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Chapter sixty-two Into a tornado!
Luofeng town
Wei Yongshen’s generous black Se record is a record of fencing, which records his feelings at every breakthrough and makes experiments in order to seek a breakthrough. Although Chen Shaobai browsed it roughly, he also found a lot of things.
For example, something called "Ning Soul Dan" aroused his great interest. Wei Yongren was lucky enough to get a Ning Soul Dan to digest and absorb it before he successfully broke through to the realm of swordsmen.
After feeling the good luck of the other party, Chen Shaobai randomly found an inn and fell asleep.
This sleep is extremely sweet, from the dawn of the sun until the moon and stars are thin.
He didn’t wake up naturally.
A heartfelt throb came to Chen Shaobai, who suddenly clenched two swords around his side. A carp jumped up and the double swords sealed the weak points around him.
Moments later, nothing happened.
"It shouldn’t be … there is a terrible feeling that it should be that the strength exceeds me by one level."
Chen Shaobai blinked and pushed the guest room door to the floor to find out whether it was the bartender or the traveler. The swordsmen were stupefied at the entrance of the inn at the moment, and Se was as pale as gold paper and stared at the distance.
Looking along the line of sight of everyone, we can see a thousand-foot-long funnel to communicate with the world. It keeps spinning and spiraling around to suck Fiona Fang Baizhang creatures into it. Soon, these creatures are blown into blood fog by high-speed moving mud, iron pieces and broken swords, and they can’t die again.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
At this moment, the villagers’ minds in Luofeng Town are unprecedented, and they silently pray that it will not run over Luofeng Town and reap their lives.
Everyone prayed that this horrible natural creation gradually deviated from the distance when it was several hundred feet near the town of Phoenix.
The outermost wind pressure blows the dust and broken sand on the ground. Looking at the drifting tornado, Se’s pale eyes are full of joy.
"Is this a tornado or a hurricane? No matter what, it is not human beings who can compete. "
Chen Shaobai’s eyes with a hint of terror, such a destroyer may be able to barely resist the strong cement building in the past, but there is no luck in the blue brick thatched inn behind him. Once he is involved in this tornado, don’t say that he is a swordsman, even a swordsman’s peak figure, afraid of life and death.
"The realm of refining oneself can’t resist the" quenching gas "in that statement. If Wu Pei is here, I don’t think she will be waiting for death like me? "
Think of the scene when Ri Wupei’s finger is a little full of moonlight. Chen Shaobai is more and more eager for quenching gas. He won’t always be controlled by people when he controls that mysterious force.
Just as he took a little breath, a white light rushed out from his side.
"meow! Hey! "
The whole little white fox, who had a deep sleep and some fat, ran away in the direction of a tornado with her eyes shining like hūn medicine at the moment.
"Purple pupil!" Chen Shaobai’s pupil contracted slightly and hesitated whether to save Fox.
Who accompanied him and his fiancee to spend the most worrying two months? Who sent him Lei Yin jujube in times of crisis but was seriously injured?
Two questions passed in my mind. Chen Shaobai barely struggled, but he stepped like a meteor, and the wind shuttled like a sword, breaking the wind pressure in front. "Stop the dead meatballs!"
No sooner had his voice been exported than it was blown to pieces by the strong wind, but the little white fox in front seemed to hear his voice. Suddenly Zheng turned his head, and his mouth evoked a big arc to reveal a cute and tell-tale smirk.
Idolize, Chen Shaobai, caught the moon against the wind and broke out at a speed that he couldn’t imagine. He grabbed the purple pupil and roared angrily, "Meow your sister! You are a fox, not a cat! Pig head! "
Maybe God didn’t like the logical problem in this sentence, so he dropped the punishment.
Chen Shaobai suddenly raised his head and felt a comparable strength, and the whole person followed Teng. Before he completely lost consciousness, his only move was to hold the purple pupil in his arms and curl up the whole body.
When he woke up from a coma, it was already half a ri.
Yin Shi Tian Se is still dark. Although it is not opaque, it still looks a little y and n in this mountain. There is not a single figure in the dozens of miles of Fiona Fang.
There are plenty of trees, wolves, insects, tigers and leopards in the grass, and there is quite a ghostly smell in the forest.
However, Chen Shaobai is not afraid of his bold sword in hand.
Sword in hand?
Consciously stretched out his hand on the waist and found that Wanhe ink wound was still in Chen Shaobai’s heart, and there was a heartbreaking pain from his body. He looked down and his chest was with half a broken sword.
Today, his willpower is also tough, and there is not much hesitation and pain in the process of repairing and pulling out the broken blade by Qi therapy.
"hmm? Purple? " Looking around, I found no trace of the little white fox. Chen Shaobai’s surface Se was a little bleak.
If fox dies, what’s the point of taking risks?
"I can’t even protect myself if I can break through the secret of quenching gas!"
Chen Shaobai’s eyes were invaded by Yu Wang and longing, and the whole atmosphere gradually changed.
I’m afraid I’ll wake my fiancee immediately if she’s still around-beware of demons!
However, at this time, no one is obsessed with it, and the demons are getting deeper and deeper, and they are gradually ingrained. At ordinary times, there will be nothing that will immediately become a bottleneck once you try to break through these demons.
"Wei ri recorded in mind! Ning Soul Dan can help people break through into a sword hero! It is said that he saved a cousin of Qin Tianzong who was seriously injured, and the other party thanked him for Qin Tianzong … I have never heard of it before, so I must make a good inquiry when I go back! "
The small white fox sound woke Chen Shaobai from the enchantment. He turned his head, first with joy and then with a frown. "Purple pupil, why did you drag a body?"
His pet can kill like a horse, but his minions take all the blood, but … Eating people is somewhat against his heart.
"Meow meow!"
It’s all a chicken talking to a duck
Chen Shaobai couldn’t understand what the little white fox was saying, but he could read the undisguised excitement Se in its eyes.
"Zhu Mohan said that Purple Pupil is a’ fox-hunting’ with treasure hunting. Is there anything good about this person?"
Chen Shaobai carefully observed the body in front of him.
This is a woman in hot silver Se tights, clutching an orange Se sword in her hand.
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