffered when he coached Rome this season was given by messina. It was still the second round of the league when Rome challenged messina away.
Messina’s home court is located in Sicily, where the fans are extremely enthusiastic and always win. Together with Rome, they feel the "enthusiasm" of Sicilian fans.
Although "Glider" Montera scored a hat trick in the competition, it still helped to change the result.
Finally, after 90 minutes of fierce fighting, Rome lost to messina at 34 on the road.
That game was also the trigger for Totti to jump out and oppose him.
After losing the game, the Italian media laughed at the constant victory.
"If you can’t even win a newly promoted horse, what do you expect Rome to gain from him?"
"This game fully proves how unsuited winning is to Italian football. Montera broke out, but it still can’t stop the team from losing. So the responsibility is definitely not with the players but with the head coach …"
This is the media’s evaluation of Changsheng at that time.
In fact, what I want to talk about is often related to messina.
This time, before the new season, messina once again encountered a constant victory. Psychological warfare before the game must be played.
Messina coach Bottolo muti told reporters that his team is not afraid of Lazio at all, although Lazio just beat La Coruna 5 times in the International Toto Cup.
"I have a psychological advantage over Chang because we beat him last season," said the 51-year-old Muti half jokingly. "I hope I can successfully bring back often unpleasant memories in the game."
Roman supporters are also cheering for messina.
"messina is the ever-victorious terminator, and the game with messina will definitely make the ever-victorious unlucky!"
What is the answer to this constant victory?
He smiled. "I lost to messina last year, but that’s because I coached Rome instead of Lazio."
This answer made him win the favor of Lazio fans, but also offended Roma fans more deeply.
Changsheng has long been aware of this, and he should never be soft when attacking his opponent.
Anyway, when he jumped to his sworn enemy in the same city, Roman fans had already sentenced him to death.
At that time, after the news came out, Roman fans burned the portrait of Changsheng and the five-star red flag representing his nationality in the street.
This shows anger at the constant victory.
The constant victory has long offended Roman fans.
"Corriere dello Sport" advised before the game not to get carried away.
They think that they always win Rome in one season and lose to messina on the road because they always win and underestimate their enemies.
Changsheng is too lazy to fight this saliva lawsuit with reporters.
He is well aware of the conduct of the media.
If you want to lead Lazio to beat messina, then the media will have nothing to say.
This is what makes Changsheng like best in the football world. The winner Wang wants to win by himself, and he is a strong man with words.
After a series of victories, you can gain enough lofty status and hope in this circle.
This is much better than being a Sun Qiang with his tail between his legs in other industries.
It is no longer strange that Rome Olympic Stadium always wins.
He came here once when he was not the head coach of Rome. He defeated Rome here, which was the only victory that he led Valencia to Italy. His name was firmly engraved in the heart of Roman club president Sensi, who later coached Rome and laid the groundwork.
Later, when he became the head coach of Rome, this was his home court, and he became more familiar with the stadium.
However, he was kicked out of the house after only 13 rounds as a league host.
When he was kicked out of the house, he didn’t think he would stay in this stadium, but he changed the dressing room …