If two people get to a place where Ling Feiyang and the evil wind king are sure to be injured, Ling Feiyang will definitely escape if he is injured in this situation!

However, just as the palms were about to contact, the evil wind king suddenly withdrew his palm and fled back quickly!
"Even if I can make a contribution by killing Ling Feiyang, I don’t want to be seriously injured by him again!" The evil wind king took advantage, but at the last moment he was afraid!
The two strong teams compete, and the brave one wins! The evil wind king hurried back to Ling Feiyang’s trick of "Kang Long has regrets", but his right thumb suddenly stabbed out. It was the Six-pulse Excalibur and the Little Shang Jian!
Although the evil wind king fled fast, Ling Feiyang’s firm but gentle spirit pierced the evil wind queen’s heart faster than him!
The evil wind king dies!
Ps: Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong were surrounded by enemies, but they still rescued Tai Zhao and killed the evil wind king, the great king of religion. However, the Mongolian Song Kingdom is thousands of miles apart. Can Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong travel across Qian Shan to get rid of the pursuit and interception of various masters? The scene of the hostage exchange did not show up, and Fusang Ren was bound to stop the eagle flying that day along the way. Is there a huge threat hidden? Will there be more frightening masters who teach the Six Mangs and the King of Heaven? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 242 DaSong too
At the moment when the evil wind king died, he came to nothing. It was this timidity in his heart that killed him!
King Lingnian, King Vajra, King Musketeer and Six Mangs were stunned when they saw the evil wind king suddenly fall to the ground and die!
Ling Feiyang took the opportunity to display flying skills and ran to the distance. These nine Mongolian masters are not as good as Ling Feiyang, but it is also nai to watch him run to the mountain!
In the face of the siege of the top ten Mongolian masters, Tai Zhao was still rescued by Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong, but also accompanied the evil wind king’s life. The scattered people in Tsing Yi were also seriously injured. The battle was defeated and Shu Chi’s heart was already very angry
"Father, don’t worry, there are flying ninjas who dare them to take Mrs. Zhao out of Mongolia!" Ba Dou suddenly said to Shu Chi
"Ling float in the sky you will fall in my hand sooner or later! I will spare you if you don’t save my life! " Shu Chi upward shouted to the sky.
Ling Feiyang ran all the way to plunge into lu shan to look forward along the horseshoe print of the little red horse. However, the little red horse trail was too fast, and Ling Feiyang chased it until the evening, but he still didn’t catch Hong Qigong and Zhao Qi.
After dark, the horseshoe prints have been identified, and Ling Feiyang has to continue to travel south.
"Xiao Xuan should have sent troops to meet us at the border of Mongolia and gold. We want seven males to protect Zhao Hong and get to the border …" Ling Feiyang thought.
However, at this time, Ling Feiyang suddenly heard a "get, get, get" horseshoe coming ahead! Ling Feiyang saw a fine horse running towards him in the night. It was the little red horse!
"How did the little red horse run back? Are they in danger? " Ling Feiyang’s heart is anxious to jump into the sunset immediately!
The little red horse seems to be exhausted, but it still puts on its hooves and turns around and flies away!
The little red horse ran out of Ling Feiyang for more than ten miles and suddenly saw a light in front of him. A Mongolian army with tens of thousands of people was actually in the way!
In the exchange of hostages, Ba Dou would have left a successful party to intercept Ling Feiyang and other three people who actually sent the Mongolian elite troops-Tanmachi Army! Even if Zhao Mao is rescued, this army will intercept the road to the Mongolian-Jin border and prevent the three people from returning to Song State!
After seeing this army, the little red horse did not rush directly, but immediately turned a corner and ran to the side of the army! And ran a few miles to a big sand dune on the side of the army.
"The sunset brought me here must be intentional …" Ling Feiyang was thinking of suddenly seeing a person hiding behind the sand dunes! Although this person is wearing a Mongolian soldier’s army, Ling Feiyang immediately saw his face as Song Guotai and Zhao Hong!
"Ling Shaoxia, you are finally here!" Zhao was greeted by Ling Feiyang at once.
"What brings you here? What about Qigong? " Ling Feiyang immediately asked
"Don’t worry, Mr. Hong has nothing to do. This is a trick set by Mr. Hong!" Zhao exa hurriedly said
Ling Feiyang was relieved to ask, "What’s the plan of the Seven Duke?"
"A few hours ago, when we were on our way, we found the Mongolian army. Senior Hong immediately hid, but we were not found." Zhao Qi said, "Senior Hong knew that there would be Mongolian experts in front to intercept us, so he sneaked into the vicinity of the army and arrested a lone Mongolian soldier, and then asked him to change clothes with me. Later, Senior Hong hid me behind this sand dune and let it take you here."
"So that’s it!" Ling Feiyang thought to himself, "Don’t look at the seven men who are bold and uninhibited, but they are crude and meticulous, so they should come up with such a strategy!"
"In that case, let’s bypass this army from the east and turn south and go straight to the border of Mongolia and Zimbabwe!" Ling Feiyang immediately let Zhao Yu sit behind him.
Ling Feiyang rode a little red horse to the east and ran out of ten miles. When he saw that there were no more lights in the south, he knew that he had reached the flank of the Mongolian army
To the east of the Mongolian army is the west foot of the yinshan mountains, where the terrain is steep and thorny, and there is no decent road. However, it is not a problem for such a master as Ling Feiyang. The two men took the little red horse all the way to the south and walked for more than an hour before taking a short rest.
"Ling Shaoxia, the first thing after the king ascended the throne is to make you a general to protect the country!" Zhao Hong said to Ling Feiyang while eating dry food.
"That doesn’t mean that I like to be free and unfettered, and what I hate most is house fighting and palace fighting …" Ling Feiyang said, "If I can escort you back to Lin ‘an safely, I hope you can be a gentleman and carry out the purpose of uniting gold and resisting Mongolia to make our Song kingdom strong!"
"Ling Shaoxia’s remarks are not what Wang thinks!" Zhao Qi laughed. "Since Ling Shaoxia doesn’t want to be an official, the queen will treat you as her best friend. We will share weal and woe together!"
In addition to that pile of beautiful younger sisters, Ling Feiyang’s friends are Ouyang Ke and Guo Jing. Now Ouyang Ke’s life and death are uncertain. Guo Jing turned against each other. It’s really not an easy thing for Ling Feiyang to find a friend to talk to. Although Zhao Qi is a royal brother, he looks quite masculine when fighting with Shu Chi. He is not the same kind of person as his bad father.
"Well, I’ll make you a friend, but I’ve always been an elder, and I may call you by your first name even in front of Manchu officials! At that time, don’t turn your face and kill my head! " Ling Feiyang said with a smile
"How come!" Zhao Hong also smiled and said, "Brother Ling is the savior of Wang. I swear now that if I do anything wrong to Brother Ling, I will die at your hands!"
After eating grass, the little red horse regained its spirit. Ling Feiyang and Zhao Hong rested here for more than two hours and then continued to travel south. Because Hong Qigong led the Mongolian master, no one intercepted them all the way.
After dawn the next day, the two men saw that the terrain in front was gradually flattened, so they rode the little red horse and continued to rush to the south. At this time, the two men had already circled the back of the Mongolian army, and Ling Feiyang knew that if there were no unexpected circumstances, they could go to the Damon-Gold border one day and one night later.
However, Ling Feiyang and Zhao exa didn’t notice the huge goshawk hovering from the top of the head high school and two yellow-brown eagle eyes shining on the ground. These two people!
Ps Hong Qigong’s stratagem led the Mongolian master Ling Feiyang to bypass the Mongolian army with Zhao Hong, who was about to arrive at the Mongolian-Jin border. Ling Feiyang Zhigao declined the promise of Taijia’s official promotion. However, the giant eagle had already discovered the whereabouts of the two people that day! A more severe challenge lies ahead of Ling Feiyang. How much will it cost to make Zhao Qi ascend to the throne? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 243 Wood hidden ninja
The little red horse galloped forward with Ling Feiyang and Zhao Qi, but was blocked by an oak forest in front.
The branches and leaves of these oak trees are very lush, which almost blocks the sunlight. The light in the forest is very dim. The forest is full of ivy vines, running by the little red horse method, and the horses of Zhao Qi are winding through the trees.
About five feet behind them, an arm-thick rattan suddenly crawled slowly! Zhao was walking behind Ling Feiyang and didn’t hear this cane make a "rustling" sound when it crawled!
At the moment, this rattan suddenly accelerated and rolled up like the same boa constrictor! Zhao was caught off guard and was entangled in the waist by rattan!
As soon as this rattan is entangled with Zhao Yu, it will shrink back immediately! Zhao exa shouted and flew back involuntarily!
Ling Feiyang suddenly turned back when she heard the noise and saw that Zhao was thrown by this rattan and hung on a thick branch!
Ling Feiyang’s figure is like a left arrow rushing towards the thick branch in the middle! However, another cane rolled up from nowhere, and once again entangled Zhao Yu’s body and threw it out several feet away!
Six-pulse Excalibur, don’t rush the sword! Ling Fei whisking disease right hand small pointing cane quickly point in the past!
Click! This cane immediately broke from it and Zhao Hong fell to the ground! However, the third cane was wrapped around and tied Zhao Qi tightly and then threw it further away!
Ling Feiyang saw Zhao exa’s body flying out of the range of Excalibur with six veins. He also picked up a cane from the ground and rolled it over to Zhao exa!