"You pay more attention to rest, but I don’t know what your practice skill is. Can’t you recover your strength by practicing it?" Cloud precious little month asked

"achievement method?" As soon as I got to the word Jingxiang, I frowned and felt that my scalp was numb and hurt again.
Look at her expression. Haikui quickly grabbed Shizuka’s smooth little hand. "Didn’t Xiyue tell you not to stimulate Shizuka if she has amnesia?"
Yunxiyue was a little flustered and apologized, "I’m sorry, I forgot. I’ll talk to my father later and see if there is any way."
Haikui nodded and said, "Thank you."
"Don’t thank me. We are all friends, but the sea ghost will discuss something with you. What do you think?" Cloud precious little moon wriggle said
Seeing her like this, Haikui feels that she seems to have an intention to herself, but she has nothing. What she wants is not to look at herself. She secretly rejoices that I am so attractive and smiles and says, "Go ahead and cherish the moon."
"I want to ask you if you have any sects?"
Haikui one leng shook his head.
"Do you have a family?" Cloud precious little month continued
"Family?" Haikui shook his head. "My relatives don’t have much contact. There is no family with a home, my father, my mother and me."
Yunxi Moon was happy. "Have you ever heard of the Alliance of Cultivating Immortals?"
"cultivate immortality alliance?" Why is this name so hanged? It turns out that there is also this organization. Haikui nodded. "I heard of it in the game!"
"It’s not a game, it’s reality," said Yunxi Yuenai.
"Not in reality" Haikui shook his head.
"Then do you want to join the cultivation alliance?" Cloud precious little hope asked.
"What are the benefits of joining?" Haikui doesn’t know what the alliance of cultivating immortals does, but it must have something to do with cultivating immortals.
"Benefits?" It seems that my father hasn’t told himself what good it is for them to join. His eyes were ga zi ng and he smiled. "Don’t you want more friends and more roads?" Don’t you want to be friends with me? "
Are you trying to seduce me? Haikui looked at the cloud and smiled at the moon. What do you think of that sentence is like * * naked seduction to yourself!
However, I am always seduced by beautiful women and I am absolutely unyielding!
But this is a beautiful woman. Well, I’ll do it.
Haikui also gave Yunxiyue an ambiguous smile. "Of course, I love to make friends with Haikui," he said proudly.
"Really, then you are willing to join the cultivation alliance?" Cloud precious little month happy said
"Precious moon mouth where can refuse, right?" Haikui hey hey said.
Yunxiyue looked moved. "Thank you, Sea Ghost. I am so touched."
Haikui mused in his heart, moved, and threw himself into my arms. Come and pounce, I am here waiting for you to pounce on his heart, YD thought.
Sure enough, the clouds cherish the moon and suddenly there is a thrill in Haikui’s heart. Come on, come and meet my YD heart.
Yunxiyue turned around and said, "I’ll tell my father that you agreed to join the alliance of cultivating immortals." The excitement flashed by.
"I’ll go" Haikui complained about my broken heart.
Head tilted against Shizuka’s shoulder.
"What are you doing?" Shizuka wondered and asked
"Shizuka, please comfort my injured heart." Haikui said with injustice.
"Go to hell, isn’t it good to chat with Yunxi Moon just now? Hum and go." A slap called Haikui aside.
"Hey," Haikui sighed lying on the sofa, "it’s still my girlfriend!"
"I don’t remember being your girlfriend," said Shizuka, rubbing her temples.
"I see the sky is blue, just like you warm your life by my side. There are too many regrets. The more people grow up, the more lonely they feel. I really want to fly, and I won’t be tired. The deeper my love is, the more painful my heart will be. I want to fly in my day, and I want to fly, alas, alas, alas, alas." Haikui whined.
Shizuka lifted a foot and kicked Haikui on the sofa. "Haikui, you are a tone-deaf guy, and I will divorce you."
"Hugh me what?" Haikui leng way
"Aren’t you my boyfriend? Not if you sing again." Shizuka said coldly.
"So I am still?" Haikui’s eyes sparkled with light.
"I don’t remember."
"I’ll go!"
Yunxiyue ran to the back garden and found that his father had disappeared. Looking around, he continued to walk back. Behind it was a long corridor, which was winding around and carved with jade fences, but the corridor led to many directions, and each direction was a single villa.
This cloud house is connected to each cloud family house except that the gate hall is common. The straighter it is, the closer it is to the hall.
Yunxiyue ran back to her villa, where her mother was reading a magazine and suddenly jumped next to her and found that her mother didn’t pay attention to herself. Yunxiyue muttered, "It’s not funny. Why doesn’t her mother get a fright every time?"
"I felt you as soon as you entered the door," said Yun’s mother with a smile.